the after movie diner


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“What’s the occasion pretty boy?” Scott asked Stiles as he checked his appearance in the mirror, once again. 

“Nothing,” Stiles mumbled, pulling on the ends of his leather jacket. 

“Are you gonna go on a date?” Lydia asked, pushing Stiles over so she could re-apply her bright red lipstick. “And don’t deny it because that’s your fancy jacket you only wear for special events.”

“Fine,” Stiles admitted, sighing as he sat down on the edge of his bed. “I’m taking this girl on a date, Y/N Y/L/N, you know the really pretty one? We’ll she agreed to let me take her out on a date, so I’m gonna take her to JJ’s Diner before going to the movies and after that we’ll like walk around the park.”

“Stiles, this is a first date, not a marriage proposal!”

“Well what if it was Scott? What after this date I buy promise rings for us and then when we get out of high school we’ll start a family and I’ll tell our little girl how cute her mother was and then get married! This is a first date! And I really Really like her-”

“How about you continue this crazy speech later because she’s here Stiles.”


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