the adventures of supercas and batdean

artandsquee  asked:

Do you think Cas realizes he's going to be a memory in Dean's heaven? I assume the post brothel and the purgatory reunion will be there. Think Dean knows this? Or are there other scenes with Cas that are better/also there

cas doesn’t realize it and i don’t think dean gives much thought to it, partly because given what he knows about heaven, i don’t think he much likes the idea that he’s going there when he dies, and if there’s an opportunity for him to simply break apart into atoms and stardust etc, he’d probably be down for that, providing everyone else is taken care of in a way he feels fit. if dean does end up going to heaven, i don’t think he’d be surprised that he has a few cas memories there (i think the purgatory reunion is a forerunner for it) but i don’t think dean necessarily goes through life categorizing moments like “i’ll see this in heaven” so i wouldn’t say he ~knows~ knows like in his heart of hearts or something.

also how sure is it that dean will go to this heaven if he’s an atheist? could he barter his way into another religion’s afterlife like some fugitive? sneak his way into valhalla, etc. would he want to? all things considered, once the true death comes, i feel like dean might opt for decomposing back into non-sentient stardust again rather than deal with the alternative.