the adventuress of henrietta street

“the books are not technically canon with the audio dramas” SMH

  • The Zygon Who Fell to Earth references The Bodysnatchers
  • Sam is in a list of the Doctor’s old companions in Minuet in Hell (many people think this was retconned with Samson, but that doesn’t work because of the mind wipe in Terror Firma)
  • Fitz’s Story?!?!
  • Mary’s Story has the Doctor mentioning Compassion and Trix
  • This doesn’t really count but the whole “Imperiatrix Romana” thing is 100% based on how she’s portrayed in the EDAs
  • Yes Zagreus tries to show the EDAs in a different universe but what they see doesn’t even match what happened in Adventuress of Henrietta Street soo
  • The Tomorrow Windows (I think) even shows something that looks like Storm Warnings in the Doctor’s future


  • Scarlette: Do you feel well?
  • Doctor: It's all right. I think I've just worked something out.
  • Scarlette: Oh yes?
  • Doctor: I think I know how to change myself into pure energy. Which means, I suppose, that I could move as fast as light.
  • Scarlette: Impressive. How would you do it?
  • Doctor: Well, it wouldn't be easy. It'd need a lot of concentration. I'd have to slowly self-adapt my biology. The tricky part's forcing my body to convert the cell formations without disturbing the overall balance. It'd take a lot of practise and meditation.
  • Scarlette: Oh? How much meditation?
  • Doctor: I'd say it should take me about... ohhh... three thousand years. Less, if I could find a way of stopping myself getting distracted.
  • Scarlette: Three thousand years. To become a creature of pure light.
  • Doctor: I'm trying to decide whether it'd be worth the bother.