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Dipford - Dipper and Ford have to share a bed for some reason, and Dipper wakes up to find that he is trapped in Ford's embrace, and doesn't want to move bc es too embarrassed and it might wake him up.

First, I want to say that I absolutely adore this prompt because I love accidental/dub-con cuddling.
And second, this was beta’d by the awesome incesstancy!

Dipper was bouncing on his feet as he packed, super-excited for the monster hunt Grunkle Ford had planned. It had originally been much cooler, some big adventure to unearth a thing that Ford hypothesized lay dormant under Gravity Falls, but that had been nixed by Stan a week ago. After he and Mabel tag-team puppy pouted for four days Stan had finally decided to let them go, but only if Ford promised they wouldn’t go too deep into the forest and that they’d only go after harmless creatures. It wasn’t quite the adventure he’d been hoping for, but Dipper was just glad they’d be out of the shack and actually having fun. After almost a week and a half of slow days watching TV and helping Stan stock stuff in the shack, it was something. Plus, he’d get to spend time not only with The Author of The Journals, who he admired, but also with his Grunkle who he maybe had a huge, huge crush on.
There, he said it. As if his birthmark and squeaky voice and real name weren’t enough, he had to be even more awkward and get over Wendy by falling head over heels for a certain sixty-year old, six-fingered relative of his. He finished packing, brushed off Mabel’s question about the bright blush blooming on his cheeks, and rushed down stairs to put his pack near the door, waiting anxiously, not minding the fact that Mabel wasn’t ready, or that they had planned to leave after breakfast. He was ready, and this was going to be awesome.

But then the whole trip went to hell.

They’d thought they were stalking a small, cute animal, but had, inevitably ran into something big and with lots of teeth. They all made it out with just a few scrapes and bumps that would eventually become bruises, (most of which were from running through and into the trees as they were running away, terrified), but Mabel had been so angry at him and Ford for breaking the promise they’d made to Stan and for risking their lives, that she’d somehow moved her and Dipper’s tent into a tree and refused to let Dipper up.

And, since he was way too sore to bother climbing up, that’s how both Dipper and his sleeping bag ended up in Ford’s tent.
Dipper was red the entire whole time, his heart hammering in his ears as they shuffled around the… intimate space. It was gets even worse as when they both laid lay down.
Dipper tried, at first, to relax but he just couldn’t seem to. His heart a steady rhythm, his brain screaming ‘crush!’ every time he sneaked a glance over to his Great Uncle. He couldn’t even hide it. He had tried to wrap himself in his fluffy sleeping bag, but the nights were still really pretty hot, and Dipper’s face and body already felt like they were on fire. He opted to just sleep on top of the bag, taking a peek over to Ford and seeing him do the same.
They say goodnight to one another without any fanfare, both too tired and sore and, at least on Dipper’s part, too awkward to discuss the day.
Ford had turned, for some inane reason still in his turtleneck, despite the heat, to face the other side of the tent and Dipper’s heart calms a bit, his face cooling some, and he turns the opposite direction, trying hard to ignore how close he was to the object of his affection. Eventually, some long time after listening to his Grunkle’s slow even breathing, the soft snores that had at first made Dipper’s heart flutter and spark also managed to lull him to sleep.

Dipper wakes up hot, sweat trickling down his face and matting his hair to his forehead. Even in just a t-shirt and boxers he felt like he was beside a space heater. And that’s not the only thing he felt. Something was pressed against his back and wrapped around him. Something firm, and strong, and uncomfortably warm.
Something that was breathing

Dipper, already panicking and thinking about all the teeth the creature behind him could have, managed to look down as he struggled in the thing’s tight grip, and saw a pair of large hands wrapped around his middle, the wrists attached clothed in the sleeves of a red sweater.

Huh, who knew Grunkle Ford was a cuddler? Dipper certainly hadn’t and, as his butt accidentally rubbed against Ford’s crotch for a few fleeting yet scandalous moments it was pretty clear to him that if he had, he would have been sure to  spend the night outside. The fire in his face was back with a vengeance, and quickly spreading to the rest of his body.

Dipper groaned and tried to turn in Ford’s arms again, pointedly keeping his backside pulled away from the older man. He angles his head slightly, and breathes a sigh of relief when he finds that Stanford’s eyes are still closed, his soft, cute snoring audible now that Dipper wasn’t panicking. He laid there, watching Ford’s nose twitch, his slightly open mouth moving with his breath. Dipper’s still somewhat overactive brain zeroed into the movement, drawing the boy’s attention to his Great Uncle’s lips. His lips were soft looking, wet with a little drool and Dipper found he couldn’t stop staring at them. He bit his own lips in response, using all his strength to keep from finding out if they were as soft as they looked.
He could feel his blush heating up his face and turned his head back because he really didn’t need to be thinking about that right now, his whole body was on fire as it were, no thanks to Ford’s turtleneck, and he didn’t need to add to that with his less than pure thoughts.
No, what Dipper needed was an escape plan. Preferably before he drowns himself and his crush in his own sweat. Or, heaven forbid, Ford wakes up.

“Come on Dipper, think!” he muttered under his breath, trying whispers to entice his brain into turning on and getting him out of his… situation.

He took a few calming breaths and attempts to form a plan to get out of Ford’s grasp. He thinks about squirming free, and about how strong his great uncle’s arms were. He briefly thinks about just pretending to be asleep, but that makes him think about how hot it is, which makes me think about how hot Ford is and that made him think about Ford’s lips again and that just made him sweat more.
“Ugh, don’t think about that!” he scolds himself quietly, his face heating up even more.
He groaned again, this time at himself, and squeezed his eyes shut, trying to ignore the little snoring sounds that were right in his ear.
Dipper finally realizes that the only option he had was to wait until Ford moved in his sleep. After all - he had to move before he woke up, right? It was already way too hot and he couldn’t cuddle forever, could he?

Two hours later and Dipper was pretty sure Ford could win some ‘World’s Greatest Cuddler’ award.
The tent had gone up at least five degrees in temperature, and Dipper’s shirt and Ford’s turtleneck were drenched with sweat. Dipper felt like he was about to pass out. He finally succumbed to the heat, cautiously lifting his arms up and over his head, narrowly avoiding Ford’s large arms in the process. To his embarrassment, and if he were honest with himself also his delight, he had to squirm his way flush against Ford’s body, his butt pressing against Ford’s crotch once again. He tried to suppress the blush as he shimmied his shirt up over his arms, the wet and sticky cloth doing little to help him in his endeavour. Ford groaned and tightened his grip around Dipper’s midsection, and Dipper froze. He waited for Ford’s snoring to continue before yanking his shirt off in one hard pull. The air hitting his wet body instantly cooled him and he breathed in a large breath out of sheer relief.
However, the relief was short lived, when he found himself pinned to Ford’s body, the strong arms wrapped around him tighter than before, one hand splayed out on his lower chest, one tickling his bare tummy. Dipper wasn’t sure how well he’d thought that plan out. But, at least he wasn’t cooking in his own clothes anymore. He sighed and resigned himself to enjoying Ford’s embrace. It wasn’t like this would happen every day, after all.

Stanford stirred a bit, his eyes fluttering open and his grip around Dipper managing to tighten even more. Dipper made a noise, almost having forgot that Ford was what had him anchored in place. His Grunkle yawned behind him, breath tickling his hair, and tried to sit up, his arms still tightly clinging to Dipper.

Stanford jerked slightly when he felt himself restrained. ‘Assess the situation’, his mind told him and he calmed his heart rate steadily. He tested his eyes first. He blinked and blearily opened them, taking in his surroundings and looking for potential enemies.
In doing so he ended up noticing that he’d wrapped himself around his great nephew like a starfish clinging to a rock, or like one of those many tentacle monsters he’d met in his travels. He felt his face flush instantly and pulled his arms out from around the twelve year old.

“Ah, Dipper! I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to-” he stutters and begins to puts as much space between them as possible in the little tent.
Ford could feel himself staring wide eyed at Dipper’s shirtless chest, the slight red impression of a large, six fingered handprint there from how long he’d been clinging to the boy. He wracked his brain, trying to remember if Dipper had gone to sleep shirtless or not.

“It’s- It’s okay, Grunkle Ford,” Dipper said in a rush, setting up and nearly tripping over his own feet. He grabs his shirt and wrestles it over his head, his birthmark showing briefly in the process. He stumbles halfway out of the tent, reaching to grab his hat only as an afterthought.
Ford is about to laugh at the boy’s awkward antics when he hears Dipper mutter “you’re a good cuddler,” under his breath as he darted back out of the tent.

Ford did laugh, but only nervously, more heat rising in his face as he whispers a heartfelt “thanks” to no one in particular, and sets about getting everything ready to go home, wondering when Dipper will realise he’d walked outside in only his shirt and boxers.

“Good Luck Sleeping Tonight!” - RoboFist’s Tribute to Gravity Falls

Today is the last day of summer, and as I grow older, it makes me question what autumn and beyond hold for me. Am I where I need to be right now? Is this a time of my life that I’m accidentally taking for granted? Will I look back on this year with regret or relief? At it’s core, these are sort of the questions that Dipper and Mabel have to ask themselves during that one magical summer at their great uncle’s tourist trap in a show that was taken away from us both at the perfect time and far too soon: Gravity Falls.

The Disney Channel hadn’t had a decent show in over a decade, and this show seemed like just another waste of paint and ink. I saw the ads online, and a poster here or there at bus stops or in magazines, but in 2013, I couldn’t be bothered. Until word through the grapevine presented me with some fascinating news: “Gravity Falls is good. Like, really good. Adventure Time-level good!”

So one night, bored and restless, I decided to bite the bullet and watch whatever random episode was on TV. I prepared myself for the typical Disney Channel disappointment as the episode “Double Dipper” started, cynically ready to go full-blown MST3K on this cartoon.

For the next half-hour, you wouldn’t have been able to pry my from my seat with a crowbar. Everything about this world, from the characters to the mysteries to the humor to the genuine heart, clicked with me almost instantly. I had just met Dipper, Mabel, Grunkle Stan, and Wendy, but I immediately wanted to go on as many adventures with them as possible.

And “Double Dipper” was no fluke; that first season of Gravity Falls crammed in some of the best animated outings I had ever seen, each one seemingly topping the next. Very rarely (if ever) did the writers retread any familiar ground, and even when they did, they decorated it with brilliant homages to everything from Street Fighter and Poltergeist to the works of Hayao Miyazaki and Ray Harryhausen. Sometimes, after nearly every episode, I legitimately wondered if Hirsch’s semi-autobiographical cartoon was secretly tailor-made for me.

At around the time “Summerween” premiered, I came to a realization: I was attached to this show, in a way that I hadn’t been with a show since childhood. It was impacting me on a deep, personal, borderline-embarrassing level, and the reasoning eluded me until the end of that brilliantly terrifying Halloween-themed episode. Alex Hirsch pulled at the heartstrings of every single one of us who felt that looming fear of growing up, and did so in a way that was not only relatable, but hilarious and bittersweet at once. Using two seemingly-polar opposite characters like the Pines twins as audience surrogates was a stroke of brilliance, with Dipper representing the awkward misadventure to adulthood and Mabel representing the carefree blissfulness of embracing your childhood. 

On top of our main protagonists, every single character they interacted with had their own personal arcs. Characters who seemed one-note at the beginning - the ever-cool Wendy and town rich kid Pacifica in particular - ended up becoming as rich and fascinating as the Pine twins themselves.

Then, right as his show seemed completely unstoppable, Alex Hirsch rocked the entire fanbase to their core with a sentence none of us were at all prepared to hear: “Gravity Falls is coming to an end.” 

This has happened before with beloved shows: Both The Last Airbender and Legend of Korra were conceived from the get-go as stories with a determined ending, and Vince Gilligan pressed over and over that even Breaking Bad’s story wasn’t ever meant to surpass five seasons. However, unlike these shows, Gravity Falls didn’t seem nearly as finite. Between Hirsch’s insanely creative world, the colorful and evolving characters, and the seemingly-endless amount of mysteries to be solved, the possibilities for more and more quality stories seemed endless.

However, as the show grew bigger and bigger, an ending seemed imminent. Once the author of the journals was revealed, one of the show’s biggest overarching mysteries was solved. And with the cataclysmic events of Bill Cipher’s Weirdmageddon tearing the Pines family’s world apart, we all must’ve subconsciously known that this was where Hirsch had been leading up to since episode one. None of us wanted to admit it, and that’s a testament to what Alex and his team had created.

It’s a rare thing for shows that are dominating the airwaves to end while they’re so high on top (mostly because the studios would hate to lose their biggest money-makers), but after the shock and grief wears off, it’s always the better option in terms of storytelling and character development. Every single major player in the show had their moment to shine, with a specific and tearjerking emphasis on the two lead sets of twins. 

The relationship between Dipper and Mabel has always been the backbone of Gravity Falls, and watching them take on the demonic, murderous, and legitimately-terrifying Bill Cipher with their own brand of courage and teamwork felt like something that had been building since episode one. Hirsch always stressed the importance of Dipper and Mabel’s loving relationship, a bond that shined brightest as they put their heads together to take down the triangular terror for good.

However, the biggest relationship explored, examined, and tested was that of Grunkle Stan(ly) and his mysterious twin brother, (Stan)Ford. We had known Stan Pines to be little more than a greedy, oblivious, cranky old crook, with Ford being the more level-headed and mature of the Pines Bros. Every facet of their relationship, however - their regrets, their stubbornness, their anger, and their deepest fears - is ripped apart before being tragically sewn back together. The fact that Grunkle Stan, the one man who knows (and cares) the absolute least about Bill and his hellish powers, manages to deliver the final blow is a testament to how much he really has cared for his entire family all along.

I could write a thesis on Gravity Falls and it’s portrayal of family, but at the end of the day, that’s what conquers the Weirdmageddon: Not a prophecy, not a gadget, not Dipper’s love for Wendy or Mabel’s love for Waddles, but the strength of a rag-tag family of misfits. And even better, Hirsch manages to pull off this Aesop without coming across as preachy or, dare I say it, “Disneyfied.” It’s packed with legitimate scares and stakes, where lives are at stake and demons threaten our entire existence. It’s super dark stuff for any type of show, and I must tip my hat to Hirsch for sticking to his vision and creating something so bold and genuine.

What makes the entire experience of Gravity Falls even more fantastic is how much Alex Hirsch truly loves and believes in the show. Even after the finale, he kept his ravenous fanbase busy with both a lore-expanding physical replica of the third journal as well as a bona fide globetrotting “Cipher Hunt”. He’s not only fully aware of how many lives his show has touched, but is doing his damnedest to give us more, even in bits and pieces. 

I could make the argument that, between such animated outings like Steven Universe and Regular Show, we’re in the middle of a cartoon renaissance. I firmly believe that Gravity Falls is one of those shows that will endure and be looked back on with awe and fondness, spoken in the same breath as Animaniacs, Batman: The Animated Series, and Avatar. This isn’t just a show that I want to revisit, but it’s a show that I want my kids and their kids to experience and enjoy, if for no other reason than the fact that it perfectly encapsulates a quote from Mr. Hirsch himself:

“Just because you grow up doesn’t mean you have to actually grow up.”

Thanks for the magical vacation, Gravity Falls.

A/N: Last part. Here we go. This may not be the last JimStan thing I ever write period, but it IS the ending to this current series of drabbles and it’s gonna be the last chapter for the fic on AO3. So after this, we’ll all just be waiting for Snake Bite to get updated on AO3/tumblr, haha. And any other fics that the rest of y’all come up with, ‘cause this ship is fun and it has so many different possibilities. It’s literally just, what, a week old? Two weeks? JimStan can be whatever the heck we want it to be, and it’s glorious. @pinesinthewoods @peekabooitsmiko @taccoman @aspiring-procrastinator @logicalbookthief @thesnadger @fan-art-ic

Dipper’s leg was wrapped up in a cast, and he had to walk around with a crutch. The doctor said it would take six weeks for his leg to heal up. He was annoyed that it was going to get in the way of his adventuring, but there was no way getting around it. It did mean he didn’t have to sweep up the Shack, though, and he didn’t have to embarrass himself by dressing up as an attraction. So at least there was that.

Grunkle Stan, Wendy, and Soos had work, but Mabel stayed by Dipper’s side, watching TV with him and doing crafts while he read. And every now and then, Stan, Wendy or Soos would check up on them, see if they needed anything.

Dipper’s chin had a giant bandage, and now that he was wearing his usual clothes, it showed that he had scraped up his elbows and forearms rather badly. Bandages covered the wounds, but Dipper could feel the wounds oozing and being gross in general.

Sometimes Dipper would catch Mabel looking over at him with a sad look on her face. Dipper would pretend he hadn’t seen it and would crack a joke or poke fun at something on TV or in his book, trying to get her to smile. For Mabel, it worked really well.

But when the Shack was closed for the day and Grunkle Stan, Soos, and Wendy came back into the house, Dipper didn’t know what to do.

Wendy managed to keep a pretty good smile on her face.

“So I hope it’s okay with you guys, I was planning on spending the night here with you two.

“R-really!?” Dipper and Mabel said together.

“Yeah, and Soos, too,” Wendy said.


Mabel tackled both Wendy and Soos, one at a time, and Dipper punched the air, only to make a little “ow” sound.

“We can use the break room!” Mabel said, referring to the room that used to have the body-switching carpet.

“Yeah!” Soos said, trying to keep his smile on, but Dipper could tell it was hard for him.

Stan wasn’t even bothering.

Both Stan and Dipper were quiet as Soos, Wendy, and Mabel discussed what dinner should be and what they should do for Sleepover Night.

“How ‘bout us girls go get the pizza and let the boys set the table?” Wendy said. “I bet you’re tired of being cooped up all day.”

“Ah, I didn’t mind! Dipper and I played video games!” Mabel said, but she certainly wasn’t opposed to going for a drive with Wendy to get pizza.

“See you guys in an hour or two!” Wendy said.

Mabel gave Stan a hug and Dipper a kiss on the cheek before running after Wendy.

“Soos, can you take care of the table?” Stan said, first thing he had said since coming back from the shop.

“Sure, Mr. Pines,” Soos said, and he ducked into the kitchen area.

Stan sat atop the dinosaur skull beside the big chair. Dipper looked up at Stan, and they sat awkwardly next to each other. There was room on the chair for Stan, but Dipper felt like the man was afraid of hurting Dipper further somehow.

“How is it?” Stan asked.

Dipper shrugged.

“Still broken. The scrapes ooze and stuff, but I think they’re looking better.”

“Not infected?”

“Don’t think so.”

They sat in silence for a bit longer.

“Dipper, why did you do it?”

“Do what?’

“Challenge Jimmy. He’s older, bigger, stronger, more experienced at biking. What could have possibly made you think you could take him?”

Dipper frowned a bit.

“I couldn’t do nothing, Grunkle Stan. Even if I didn’t think I could actually do it. He was a demon-possessed jerk.”

“Kid, you’ve gotta stop mistaking funny costumes meant to scare people at face-value. Jimmy was not some kind of demon. He was just a guy.”

Dipper’s frown deepened.

“A guy who punched you in the face.”

Dipper was willing to let Stan disbelieve in the supernatural, just this one time. If it made it easier for him. But he wasn’t going to drop the conversation.

Stan didn’t look at Dipper.

“You can’t just get involved in other people’s business like that, Dipper. You got hurt real bad, and I don’t want that happening again. Especially not over me.”

“But Grunkle Stan - !”

Dipper looked up at Stan and really, really got a good look at Stan’s face. His protest died in his throat.

“Grunkle Stan … why wouldn’t I want to protect you? I love you, and so does Mabel. We’d both do anything to help you.”

“That’s the thing, Dipper. That’s supposed to be my job. I’m supposed to protect you kids, not the other way around.”

Dipper didn’t know what to say. He wanted things to be okay now. Things were supposed to be okay now that Jimmy wasn’t here.

But it was like he was still hovering over their shoulders, in the shadows and the walls and the static of the TV, and Dipper hated it.

“Grunkle Stan, was Jimmy really your ex-boyfriend?” Dipper asked.

Stan tensed a little bit, and Dipper felt like he was already given his answer.

“No,” Stan lied, and Dipper knew it was a lie. “Just an old biker buddy.”

Dipper shifted a bit in the chair, trying to get more comfortable.

“It - it’s okay if you like guys, Grunkle Stan. It’s not as big a taboo it used to be. Like, dudes kiss on Mom’s TV shows and stuff, and Dad has gay coworkers.”

“I’m not gay, and I don’t want to have this conversation, Dipper,” Stan said firmly.

Dipper closed his mouth, unsure on where to go from here.

“And don’t … don’t go around telling people that I am, okay?” Stan said. “And tell Mabel that, all right?”

“Sure,” Dipper said quietly.

Dipper noticed Soos was standing awkwardly in the doorway between the living room and the kitchen, and he wondered just how long Soos had been standing there. Dipper was pretty sure Stan had noticed Soos, too, but none of them were willing to break the silence that had cropped up again. Soos for some reason didn’t even look like he wanted to cross the threshold into the living room.

Before either Stan or Dipper could break the silence, Soos did.

“I’m sorry!”

Both Stan and Dipper looked over at Soos, a little confused by the outburst. The 22-year-old looked like he was going to start crying.

“I’m sorry I didn’t notice you guys were in trouble! I’m sorry I didn’t help, I - I’m so sorry - !”

“Darn it, Soos,” Stan said, getting up and moving toward him. Stan put a hand on Soos’s shoulder. “I didn’t want any of you to know. That isn’t something you have to apologize for, I didn’t want you to know and hid it on purpose. The kids only found out because I’m terrible. It’s not your fault, okay?”

Soos stepped into the living room and hugged Stan tightly. Stan let out a bit of a grunt as Soos squeezed him tightly, but he didn’t protest. Dipper watched as Soos sobbed into Stan’s shoulder, blubbering more apologies. Stan repeatedly said Soos’s name to try to get Soos to snap out of it, but it didn’t do much.

“You’re my favorite person in the world, and I didn’t help - !”

Stan’s shoulders sagged, and Dipper felt his heart break inside.

“Soos, you did help. You helped me get to the hospital, and you protected Stan from getting hurt more at the bike race. Remember?” Dipper said. “You and Wendy both did.”

Soos sniffed and gave Stan one last squeeze before letting go. Stan stepped a bit back, giving the handyman a sad look.

“Th-that’s true,” Soos said.

“And you’re spending the night to make sure we’re all okay, aren’t you?” Dipper said.


“Soos, that’s great and really thoughtful of you. You have not failed. You’ve really stepped up to the plate, hasn’t he, Grunkle Stan?”

“Yeah. You have,” Stan said. His tone didn’t show that he was really in the spirit of the statement, but Soos accepted it and seemed to feel a little better. And Stan smiled a little as Soos cheered up some, and that made Dipper smile a bit.

Soos said something about needed to call his abuela, so he ducked into the other room to use the phone. Stan went back to sit on the dinosaur skull. He sighed heavily, and Dipper’s smile faltered a little.

“I know saying it won’t really fix anything, but please don’t feel bad about how this turned out. Sure, I’m roughed up and have a broken leg, but if it means Jimmy’s gone for good, I don’t care that much. All I care about is that we’re all safe as a family,” Dipper said.

Stan looked at Dipper, frowning.

“Look, I won’t stop you from going to such lengths to protect Mabel. You should come to an adult first, but if you have absolutely no other choice, then I’m not gonna stop you looking after Mabel. But if it’s a choice between my safety and yours, always pick your own. Understand?”

“But Stan - !”

“I’m not arguing with you on this, Dipper.”

Dipper felt anger bubbling in his stomach.

“Grunkle Stan, you deserve to be safe too!”

Dipper almost regretted saying it as Stan’s face changed. Dipper couldn’t describe the expression very well, but he clearly had struck a nerve. Whether it was good or bad, he wasn’t sure. It was almost like Stan was panicked. Not angry, but in pain.

“Grunkle Stan?”

Stan got up abruptly and quickly disappeared into another area of the house.

“Stan - !”

Dipper struggled for a bit, but he grabbed his crutch and forced himself to his feet. He tried to figure out where Stan had gone, but in the end it just wasn’t worth the effort it would take to find him. Sighing, he headed for the kitchen table and waited for the girls to return.

When they did, the pizza had extra pepperoni on it, and Dipper picked the pepperoni and ate them one at a time as Mabel talked about how Wendy was telling her about the various different ways to break a man’s hand if he’s touching you in a way you don’t like and how Wendy was willing to show both of them how to do it. Soos and Wendy handled drink refills, and eventually Stan returned from wherever he had gone. He acted like nothing had happened.

He was able to fake smiles better. He was able to actually laugh again.

Dipper ate his pepperoni quietly, feeling uncomfortable by the knowledge that he couldn’t protect his family from the little whispers in their heads that told them they weren’t good enough.