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anonymous asked:

what mysteries does Duke keep in his mepad?

Dearest, most interested anon, 

“My handsome mepad is full of useful apps that I’ve relied on in every single handsome adventure we’ve undertaken! I couldn’t go exploring without it!”

“There’s the ever useful Internet Professor for looking up facts on the go, the Riddle Index where I log each handsome riddle we solve, Ab Trackr for all our jentlemanly workout needs… I also have puzzle games we can play if we need a break! It even has a high quality camera I’ve used for handsome photos!”

"One of my favorite apps is Joojle Rootes! With this, we can determine the quickest way to the Questionable Town, and get there in handsome record time!”

Your handsomely mepad wielding assistant jent,

Duke Mighton