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Tell Me That You Love Me (Morgan Reilly)

Anonymous said:

Could you maybe, when you have time make a Morgan Rielly imagine based off of Ed Sheerans song How Would You Feel?

Word count: 932

Author’s Note: This song is absolutely beautiful and I had never heard it before I got this request! Link to song 

As usual, feedback is always appreciated!

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“I’m feeling younger every time that I’m alone with you.”

 You had never been the best at relationships. Your mom said you were stubborn, your friends said that you were scared of commitment and you concluded that you were just meant to be alone. That was before you had met Morgan, though. Morgan showed you how to live again. You, who had always been wise beyond your years, were suddenly allowing Morgan to randomly grab you and piggyback you around the ACC at a moment’s notice. Morgan made even the most mundane things, such as grocery shopping, into an adventure, juggling any and every item he could get his hands on. Whether it be a late night rendezvous at a tiny diner after a long road trip, blanket forts and movie nights or a well-needed puppy petting session at a pet store, Morgan brought out your whimsical side, something that you didn’t know that you had before you met him.

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Best Friends with Rogers and Barnes

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Pairing: Steve Rogers (pre-serum) x you x Bucky Barnes (all platonic) 

Request: hey uh it’d be hella cool if like you could write a fic where the reader and steve are best friends (with bucky too ofc) and they’re in highschool! you could do it in modern times or around the time when steve/bucky were teens. idk if you’ve written a fic like this before though, it’d be cool though. i hope this made sense by @kocktober

Word count: 1225

Warnings: Like two curse words (but hey, sometimes ‘stupidface’ just doesn’t do the job)

A/N: So this is basically like a day with Steve and Bucky. Pretty light, no major plot twists or anything. Hope you’ll enjoy this! :)

PS: You can send me asks, stupid questions, messages anything! And please do :D send your asks here


“Hey Steve” you ran to your friend and gave him a massive hug.

“Oh, hey Y/N” Steve laughed and patted your back a bit to signal you that you were squeezing him too tight. You had known Steve for years now and he was the best friend you had ever had.

“So, are we still going to the movies tonight?” You asked him as you two started walking towards your classroom.

“Yeah, of course! I asked Bucky to come too” Steve smiled at you.

“That’s perfect!” you replied cheerfully. That cheerfulness was quickly removed from your face when you noticed the school bullies walking towards you. They were always so mean to Steve and you hated that. Why do they always have to pick on the smallest guys? Unlucky for you, Steve was always ready to fight them although he never won. You gave the bullies a murderous look trying to get them to back off, but it didn’t work. As they walked past you they pushed Steve to the lockers making him drop everything he was carrying to the floor.

“Loser” they shouted at Steve while he was picking up his things.

“Hey watch where you are going dickheads” You heard Bucky’s voice shout at them behind you. “Hey man, are you okay?” Bucky patted Steve’s shoulder as he stood up.

“Yeah” Steve said clearly embarrassed.

“Come on, let’s go to math class” you gave Steve a small smile. “You walking with us?” You asked Bucky while giving him a thankful smile.

“Yeah” Bucky smiled at you and put his hand on Steve’s shoulder in a protective manner.

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Be Lonely With Me - Chapter Six (Bughead AU)

Summary: A young single mother and a successful author meet at a creative writing class in New York. Betty is trying to get the education that she had to sacrifice to bring up her daughter and Jughead has run out of inspiration for his new novel. Can they help each other?

A/N: So sorry this is has taken me a while, I have a holiday next week so hopefully I can get a couple of chapters done. Thank you to my amazing beta @allthingsbughead  <3

chapter list here
read on AO3 here

“Seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, twenty! Ready or not, here I come” Josie chimed as she peeped from behind her hands and looked curiously around Veronica’s sitting room, trying to figure out where Ben and Kevin were hiding. Betty had picked Kevin up from the airport that morning and he had been astonished when he hadn’t had to beg for Josie’s forgiveness for missing Halloween. In fact, she had jumped into his arms at the airport when he had been expecting the silent treatment. He had hoped that perhaps Jughead would go with the girls instead and was secretly pleased that it had been successful, claiming himself to be Cupid when, in fact, his plane was just delayed.

Josie scanned the room carefully, crawling over Betty and Veronica on the sofa to check behind the furniture and peered under the coffee table, before disappearing down the corridor to search some of the other numerous rooms in the apartment. Kevin winked at Betty from behind the living room curtains and she had to suppress her laughter so that she wouldn’t give his hiding place away. Once Veronica heard Josie climb the stairs, and knew that she was safely out of earshot, she turned towards Betty and raised her eyebrows. Betty just stared back at her friend in confusion.

“You keep smiling every time you look at your phone” Veronica stated matter-of-factly. She waved her hand to silence Betty when she tried to protest. “I just know it has something to do with that cute guy on your writing course, and I’m your best-friend, so spill.”

“Actually, I’m her best-friend” Kevin interjected from behind the curtain.

“Kevin, darling, you’re Betty’s gay best-friend. You’re in a league of your own.” Veronica corrected, knowing full well that she couldn’t compete with Betty and Kevin’s friendship. “Anyway B, tell me!” she insisted.

“Well” Betty started, blushing as she recalled the events of the evening before. “He came trick or treating with us and he dressed up as Prince Eric for Josie, it was most adorable thing!” she gushed, smiling at the thought.

“I don’t care if he went trick or treating” Veronica said, clearly exasperated, “I want to know if anything happened after Josie went to bed.”

Betty rolled her eyes at her friend and blushed a deeper shade of pink as she remembered the way that Jughead had kissed her. He had gone home after the film had finished and he’d kissed her goodnight sweetly, insisting that he had an amazing time, before promising to text her later. She received a text a couple of minutes later and they hadn’t stopped texting until the early hours of the morning.

“We might have made out” Betty confessed.

“Yes!” Veronica declared, clapping her hands together. She had been trying to encourage Betty to date for years, trying to convince her that not all men were like her ex, but she had been unsuccessful. She had almost given up on the idea of being able to design the beautiful blonde’s wedding (just because Veronica had sworn off marriage didn’t mean that she disliked weddings) but the way Betty spoke about Jughead warmed Veronica’s heart, she was so pleased that her friend seemed to be finally able to move on.

“Is he a good kisser?” Kevin asked, still hiding behind the curtain. “He looks like he would be.”

“Kevin!” Veronica scolded. “We have been trying to find a man worthy of Betty for years, don’t even think about swooping in and stealing him.” Kevin just sighed dramatically. “So when can I meet him?” she asked, turning towards her friend.

“What?” Betty blurted, almost choking on her coffee.

“Well I have to meet him at some point so I can grace him with my approval” Veronica reasoned, suppressing a smile at the panic on Betty’s face.

“Uhh I don’t really know what we are at the moment Ronnie, I don’t want to scare him off by introducing him to you” she laughed.

“Nonsense, you simply have to bring him over for dinner” Veronica demanded.

“It would be like meeting the parents” Kevin muttered from behind the curtain, making Betty smile into her coffee mug.

“Does he know?” Veronica said, lowering her voice slightly. “Does he know about Archie?” Betty shook her head firmly and was about to reply when -

“Mummy!” called two high-pitched voices from upstairs. Whenever they played hide-and-seek, Josie always found Ben in record time, mostly because he always hid either in his toy-box or under his bed.

“It sounds like you found Ben” Betty congratulated as Josie marched into the room, dragging the little boy behind her by the hand.

“Yes! Because he always hides in the same place!” Josie said in exasperation. “Ben, you need to find somewhere else next time!” she scolded, turning to the little boy.

“I like my toy-box” Ben shrugged, not at all phased that he was repeatedly losing the game. Betty suspected that he just let Josie win sometimes. Ben climbed into Veronica’s lap and curled up in her arms while Josie began to search the living room for Kevin’s hiding place. Watching Ben cuddle his mother, Betty couldn’t help but notice the difference between the two children. Josie was so self-confident and rarely clung to Betty, more often than not, Betty had to ask her daughter for cuddles. Josie always wanted to be constantly moving and nothing could hold her attention for long, whereas Ben could be read to for hours. The two children seemed like an unlikely pair, but Josie brought Ben out of his shell and Ben forced Josie to compromise. Betty always thought of Ben and the brother that Josie never had. She often thought about how she wished she could give Josie a little brother or sister, she felt guilty for being Josie’s only company.

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Dive (Grayson)

Requested by anonymous: “a grayson imagine based off the song dive by ed sheeran”


This was my first time listening to this song, and this was just my first interpretation of it. Hope you like it. :)


You and Grayson have been on a few dates over the past couple of weeks, and you were really enjoying it. You enjoyed spending time with him, and you enjoyed his company more than you thought you would. After being set up on a blind date with each other, and thinking that you wouldn’t enjoy yourself, it came as a surprise to you that you had a great time. A few dates later, you found yourself really liking him. He called you up one afternoon, asking you about future date plans.

“What are you doing this weekend?” He asked.

“I’m free all weekend. Why, what’s up?” You asked, knowing that he probably already had plans in mind.

“Well, I remember you saying something about that diner on the edge of town, and how you wanted to try it. And I was wondering, if you wanted to, we could go to the movies, and then grab a bite to eat afterwards.” He explained.

“Grayson, that sounds amazing. I’d love that.” You said.

“Okay, great, awesome. Well then, I’ll figure out movie times and I’ll see you Saturday. Any preference about when you’d like to see the movie?” He asked.

“Whenever is fine with me.”  You said.

“Alright. I’ll get the tickets and text you with the details.” He said.

“I’m looking forward to it. Have a nice night. Bye, Gray.” You said.

“Good night (Y/N).” He said. You heard the phone click and you put your phone on the charger. You settled into bed and fell asleep as soon as your head hit the pillow.

* * *

The week dragged on as you impatiently waited for Saturday. All the details were finally in place and you were excited for your date with Grayson. He was taking you to see Beauty and the Beast, and then out to the diner afterwards. You were in your bedroom, finishing up your makeup, just as the doorbell rang. You bounced downstairs, and answered the door, Grayson standing on your porch with a wide smile on his face.

“Hey.” You said as he pulled you into a hug, placing a kiss on your cheek.

“You ready to go?” He asked. You nodded, grabbed your keys and your jacket, and followed him to his car. The ride to the theater was full of chatter, as you and him caught up, having not seen each other in a little over a week. 

“Sheesh, there are a ton of people here. Good thing I already bought our tickets.”  Grayson said as you made your way up to the theater, passing the lines at the ticket window. You giggled as you made your way inside.

“Are we gonna get concessions? Or save room for dinner?” You asked.

“I was thinking maybe just drinks.” He offered. You nodded and stood in line to get your sodas. You walked to the auditorium where the movie was showing, and took your seats. You sat there, making small talk as you waited for the movie to start. 

The movie was absolutely incredible, and you were glad you went and saw it with Grayson. You had been looking forward to it as soon as the first trailer came out, and coming to see it with a guy you really liked made the experience that much more special. After the movie, you made your way to the diner.

“Awe, this is such a cute place.” Grayson said as you walked in.

“It is. I love it.” You agreed.

“Can we have a booth, please?” Grayson asked the hostess as she came to seat you. She nodded and led you to a booth. You slid in and Grayson sat next to you. She took your drink orders and gave you your menus.

“Hey, (Y/N), can we talk about something?” Grayson asked, turning to you.

“What’s up?” You asked.

“So, this is like what? Date number, four, five for us?” He asked. You nodded.

“Yeah, sounds about right.” You said.

“I just wanted to say, that I really like you. I’ve met a lot of girls, but none of them quite like you. But, in past relationships, I’ve been known to jump in head first, too quick, and things didn’t work out. And I don’t want that to happen here. I don’t want us to move to fast unless we both feel the same way. So, I have to ask, that you tell me the truth, before we dive into this relationship.” He explained.

“Grayson,” you began as you took his hand in yours, “I’m all in. I like you way more than I thought I would. I’m being completely honest when I say that when we went out on our first date, I didn’t think that I was going to have a good time. But I did. And I’ve had an amazing time on every date we’ve been on since then. I’m ready to take this dive, and knowing that you are too, I’m even more ready.” You said. Grayson smiled at you and kissed you softly.

“I guess we can call ourselves official then.” Grayson said with a smile.

“I guess we can.” You smiled, kissing him again.

You sat there in the diner, eating off of each other’s plates, telling each other lame jokes, and just having a good time. You were glad that you and Grayson were finally an official couple, and you couldn’t wait to be able to spend more time with him.

Kiss Me Better (19/?)

Pairing: Bucky x Reader, Loki x BFF!Reader

Word Count: 700

Summary: Loki’s at it again, and says the words you dread.

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Loki enjoyed the film, but you thought the story was weak; a simple way to justify all the violence. The action was great, but the lack of depth kind of ruined it for you. You were still ranting about the plot holes as you stepped into a diner; your usual after movie tradition. He excused himself to the restroom while you picked a table. You had barely ordered your drinks when a man approached, stopping in front of your table.

“H-hi,” he greeted timidly. “I’m Matt.”

“Y/N,” you smiled politely.

“I know.” He shut his eyes and blushed. “I mean, we’ve met before…sort of. I was there at that bank that was threatened last fall.”

“Oh! I remember, you were there with your sister. How are you holding up?”

His face lit up. “Yeah! Wow I can’t believe you remember us. I’m-we’re good. Can’t live your life in fear, right?”

“Absolutely. That’s good to hear.” You were relieved he and his sister were taking it in stride. 

“It got crazy there, towards the end. I never got a chance to thank you,” his voice began to get steadier.

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Dear Journal,

After this lovely valentine’s day morning spent with Sirius, I was ready to show him my suprise.

“How should I dress?” He asked.

“Wear something cute!” I giggled.

“Can’t I wear something sexy?” He smirked.

“You can if you want. I like both options!” I giggled again.

“Admit it, you are dying to see me in that tight buttondown shirt Lily got me last year!”

“You’re right..” i blushed.

I watched him remove his white t-shirt slowly. His back muscles looked soft and it made me want to rub my cheeks against it. He passed a hand in his loose hair while searching for the dark blue shirt of his that i loved so much. Once he found it, he put it on and neatly tied his hair into a bun. Once he was done, he stood in front of me with a smile.

“You ready love? Or were you too busy staring?” He smirked, kissing my lips slowly.

“I’m ready. You look handsome.” I said.

“And you look perfect baby. Can we go now? I’m curious!” He giggled.

“Okay, let’s go.” I said, taking his big hand into mine.

I guided him to the top of the astronomy tower. There, i instaled a small round table near the railling. We both sat facing eachother and Sirius looked at the view. The sun was slowly setting at the horizon. The air was warm and soft against our skins. With a flick of my wand, plates, candles and food apeard.

“Fondue? How did you know I love fondue?” Sirius smiled.

“Reg told me.” I smirked.

“It looks delicious! Thank you moons. You are the best boyfriend ever!” He said, standing to kiss me over the table.

We ate the tasty dinner. Every once in a while Sirius fed me and we laughed.

“Stop laughing! I’m trying to be romantic! I saw it in the muggle movies!” He giggled.

“You’re just so cute!” I laughed.

After diner, we looked at the beautiful view. Sirius was being really cudly. His nose was thickling my neck. He started to kiss my jaw, leaving red and purple marks on my skin. A small gasp left my mouth and i slid my hand under his shirt, feeling tingles at the tip of my fingers.

“Can we go somewhere private?” He wispered, kissing my ear.

“Where?” I breathed.

“Room of requirements.."he said, still kissing me.


We walked to this secret room, both impatient to continue our makeout session. The door finally appeard on the stone wall amd we entered. When the door closed, Sirius pinned me on the wall, kissing me. His fingers grabbed the hem of my shrit to remove it. The cold air of the room made me shiver. My heart was pounding and i felt my cheeks heat up. He kissed down my chest and i layed my head against the wall. I put my hands in his hair and he looked up at me.

“Do you… Do you want to.. I mean.. do "it”?“ I asked him.

"Only if you want to..” he said, brushing a strand of hair out of my face.

“I want to. I want you.” I whispered.

He kissed me again, but this time it was with even more passion. He softly layed me down on the fluffy sheets and kissed me again. & again… & again..

Sirius fell beside me after a few moments, panting for air. His back was a bit sweaty and he had a smile on his lips.

“Wow..” he said, smirking.

“Yeah..” i smiled, looking at him

We went to sleep in eachothers arms. Sirius’ skin was hot. He layed his swollen lips on my forehead and let them there.

“I love you Remus.”

“I love you too Sirius.”

February 14th 1976

Hi ~ I’m here again with Yuuki, ‘cause I really need to tell you his story. I’ve been perfecting this for days now !
I wanted to “dedicate” this to @shawn-and-aiden-frost-9 and @linabigface because without you Yuuki would never have been born, and @fudou because I really like the way you’re seeing the Penguin Trio, and our conversations made me think about this trio’s dynamics, and I even understood a few things.

Hope you will like it !

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anonymous asked:

my crush is just so beautiful?? i wanna give her flowers and ask her out and kiss her?? and i wanna get her a neckless?? and take her on movie dates and to cute little diners after?? and i wanna cuddle her?? but also like fuck me damn mami


before-i--fall-in-love  asked:

Hey there!! I was wondering if I could get a written ship with SEVENTEEN? I'm very cuddly, loving, motherly in nature. Really nice a friendly to everyone including strangers, good with kids and animals, polite around adults. In my spare time, I dance and work-out, as well as watching movie (horror, animation and romantic comedy movies) and cooking. I'm also really family oriented and want to be a mom someday. If I can’t be a mom, I want to be a mother to a bunch of puppies. Thank you very much💗

Well hello there!^^

I ship you with American Prince , Joshua Hong!

Originally posted by wonshu

Both of you will be a couple made in heaven. Joshua himself is so polite. He’s a gentleman of gentleman! Being a mom is a dream of yours and you definitely can build a happy family with this man!

Originally posted by theoneandonlylioness

Joshua will ask you to make America style food everytime you guys on a house-date. after diner you’ll cuddle while watching romantic movies at his house.He’ll pour you cold water instead of wine and rain you with kisses when you’re upset with him for not letting you drink kkkk~

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He will propose to you by making an event at one of your favorite restaurant. the ring will be hidden in the dessert while he ask for your permission to go to the restroom but….. what he about to do is picking up his guitar and sing you a song by Brian Mcknight - Back at One. after he wraps up his performance, he walk to you and ask you while kneeling, “Will you take me as a husband and marry me?”


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“What’s the occasion pretty boy?” Scott asked Stiles as he checked his appearance in the mirror, once again. 

“Nothing,” Stiles mumbled, pulling on the ends of his leather jacket. 

“Are you gonna go on a date?” Lydia asked, pushing Stiles over so she could re-apply her bright red lipstick. “And don’t deny it because that’s your fancy jacket you only wear for special events.”

“Fine,” Stiles admitted, sighing as he sat down on the edge of his bed. “I’m taking this girl on a date, Y/N Y/L/N, you know the really pretty one? We’ll she agreed to let me take her out on a date, so I’m gonna take her to JJ’s Diner before going to the movies and after that we’ll like walk around the park.”

“Stiles, this is a first date, not a marriage proposal!”

“Well what if it was Scott? What after this date I buy promise rings for us and then when we get out of high school we’ll start a family and I’ll tell our little girl how cute her mother was and then get married! This is a first date! And I really Really like her-”

“How about you continue this crazy speech later because she’s here Stiles.”

Seventeen Scenario: Rule Breaker (Hoshi)

Anon asked: Hey! There was a glitch when I was making a request so I decided that I would just send it again. (Sorry for the inconvenience) can u do a scenario (either Hoshi or chan) where they date the reader for a bet, but the start to fall for the reader while there r dating. One day the reader finds out and it’s really angsty but it manages to turn out with a happy ending?? Thanks! And once again sorry for the inconvenience :)

Note: Here you go, anon! It’s ok ^^ I hope you like it! I picked Hoshi for this ;; Thank you for requesting!
- Admin Mochi ✨

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When Hoshi had asked you to be his, it had only been on the conditions of a simple bet.

It wasn’t that Hoshi was a heartless jerk– it was just that he had a reputation to hold up. He was the school’s bad boy and ultimate heartbreaker, everyone knew that. You were the teacher’s pet who didn’t mess with boys like Hoshi. Girls were the bridge Hoshi walked on and you were a glove thrown onto it, a challenge. And Heaven knew Hoshi couldn’t resist a challenge.

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IMAGINE : Pietro and you are living together and Clint asked you to babysit his kids for a week.


Clint had called you in the morning to ask if you could babysit the kids for a week. You and Pietro had said yes, after all, you were in holiday.
Clint brought the kids to your house, informing you that his Baby, Nathaniel was teething. After diner, you decided to watch a movie with the kids. Nathaniel was already asleep in a cosy room upstairs.
It was a little bit late to watch TV but you and Pietro liked Clint’s children so much you wanted to have a good time with them.
You were about to play the movie when Nathaniel started to cry. The younger daughter mumbled :
“Oh no …”
You crossed your fingers.
“Maybe he’s going to stop in a few minutes …” You replied.
You all waited in silence but he wasn’t stopping at all. Pietro rolled his eyes and got up, using his speed to move to the room where Nathaniel was crying. In a few minutes, the baby stopped to cry and you pressed play.
“Uncle Pietro rocks !” the little girl whispered.
You laughed as you were staring at the TV with the kids but noticed Pietro wasn’t coming back. You frowned and left the living room to see what was going on.
You slowly pushed the door of the bedroom and you leant against the wall. Pietro was holding the baby, rocking him slowly. You smiled and bit your bottom lip. He would never stop surprising you.
You stood here, observing the scene as Pietro started to talk quietly to the little boy.
“It’s time to sleep okay ?.. Mom and Dad are coming back soon, I promise.” He whispered.
It was more distracting and cute than any movie on this planet. He was so sweet and careful, Nathaniel seemed totally relaxed in his arms.
Pietro started to sing softly in his mother tongue. It sounded like a lullaby and with the words you could understand, you knew it was about a mother telling her child she would love him wherever she would be. Your heart clenched as you remembered Pietro’s parents had died when he was a kid. Thinking about the sorrow of a little orphan Pietro missing his mother, a tear rolled down your cheek.
You never wanted to have children. The big belly, the nausea and all those things … Because you always thought you couldn’t bear that situation and also, you could never trust a guy enough to take care of you and a baby.
But at that moment, you realized Pietro would be the only one for whom you would carry a child.
He turned and raised his head, he looked surprised to see you.
“Is the movie so bad ?” He whispered with a smile.
You woke up from your slumber, shocked by your own thoughts. You shook your head as he laid Nathaniel in the cradle carefully before covering him with a blanket.
“Oh … No … I was just wondering if everything was fine.” You stuttered.
Pietro looked at the sleeping baby, then nodded.
“Yup. You’re okay ?” He frowned and wrapped his arm around you, wiping the tear on your cheek with his thumb.
You gazed at him and his fingers slid on your cheek while he put his other hand on your back to stroke it gently.
“I think I’m just tired …” You smiled and snuggled in his arms. “I love you.” You said quietly.
He smiled before giving you a sweet and passionate kiss.
“I love you too baby, more than everything.” He replied softly against your lips, making you blush.
He took your face in his hands and you stared at his loving blue eyes. You had never felt so good and at that moment, the only thing you wanted was to cherish this man for the rest of your life and give him the affection he deserved and he had never had.
“Let’s go watch that terrible movie …” He smirked and gave you a tender kiss on the forehead as he grabbed your hand to go back to the living room.

hey if you’re a Steven Universe fan, or especially a fan or defender of Pearl, read this. Better yet, reblog it because for the love of god i need to be heard
So many times on my dash ive seen the defence if Pearl being that she is a complex, flawed, and mentally ill character as if it excuses her behaviour. It doesn’t. It explains why she does things but its not something to pass off as nothing because of that. You might say “of course, i understand that its not an excuse and im not saying that it is” well then why isn’t anyone addressing the real problems other than her just being “salty and jealous”? Everything ive seen defending her actions is a broken record and no one is acknowledging Why people actually are uncomfortable or upset with her so please just
Listen. Pearl acts abusive. I actually dread seeing Pearl on screen because she’s literally started to trigger me. I don’t know what stunt she’s going to pull next that’ll also remind me of my abuser, what things she’ll do that reminds hundreds of other people of their abusers. “What could she possibly have done that makes you feel unsafe?” I don’t know, maybe the fact that she gaslights, brainwashes, and lies to get the things she wants? The entire episode of ‘Warp Tour’ had me gritting my teeth. Steven nearly dying from that spaceship episode because Pearl wanted to explore the universe. Steven expressing actual guilt for existing. Connie being brainwashed into thinking that she’s cannon fodder was sickening. Amethyst feeling uncomfortable and inferior all the time. Garnet being tricked into fusion to the point that Ruby and Sapphire had a meltdown over it. How is this not raising one million red flags to people?
And please don’t bother trying to defend this, once again, by saying that Pearl actually cares for Steven. I’m not saying she doesn’t, because I do want to like her and I do want to give her the benefit of doubt, but please understand that emotional manipulation by providing comfort and security is also an abuser tactic. Often times after my abuser left me crying in my room, they’d come to comfort me. They’d force me to hug them until i stopped crying. I was given toys and was brought to movies after I was physically attacked. I was brought to diners and got to order take-out after being sexually assaulted. I was told that they loved me and that the touching and the hits and the screaming was all just in their best interest and that one day I’d thank them for it. So please don’t try using cute pictures of Pearl and Steven hugging to try to convince me that she does care for him because it does nothing.
“Garnet and Amethyst also contributed to abuse then too” sure, they didn’t recognize the signs of trauma but this post isn’t about them, so don’t being it up. Also stop comparing Peridot to Pearl. Peridot is meant to be evil. She’s expected to act villainous and people like her because her actions are portrayed as funny, over-the-top, and ridiculous. Pearl is meant to be a “good guy”, and yes I know what flawed means. I understand character development, and I know it’s important to have characters with personality facets and unique experiences, but what I’m saying is that you, the fandom, need to acknowledge what the problems are that arise from Pearl’s character flaws instead of just assuming that people are mad at her for acting human. Acknowledge the valid criticism. Acknowledge that survivors have a right to be uncomfortable with Pearl’s behaviour. Stop sweeping abuse victims and the things we have to say under the rug.

aqustb-remade  asked:

myosotis: 28 & 13 w peter maximoff?? I live for the pain and angst :)

Done ! I hope there are enough pain and angst :P If not you can always ask for another request XD

13: “People lies, betrays, hurts and doesn’t care. What makes you believe that you’re different ?”

28: “Take off your mask and the world will see the freak in you, the freak in me…” (Delain’s song Masquerade)

 You were walking down the street at night, hand in your jacket’s pocket, The Police roaring in your ears through your stolen earphones. Most people were going home after a date, a movie or some stupid diner, not you. You were out because you couldn’t sleep and thought than a walk would help. It was kindda noisy in the hideout you were staying at currently, and you just wanted to leave already but there were that many in the area, and the other one was two or three days of walk far.  People were nice, ironically, there were only outcast to accept freak by their side.

 A bright neon sign caught your eyes, and you decided to go shopping for those welcoming you. They didn’t have money, nor did you, but stealing was a problem, not for you. You didn’t feel like you had to obey the laws, after all they weren’t protecting you, why would you only take the disadvantages without the advantages? When you got in, you started to check out the shelf, deciding what would please them.

“Maybe those snacks?” You mumbled, your look falling on a box of Twinkies.

 You reach your hand for it, when there was a sudden crash and someone fell on the floor right in front of you. Someone that was nowhere to be seen a second before. Your eyes meet, and you somehow had the feeling that the guy was taken aback by you.

“How did you do that!” He asked, standing up.

“Did what?” You rose an eyebrow.

That! I hit an invisible wall!”

“Said the invisible man. You weren’t there just a second before!”

 You started to have an argument, but you felt the glare of the shopkeeper on you and thought you should probably leave already with the box. Which became suddenly invisible thanks to a barrier you created to reject lights.


“Shut up!” You snap back with an annoyed look.

 You made sure than the man saw your empty hands as you exited the place, the annoying guy on your feet.

“Stop following me!” You said after a moment of silent walking.

“Not before you tell me how you did that, that’s amazing!”

 You stopped on your track and turned to face him. He had silvers hairs, and looked very exited right now, when you only felt annoyed.

“I’m a freak. There, that answer your question?”

“You mean, a mutant?”

“Is there any difference in the name?” You replied, rolling your eyes.

“Well, freaks are monsters, I don’t really see myself as one.” He answered, with a careless smile that irritated you.

“Good for you. But you know what? Take off your mask and the world will see the freak in you, the freak in me… Because this is all we are. Abnormalities, monster, freak.”

 While saying it, you remembered the look on your parents’ faces, their disgusted grimaces and theirs stabbing words. They throw you out like if you were some kind of dirty creature not deserving nor hate nor fear, just distaste. That was even worse than violence… You clenched your hands and teeth, hurted as if it has been the day before, when it has actually been two years since you were left alone in the world with nothing but freak abilities.

“You okay?”

“Can’t you just leave and mind your own business? I might be a freak, but I’m not willing to give you a show!”

“Can you stop with the freak stuff and care to give the real name? And honestly showing off isn’t that bad, you should try, that’s actually a pretty good feeling.”

 At these words, the guy suddenly disappeared from where he was to stand right behind you. He did that again, and at the third demonstration tried to steal the box from your hand, only to find himself rejected away by a bright force field. That one that had been protecting you from the others since your mutation started.

“So what?” You asked coldly. “You’re a fast runner, and then what? You’re a freak like me, and that stupid smile of yours won’t last on your face forever. It might takes time, but you’ll be crushed by this world, just like me, just like any different people. Now care to take that stupid grinning face away from my sight?”

 You didn’t waited for his answer and leave to get back to the hideout. He watched you leave with a weird feeling in his chest, and the certainty than this wasn’t going to end like that.

“By the way, the name is Peter!”

“I don’t care!”

 Several days later, you were on the verge of madness. The stupid grinning guy somehow followed you to the hideout and now he was visiting all the time and following you around, annoying with his chit chat, befriending with everyone here and making you feel like an idiot.

 He was using and abusing of his power, running everywhere in a matter of second, doing whatever pleased him, driving you nut, and you were sick of it.

“Enough of it!” You suddenly screamed, on evening when you tried to escape him by walking away with your music.

“Could you be more specific?” Joked Peter.

“Stop pretending to be all nice and friendly. Stop pretending to smile and have fun all the time! Stop annoying me with your bloody fool’s happiness!” Your voice break on that words, and Peter stand still, taken aback by the outburst. “Is it that funny to be around us and ashamed us with or own misery?! I’m think of your smile! I’m think of your carelessness s! WHY AREN’T YOU FEELING MISERABLE LIKE ME?! People lies, betrays, hurts and doesn’t care. What makes you believe that you’re different?!”

“You know, not everyone want to hurt you.” Peter quietly said, hands in his pocket, not comfortable about the whole situation but not willing to run away. “I’m sorry that you got so badly hurt in your feeling, but you won’t change anything by enclosing you in anger and reject. Your barrier can’t protect you from people’s words, just like mine can’t help me run away from the reality.  But for some reason I can’t explain, I want to see your smile.”

 That didn’t make any sense! You couldn’t help but wonder why was that you were so pathetic when he wasn’t. You just told him you wanted to see him miserable, and he answered he wanted to see you happy. You were awful, yet here he was, smiling kindly at you, trying to be of some help when you’ve been mean with him for the very first time.

 Where was the young girl of your childhood that was always smiling and laughing, and wished the best for this world? Where was the girl that would smile to strangers in the street?

“Why?”  Was all you could ask.

“Well, you know, I just thought you must look even prettier when you smile.”