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me: is panicking about my french test tomorrow
me: okay let’s just listen to breathe from i.n the h.eights to calm the fuck down
me: twists my ankle down the stairs to the “climbed to the highest place on every fire escape” part
me: well, fuck, i missed the best part of the song
me: restarts the song
me: trips uP the stairs at the sAME PART OF THE SONG, breaks my phone screen and my toe
me: :))))))))))))))))

So I have been looking for this gif for a long time and it’s because it’s a very symbolic way to show depression. In this seen howl slumps down into the chair and says “I see no point in living if I can’t be beautiful.” Then he starts oozing out green slime. The green slime represents depression. It feels like everything is weighing down and you want to give up. Depression leaves a trail and can be hard to get rid of. Pulling us down, covering up our being and Consuming our hearts (or calsifer the little flame). I think everyone can relate to this in someway. We can feel as if we want to give up on everything just because of what someone said or how we felt about ourselves. But howl got threw it. If you’re going threw some shit with yourself and depression is in your way, keep going. “They say that the best blaze burns brightest, when circumstances are at their worst.” (-sophie hatter)


all my faves are lesbians meme: [1/?]➸ sophie hatter & howl pendragon from howl’s moving castle

“When timid, plain Sophie unwittingly finds herself under a spell that transforms her into an old lady, she seeks help in the form of the Wizard Howl, her fire demon, and her moving castle (the Wizard Howl only eats the hearts of pretty girls, after all). Through their adventures and endeavors, Sophie grows to find a home with Howl, Michael, and Calcifer, and discovers the magic within herself. ”

book!hmc world headcanons:
  • Sophie and Lettie’s biological mom was a witch (which makes sense when you see that both of them turned out to be one too)
  • Morgan is so down with just about anything his dad comes up with and they’re this like incredible duo that support each other so much - both give Sophie a headache most of the time
  • When Morgan was just a baby, after Castle in the Air but before House of Many Ways, Sophie holds Morgan in her arms in front of the fireplace and reads to him to make him fall asleep - which he does almost instantly because Sophie’s voice coaxes him to - then when she begins to stand up, Calcifer asks her to finish the story for him (hence what he said in House of Many Ways: “Sophie reads to me quite often”)
  • Howl makes it his mission to develop his son’s fashion sense and teach him how to be “smooth” and “elegant”
  • Howl explains to Morgan that he was a famous ladies’ man - Sophie rolls her eyes - and tells him all about his romantic exploits
  • Morgan has two girl best friends in two different worlds, in Ingary it’s Lettie’s daughter and in Wales it’s Mari
  • Morgan is more adaptive to Howl’s world than Sophie is because he grew up having to visit there from time to time, plus he’s got gadgets his dad gives him on occasion 
  • Lettie and Wizard Suliman have another kid because why not?
  • It takes a few years before Martha and Michael marry and then they live happily and quietly, Martha often volunteers to babysit either Morgan or Lettie’s kids
  • Fanny enjoys spending lots of money on gifts for her grandchildren 
  • Neil surprisingly turns to Howl for advice on courting girls which Howl is all too willing to help him with (can u imagine him having a playbook and stuff?)
  • Peter and Charmain fall in love years later and become the King and Queen of High Norland, convenient because Charmain is the Elfgift guardian (power couple y’all)
  • It’s true, Howl and Sophie don’t do much PDA BUT after their first kiss Howl randomly pecks Sophie on the lips in any given time and he does this a lot, Sophie secretly enjoys it so she doesn’t stop him
  • Calcifer shares with Morgan his experiences roaming the world from time to time and Morgan has this amazed twinkle in his eye and he makes Calcifer promise they’ll go on an adventure together someday
  • When Sophie and Howl have a fight, Morgan is the mediator slash messenger between the two who don’t wanna talk to each other
  • Morgan loves his mom very much, he hugs her tightly sometimes and says “love you, mom”. He loves his dad just as much, Calcifer too. And he thinks his parents’ love story is the sweetest, hopes he’ll find love like that one day
Fancasts :)


James Potter- Aaron Taylor Johnson

Ive always gone along with the crowd with this one ATJ is THE perfect James no doubt about it like look at him 

Sirius Black- Ben Barnes

Again another crowd pleaser but seriously (lol) look at him he is the physical  embodiment of Sirius.. the smirk the hair everything hes perfect 

Remus Lupin- Andrew Garfield 

This is undisputed for me because Andrew has that nerdish vibe, yet still gives off the essences of a laid back, chill guy and idk that is Remus for me

Severus Snape- Louis Garrel 

This was hard cause Louis Garrel is so hot and I hate Snape so much but he has the features and the hair and it just works and i hate it 

Peter Pettigrew- Jamie Bell

Again another hatred for a character but love for an actor.. Jamie Bell afain just works his got smaller pointier features like Peter would have but like i still hate pettigrew 

Lily Evans- Karen Gillian 

Karen has always been Lily for me because she gives of the hot headed nerdish girl and there are some edits out there of her and ATJ that have driven me to tears with how perfect it is so yes she is Lily

Regulus Black- Dane DeHaan 

Dane is one of my favorite actors and Regulus is one of my favorite characters even though he isnt mentioned much until the end hes a fallen hero of sorts and Dane portrays the cool yet serious and loyal guy that Regulus would be.. hed be the fallen hero and i love it

Marlene Mckinnon- Natalie Dormer 

NATALIE DORMER IS MY FAVORITE ACTRESS OF ALL TIME AND SHES SO HOT IM SO IN LOVE WITH HER……. anyway… Marlene had to have been like the most attractive badass human being to get Sirius Black to fall n love with her and Natalie is the definition of hot and badass like that smirk and those eyes and my god i love her 

Next Generation: 

Teddy Lupin- Hunter Parrish 

I had Luke Newberry before but i was scrolling through some things and Hunter Parrish just like was perfect like it all just clicked.. Teddy i feel would just be adorable yet so hot that all the girls would fawn over him yet hed be so blind to how attractive he really is

James Sirius Potter- Robbie Sheehan

Ive seen so many people fancasted as James Sirius and the only one whose ever stuck with me is Robbie… Robbie is sarcastic and gives off a snarky “i dont give a fuck” attitude and that is James.. His smile is what sold me tho.. its a smile that just hints at charming and troublemaking and i love it

Albus Rubeus Potter- Logan Lerman 

I fought myself for so long putting Logan here but he really is perfect.. i saw an edit somewhere that had ATJ, Dan Radcliffe, and him all next to each other and it just worked so well that i couldnt refuse 

Lily Luna Potter- Jane Levy

Jane Levy fits the bill for me because she has Harry’s eyes and Ginny hairs so its a perfect combo in my eyes and i love it she has the attitude of someone whose has to deal with James Sirius and Albus for brothers too so lol

Hugo Weasley- PJ Ligouri

PJ is just so cute and adorable and sweet and i think Hugo would be the exact same like for this its more personality than face but i feel PJ also has a ron like build being tall and lanky and his eyes with Hermiones hair and sharp features ugh i love it 

Rose Weasley- Sophie Turner

SOPHIE IS BAE AH she has Rons hair obviously and his eyes.. again this is more personality cause i picture Rose as fiery and adventurous and snarky and bubbly and that is what Sophie is 

Scorpius Malfoy- Bertie Gilbert

This is a bit obvious but like Bertie is so sweet yet so hot and also i thought hed look good with Sophie (oops im scorose trash) 

Victoire Weasley- Elizabeth Olsen 

I typed in Victoire Weasley Actress in google cause i wanted to see and get ideas and i scrolled fown really far till i saw Lizzie and i was like YASSS shes just perfect shes so gorgeous and gives off a veela vibe but she also has a little werewolf in her so shes tough and idk i think its perfect plus her and hunter would be SO CUTE 

Dominique Weasley- Britt Robertson

I always felt Dominique would be a lot like Bill personality wise, yet look more like Fleur with her hair and her softer features and i love it ah

Louis Weasley- Daniel Sharman 

Hes just so hot and such a charmer with i feel a shyer side and that it Louis to me 

Molly Weasley- Chloe Grace Moretz

Clhoe just has softer features and is so adorable and I feel like Percy’s kids would be precious and so sweet and thats just what Chloe gives off

Lucy Weasley- Georgie Henley 

This is the same as Chloe like Georgie looks so kind and sweet and i love it 

Fred Weasley II- Jacob Artist 

Seeing as Fred is half black half white, i wanted someone who could definitely embody both and Jacob just fit that.. he has a mix of sharper features and softer features which i think works for George and Angelina 

Roxanne Weasley- Zoe Kravitz 

Zoe is just such a badass and so punk rock and hard and i always thought Roxanne would be the same.. she gives off a punky vibe to me and i love this 

Lorcan and Lysander Scamander- Jack and Finn Harries 

i think Jack and Finn are the perfect combo of crazy and weird and off in their own world and yet still quite hot and i mean Luna’s kids had to be stunning so 

Id like some feedback guys i love all these people theyre all so attractive and idk they all work in my opinion

btw none of the gifs are mine :)


First year tabling at CTN - I MADE IT!!

Now everything kinda feels like a blur… Saw much cool art, received so much encouragement and love. I also got to meet many artists that I’ve always admired, and have them see me crying about meeting them. Over all, so great.

Pre-order for 2nd print of Coconut Ice will be up in a week or so, so everyone that left their emails, THANK YOU and please be patient with me!

Until then, onto new adventures!!!

Child of a Hidden Sea || A.M. Dellamonica || Hidden Sea Tales #1 || 336 pages
Top 3 Genres: Fantasy / Time Travel / Adventure

Synopsis: One minute, twenty-four-year-old Sophie Hansa is in a San Francisco alley trying to save the life of the aunt she has never known. The next, she finds herself flung into the warm and salty waters of an unfamiliar world. Glowing moths fall to the waves around her, and the sleek bodies of unseen fish glide against her submerged ankles.

The world is Stormwrack, a series of island nations with a variety of cultures and economies—and a language different from any Sophie has heard.

Sophie doesn’t know it yet, but she has just stepped into the middle of a political firestorm, and a conspiracy that could destroy a world she has just discovered… her world, where everyone seems to know who she is, and where she is forbidden to stay.

But Sophie is stubborn, and smart, and refuses to be cast adrift by people who don’t know her and yet wish her gone. With the help of a sister she has never known, and a ship captain who would rather she had never arrived, she must navigate the shoals of the highly charged politics of Stormwrack, and win the right to decide for herself whether she stays in this wondrous world … or is doomed to exile

Publication Date: June 2014. / Average Rating: 3.52. / Number of Ratings: 1000~.


Behind the Scenes of Class with Fady Elsayed

Created by YA author Patrick Ness, the Doctor Who spinoff began filming in Cardiff in April.

The eight-part series will premiere in the UK on BBC Three this autumn and in the US on BBC America later this year.

Class will also air on BBC One in the UK following its online debut.

The show’s cast includes Greg Austin, Fady Elsayed, Sophie Hopkins and Vivian Oparah as four Sixth Formers, with Katherine Kelly (Coronation Street) playing a “powerful” teacher at Coal Hill School and Doctor Who actor Nigel Betts reprising the role of Mr Armitage.

Peter Capaldi is also believe to have filmed a cameo role in Class as the Doctor.

R.T Davies said that if the Sarah Jane Adventures would have continued, Ace would have come back as an appearance. He said to me that; A flashy sport car would have arrived at her drive and out stepped Ace clad in heels and a business suit but don’t worry, he said Ace would have been back to her leather jackets and baseball bats in no time!
—  Sophie Aldred at Valiant convention on the appearance of Ace in the Sarah Jane Adventures