the after stab rp


So, using bleach to clean dried blood off your hand wasn’t safe, and Astrid started to bitch about hazard and gas and whatnot. She practically hosed him after that and now he couldn’t wear his favorite jacket too because there was no way they could remove the blood without ruining the leather.

Aw man, and he got it from beating the shit out of that ugly greaser too… His first trophy…

Toothless was sulking and looked at the money Astrid gave him. He was going to a thrift shop to buy a new one. But he didn’t feel like buying a new one. He felt like stabbing a greaser and robbed him of his jacket. Which he couldn’t do because greasers were so hard to find nowadays.

“Oh, sorry.” He mumbled absently when he bumped into someone. His body tensed immediately when he realized that it was the girl from last night. Oh god, did she recognized him?