the affordable choice

I hate the kind of protest or social justice or what not that shames you for not being able to choose more humane and fair companies. I’d love to not shop at Walmart or h&m or any other company that uses child labor and slave labor. But I can’t afford things if i don’t buy from cheap stores. I’d love to eat pesticide gmo organic but it’s just out of my price range.

I hope to one day be able to afford to make those choices. But I’m not there yet(if I’ll ever be as a disabled person) and why should others try to make me feel guilty for not being able to afford the “right” choices? I am doing my best.


Here are some current results on my Twi’lek OC development, with a bunch of color schemes for her! The photo of just the two(pink and blue) are my best picks out of the original batch, I’ll be sure to keep you guys posted on her progress! I really want her to be a Resistance pilot, but since I’m making this into a cosplay– I’ve having to take into account price and budget, which weirdly jedi robes would be easily more affordable. Gah! Choices choices, but thanks for hearing me out! Any input would be appreciated!

The advertising on this website needs work, they just tried to advertise a car to me.

I’m on Tumblr at 3:30 in the fucking morning, you think someone making those kinds of life choices can afford your fucking car?

Lower your expectations of me Tumblr.


This is what Graeme Manson said about the decision to “kill” Delphine. Maybe its me….but Bold is the last word that comes to mind. Cold, heartless and cynical seem far more apt in this case. Its a strange mindset that embraces violence over reconciliation and forgiveness. That celebrates serial killers and punishes the one whose love was true and unwavering in the face of adversity. In the OB world a truely Bold choice would have been for the clone club to actually acknowledge and thank Delphine for her sacrifices which is pretty sad when you really think about it.
But GM’s bold bullet riddled choice didnt afford her even that small dignity …. or even hint of concern about her wellbeing from the woman she loved.
I call that Brutal …..