the age of the understatement

yesterday i went to the last shadow puppets concert and i threw this bouquet on stage while they were finishing to perform sweet dreams, tn
when i threw the flowers on stage alex was on the right side of the stage so i thought he wouldn’t notice the flowers BUT THEN he picked them up and i was almost certain he was gonna threw it back at the crowd like some sorta wedding thing but inSTEAD HE TUCKED THE BOUQUET IN his guitar strings like some sort of decoration and then HE KEPT IT for the WHOLE in my room performance!!!!! dear god i was so and am so greatful he did that, he made me so fucking happy I was literally losing it, i couldn’t believe my eyes that it was happening! and i have now one happy memory that i’ll never forget, thank you al
Plus they performed brilliantly, of course. Miles was wonderful, he is an amazing performer and Al as well ❤, they were both so good, interacting with the crowd (miles kept smiling at the crowd, he was so cute and nice omg i just wanted to hug him for being so good and nice and great to us)
The setlist was well reasoned and chosen, i didn’t expect so many songs from the age of the understatement AND I WAS TOTALLY SATISFIED BY IT. JESUS CHRIST LIFE IS TOO GOOD RIGHT NOW.

At the end of the gig, few fans waited for them to get out of the alcatraz club and when they did they started singing standing next to me acapella, we all did! they basically serenaded each other, holding hands, dancing around and smiling at us, it was wonderful i couldn’t and i cannot be more grateful.
I love you guys.
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Miles Kane at The Last Shadow Puppets shows
2008 vs 2016
The Age Of The Understatement vs Everyting You’ve Come To Expect

The Chamber
The Last Shadow Puppets
The Chamber

The Last Shadow Puppets
Radio 1 Session with Zane Lowe, 2008

Alex - […] we bought it from the same shop where Miles got a white polo neck.
Miles - No, Al bought, Al bought me the cream polo neck […] I love it. It feels great.

Big thanks to Julia who helped me with understanding of their banter!