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“Arrow” is doing it’s best to try and cram itself into all sister shows, making it the core of the universe, but the honest truth is: it doesn’t work

It doesn’t work due to the lack of consistency and the convoluted storylines.

The “Legends of Tomorrow” works good on it’s own, because it’s a timeline show, they are not committed to one place and time, and have their own story with the Time Masters.

The Flash” works on it’s own, because of the fact that they are concentrated on Barry Allen’s story as the The Flash, with his team, and issues with meta-humans, time travel, and are constantly introducing heroes and villains (although, if the villains could actually stay alive, that would be great).

“Supergirl” works on it’s own, because it is it’s own show before it came to the Flarrow Universe, and when things were set up with the Flash to do a crossover, they performed it flawlessly without messing the timeline and is on another Earth.

“Arrow” on the other hand, refuses to properly acknowledge the existence of meta-humans, refuses to acknowledge mysticism properly, killed off Amanda Waller, head of ARGUS, and doesn’t even deal with the core of it’s show - human villains. Arrow went from Oliver’s adventures with his family and his team, to Felicity and her adventures. 

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Watching this documentary about Queen Victoria's love for Scotland and adventure novels and I'm like "Queen Vic would totally be Team Jamie"

Hahaha indeed!

Team Mates stealing kills?

Letting you die because they want the same power weapon?

Why don’t you try ‘Team Queen’s guide to pissing off your own Team Mates.’!

All it takes is four easy steps!

  1. Power Weapons: Make sure to pick up your power weapons first, and when you’re done keep one bullet. It likes to be warm and snuggly in your gun barrel.
  2. Grenades: If your Team Mates are standing on top of the grenades waiting for them to respawn, tuck one away (From the two you initially took) for it’s bed time on your belt. It’s safer with you than a respawn timer or in their sweaty man hands.
  3. Down But Not Out: If they get downed, don’t pick them up. You’re not their mother, they can do it themselves.
  4. Love Hearts: If you happen to recieve a message from said Team Mate(s) announce your undying love for them. Confusion is Super Effective!

Xbox Live story time~!

Okay so myself, Jason, Megan and Chloe were playing Gears 3 for a good few hours and two guys on the enemy team just couldn't take constantly losing to us, which spawned hatemail.

Their first insult was PUSSY BOOOOOOI said about 100 times, said they were going to report me for cheating because “I use a modded hammerburst” (If I was gonna waste 60 quid on something, it wouldn’t be a modded controller)

Then they were using all the classic insults such as cocksucker, gayboy, faggot etc and when Megan spoke they were like “aw well she must be a rotter”. Which caused us to take them out even more, extended face punch execution ftw~.

Whenever we won, they were making up constant excuses:

  • Modded hammerburst mate get some skill you cunt
  • You’d be nothing without the lancer PUSSY BOIIII
  • Using the gnasher what a NOOB
  • You can’t take us out in 1v1 stop being pussies

I don’t get why people think a 1v1 gnashers only makes you a better player, I mean I wasted them with a gnasher enough times. Besides, Gears is a team game so you’re supposed to work as a team

I’ve currently got two voice messages from them I’m going to record and upload later so we can all laugh at how pathetic they are :D.