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I want to listen to some podcasts but my english is not that good so can you rec me podcasts with transcripts

i’m actually just the right person to go to for this because i have a really hard time paying attention to podcasts.  my mind tends to wander without a firm focus point and i miss entire chunks of episodes so it really helps to have a page up so i can follow along with my eyes.  of the ones i listen to, these are the ones that i know have at least some transcripts:

  • the bright sessions - a lot of season two’s are missing, but one and three are fully available
  • the penumbra podcast - they are currently attempting to set up a fan-run transcription tumblr but, in the meantime and if you can afford it, they do have season two’s transcripts available if you’re a patreon supporter
  • welcome to night vale - the night vale presents shows are your best friends because they have very dedicated fanbases that get the transcripts up crazy fast (and joseph and jeffrey are super cool about them existing), so there’s also…
  • alice isn’t dead
  • within the wires
  • the orbiting human circus (of the air)
  • tanis - this one is not current, cuts out partway through season two, but they do have transcripts available if you’re a patreon supporter (though they are super slow to get them out, just fyi)
  • the black tapes
  • ars paradoxica
  • limetown - unfortunately only the first four (of six) episodes are transcribed

hope this helps!  ❤

Eat like a bird

This phrase is hilariously wrong when taken to mean what it usually means. Birbs are hungry little things, since they have fast metabolisms and they burn a lot of calories when flying. Many birbs eat as much or more than their own weight each day. If humans ate like birds we would die.

The reason I was thinking about this is that was writing a headcanon about how Starscream can eat a hilariously large amount of Energon. I figure all Seekers carry and use more fuel than other frame types, because they burn it so fast and shoot it out the back of their engines when they fly. Military Seekers like Starscream fly a lot and refuel a lot.

So I looked up some numbers. Now the energy content of Energon seems like it would be higher than gas or jet fuel, so Cybertronians could carry less fuel than their Earthly equivalents, but lets just use these as ballpark figures for the sake of proportion. The results were hilarious.

An F16 weighs less than 10 tons, and carries 3.5 tons of fuel! By comparison a truck similar to Optimus’s style weighs over 17 tons without the trailer, and holds less than a ton of fuel. Their weight can more than double with a loaded trailer but at least in TFP, Optimus almost never pulls a trailer and it’s safe to assume most Cybertronian trucks don’t often do that.

It’s worth noting that Starscream is only about 60% the size of an F16, even in jet mode, so he’d weigh like 6 tons and carry 2.1 tons of fuel, fully fueled. Still, imagine him eating more than twice as much as a big bot like Optimus in one sitting.

Even an Abrams tank, which weighs a whopping 68 tons, carries a measly 2.1 tons of fuel, so Starscream could eat as much as Megatron in his old frame before he converted to a flyer. It’s probably safe to assume Megatron can carry a lot more fuel now, but he doesn’t have wings for auxiliary tanks and therefore probably has somewhere in between his old fuel capacity and that of an actual Seeker. Plus I doubt he weighs 68 tons anymore. If OP weighs around 17 tons, maybe Megs weighs somewhere in the mid 20s?

Anyway yeah, these numbers are only vague approximations when carried over into Cybertronian frames rather than Earth vehicles, and I’m sure the high energy content of Energon means they can all carry less weight in fuel, but it’s fun to think about. The gist of it is that Seekers are hungry little dudes XD Also big Seekers like Dreadwing and HUGE Seekers like Jetfire would be like bottomless pits and use so much fuel! I think even though they would eat a tremendous amount, it wouldn’t stand out as much somehow as a little wisp of the Seeker who’s all wings and legs sitting there and downing twice as much fuel as the giants sitting next to him. Somehow I think it also has to do with Starscream’s general shamelessness - bigger, more reserved Seekers like Jetfire might eat a similar amount to other people they’re eating with, and fuel themselves more throughout the rest of the day. Also, if they’re in a lab more and only fly a little, they could make their fuel last much longer than an active Air Command soldier or scout who flies all day, which is why Starscream would often be hungry and eat Jetfire’s food ^^ (The fact that he still did that even when he was working on science and not scouting or sparring is mighty suspicious though)

Camping Troubles #20

The bathrooms are awful, and always will be no matter how expensive the site is.

Do not look up, there will be spiders.
Do not look down, there will be dead bugs.
Do not look at the walls, there will be spiders AND dead bugs.

Boys? Piss in the woods.
Girls? Shewee.

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something about a minotaur! please!

Here ya go, anon! Hope it’s satisfying c:

With a greatsword in one hand, you sneaked around the maze, very wary of every little sound and every flicker of the torch in your other hand.

This maze was infamous for having a violent and bloodthirsty minotaur residing in it, and you were on a mission to slaughter the beast and bring back its head for a sizeable reward. The minotaur had allegedly killed every person who had gotten lost within the maze, and very understandably, people feared it and wanted it killed.

They were scared the minotaur would one day wander outside its home and slaughter everyone in its way.

So, naturally, a reward was promised to the man or woman who could retrieve its head as a sign of its defeat. And, just as naturally, as you were a full-grown man with a history of slaughtering vile and vicious beasts, this had been brought to your attention several times.

Finally, you had gathered the courage and materials needed to take on such a beast. You had gotten a new shield – currently slung across your back –, a new sword, and plenty of rations. There was no telling how long you would be trapped within this terrifying maze; you had already spent two nights in here, and that was two nights too many.

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The Things You Cherish

Summary: Mr. Honeynuts has been with Max all his life. If stuffed animals could talk what could they tell you about those that love them the most?

Trigger: Mention of Child Abuse

I haven’t seen S2 Ep8 yet, I just saw all this stuff about Max and Mr.Honeynuts and had to write something about it.

Nights at Camp Campbell were always too quiet for Max’s taste. Max didn’t live in the City but he didn’t live in the fucking middle of nowhere either, and the soft drone of traffic that would play outside his window until the early hours of the morning always seemed to provide him with good ambient noise. Here in a tent in the middle of the woods didn’t do that. The soundless nights were deafening and made it hard for Max to sleep.

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i shall name the first born delbert