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Did you know that there are 43,252,003,274,489,856,000 permutations of a Rubik’s Cube? That means if you had a single cube for every configuration, they could cover the surface of the earth over ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY TIMES!

There has been no other puzzle, no other toy, no other game that has captured the time and brainpower of the planet more than Erno Rubik’s simple cube. 6 sides, 6 colors, 26 cubies, a lifetime to spend swimming in this little device.

Do you know the solitaire card game freecell? Each different permutation of that game is numbered, and there are some people who have gone through each and every one of those games. Some are still unsolved. If each instance of Rubik’s Cube was numbered, and you could solve each one in 30 seconds, it would still take you 41,145,360,800,000 years to solve them all.

Better get to work.