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'Power Rangers' Director Explains Why Romantic Scene Didn't Make Final Cut
Love was in the air for a pair of Power Rangers — until test audiences said no.

They cut a heterosexual romance because it didn’t fit the story, and because including it did a disservice to the female character’s individual narrative arc.

sorry but your faves literally would never


Let’s be crystal clear: The Senate Republican healthcare repeal bill is a savage, immoral attack on women and the health and well-being of hundreds of millions of Americans. Take action by calling your Senator: 1-866-665-4470

Here’s How to Eat Vegan for a Week For Under $50

Some of the most affordable foods on the planet are vegan, including rice, beans, legumes, pasta, and all kinds of fruits and veggies. Despite this, people will often ask us about eating vegan on a budget.

So we’ve compiled some handy tips and tricks that will keep you veg without breaking the bank:

Dry beans are worth the wait.
Sure, you have to soak them overnight, but dry beans are exponentially cheaper than canned. They’re also a delicious, protein-packed essential in a budget-friendly vegan diet.

Buy it frozen.
One great way to save money is to reduce food waste. Frozen veggies like corn, peas, and green beans are great because they last almost forever.

Get into oatmeal.
Yeah, oatmeal is a super secret vegan hack. It’s filling, loaded with iron and calcium, and one of the cheapest things you could eat for breakfast.

Stick with produce under $2 per pound.
When choosing fresh fruits and veggies, try to stick with items under $2/lb.

If you want to splurge, buy some Vegenaise.
Of course you can just use it like mayo, but you can also create sour cream (just add lemon juice), salad dressings, and sauces with this must-have specialty item.

Soup is a thing.
Soups loaded with veggies, grains, and beans hold well as leftovers, stretch your dollars, and make great filling meals!

Stick with staples.
Rice, pasta, and peanut butter are all great choices for affordability and versatility.

Every night can be taco night.
Put those tasty veggies and beans to use inside a toasted tortilla! Add some Vegenaise sour cream and you’ve got yourself a tasty and inexpensive vegan dinner.


The new score from the Congressional Budget Office confirms what we already knew: Trumpcare would be a disaster for women, families, and millions of Americans. Find a town hall near you:

I want to be really clear about something: Planned Parenthood has done more to prevent abortion than the pro-life movement ever has.

Andrew hasn’t slept since Thursday night. It’s the only fact with any physical weight to him at the moment, as he sits on the windowsill with his forehead against the chilly glass. The living room is mostly dark, tinted with the the greenish hue that comes before pre-dawn, and he stares out over the park as the sky steadily lightens with morning.

Friday night’s game had tired him out, but somehow he’d gotten only an hour of sleep before his brain dropkicked him into reluctant consciousness. There hadn’t been any nightmares, for once. He just couldn’t sleep. And now he feels the crash coming upon him, an unwelcome reminder of over a decade ago when his life had been dictated by little white pills.

He doesn’t even have enough energy to be properly maudlin. The only things on his mind are his aching eyes, his warm bed, and Neil sleeping peacefully. He lurches into standing, and heads for the bedroom.

Their condo is large, larger than the two of them need really, but the cats appreciate the extra space. It’s paid for mostly by Andrew, but it’s the one he wanted, even though Neil had tried to reason him into one of the more modest choices their realtor had prepared for them. Andrew had figured that if he could afford the best choice, why not get it? Neil had issues when it came to spending a lot of money on things for himself, issues that Andrew didn’t have the patience to work through so he put it all on his account and dealt with the fallout later.

Their bedroom is the largest one; it sits on the corner of the building with large windows along two walls that offer a gorgeous view of the surrounding area, according to their realtor. Andrew hadn’t cared for the view and instead had hung up blackout curtains to allow him to sleep in without interruption from the sun.

How ironic.

Neil had pulled open one of the curtains sometime in the night, or maybe before he’d gone to sleep. Andrew hadn’t even gone to bed last night, so he didn’t know. The window adjacent to the bed is uncovered, letting in the bluish light of the very early morning. It makes the scars on Neil’s body look softer somehow, less harsh and more like they’re a part of him instead of remnants of his past that linger unwanted in his skin.

Andrew likes Neil’s scars. He’s never told him, and he never plans to. They don’t repulse him or make him uncomfortable. They’re badges, trophies that show this is what was done to me and this is what I survived. Neil doesn’t hide them anymore, and Andrew’s glad for it, both because his shame was intensely aggravating and because this way he gets to see more of Neil’s body on a regular basis.

Neil has mellowed out since their college days, and usually Andrew can sneak into bed without waking Neil up, but today he’s exhausted and more clumsy than usual. The bed bounces more than planned as he finally lays down and pulls the comforter over his cold body, and Neil makes a low sound and scoots closer to Andrew. He always runs warm and only ever covers up with the sheet, which now is pooled across the small of his back, leaving everything above open for scrutiny by Andrew.

Andrew lifts a trembling hand and sets it in the middle of Neil’s back, his eyes roaming over the patchwork quality of his skin. The scarring isn’t as severe as his front, but it is still very significant. His eyes half close as his fingers move unchecked, following along the seams in his skin as if trying to find the proper route on a roadmap. It’s soothing to him, somehow, like petting the cats is to Neil. Neil makes a noise low in his throat again in contentment, and Andrew almost rolls his eyes at how apt the comparison is.

“Why are you playing with my back?” Neil asks, voice rough from sleep. He’s been awake since Andrew got in bed, Andrew knows, and anyway there’s comfortable amusement in his tone.

“Not your back,” Andrew replies, voice uncooperative in his tired haze. “You gave it to me.”

“And then you gave it back, remember?” His face is still turned away from Andrew, but there’s something more in his tone now that Andrew can’t parse at the moment. Later.

He drums his fingers on Neil’s shoulder blade. “No takebacks,” he says, childishly. Neil shifts slightly, and switches which side of his head is pressed against the pillow so that he faces Andrew. He’s more awake and functional than Andrew is at this point, but the look on his face makes Andrew pinch his back and close his eyes in irritation.

He can feel Neil’s back move as he laughs his weird little hitching-breath giggle. Maybe he’s not as awake as Andrew thought, but that only makes the idea of falling asleep better. Who needs a space heater when Neil Josten is laying right next to you?

The blankets rustle. “Are you asleep?” Neil asks, right in front of his face.

Andrew runs his hand over the expanse of Neil’s back once more before letting it rest across the small of it under the sheet and tugs him closer just enough that their noses brush. “Not yet,” he breathes, and then falls asleep at last.

howcome whenever bruno mars is on the radio he occupies like 3 stations at once.  not only that but when those songs are playing in tandem the other stations are all commercials so i’m basically backed into a corner. i am afforded NO choice. bruno is unavoidable. my theory is that he pays off the djs to play ads on their stations while the more popular ones replay his songs, forcing the audience to choose between repetitive capitalist propaganda or overdone neo-romantic pop music. it’s sinister really. i personally get the most powerful sense of dread when i’m listening and i realize that each individual composition is like 2 hours long. that’s when the hopelessness of the situation hits me tbh

Let's end the pro life debate en

You don’t want me to have an abortion cool. Then treat like any other birth surrogate. AKA PAY ME NIGGA. pay all the medical cost for this child. Pay the rent money for me keeping a roof over my head to house the child. Pay for my food. My gas. And on top of that give me my pion fee for be your personal incubator.

You want this fetus you pay me for me for it:)

Sound Ridiculous? So is forcing me to have a child I don’t want and/or can’t afford

anonymous asked:

Hi, what is you take on ethical fashion?xx

I have a lot of thoughts about this, so bear with me.

Firstly, I believe that where it’s possible, we should make ethical choices. However, this comes with a lot of exclusions and exceptions, not because we should make unethical choices, but because many people cannot help but make unethical choices.

Unethical fashion is a product of a capitalist society, and similarly, the people who are able to afford ethical choices - paying $70 for a T-shirt - are also beneficiaries of this capitalist system. It’s not that they’re divesting themselves of the luxuries that allow them to live comfortably, it’s just that they can afford to spend more. I’m glad that it’s not exploitative or wasteful - but it’s really only possible if you have that kind of disposable income, and if you do, it means you’re benefiting from the system anyway. And it’s important to recognise that you’re one of the very few who can do that and not preach it to the many who cannot and who should not be made to feel guilty for not being able to afford the luxuries that you can.

Poor people are stuck in a cycle of being poor without any outlet really - not everyone can afford Reformation. They have to buy cheaper clothes, and cheaper clothes fall apart more quickly, so they have to buy more clothes… and so the cycle keeps going. This cannot be changed by a few individuals. The entire system needs to be dismantled - a system that keeps poor people always stuck in this cycle. People who cannot afford stores like Reformation - the poor and middle-class - should not be demonised or condescended to simply because they cannot afford the choices that rich people can afford and make a show of.

Finally, poor people have the right to dress well and look as good as they want. They should have the choice. There is already so little choice for people who can’t afford ethical fashion. It’s unfair to expect them to pay for clothes they can’t afford and limit the choices further. (There’s also the bit where clothes with “ethical fashion” are usually from small boutiques, frequently online but in any case not easy to come across - and this renders them very inaccessible, especially once shipping prices etc are applied.)

Basically, it’s great to make ethical choices if you can afford to do that, but be aware that an individual cannot make a huge ethical revolution occur without dismantling the entire system - these changes can’t happen overnight. It’s simplistic to pretend they can, and while it’s important to make sure that factory workers aren’t relentlessly exploited, it cannot be done by taking down H&M. The problem is much bigger than one store. Instead, laws must be put in place, and there needs to be a solution where people are not taken advantage of on either side of fashion consumption - the labour and the consumer. Furthermore, people who can’t afford ethical clothing should not be preached and condescended to. Ethical fashion correlates directly with your personal privilege.

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honestly it’s amusing so many people on here hate transmed trans people because they want hormones and surgeries to be covered and seen as a medical necessity by all insurances and say you need some sort of amount of dysphoria to be transgender.

yeah guys, transmed are totally horrible people. /s


Trump to Tucker Carlson: “I know” counties that voted for me will lose under the Republican health plan

Tucker Carlson’s sit-down with Donald Trump Wednesday night was not exactly a hard-hitting interview, but the Fox News host did speak up at one point for conservative populists who are a bit skeptical of Trump’s embrace of Paul Ryan’s health care plan. Carlson noted that one centerpiece of the American Health Care Act is a huge tax cut for rich investors. At the same time, he added, “a Bloomberg analysis shows that counties that voted for you, middle-class and working-class counties, would do far less well under the bill than counties that voted for Hillary.“

Trump’s response: “Oh, I know.”

The president doesn’t even attempt to defend this outcome on the merits, saying instead, merely, “it’s very preliminary.”

Carlson argues that the proposal doesn’t seem consistent with the message delivered by the outcome of the election. Trump responds, “a lot of things aren’t consistent, but these are going to be negotiated. We’ve got to go to the Senate, we’ll see what happens in the Senate.”

The inconsistency, however, is much more severe than Trump seems to realize or than Carlson points out. The health care bill, as written, isn’t just a little bit off from Trump’s campaign promises — it is directionally opposed.

Trump ran and won by promising a replacement plan that would cover everybody and offer lower deductibles and more choice than Affordable Care Act plans. The Republican health bill not only doesn’t deliver on those promises, it moves in the opposition direction on all three planks — covering fewer people and leaving those who continue to have coverage with skimpier plans.

Upon taking office, Trump installed a close Ryan ally as chief of staff, then appointed a Health and Human Services secretary who has never agreed with Trump’s campaign commitments on health care, and then an Office of Management and Budget director who has also never agreed with Trump’s campaign commitments on health care.

Ryan himself, likewise, has never been a proponent of universal coverage or otherwise on board with Trump’s campaign promises. The whole situation is highly unusual — just like a lot of things are unusual about Trump’s political career. And it to an extent raises the question of whether Trump realizes how far the bill he’s backing diverges from what he said he would do.

Sure, I guess I’ll wander into the definitely haunted woods in the dead of night with no weapon or flashlight with only one other person for backup. That seems like a good idea…..

Anyway…. my MC and all her friends are gonna die cuz I’m saving my diamonds for December.