the airspace


Turning around in his seat, Stark smiled his charming smile.*  Unlike Steve and Peggy, he didn’t seem bothered by the late-night stealth mission.  In fact, he looked more confident and charming than usual.

“After we drop Steve off,” he said, focusing his handsome grin on Peggy, “I thought you and I could stop in Lucerne for some late-night fondue.” 

Heat rushed to Peggy’s cheeks as Steve raised an eyebrow.  “Why is he saying fondue like that?” he asked.  “What is fondue anyway?  I don’t like it.”**

Peggy grinned at the obvious jealousy in Steve’s voice.  “Stark’s the best civilian pilot I’ve ever seen,” she answered.  “And mad enough to brave this airspace.  We’re lucky to have him.”

“Have him?” Steve repeated, causing Peggy to grin even more.  “Do you, are you two – ”

* I’m having flashbacks to that Goosebumps book where the kids turn out to be dogs or something and there’s a sentence somewhere in there about “grinning his crooked grin.”

** Please picture Chris Evans going “I don’t wike it.”

I’m an anarchist and @anarchyinblack threw me out of a helicopter for reading Thomas Sowell.

He said my “statist literature” was a “clear demonstration of intent” to violate the NAP.

I only survived because I ordered a parachute on my phone and was able to have the amazon drone intercept me mid-fall.

I just got a letter informing me I’m being sued to pay damages for violating the airspace above his compound.

I’m in the process of having my legal reps arrange for an agreement to forego the arbitration and settle this like gentlemen, via surrogate duel.

After my street urchin voluntary slave kills his at 50 paces with a heart attack gun, I’ll get his whole fleet of helicopters. Of course, if his kills mine, he will get all of my endangered animals and my entire morphine soft drink empire.

The stakes have never been higher.

Perhaps the most intriguing photo purporting to show the North Polar opening into the “Hollow Earth”, taken by the American space station Skylab in 1974.

There are a myriad of conspiracies concerning “Hollow Earth”. Some people contend that the earth is really hollow inside and that there are 1400 mile diameter entrances at the north and south poles. Both of these entrances are said to be usually covered in clouds and the airspace is restricted by law. The earth’s crust is supposedly 800 or so miles thick and then after that you reach inner Earth.

In mythology the name given to this inner Earth is Agartha. There is said to be a sun in the center and there are vast civilizations with great technology and natural resources. There are also said to be many extinct animals such as dinosaurs and mammoths that exist there.

I haven’t written anything in a while, but this just needed to be written today

There is a nervous energy around the base. The med centers are full of survivors from the last battle, those who managed to get away. Leia tries very hard not to think of those who didn’t.

They lost the battle. There is no way to talk around it. Sril is lost, and many of the rebellions soldiers as well as the Srillian civilians with it.

They had managed to evacuate 6 million Srillians, at least. Only half the planets population, but better than nothing.

She walks down to the hangar. The Rogues will arrive any moment now, having spent the last few hours guarding the airspace around them. They had argued that they could keep going, that they weren’t tired, but Rieekan had seen right through them and told them that eight hours in the air was enough. Then he had glared at Leia and told her to get rest, too.

So, here she is. Still wearing her uniform, even though she wasn’t allowed anywhere near the fighting. She feels tired, not just phyically, she knows, and she wants to cry, but she keeps her head high and her eyes dry. She is not just some soldier, she is a symbol, The Last Princess Of Alderaan, and she will behave like it.

Some mechanics salute to her, but most just nod as she passes. She likes it better that way.

The boys have are already getting out of their X-Wings when she arrives. Her boys, she sometimes calls them, those reckless pilots around Luke and Wedge who have somehow become her friends. It feels incredibly selfish to be so relieved that all of them are okay, but she still can’t shake it.

She walks up to Luke first. Nobody is surprised, he is her best friend after all. Looking at him, she can almost feel his tiredness, his grief, and his anger. She knows he shot down more enemy ships than any other, knows that he saved as many as he could, knows that he still won’t think of anything but the lifes that were lost. She would be the same, hell, she is the same.

Without thinking about it, Leia envelopes him in a hug. It feels good to have him here, to be able to cling to him, and for a tiny moment she closes her eyes and breathes into it. Luke is safe. At least one person she can still fully rely on.

She doesn’t ask if he’s okay, and neither does he. They aren’t, and there is no point in pretending, at least not for each other.

Slowly, she steps away, even though her hand is still firmly clasped in his. The left one, of course. He still isn’t entirely comfortable with the mechanical right one.

Looking around, she greets the other Rogues, gives one armed hugs and receives pats on the shoulder. They survived. This is not over.

“We will continue fighting.” She says, her voice surprisingly strong. She hadn’t meant to say it this loud, but now she did, and she sees mechanics and other pilots listening, too, so she takes a deep breath and repeats it.

“We will continue fighting. We lost today, but this was just one battle in a huge war. As long as we don’t give up, as long as we get back on our feet, we still have a chance.”

September 1, 1983, a Soviet Sukhoi Su-15 supersonic interceptor piloted by Major Gennadi Osipovich shoots down Korean Air Lines Flight 007, killing all 269 passengers and crew on board.

The plane had inadvertently entered soviet airspace due to a navigation error, and through a series of unfortunate evens, from political tensions, communication problems, eagerness of the soviet high command, to plain old bad luck, the decision mas made to destroy this airliner, one of the most agitated moments of the Cold War.

Friendly reminder that Fareeha Amari, callsign Pharah is ruler of the air, with even a tattoo of Horus to emphasize her status as goddess of the sky. The sky is HER kingdom and her coworkers at helix who also donned similar raptora suits followed HER lead.
This is a closed airspace without Pharah’s approval.
Mercy is only a guest that Pharah grants passage to fly in her domain, not the other way around.

Microsoft's bet on drone mapping

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Microsoft is betting that as drones proliferate, demand for mapping services and platforms will grow; this was recently demonstrated by the tech giant’s investment in the real-time drone-mapping startup AirMap, according to The Verge.

The larger $26 million Series B funding round was completed earlier this month and included Qualcomm and Airbus.

AirMap provides software that offers drones information about other aircraft in their immediate airspace, as well as notify individual drones where other members of their fleet are in real time. Notably, AirMap also incorporates FAA No-Fly Zone updates — any company using its services can steer its drone fleets away from prohibited airspace. 

Microsoft is likely assuming that its large enterprise clients will soon integrate drones into their operations and therefore need mapping services. Microsoft’s primary revenue stream comes from software contracts with large enterprises in sectors ranging from energy to healthcare and agriculture. If these clients soon integrate drones into their operations, demand for drone-mapping services for their drone fleets will likely grow. For example, if a manufacturing client of Microsoft’s Azure cloud services integrates drones into its operations for inspection purposes, it would also benefit from a solution like the one offered by AirMap.

The investment shows that large tech firms are recognizing that the drone-mapping market, which was once populated primarily by startups, will grow in the coming years. While Microsoft may not believe that AirMap’s solution is revolutionary, its investment in the company signals that the tech giant hopes to gain an early-mover advantage in the drone-mapping space. Below are several startups with offerings that compete directly with AirMap and Microsoft, if it moves substantially into the space:

  • PrecisionHawk is a Pennsylvania-based company that offers DataMapper, drone-mapping software that also provides 3D modeling and vegetation analysis.
  • Ersi is a California-based firm that specializes in data analytics for drone fleets and provides mapping software similar to AirMap’s.
  • Skyward is an Oregon-based firm that was recently bought by Verizon. It primarily offers broad software management for drone fleets, which includes mapping software that’s somewhat similar to AirMap’s.

Drones turned the corner in 2015 to become a popular consumer device, while a framework for regulation that legitimizes drones in the US began to take shape. Technological and regulatory barriers still exist to further drone adoption.

Drone manufacturers and software providers are quickly developing technologies like geo-fencing and collision avoidance that will make flying drones safer. The accelerating pace of drone adoption is also pushing governments to create new regulations that balance safety and innovation.

Safer technology and better regulation will open up new applications for drones in the commercial sector, including drone delivery programs like Amazon’s Prime Air and Google’s Project Wing initiatives.

BI Intelligence, Business Insider’s premium research service, has compiled a detailed drones report that forecasts sales revenues for consumer, enterprise, and military drones. It also projects the growth of drone shipments for consumers and enterprises.

The report details several of world’s major drone suppliers and examines trends in drone adoption among several leading industries. Finally, it examines the regulatory landscape in several markets and explains how technologies like obstacle avoidance and drone-to-drone communications will impact drone adoption.

Here are some of the key takeaways from the report:

  • We project revenues from drones sales to top $12 billion in 2021, up from just over $8 billion last year.
  • Shipments of consumer drones will more than quadruple over the next five years, fueled by increasing price competition and new technologies that make flying drones easier for beginners.
  • Growth in the enterprise sector will outpace the consumer sector in both shipments and revenues as regulations open up new use cases in the US and EU, the two biggest potential markets for enterprise drones.
  • Technologies like geo-fencing and collision avoidance will make flying drones safer and make regulators feel more comfortable with larger numbers of drones taking to the skies.
  • Right now FAA regulations have limited commercial drones to a select few industries and applications like aerial surveying in the agriculture, mining, and oil and gas sectors.
  • The military sector will continue to lead all other sectors in drone spending during our forecast period thanks to the high cost of military drones and the growing number of countries seeking to acquire them.

In full, the report:

  • Compares drone adoption across the consumer, enterprise, and government sectors.
  • Breaks down drone regulations across several key markets and explains how they’ve impacted adoption.
  • Discusses popular use cases for drones in the enterprise sector, as well as nascent use case that are on the rise.
  • Analyzes how different drone manufacturers are trying to differentiate their offerings with better hardware and software components.
  • Explains how drone manufacturers are quickly enabling autonomous flight in their products that will be a major boon for drone adoption.

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The choice is yours. But however you decide to acquire this report, you’ve given yourself a powerful advantage in your understanding of the world of drones.

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> Transmission received.

> ….

> Requesting permission to enter Eorzean airspace. 

….. Origin: Azys Lla

….. Temporary leave from VIth Cohort granted by Legatus Regula van Hydrus

….. Vehicle Occupancy: 1

….. Destination: Castrum Centri, Mor Dhona

> Transmission sent.

> ….

> Permission to enter Eorzea granted to former VIth Cohort Chief Medicus Invidia mal Deimos.

Big thanks to @jenesislabariel for modeling her!

So I didn't wanna rip your hearts out or anything but I had a thought

Nigel’s first contact with the Earth KND after they decide to stop the G:KND.

Abby is ordering the G:KND to get out of Earth airspace, saying that they have no jurisdiction. (“This is OUR planet, and we will protect kids our way.”). Obviously they’re not listening.

Nigel is ordered to negotiate. This was his planet once, perhaps he can reason with the human kids. He goes in and tries to act all professional. Everyone is listening.

Hoagie hears Nigel’s voice over the loudspeaker and tears up, but quickly wipes them away. He won’t cry for a traitor, especially not in front of younger kids.

Wally is monitoring the transmission from the training base, along with pretty much all nonessential staff. He freezes up when he hears Nigel, but says nothing. At first.

Meanwhile, guess who’s tearing her way up to the moon base bridge and has to be restrained by security while Abby and Nigel have a go around arguing about who really has the right to protect Earth and how can Abby stand to protect adults and Nigel, what happened to you, you used to have standards.

Hoagie is pretending he can’t hear the loudspeaker, and doesn’t reply when Tommy asks if he’s okay. Down in the arctic, Wally’s hands are clenching into fists and he’s looking more and more upset with each passing moment.

As the argument unfolds, Kuki is crying and begging Abby to just let her talk to him. Let her talk to him! Let her try. Desperate, Abby caves and motions for security to let Kuki in.

Shyly, she steps into view and leans into the microphone. “Numbuh One?” Her voice is shaky.

Nigel wasn’t expecting this. “N-N-N-Numbuh Three?”

“Numbuh Three?!” Wally exclaims. “What does she think she’s doing?” From inside his lab, Hoagie shakes his head. This won’t end well.

“Why are you doing this, Numbuh One? Don’t you love us anymore?”

“Of course I do, I-” Nigel cuts himself off. His superiors are watching. “I just want what’s best for us all. Adulthood is a disease.”

“But if they’re sick, shouldn’t we help them instead of hurting them?” Kuki asks tentatively.

“It’s complicated.” Nigel wishes she knew, maybe then they would help instead of hinder the cause. “They’ve tried. It just doesn’t work.” He pauses to compose himself, but he just can’t. “Please, you have to surrender. It’s the only way you’ll all be safe.”

Kuki looks back at Abby and the rest of the leadership team. They all shake their heads.

“We can’t…we can’t do that.”

There is another voice in the background, but it’s not clear on Earth’s end. No one is sure if it’s even an Earth language. “Kuki, I’m begging you! Surrender now and you won’t get hurt. We can’t work this out peacefully…” Nigel is practically crying, too.

Abby lays a hand on Kiki’s shoulder. Kuki looks up and can see in Abby’s eyes that this is enough, they’ve all had enough. “Sorry. We can’t do that. Sorry.” Kuki’ answer is morose. “Bye, Numbuh One.” She steps away, and Abby ends the transmission.

“Kuki, please don’t make them do this! Don’t make this any harder than it has to be! Listen to me, Kuki! KUKI!” Nigel shrieks into his communicator, but there is only static on the other side. He hangs his head, trying to hide the tears.

“We mobilize now. Battle stations!” Abby announces. Then she grabs Kuki and walks her to the elevator. Fanny can be heard in the background, bossing people around.

Once they’re alone in the elevator, Abby throws her arms around Kuki and they both sob.

Down in the lab, Tommy asks Hoagie for a second time if he’s okay. Hoagie snaps at him to get back to work, but won’t face him. He’s still blinking back tears.

Wally orders everyone out of the room. At first he grumbles “everybody get out,” but he starts screaming it when someone says they can’t hear what he’s saying. The room clears fast.
Alone, Wally is crying and crying and he can still hear the conversation that just happened playing over and over in his head and that communication station is making him so, so angry.

It doesn’t survive.


Shiren is able to use the wind to detect movement and overhear gossip within a large radius, potentially an entire realm.
He uses the former to predict physical attacks and almost always evade them.
The latter is mainly used to gather information.
However, too much disturbance in the air (through vibrations, sound, or others) can and will disorient him.

Shiren perceives wind as countless fibers and strands, and manipulates them in various ways to control it.
He has the power to open a tear in these strands, and move directly through them from one point to another, through way of a pocket dimension.
This dimension contains naught but a void of wind, and a single island within the eye of the storm.

This is his main power, referred to as Skyrift.

By using Sky rifts, Shiren can travel or transport others across long distances, store items, or even attacks.
However, if there is a narrow airspace between two areas, he and others may feel lightheaded upon exit.
Areas with no direct flow of air between them (e.g: Underground) are inaccessible via Skyrift.

The appearance of these Sky rifts is either a cyan opening in the sky with a green portal/gateway, or a green opening with a cyan portal. Both are used for entry and exit points.
The size of these rifts can range from the width of the entire sky to -literal- pocket size. They may appear in any shape.

Once they’ve been passed through, the tear on both sides are “sewn” shut.