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my aesthetic is alex danvers looking like she wanted to throttle mon-el for havign the audacity to even breathe in the same airspace as her when he spoke to her

Innovation at 100

Air travel, spaceflight, robotic solar-system missions: science fiction to those alive at the turn of the 20th century became science fact to those living in the 21st. 

America’s aerospace future has been literally made at our Langley Research Center by the best and brightest the country can offer. Here are some of the many highlights from a century of ingenuity and invention.

Making the Modern Airplane

In times of peace and war, Langley helped to create a better airplane, including unique wing shapes, sturdier structures, the first engine cowlings, and drag cleanup that enabled the Allies to win World War II.

In 1938 Langley mounted the navy’s Brewster XF2A-1 Buffalo in the Full-Scale Tunnel for drag reduction studies.

Wind Goes to Work

Langley broke new ground in aeronautical research with a suite of first-of-their-kind wind tunnels that led to numerous advances in commercial, military and vertical flight, such as helicopters and other rotorcraft. 

Airflow turning vanes in Langley’s 16-Foot Transonic Tunnel.

Aeronautics Breakthroughs

Aviation Hall of Famer Richard Whitcomb’s area rule made practical jet flight a reality and, thanks to his development of winglets and the supercritical wing, enabled jets to save fuel and fly more efficiently.

Richard Whitcomb examines a model aircraft incorporating his area rule.

Making Space

Langley researchers laid the foundation for the U.S. manned space program, played a critical role in the Mercury, Gemini and Apollo programs, and developed the lunar-orbit rendezvous concept that made the Moon landing possible.

Neil Armstrong trained for the historic Apollo 11 mission at the Lunar Landing Research Facility,

Safer Air Above and Below

Langley research into robust aircraft design and construction, runway safety grooving, wind shear, airspace management and lightning protection has aimed to minimize, even eliminate air-travel mishaps

NASA’s Boeing 737 as it approached a thunderstorm during microburst wind shear research in Colorado in 1992.

Tracking Earth from Aloft

Development by Langley of a variety of satellite-borne instrumentation has enabled real-time monitoring of planet-wide atmospheric chemistry, air quality, upper-atmosphere ozone concentrations, the effects of clouds and air-suspended particles on climate, and other conditions affecting Earth’s biosphere.

Crucial Shuttle Contributions

Among a number of vital contributions to the creation of the U.S. fleet of space shuttles, Langley developed preliminary shuttle designs and conducted 60,000 hours of wind tunnel tests to analyze aerodynamic forces affecting shuttle launch, flight and landing.

Space Shuttle model in the Langley wind tunnel.

Decidedly Digital

Helping aeronautics transition from analog to digital, Langley has worked on aircraft controls, glass cockpits, computer-aided synthetic vision and a variety of safety-enhancing onboard sensors to better monitor conditions while airborne and on the ground.

Aerospace research engineer Kyle Ellis uses computer-aided synthetic vision technology in a flight deck simulator.

Fast, Faster, Fastest

Langley continues to study ways to make higher-speed air travel a reality, from about twice the speed of sound – supersonic – to multiple times: hypersonic.

Langley continues to study ways to make higher-speed air travel a reality, from about twice the speed of sound – supersonic – to multiple times: hypersonic.

Safer Space Sojourns

Protecting astronauts from harm is the aim of Langley’s work on the Orion Launch Abort System, while its work on materials and structures for lightweight and affordable space transportation and habitation will keep future space travelers safe.

Unmasking the Red Planet

Beginning with its leadership role in Project Viking, Langley has helped to unmask Martian mysteries with a to-date involvement in seven Mars missions, with participation in more likely to come.

First image of Mars taken by Viking 1 Lander.

Touchdown Without Terror

Langley’s continued work on advanced entry, descent and landing systems aims to make touchdowns on future planetary missions routinely safe and secure.

Artist concept of NASA’s Hypersonic Inflatable Aerodynamic Decelerator - an entry, descent and landing technology.

Going Green

Helping to create environmentally benign aeronautical technologies has been a focus of Langley research, including concepts to reduce drag, weight, fuel consumption, emissions, and lessen noise.

Intrepid Inventors

With a history developing next-generation composite structures and components, Langley innovators continue to garner awards for a variety of aerospace inventions with a wide array of terrestrial applications.

Boron Nitride Nanotubes: High performance, multi-use nanotube material.

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Jasper Hale imagine requested by anon. “hi! could you do a jasper fic where the cullens all leave for a hunting trip to lo-key give jaz and y/n some alone time in the house? like theyve been dating for months and jasper and y/n make love for the first time and shes super nervous because shes a virgin and its super tender and sweet? thanks!” Hope you like it!


Your parents were under the assumption that you and your boyfriend’s twin sister were spending the weekend in her adopted parents’ home while the Cullen boys went camping on Mt. Rainier; as innocent a gathering as could be expected. In their eyes, there was absolutely nothing to be worried about; their daughter was spending time with a respectable family, under the watchful eye of the doctor’s lovely wife Esme, surrounded by her charming boyfriend’s female sibling… only the camping trip wasn’t as exclusive as you had let on, and you would instead be spending time at the Cullen residence with Jasper. He had come to escort you to his home, dressed to the nines in the best hiking gear money could buy, shaking your father’s hand with a polite smile before leading you into the passenger seat of the silver Volvo he had borrowed from his brother. It may have been suggested that his brother’s car was a safer option than his motorcycle, and with the understanding that you preferred your father didn’t collapse into cardiac arrest, Jasper had agreed to sacrifice his preferred mode of transportation for the unassuming vehicle you now found yourself within. Jasper slid effortlessly into the driver’s seat, bidding your parents goodnight before settling in beside you, sealing the normalcy of the world away with the hushed suction of a closing door. It wasn’t long before the delectable scent of him flooded your airspace, perfuming your world with hints of lavender and sandalwood, intoxicating you with the sheer beauty of his presence. His eyes remained glued on the rear-view mirror as he backed out of your driveway, exhibiting proper driving technique while in your parents’ line of sight, proceeding down your street for at least a minute before his hand found yours between the seats, the chill of his skin soothing the worry from your brow. The entirety of his family was as far north as Canada on a hunting trip. You and Jasper would be completely alone.

“Hey, relax, darlin’. It’s just me,” he whispered, his butterscotch eyes finding yours within the dimly-lit cabin of the Volvo, his features illuminated by the neon of the dashboard instruments. He had no need to look at the road; his peripheral vision was just as attentive as his eyes were on you, and his reflexes quicker than anything that could possibly present as an obstacle in front of your vehicle. His thumb traced circles against the backside of your hand, massaging the stress from your body, if not your mind. Sure, it was just him. He couldn’t have stated the sole reason behind the surges of anxiety that flooded your body any simpler than that; it was just him, and just you, alone together for an entire weekend. It was a major advance in your relationship, and he was a poster child for collected calm, as if tonight were no different than any other. You ducked your head, squeezing his hand lightly, marveling momentarily at the give of his alabaster skin… so hard, yet so soft. You wondered, briefly, how the rest of him might feel… You straightened your thoughts, tidying the corners of your mind until every last straying image was safely swept into order, thanking your lucky stars that Jasper wasn’t the family’s mind reader. Jasper didn’t ask what had you so wrought with tension; you had a good idea he knew, but was far too polite to voice his suspicions, a perfect Southern gentleman to the very end. Instead, his mind flooded through the stagnant air and into yours, warming your limbs in waves as a feather-light cloak of ease hushed over your body, his eyes fighting to coax yours out of hiding before he settled for merely gazing in your direction. “I love you,” he promised, his whisper low and aflame with the heat of his truth, the tenor of his voice ringing with honesty as his eyes burnt twin holes in your temple. You lifted your gaze to his, losing yourself briefly in the honey of his stare, his smile eliciting your own as he turned the steering wheel, his grip so certain, so sure, his eyes only leaving yours for a moment. When the hypnosis of his eyes was broken, you redirected your eyes to stare aimlessly out the window, watching the cedars pass in blurred patches of emerald darkened and diluted by the ink of the night.

“I’m okay, Jasper. You don’t have to… calm me down,” you chuckled, your laugh almost foreign to your own ears, speaking to the reflection of his eyes mirrored in the glare the utilities projected onto the glass of the window. “I’m good, really. Thank you, though, for offering. You’re a sweetheart.” Jasper’s brow lifted in disbelief, hearing the confident lie roll from between your lips on the back of a wave of compromising emotion, your unease as plain to him as your voice was clear. You rolled your eyes, smirking as you tightened your hold on his hand. “Alright, I’m a little upset that Rose won’t be joining us. You’ve caught me.” Jasper let loose a quiet laugh, his lips thin as he fought the urge to bend to your humour, his mind still obviously distracted by your physical discomfort. Even if he were unable to taste the tone of your emotions, he would have heard the stammer of your heart as it frantically sought an escape route through the spaces between your ribs. He shook his head a fraction, as if to align his thoughts, his palm spreading over your knee, gently smoothing over your denim with a more human breed of comfort, leaving your reasoning to stand alone, no prodding or inquiries involved. You watched the forest flash by, your heart thrumming in your chest like the wings of a hummingbird, your pulse skyrocketing as Jasper pulled into the extended driveway leading to the Cullen household. He sighed to hear so obvious a sign of distress, his lips pressed into a fine line when you turned to address the sound, his eyes concerned as he analyzed the winding path through the thick of the forest. You were silent when the car pulled up before the intimidating house, your hands clasped in your lap as Jasper removed the keys from the ignition, quieting the engine and enhancing the leaden stillness that surrounded the two of you. He exhaled deeply, turning in his seat until he was facing you straight-on, his hands reaching for yours, the smooth marble of his skin sparking against you, adrenaline coursing through your veins like venom.

“Y/n, would you please let me help you?” he asked, his voice pleading and sincere, you met his eye, smiling halfheartedly, your cheeks burning with the flow of blood that rushed to warm your face. His brow knotted with helpless worry, his eyes bright with the extent of his agitation to see you so restless. “At least tell me why you’re so nervous?” he pleaded, his palm covering your own, sending thrills roiling through to settle in the pit of your stomach, your body warm beneath his comparably frigid touch. You shrugged, searching for words polite enough, innocent enough, harmless enough that you wouldn’t end up offending or causing any confusion. Jasper’s hand extending toward your face, cradling your cheek in the silken palm of his hand, his thumb working over your cheekbone, brushing just beneath your eye. “There’s nothing to be afraid of. You can tell me anything, darlin’, it’s part of the package. Trust me, there’s nothing you could say that would drive me away, nothing you could say that’d… wound me. I’m virtually indestructible, remember?” you giggled then, surprised at the tremor in your voice, your eyes watering just slightly, your cheeks burning brighter as you became aware of the sensation. Jasper’s hand remained on your cheek, his fingers coaxing an answer from your lips, or perhaps your mind, his eyes anxiously awaiting your reply. You felt the air rush from your lungs, your brain resolving to spill your fear at his feet before your body could revert to your more primal instincts and reject your intention.

“I’m just…” you paused briefly, your heart seizing in your chest, prompting Jasper to respond with a much-needed surge of calm. You cleared your throat then, your eyes finding his in the dark. “Thanks. I’m just… I know what this is about.” Your words hung in the air, speaking volumes while saying so little. Jasper’s jaw clenched visibly, catching the intention behind your blanketed statement, his hand moving downward to rest against your neck, your pulse racing beneath his palm, his skin tantalizing yours. He didn’t make any move to speak, or to leave the vehicle, awaiting further explanation despite his clear understanding. “I mean, I guess it’s just… we’re alone, Jasper. Truly alone, and I…” your voice trailed off, your eyes melting into his, the tides of borrowed calm lapping at your feet as Jasper lent you the ease to continue. “I’ve never done this before.” Realization flickered behind his eyes for the briefest moment before quickly, professionally, he returned to his previous standing, his features open and curious. “I’m just nervous, is all.” Jasper grinned sympathetically, his eyes dancing on yours.

“Terrified, it feels like.” You lowered your gaze, embarrassed, only to find Jasper’s index finger at your chin, lifting you back to meet his eyes, his features soft and gentle. “We’re not going to do anything you aren’t prepared to do, you have my word as a gentleman. It’s enough for me just to spend time with you, no time constraints, no prying eyes, no interruptions. I’m in this for you, Y/n, and nothing else. I love you. If you want to go slow, we’ll go slow. We can crawl forward, for all I care, so long as we’re together. I am perfectly content with whatever you choose to do.” You smiled, thankful, leaning toward him to close the space between you, your lips pressing against his. He returned the tender affection you offered to him, his lips molding to fit yours perfectly, his hand winding through your hair, holding you as delicately as if you were made of glass, separating only when the car’s headlights clicked off from lack of movement. “You ready? To head inside, I mean?” You giggled, nodding your confirmation to his double-edged inquiry, your heart leaping in your chest when he disappeared from his seat, your door opening swiftly at your side. Within a single breath, he had lifted you from the seat, holding you in his arms like a newlywed bride, kicking the door closed before walking as easily as if he were unburdened towards your house, abandoning your overnight bag in the backseat. You laughed aloud at his pageantry, his eyes rolling at your reaction. “It seemed appropriate, Miss, to walk you over the threshold. I’m attempting romance; don’t go injuring my ego.” He continued forward, smirking when you mumbled pointedly about his claim of indestructibility. He strode over the polished floorboards, pressing a kiss to your hairline when you clung to his shoulders after he set you on the couch. You wrapped your arms around his neck, refusing to release your grip as he moved to stand, your heart racing as he playfully fell on top of you, bent by your iron strength. His lips pressed against your throat, his honey hair sweeping against your cheek as he wrestled with your human weakness, contorting until you were cradled in his arms, his eyes glowing warmly behind the thick fringe of his eyelashes. He paused, then, noticing for the first time the subtle shift in your emotions. “What…?” he began, your lips pressing to the corner of his mouth.

“I’m…” you began, your voice feeble and weak, your fingers threading through the golden strands of his hair, his eyelids fluttering at your touch, searching yours for answers you had yet to properly advocate. You returned his open stare, your hands trembling as they cupped his cheeks, your thumbs stammering over his cheekbones. “Jasper…” His breathing was shallower, quicker, his lips parting as he prepared to speak.

“I thought you were…” you inhaled the scent of him, so much stronger now that you were all but pressed against each other, watching him come to his conclusions. “You said you were nervous? You’re still nervous, I can… I can feel it, but…” his voice trailed off, his head shaking once between your hands. “Y/n,” he breathed, your name an oath on his lips. “Do you want this?” Your cheeks burned under his stare, your heart thrumming with a strength you hadn’t imagined possible, your head nodding when you found your voice had failed you. Jasper swallowed then, his voice producing a soft, sensuous tone, blossoming into the silence instead of interrupting it. “You’re sure?” You nodded once more, pressing your lips to his as you finally spoke your reply.

“Yes.” He moved against you as you had never known him to move, his tongue darting over your lip with a slow, sugared patience, his arms wrapping securely beneath you before he moved to stand, hoisting you once more into his arms, his lips never parting from yours. His body was marble-hard beneath your hands as he ghosted up the stairway, moving with inhuman speed to the sanctity of his bedroom. He laid you atop his sheets, resting your head against his pillows, moving to hover over you in the same movement, his weight suspended above you. He tucked a stray strand of your hair behind your ear, his fingertip lingering on your jaw, his eyes lavishing you as if you were the most precious stone, or perhaps an idol forgotten by all but him. He waited for your approval, his eyes watching yours, a delightfully warm sense of calm licking at the soles of your feet when your nerves tightened in your stomach. “There’s no need. I’m okay.” He arched his brow, his influence retracting as you stroked his cheek, your touch tender as you worshiped his flesh. “I love you, Jasper.” His eyes burned from within, his lips repeating your vow as he descended on your lips.

“I love you.” He melted against you, his every muscle, every inch of his skin pressing against your body, his fingers working the fabric from your waist, parting from his kiss to remove your garment completely. You shied away from his gaze for the span of a minute, opening once again when he had removed his own shirt, his hands tentatively caressing the skin at the bottom of your rib cage. “So beautiful…” he whispered, his lips lowering to press slow, honeyed kiss to your abdomen. Your hands instinctively tangled in his hair as his hands worked the button of your jeans, undoing your pants and working them from your legs, leaving you bare before him in your undergarments. His hands found your hips, then, lifting you from the sheets until you were pressed against his chest. Your fingertips trailed curiously down the center of his chest, reaching lower and lower until you discovered the waistline of his jeans. His breath caught with your own when, surprising the both of you, your hand wandered further south, brushing timidly against the bulge his pants concealed. His eyes met yours then, blurred by the relative darkness, boring holes into your very soul. He was still in your arms, moving only when you did, your hand shifting along the coarse denim as you traveled upward to unbutton his pants. His chest expanded beautifully, his lips crashing against yours, moving swiftly to the line of your jaw, marking you with fervent kisses. You worked the button loose, and Jasper was standing by the bed, kicking his pants off entirely before crawling above you, his hand ghosting over the cup of your bra. You thrilled at the contact, arching your back to make the process of unhooking the garment easier. You wriggled free of your straps, watching Jasper’s eyes devour the sight of your uncovered chest, his hands moving with a patient slowness to cup your breast in the palm of his hand. Your breath rushed from your lungs, Jasper’s eyes flitting to your face, your lips parted in bliss. He smiled, then, before his fingers were working beneath the waistband of your underwear, slipping the fabric down your legs until it no longer clung to your body. He pulled you once more into a kneeling position, his eyes hungry on yours.

Your heart hammered in your chest, your nerves alight with naked electricity as Jasper knelt before you, removing the last piece of clothing that masked the full glory of his chiseled body, his eyes never leaving your face as he worked himself free of his underwear, his erection uncovered, the both of you bare before each other. You inched toward him instinctively, his body reacting in a similar fashion, his hands closing around your waist as he dissolved the distance between you. His palms stroked your hips as his lips found yours, his passion translating fluidly from his mouth to yours, his hands clinging to your back as he settled you back against the pillows, his body arching over yours. Your hands moved to tangle once more in his hair, stopping suddenly in their path as Jasper’s hand caught your wrist, his eyes on yours as he kissed the tips of your fingers. You pressed on, your hands at the nape of his neck, his eyelids closed in bliss as your lips found the muscle of his shoulder, a small sound of pleasure escaping from between his lips. He hovered over you, straightening moments later, his hands parting your legs with gentle precision. He nestled himself between your thighs, his eyes never once leaving your burning face, his hands massaging the creases of your hips. You nodded, almost desperately, reaching to pull his body back over yours as he prodded against your entrance. Your mouth opened at the carnal contact, your cheeks warm with the fire of your blood as Jasper eased himself inside of you, his eyes burning with a heat you didn’t know him capable of as he shifted his hips, working himself deep within you. He moved slowly then, until he stilled, his lips at your ear, pressing a kiss to your cheek before speaking your name. Your fingers clung to his back, urging him forward.

He obliged, thrusting deep within you, his movements subtle and captivating, his every shudder sending you gasping for breath where none existed. He rolled his hips, his lips on your neck, your hands grasping for a holding on his shoulders. He moved slowly, patiently, enjoying and allowing you to enjoy every sensitive inch of him inside you, his hand moving to grasp your hip as he thrust within you. He rolled sideways, lifting you with his movement until you rested on top of him, his arms propelling him to a seated position, his hands deftly re-positioning your legs until they wrapped more securely around his waist. His eyes, heavy-lidded, were locked on yours like a magnet as he lifted your hips and lowered you onto him, your breath rushing from your lungs, carrying his name on a low moan. He smiled, pressing his joy to your collarbone as be repeated the movement, your voice producing sound without formulating words. Jasper’s movements became faster, though never rushed or hurried, his hands grasping your hips with a tender security, his breathing laboured as your body began to tremble. Your mind was clouded, the pulses of his hips meeting your own sending deafening waves of pleasure through your body, concentrated at the meeting of your bodies. Your mouth was open over a wordless cry as you clung to all you could, holding his gaze with the will of one desperate for salvation, your breathless whisper of his name the last conscious sound you made before you collapsed against his chest, your body humming with ecstasy. He shuddered beneath you, thrusting through his high, his hands smoothing over the curve of your spine before he stilled within you, his head tipping backwards. You lifted your face from his shoulder, resting your forehead against his, catching your breath together, your fingers tracing the lines of his cheekbones. He smiled, breathless with love, his hands cradling your cheeks to bring your lips to his, punctuating the night with the sweetness of a kiss.

He held you as you both collapsed to the sheets, your legs tangled blissfully, your cheek resting on the firm muscle of his chest. He reached blindly for his bed sheets, covering what he could of your body before resting fully against the pillows. You traced the lines of his chest, your heart calming as your breath regained stability. Jasper’s fingers toyed absentmindedly with strands of your hair, his quiet breathing lulling you to sleep, your bodies melted together as evidence of your devotion, safe in the comfort of his loving arms.

Basics for the Wards: Reading a Chest X Ray

Chest X-rays (aka CXR) are one of the most basic imaging studies done in medicine. Almost every hospitalized patient has one and you will see hundreds of them by the time you finish med school.

But it was be super easy to get distracted by the huge glaring pathology (like a giant mass) that you miss other pathology (like a broken clavicle). So, like with reading EKGs, it’s best to have an algorithm you run through for every CXR so you don’t miss anything.

Disclaimer: Again, this is just a general introduction with some basics to help you start out on wards. There is a lot more to interpreting chest x-rays that what I mention, that is why radiologists are awesome.

First: What is the view- is it AP (front to back) or PA (back to front)? Lateral CXRs are obvious.



If the patient is able to stand, a PA view is generally preferred. AP is generally when patients are confined to the bed- also you usually cannot diagnose cardiomegaly from an AP view because the heart is almost always bigger in this view. How do you tell the difference between them? Look at the scapula- in a PA view the scapula are usually clear of the lungs, whereas in an AP view the two generally overlap. Sometimes the clavicle positioning can be a good clue too- see the differences between the two?


Second- what is the quality, because that can have a major effect on your interpretation. A good mnemonic is RIP.

- Rotation - Measure the distance of each clavicle from the spinous processes at that level, if they are equidistant then the patient is not rotated.

- Inspiration - If you can count nine posterior ribs within the lung fields before you reach the diaphragm, then there was enough inspiratory effort. Poor inspiratory effort will look like the patient has an airspace disease.
Note: Posterior ribs = more apparent, look more horizontal. Anterior ribs = less visible, 45ish degree angle towards feet

- Penetration - With flawless penetration, you should be able to see the thoracic spine through the heart.

Underpenetration= Left hemidiaphragm and left lung base will not be visible, and pulmonary markings will appear more prominent than they actually are. Ahhhh!!!!

Overpenetration= what is even happening here

OK, now you’re ready to see what is going on with the patient. I suggest the systematic approach, which has the handy mnemonic ABCDE= airway, bones, cardiac, diaphragm, everything else (lungs). I’m not going to go into all the pathology associated with everything, because that would take forever.

- Airway: Is the trachea patent and midline? Can you see the mainstem bronchi and the carina? If there is an endotracheal tube in place, make sure that it is 3-4 cm above the carina. Also check to make sure the mediastinum is not deviated or abnormally wide.

- Bones: Is anything broken or dislocated? Any lytic lesions? 

- Cardiac: How clear is the cardiac silhouette? Is the heart enlarged? What about all the vessels- the aorta, SVC, IVC, etc. 

- Diaphragm: Is the right side higher than the left but not like wayyyy too much? Are the costophrenic angles clear (if not, could be an effusion!)? 

- Everything else: NOW you can look at the lungs. Is there an infiltrate or a mass? What about pneumothorax? Also check for you friendly neighborhood gastric air bubble, it’s supposed to be below the diaphragm. 

Easy enough, right? Good luck! 

(a soft kimberly and trini fic) (6.4 k)

i drowned myself (in your holy water)”

If you ask Kimberly, it started at dawn.

She finds Trini at the quarry before sunrise, face tilted against the pearly gray sky, poised at the crest of jagged rock. She is a masterpiece in silhouette, harsh edges smoothed by cool shadow, baggy pants hanging low on curvy hips.

“Hey,” Kimberly says, voice low, hesitant to disturb the quiet. “Been here long?”

Trini turns toward her, shedding shadow as she steps off the ridge. Her face is suddenly cast in the first rays of morning light, dew catching crystal bright on the toes of chunky, repurposed army boots.

“Just since six,” Trini answers shrugging. “You’re right on time.” She reaches Kimberly all at once, stretching out to tug at the hem of Kimberly’s sweatshirt. “Pink. Cute.”

Kimberly reaches out to box at Trini’s ears, a yellow beanie pulled low over her forehead. “I could say the same thing.”

Trini blocks her halfway there, catching at her wrist with careful fingers, pulling her hand close against her chest. “Watch it, Hart.”

Kimberly would say it started here: with her hand against Trini’s collarbone and Trini’s lips curled into that small, just so smile. Though the landscape is a portraiture in charcoal, a gray sky sweeping low over the horizon, ashen quarry rock stretching to meet it, Trini is a marvel of color.

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Newcomers Pt 12

For hours the battle for Geeda’s airspace raged, the anti air fire was immense and filled the sky with thousands of shells often fired blindly in the hopes they would hit a Human craft. They often did but the Human bombers refused to let loose their own payload blind for fear they would hit their own troops within the city and their new allies the freed slaves or rebels as they were coming to be known. Unfortunately they did not hit many of their targets, the city’s anti air fire was just to intense to risk.

Then the Human/Gal forces marched on the city with three of their Bastions leading the way who towered over the infantry and tanks like giants. The hundreds of thousands of Humans and Gal with their vehicles and the Bastions moved across the planet like a black tide. And sat, just outside the range of the city’s guns. The city fired their artillery mounted on the walls but as expected they fell short and the Humans refused to advance any further. But they did respond. Three bastions took a number of steps forward, it brought them into range of the Benemar guns but it meant they could fire theirs. Their two cannons on their backs were the only ones that could reach the city, it being some miles away they arched their guns. And fired.

The blast was like thunder that shook the bones, many Humans and Gal were knocked from their feet from the shockwave of the cannon’s discharge. Then a few seconds later, it’s second cannon fired. It took nearly 30 seconds for the first shells fired to reach the city and when it struck, the Benemar felt like their war god itself had struck their walls. Despite the range the Humans were very accurate and many artillery placements erupted in flames or were incinerated but sometimes a shell would be too high and hit the town collapsing buildings or would be too low and hit the wall causing immense damage but did not bring it down.

Chief Geedol had been the garrison commander for nearly all his adult life, in fact his family name comes from this very city and they had guarded it for countless generations. In fact it was his ancestor that had beaten back the Humans the first time they were here and this city had been the only one not to fall during that invasion. Now he watched from his control tower at their second attempt to take his city, he smiled to himself. The air raids had been inefficient as he had seen that the city’s anti air defences had been lacking some years ago and reinforced them. The holographic map of the city and it’s surroundings was placed in the middle of his commanding room. The enemy had not advanced and still relied on these Bastions to siege the city.

“What are they planning?” he said to himself.

“Do they really intend to take down the walls with only those things?” asked one of his staff.

“No, they do not seem to be targeting the wall” Geedol said “More they seem to be aiming for the guns even if they have only knocked out a few”

“We have begun moving guns from the northern and western walls as the enemy cannot approach from those sides due to the river. They will add to our arsenal as replace any losses we have sustained”

Chief Geedol watched the holographic display, it also tracked shell projections and where his units were. From this room he could command the entire battle without looking out the window.

“What damage have we done to their Bastions?” he asked.

“Minimal, they are at the very edge of the range of our guns and any hit we do manage to score is mainly due to luck”

“What is the size of the enemy army” asked Setom who was Geedol’s second in command.

“Hard to say, but we estimate that it must be close to 2 million enemy warriors both Human and Gal”

“Just fighting one of these foe’s is hard enough but for them to work together is troublesome” Geedol said “But what are they waiting for?”

“Chief?” Setom asked.

“They could have attacked days ago but still they sit there and continue to exchange shells with us, the wall is not coming down and we are replacing the guns they destroy so what are they doing?”

“Could this have something to do with the slave breakout the other day?” Setom asked.

“What did you say?”

“The slave breakout, a large number of slaves got out of the pens and freed the others, we have yet to locate them”

“Why was I not told of this!?” Geedol said advancing on Setom.

“We did not think it worth your attention, we already have teams searching for them”

Geedol’s eyes bulged and he spat on the ground “They’re here, they’re already in the city” he said his voice barley a whisper.


“Send every available warrior to hunt them down I want them found”

“But chief I-”


Oma hid his cell of rebel fighters from view near one of the gates to the city as suddenly a huge number of Benemar warriors came into view, some jumped off their transports to reinforce the gate and other sped away.

“Well this complicates things” he said to himself.

“What do we do now?” asked a rebel.

“You stay quiet and hidden, I am going to take a look around”

Oma activated his camo armour and slid away, what he was really doing was getting to higher ground as the buildings inhibited his com’s ability to transmit.

“Sergeant Faye this is Corporal Oma, do you read me?”

“I do Oma” her voice came through as calm and collected as ever.

“I’m guessing you have noticed the Benemar’s increased actions”

“We have, other cells are reporting the same thing”  

“Do you think they are onto us?” he asked.

“It is possible and likely, our actions could not remain hidden for long”

“What do we do? Move up our schedule or stay on it?”

“My orders were to delay, but as a great general said, it is a bad plan one that cannot be changed, so we are changing it. Begin sabotage operations to their garrisons and storage facilities”

“Yes ma'am”

The city of Geeda erupted in multiple small fires almost simultaneously, these attacks were not effective in damaging the city or it’s infrastructure but it did sow the seeds of fear in the population. They had been told the enemy was miles away only to find them in their streets even if they were only rebels but they were wielding Human weapons. This confirmed Chief Geedol’s suspicions that they were already within the city walls and were up to something but something else gnawed at him. These attacks did nothing to harm the defence and no actual Humans had been seen with them. Where were they, where were they hiding and what were they planning?

For hours he stared at the holographic map before deactivating it and rolling out a paper one that had not been used in many years hoping another perspective would give him some insight. He looked at the outlay of the city, turning the map to look at it from another angle and thinking himself as the attacker. How would he assault the city, what would he do? Then he saw it, his jaw dropped and he looked out of the tower towards the east where the enemy was arrayed to attack the city in plain view. Plain view, they were not even trying to hide, in fact they were making every attempt to make themselves seen. He turned to the one direction they were not watching, the western side of the city, all the guns from there had been moved and it had little to no garrison and most of the civilian population was evacuated there. But the river? It was basically a small ocean in it’s own right and there was nothing coming across it, even still the current of it was strong, very strong so much that their ancestors called it the river of blood. What could….another thought came.

The reports had told of ten Bastions being deployed to the planet, five marched east and five marched west towards him. But why were only three firing on the city? “Where are the other two?”

A klaxon sounded, not any Benemar klaxon this was unmistakably an alien one and it shook buildings and shattered windows. He turned his head to the west knowing what it was before he saw them, the two remaining Bastions rising out of the river. As if this was the signal all the gates save for the eastern gates erupted in flames and were buried sealing them shut. Behind the two Bastions came more Human constructs and infantry. To the east the main army that had been waiting for so long was finally advancing and the sky became black with the shadows of thousands of enemy fighter craft.

What they thought their sanctuary, was now their prison.


A while back, I came up with an idea for a sequel to Godzilla (2014) centering around an offbeat take on Mothra. Some of you might remember me carrying on about it in group chats. Well, I was never able to set aside the time to hammer out a complete script, but I hope this 3,000-word outline proves entertaining. I started working on it before Kong: Skull Island came out, then reworked it into something that would align with that movie in a couple of marathon writing sessions.

Keep reading

anonymous asked:

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Have fun ;) come off anon next time, judgment dont fly through my airspace.

Only You, Only Me - Ten Years Earlier

For @gotham-ruaidh who wanted to know who they were and for @cantrixgrisea even though she raised excellent points about Jamie’s height….

New Story, Modern AU: Following BPC’s victory at the battle of Culloden Scotland and its people have endured 250 years under the dictatorship of the Stewart Monarchy. Emerging from out behind the “Heather Curtain,” Jamie Fraser is a brilliant dancer with the Royal Edinburgh Ballet & one of the lucky few allowed to travel to the “Free World.” He finds himself in London with a potentially career-ending injury.

Catch up on the earlier –err–later? post-I Miss My Husband- here

Ten Years Earlier

Claire remembered the first time she saw him dance. Jamie Fraser was only 19 and had just made his debut with the Royal Edinburgh Ballet tour of London. Her boyfriend, Frank Randall,  had managed to score two precious seats to this event, through his counter intelligence connections. Claire had taken a rare evening off from her last year of residency. She was about to become an orthopedic surgeon at St. Mary’s Hospital. Frank was one of an elite team of British “diplomats” in charge of shadowing various members of the company and their handlers.

Scotland was still under the dictatorship of the Royal Stewart Monarchy. They ruled their country behind “The Heather Curtain” and though they shared a border with England, the ten mile wide demilitarized zone between the two countries might as well have been Siberia so desolate and forbidden the territory. There was a strict no-fly zone over Scottish airspace.

Not much was known of everyday life in Scotland. What little information trickled out came from satellites making passes from space and from athletes allowed to travel outside the country for Olympic events or ballet tours like this one.

The people, the language, the customs had developed largely in isolation since the time of the victory of the Bonnie Prince Charlie on the moors of Culloden in 1746. Most of the artists and athletes allowed to travel either did not speak English or pretended they did not. They spoke  Gaelic, a language not widely spoken and certainly not in the living memory of most Britians today.  

The exquisite power of his performance stole her breath. Every movement technically precise, flawlessly executed. Jamie was beautiful to watch. Gasps could be heard from the seats around them as he launched himself time and time again in gravity-defying moves. Most male dancers could, and were expected to, leap four to five feet off the ground. But Jamie, who, at just under 6 feet, was taller than the usual dancer, could get as high as seven feet in a single bound. The best high jumpers in the world, Claire knew, could top eight feet. But more than that he became the character. Body and soul – it was in his  hitched step, the way he moved his hands to say nothing of that face that could convey the depth of his feelings with a flick of his eyes. His acting ability, so rarely allowed to flower in a dancer, at least in the free world, moved the audience to tears.

Like everyone else given the privilege of seeing him that night, Claire had been riveted. Stunned silence greeted the final tour jete and then like a giant wave the explosion of the standing ovation that went on for at least fifteen minutes.

Laoghaire Mackenzie, the prima ballerina of the REB, was presented with a bouquet of flowers as she finished her bows. She pulled a single rose out to present it to Jamie, the traditional gesture of respect from a ballerina, then had obviously changed her mind mid-reach. She kept the one flower for herself and, catching him totally by surprise, thrust the rest of them into his outstretched hand. This prompted another round of cheers.  

Now Jamie sat on the table in her exam room, the MRI of his knee running through her computer as he watched  her with the most piercing blue eyes she’d ever seen. His body had hardened and matured in the three years since she’d seen him last. He also looked exhausted, his face lined with pain. The REB was back on tour and he was once again the lead dancer of the Company. Claire had learned when dealing with professional athletes to be honest and direct.

“Well, Mr. Fraser, you have two choices, either I operate or you fly home and someone else does. If not, you will never dance again.”
U.S.-North Korea Discord Goes Beyond Discourse To A Show Of Military Force
North Korea's foreign minister referred to Pyongyang's "nuclear hammer of justice," when he spoke at the U.N. Saturday, the same day the U.S. flew bombers near North Korean shores.

The weekend saw an escalation in the war of words between Washington and Pyongyang, complete with a U.S. show of military might over the waters near North Korea.

On Saturday, U.S. Air Force B-1B Lancer bombers and F-15C Eagle fighter escorts flew in international airspace over the waters east of North Korea in response to Pyongyang’s “reckless behavior,” Pentagon spokesperson Dana White said in a statement.

“This is the farthest north of the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) any U.S. fighter or bomber aircraft have flown off North Korea’s coast in the 21st century,” White said.


Absolutely harrowing footage of an F-16 callsign “Stroke 3″ out maneuvering around 6 SA-2 surface to air missile launches during Desert Storm. 

Not a lot of stuff gives me goose bumps, but this sure as hell did. 

Action starts at around 3:00 minute mark, but its worth watching the entire video.  

From the comment section, an explanation of what happened:

if you listened as soon as he entered kurdish airspace a SAM launched. What he did was fly in a zig zag until the missle was half way to his location. since its moving at many times the speed of sound it look at the F-16 and flys itself in the direction its heading. The zig zag will kill off the SAMS energy since their engines flame out before impact. His wingman then instructed him to break. He put the f16 in a dive going from 30,000 to almost 8. This drives the missle into the ground. You see one explode as it hit the ground about half way. More massive G’s are puled leaving the dive. he did this 6 times. every time he poked his head up they fired. he eventually drops his payload and RTBsShow less


‘Come From Away’ is a new musical based on the true story of 38 planes being diverted to the town of Gander in Newfoundland due to the 9/11 attacks and the American airspace being closed. The musical has many characters based on the people from Gander and the people who were on the planes.

Nominated for 7 Tony Awards including Best Musical and Best Book

The Arrangement: Chapter Sixteen

Author’s Note: Thank you everyone for being SO patient! As you probably know, I’ve had two grandparents pass away both within the last few weeks and so haven’t had much time to write. So glad this one is out though! A bit of jealous Kylo in this one so enjoy and feedback is always appreciated :)


Originally posted by mssedated

The last few weeks seemed like a blur to you. It was as if in this short period of time you had finally caught up with everything your relationship with Kylo had been lacking… almost.

After all, as the Commander of the First Order, Kylo had been trained not to get too attached to others. Much to your content, and also by Snoke’s orders, Kylo was making far more of an effort with you now.

“So I’m getting a… bodyguard?”

“It wasn’t my idea,” Kylo told you, clearly irritated, “The Supreme Leader is insisting– watch your footing.” He added as you stumbled slightly on a fallen branch. Kylo had started to move your training outside, deep within the snow- covered forest that, like the precious one, blanketed the much of the outdoor space of the First Order’s new base.

You raised an eyebrow. Snoke appointing you a bodyguard? That seemed odd.

“Fine. Your Father is the one insisting. Snoke is only enforcing– you know how he is with the King, he’ll do anything to placate him because it means ensuring that you stay here with me.”

You scoffed, swinging the training saber towards Kylo, who dodged it easily, “Well I don’t want to!”

Kylo gave you a puzzled look and you quickly added, “I mean I don’t want to have bodyguard– Let alone one sent by my father! Have you ever met a guard from the royal household?” Your heart was starting to race now as the frustration threatened to implode within you.

“Y/N…” Kylo warned, sensing your emotions as he stepped closer to you, “What have I told you about getting distracted during a fight?”

Your training sessions had become like this in the weeks since you had shared your first kiss. There was far more talking during your sparring, more smiling, and laughing. But, as Kylo had quickly discovered, it also meant that you could become so distracted by the conversation that you became an easy target.

You nodded your head, as if that action would also shake away any negative thoughts flowing through you. You let out a deep exhale, as Kylo had advised you to do in these situations.

You refocused yourself as you swung at him. While he dodged, you used the Force to send a large branch hurtling towards the back of his knees. You grinned as he fell to the ground, letting out a slight groan at the surprise of the fall.

“Excellent work,” he said, still lying down as he brushed the hair that had fallen on his face.

“See, I can manage perfectly well without royal protection,” you said proudly as Kylo stood up, sighing to himself as he dropped his weapon. You did the same.

Kylo spoke before you had a chance to, “Look Y/N, all I know is that a guard was meant to stay behind with you after the wedding ceremony but apparently there was some confusion over who was assigned. Your father only just found out about it during a briefing yesterday, and he’s furious. I know it’s not ideal to have someone following us– well, you– around every moment of the day but Snoke doesn’t want to upset your father any more.” Kylo looked at you pointedly, his expression enough to make you accept that neither you, nor him, were in any position to object.

You mulled over the thought before burying your head in your palms, “I don’t leave this Maker-forsaken Base, why in the Galaxy would my father or Snoke think I’m in danger?”

“You’re the daughter of a King who openly sides with the First Order, and now you’re married to its Commander. Those positions alone puts you in enough danger. And you’re right, you hardly leave the Base, but that makes you an easier target.”

“Well I’ve survived this long without a bodyguard on the Base. What possible threats could I be facing?”

Kylo scoffed, “Remind me to take you to the Control Room, we intercept dozens of rogue starships trying to enter our airspace everyday. From small Resistance factions to bounty hunters–”

“Bounty hunters?”

“Y/N, do you know how much some people would pay to have you captured? They could ransom you off, or worse–”

“Alright, alright,” you stopped him again, “I get it.”

Kylo stepped towards you, resting his hands on your shoulders, “If it makes you feel any better, I’m not happy about the whole bodyguard situation either. I know I can protect you myself…” Kylo trailed off, and you sensed that he might have presented the same argument to the Supreme Leader before this, but to no avail, “If not for your own sake, do it for me. Just say you’ll entertain the idea, at least until I can negotiate an alternative for you.” “

“That sounds fair, I suppose,” you mumbled.

“Thank you,” Kylo said quietly before pressing a soft kiss to your forehead. You couldn’t help but smile. Though such a gesture by Kylo had become more regular over the last few weeks, it would still catch you by surprise.

“We’d better go back inside then, he’ll be here tonight,” Kylo said, sheathing his weapon as he extended out an arm to you.

“Wha– already?” You asked as you looped your arm through his, “What was the point of asking me first then?”

“I wasn’t exactly asking, Princess, I was only telling you,” Kylo corrected you as the last doors opened.

You shrugged, realising he was right, “Alright, let’s just get this over with.”

Once you were inside, Kylo escorted you straight to a large meeting room, where you were now both seated. Hux was also there, standing beside your chair, head buried in his data pad to show you he was uninterested in your conversation with Kylo.

“What if he’s mean?”

“He’s a bodyguard, he can’t exactly be kind to everyone.”

You frowned, “You know what I’m… All my life, the guards my father employed were brutes– they’re ghastly people, horrible to even look at!” You whispered harshly.

Kylo let out a light laugh from under his helmet, “Well in that case, at least I won’t have any competition.”

You raised an eyebrow, nudging him slightly, “Not funny.”

Before Kylo could tease you again, the blast doors began to open. As the man stepped inside, the first thing you noticed was that he was dressed in the familiarly bright colours of your household. In all honesty, a welcome change from the dreary monochromatic theme of the entire First Order. Emblazoned on his front was your royal family crest.

“How inconspicuous,” you whispered to Kylo, whose smirk was hidden by the helmet.

As the man approached you, you felt your heart involuntarily begin to flutter when you realised you recognised him.

“J-Jax?” You asked him, standing up. You felt the smile on your face growing wider as he continued towards you.

“Y/N,” the man said as he reached you, flashing you a grin that matched your own. At the sound of your name, Hux lifted his head out of intrigue. Clearly you two knew each other. The man held out his hand to you and you took it as he swiftly pressed his lips to it, “Still as radiant as ever, Your Highness.”

You enveloped him in a hug, “And look at you! I had no idea you joined the Royal Guard.” Instinctively, he wrapped his arms around your waist as you felt his chest vibrate in laughter, “I was accepted right after you left.”

“And now you’re stationed here?” you said excitedly as you parted from him.

“Couldn’t quite get rid of me, could you?” He winked as you laughed.

“How in the Galaxy did you get my father to agree to it?”

“Ah– I didn’t, at first. His Majesty didn’t exactly take to the idea of you and I running around the First Order’s base together. But your brother talked him round. Said that I was the only Guard who actually knows you,” he said proudly.

You smiled, “That you do. Remind me to send him a proper thank you later this week– Oh it’s so good to see you!” You exclaimed, gripping his arms.

Hux watched on with an amused expression, he hadn’t seen you this happy since– well, he had hardly seen you put on a smile that wasn’t forced in your time here.

Meanwhile, Kylo had been watching the entire exchange play out with a growing scowl on his face. He certainly wasn’t expecting the Royal Guard to be as young as him, and certainly not for you to somehow know him. He removed his helmet with haste before clearing his throat.

“Oh,” you jumped slightly, reminding yourself of where you were as you turned to look behind you. Kylo’s expression was stoic, as your gazes met.

“Jax, this is… my husband,” you started, moving back to stand beside him, “Kylo Ren, Commander of the First Order.”

“Commander Ren, it is an honour,” Jax bowed.

“My wife has been dreading your arrival since this morning,” he responded coldly.

“She has, Sir?” Jax looked puzzled as he glanced over to you.

You furrowed your eyebrows, “No, no. Well, I suppose so, but it was before I knew it was you coming! I thought it would be one of those horribly grumpy old men that my father has scattered throughout the Palace. But this… This is fantastic, it’ll be like before I left home!”

“I’m looking forward to it, Y/N.”

“That’s Your Highness to you,” Kylo scolded him.

“With respect, Sir, I’ve called the Princess by her given name my whole life.”

“And how exactly do you know my wife?” He said immediately afterwards, like he had been waiting to ask.

Seeming slightly taken aback, Jax let out a nervous laugh, “Y/N– Her Highness– and I, we’ve been friends for… well, for as long as I can remember, Sir.”

“Odd, she’s never mentioned you.”

Hux snickered in the background as you rolled your eyes.

Behave,” you thought, knowing Kylo would hear you.

“Are you certain you can protect Y/N?”

“I would gladly lay down my life in service of the Princess,” he nodded.

“Oh, there’s no need for that talk,” you said.

“He’s your bodyguard, Y/N, this is entirely appropriate,” Kylo said sternly, though he didn’t avert his gaze from Jax, “On that note, will your blatant feelings for the Princess interfere with your duties?” He sneered.

“Kylo!” You exclaimed.

“I'ts alright, Y/N,” Jax said to you, “I assure you Sir, my friendship with the Princess will not impact her safety, or my ability to protect her. If anything, it will only further ensure her wellbeing.”

“The Supreme Leader hasn’t specified your exact day- to- day duties, but by the King’s command, you will answer directly to Princess Y/N and Commander Ren,” Hux stated, looking between the other two men, whose gazes were both fixed on you.

Kylo huffed, “In that case, we’ll only require your services when I’m not with Y/N, so you’ll have some days and all nights off– I don’t want to be disturbed in our quarters after dinner unless it’s an emergency,” Kylo informed Jax.

He nodded, “Of course, Sir, every couple needs their privacy,” you couldn’t help but hear a hint of amusement in his tone.

Your eyes widened slightly, you may now have started to share the bed with Kylo, but someone would hardly be walking in on anything if they were to disturb you at night.

“Before you commence any work, you’ll be briefed by General Hux here. He might even show you around if you ask nicely,” Kylo said, his tone indifferent.

“Oh, I can do that,” you volunteered, “I’m sure the General has better things to do than act as a tour guide.”

“We have a diplomatic meeting in an hour, darling,” Kylo said, casually entwining his gloved hand through yours.

You looked at him confusedly. Darling? Why was he acting like this?

“There’s nothing in your schedule,” Hux interjected.

Kylo frowned, “Must’ve mixed up the days then.”

“Perfect,” you said, discreetly easing yourself from Kylo’s grip as you clasped your hands together, “I’ll take Jax around the base. See you later this afternoon then?

In all your time knowing him, Kylo was never late for anything. That’s because he committed his entire month’s schedule to memory, down to the minute. But it didn’t take knowing that to see he was lying.

"Something about your little friend seems off, Y/N.” Kylo’s voice was in your head.

“Oh, please.He’s as loyal as the come, trust me.”

“You I trust. But not him.”

“He’s my friend, Kylo. Has been for ages. Maker knows I could use another friend on this Base.”

“Y/N, I think you should be cautious–”

“I know what I’m doing.” You thought bluntly.

With that, Kylo grumbled something aloud. You turned to your new bodyguard, “Shall we go then?”

He nodded happily, oblivious to the exchange that had just occurred between you and Kylo as he began to walk towards the door.

“Y/N,” Kylo called out, just about grabbing your hand as you moved past him.

“Hmm?” You asked as he spun you around and into his arms.

Before you could process what was happening, Kylo’s lips were on yours with a fierceness he had never shown you before. Jax averted his gaze uncomfortably while Hux rolled his eyes at Kylo’s antics.

Growing very aware that you two were in the company of others, you parted from him quickly. Before you could move away, Kylo whispered to you, “Just be careful, Princess.”

You gave him a slight nod, feeling dazed by his bold move. He clearly felt threatened by your friend.

“J-Jax, let’s go,” you said quietly, trying to catch your breath as you walked out through the blast doors.

Once the doors shut again Hux turned to Kylo, “You hid your jealously wonderfully,” he mocked.

“Shut up, Hux,” Kylo growled as he stormed out of the room.

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Why Come From Away Deserves to Win the Tony for Best Musical

Jet fuel can’t melt steel beams. Bush did 9/11.

Right, got that off my chest. Anyway, are you tired of hearing the same accounts of 9/11? We all know the stories of worst terrorist attack in US history that, for the first time, closed the US airspace and forever marked a nation (and especially the city of New York) with the fear of terrorism, muslims, and anyone from the middle east. These stories are all too often one-sided and seldom bring anything new to the discussion, but Come From Away dares to change that. Come From Away tells the story of a small town in Newfoundland, Canada where 38 planes were forced to land after the attack on the Twin Towers. Here’s is why this touching, intimate musical deserves to get that spinny coin.

We’ll begin with the visuals. Ordinarily this is where I might talk about the set, but…well, Come From Away doesn’t have a set. The show relies on creative use of chairs rearranged throughout the show to represent everything from planes to a bar. The results are a sort of trunk show that allows the audience to fill in the spaces with fantastic success. The focus in this show is not about what you see, but about what you discover. This is where the casting is important. The show is full of people of color, including a gay couple, an African family, and a muslim from the middle east (which, as you can imagine leads to conflict in the story). This diversity lends to the most important message of the show, which is to slow down from life and learn how to see the people around you as just that, people. We may have differences, but we are all human, and to quote President Barack Obama, “Despite our differences, we all share the same title: Citizen.” (though, to be fair this story takes place over two nations so…)

The music is less of a series of songs and more of a shifting melody as we pass from chapter to chapter. This medley works splendidly for the show as contrasting sounds blend into one another from one moment into the next, each feeling like its trying to tell its own story just as the characters do. The show features primarily folk styled music but it relies on quite a bit of a capella and harmonization from the ensemble, leading to every number feeling strong and supported by the entire cast, especially Screech In and 28 Hours/Wherever We Are. Even with this though, the orchestrations are clever, novel, and brilliantly written. The stunning vocals of the individual cast, especially Jenn Colella, help drive the messages home to the audiences, so that soon you’re laughing, crying, afraid, and inspired right alongside the characters.

On that note, the writing for the show is very cute but . It’s hard to know whether this show is for adults, like you would expect from a show about 9/11, or more for families. Certainly the story is one with lessons for everyone. I think one character’s really stands out as representing the central messages of the show, a man who was born a Polish Jew during the outbreak of WWII. He talks about how he was raised to be afraid of telling anyone of his ethnicity/religion, but in seeing all of the stories coming out amidst the catastrophe, he had to tell someone about his past and he learns to embrace his differences. In staying in Gander against their wills, the come-from-aways learn more about themselves, and in providing for these strangers the Newfoundlanders in turn discover something in themselves. Most important of all though, the audience discovers something about themselves.

Come From Away is a different sort of 9/11 story, and you often forget it’s even centered around the twin towers at all. Ultimately it is a musical about all of us, trying to go about our lives without taking the time to listen to other people, and what happens when we are forced to do so. It is a touching story, one that made me cry repeatedly the first time I listened to it,  and I’m sure it will hold a very special place in my heart, and the hearts of many other people for many years. It’s even more special because the show is base don real events. Overall, Come From Away is a very special, heart-warming show that fully deserves to be recognized as the best musical this year.

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