the adventures of zoey and friends


I work at an ice cream place and we get to play our own music, aka it’s just kpop all day everyday. Today, Blackpink came on and all my co-workers/friends were just singing and dancing but this customer who was in the middle of trying the ice cream started dancing Boombayah like perfectly, PERFECTLY. So he orders and I give him his ice cream (over scooped because he’s a fellow kpop stan). Afterwards while eating he asks if I have BTS (which of course, yes my ARMY ass does have a lot of BTS songs). This happened (is this what happens when you go ‘any armys here’)

[10:47:11 PM] amora.: u : dang she tol
me: who said that
[10:49:11 PM] mama devil.: honeSTLY

@silverheartsilverskin we deserve our own comic : the tol & the smol . 


the kitty babies are 2 weeks old today c:

my kitty cat had a very small litter of only 2 but they are both such blessings

the left one is our little boy Angel, and on the right is our girl Zelda

Angel’s eyes have been open for a couple days, but Zelda has had eye problems and both eyes are finally peeking open as of today

I’m very excited and need to share with the world cx



Max Hutchinson (Jayme Karales) is an unsatisfied history teacher on the wrong side of twenty who has found himself at a crossroad. Stuck in his mundane career, Max’s aspirations grow larger and more adventurous when his long-time friend Paul (Michael Malkiewicz) lands a major sitcom deal centered around their experiences in teaching.


Max Hutchinson … Jayme Karales
Bishop Lang … Kenney Dorcely
Terence McKenna … Terence McKenna (VOICE)
Paul Brokovich … Michael Malkiewicz
Student … Zoey Massie 
Billy Beantown … Jack Viera
Diane Hutchinson … Amy Fox
Hank Reddigan … Alexander Lynch
Arnold (“Chuck”) … Julian Kasova
Special K. (“Larry”) … Mike Mike
Trevor … Thomas Speed

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