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I work at an ice cream place and we get to play our own music, aka it’s just kpop all day everyday. Today, Blackpink came on and all my co-workers/friends were just singing and dancing but this customer who was in the middle of trying the ice cream started dancing Boombayah like perfectly, PERFECTLY. So he orders and I give him his ice cream (over scooped because he’s a fellow kpop stan). Afterwards while eating he asks if I have BTS (which of course, yes my ARMY ass does have a lot of BTS songs). This happened (is this what happens when you go ‘any armys here’)

Zoey | Pansexual | Polyamorous | 22 | INTP

Just a shy writer looking to meet some interesting people, make some new friends and see where it goes from there :)

Likes: Books, fan fiction, camping, horror movies, art, poetry, classic rock, cuddles, late night conversations, nature, forests, star-gazing, rats, magic, anime, tattoos, piercings, 80s movies, hippie culture. I value honesty and open-mindedness over all else <3

Fandoms: Supernatural, Sherlock, Life is Strange, Adventure Time, Steven Universe, Gravity Falls, Star Trek, Star Wars, Paranorman 

Tumblr: holocene-zoey

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Live and let live ☮



Max Hutchinson (Jayme Karales) is an unsatisfied history teacher on the wrong side of twenty who has found himself at a crossroad. Stuck in his mundane career, Max’s aspirations grow larger and more adventurous when his long-time friend Paul (Michael Malkiewicz) lands a major sitcom deal centered around their experiences in teaching.


Max Hutchinson … Jayme Karales
Bishop Lang … Kenney Dorcely
Terence McKenna … Terence McKenna (VOICE)
Paul Brokovich … Michael Malkiewicz
Student … Zoey Massie 
Billy Beantown … Jack Viera
Diane Hutchinson … Amy Fox
Hank Reddigan … Alexander Lynch
Arnold (“Chuck”) … Julian Kasova
Special K. (“Larry”) … Mike Mike
Trevor … Thomas Speed

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