the african book review

ID #71080

Name: Zofia
Age: 18
Country: Poland

Hi, I’m Zosia. That’s the polish form of Sophie. I turned 18 few months ago and it really makes me sad :( I live in Poland but I’ve lived in Germany and Brazil (kind of weird, I know). I’m interested mostly in music ( all kinds because I write reviews, but personally I listen mostly to hip-hop, indie music and recently I felt in love with brazilian/african music), books - my favourite writers are Witold Gombrowicz and Herman Hesse. I like Sylvia Plath too ( typical tumblr girl, right? ). I love art, all kinds of it but I’m not really making anything by my own simply because I have no talent. The only “art” I do sometimes is writing short stories and poems but I never publish them because in my opinion they suck. I LOOOOVE tv series - all kinds, I’ve watched almost entire Netflix I swear. My favourite one is Twin Peaks and Mad Men. I like watching movies but only in cinema cause I get bored watching them at home easily and it usually ends up with me switching between tabs instead of watching a movie. I love pets especially dogs! I have a dog myself. In the future I would love to live in Italy or Spain. Australia is good too haha. I love travelling escpecially with my backpack, touring around the country. As much as I would want to write here I think that’s enough. My life maybe not very interesting but I’m a kind, nonjudgmental, open-minded girl so I think the letter exchange with me would be nice.

Preferences: I prefer people from Europe, mostly anyone aged 16-22.