the air i breathe band

"On the Spot" Starters
  • There are NO words that start with J.
  • Up until now I thought you were a normal person, now? Not so much.
  • Let's all agree that sports are dumb and move on with our lives.
  • I didn't know how long my balls were.
  • I was thinking it, but you were the one who said it.
  • You are so salty now.
  • It's kind of funny because it sounds like cunnilingus.
  • That's my whole life story, stories of shitting myself.
  • You wanna make sure you're not that guy.
  • *claps aggressively*
  • He died for the raptor sins.
  • Raptor Jesus is coming for you.
  • It's about ignoring science all together.
  • Nowhere in the bible does it say Jesus wasn't a raptor.
  • We get them to sign a legal document so they can't sue us.
  • I can't help but swear every 7th word.
  • Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit.
  • Swearing is a little bit like having a stroke.
  • We've discovered a new fetish.
  • I enjoy smoking grass. Not weed. Just grass.
  • Do you like... Ball pits?
  • I caused 4 forest fires last year.
  • There's no joke there, just arson.
  • You dumb fucks!
  • For life, bitch.
  • It sounds like a boy band name.
  • I can breathe more air than you can!
  • And that's how it's done.
  • Pokéchu?!
  • I call bullshit.
  • Help me, I'm desperate.

so apparently i can unintentionally hold my breath for minutes at a time, yet i can’t hold out a note on flute for more than two measures depending on the tempo??

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Asking Alexandria 


Aversions Crown

Betraying the Martyrs 

Bleed From Within


Born Of Osiris 

Capture The Crown


Chelsea Grin

Crown The Empire

Deez Nuts


Hearts & Hands

Here Comes The Kraken

I Declare War

I See Stars

It Lives, It Breathes

Job For A Cowboy


Like Moths To Flames 

Make Them Suffer

Memphis May Fire

Miss May I 

Motionless In White


Oceans Red

Of Mice & Men

Parkway Drive 


Suicide Silence

The Devil Wears Prada

Thy Art Is Murder

Upon a Burning Body

Veil of Maya

We Came As Romans



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Halestorm is my favorite band. With them, I first fell in love with their music, then with them as people, and it all just escalated from there. This band became a lifestyle for me. I spent a year tweeting them… my parents didn’t want to take me to any shows. My friend Kayleigh from the UK (who I met on twitter cuz of our amazing freakfam fanbase), got Lzzy to make a video for me from Manchester as a surprise. My dad saw the video and agreed to buy tickets to the 11/29/13 show and I got to meet the whole band and hang with them for a little, I also met Kayleigh, and I met some more people.

Now, I don’t know anyone who uses twitter to get to know their fans the way Lzzy does. By the time I met her, she knew me better than my own parents. This band has helped me get back on my feet, has helped me fight my demons, I’ve been clean of self harm for over a year now thanks to Lzzy. The first time I hugged her was unforgettable. To look at her and take in the fact that we were there in person, together, and not on twitter was just mindblowing. Shes my hero. She’s even more beautiful in person. Talking to her was so casual, and I’m so happy that she’s one of those people who I can truly just be myself with. Best way to explain it… hanging with her was just a very happy moment frozen in time. Then seeing the whole band perform was another ridiculously amazing frozen moment in time. If anything is perfect- it’d have to be the time you spend with your favorite band and seeing them perform . Something she told me which will always stick with me, the last time I hugged her in November was “this is not the end, it’s just the beginning.” Now I’m not sure what she was thinking in that moment but I’m looking forward to finding out :) I’ll be seeing them in Lancaster, Sayreville, and Worcester this year in November again and it’ll be freakin amazing. this past August I went to Syracuse with the freakfam to see them too. Hanging out with the band was freakin awesome. The fact that they know us, and the guys hung out with us for some time- it’s just a thought that’ll never sink in. I’m grateful for all they’ve given me. Ahhh feels. This band is just life to me, the air I breathe… They keep me here. I love them, I love their crew, I love the memories I have with them too.