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Back to life?

I’m terrible at titles. If you have a better idea please say. Back with more Bucky but I’ve run out of ideas so I’m sorry if this is terrible.

Warnings: Mentions of violence and abuse.


Bucky was walking down the street quiet late, he was only minding his own business when he heard grunts coming from the alley way. “God sake Steve, sometimes I think you like getting punched.” He mutters. He began crossing the street to save Steve’s ass again but before he can even reach the other side he hears his name. “Hey Buck.” Steve says walking up to him and Bucky does a double take. If Steve wasn’t getting beaten up then who was? Steve finally turned to see what Bucky was staring at and they both found themselves speechless. It was a girl, no taller than Steve but not as scrawny. She didn’t seem to be struggling against the man’s grip nor did she seem bothered. Bucky could have sworn the girl winked at him before using the man’s hold to propel her legs upwards then bringing them down sharply, swinging the attacker over her shoulder. She effortlessly flipped her hair as she stood back up quickly elbowing one of the other men sending him flying back into the wall.

This girl was stronger and faster than anyone Bucky had ever seen. Her reactions were almost inhuman. Both Steve and Bucky couldn’t tear their eyes from the scene in front of them as you swiftly took down several men like it was nothing. The finally guy just ran, he ran through Bucky and Steve and they watched as he cried back to whatever bin he called home. The alley way was now filled with knocked out men. “What the hell just happened?” Steve said rather confused, “I don’t know pal, I thought that was you at first.” Bucky said walking up to where you were now stood breathing heavily. “Hello?” you heard a smooth voice breaking through the darkness, looking up to be met with the most beautiful ocean blue eyes. “Hi.” You whispered like you were a deer caught in the headlights, “You know I was going to help you doll but it seemed like…” But before he could continue your face fell to something cold as you just shrugged and muttered “I had him on the ropes.”

After that day you would see each other more often walking down the street but Bucky still had no idea who you were. Eventually the three of you became close friends and you learned to open up to them, telling them all about how your mother would abuse you and when you were old enough they helped you get out. When the Bucky joined the war and Steve seemingly disappeared you were scared that you would never seen the two of the ever again.

Present day.

Bucky woke up feeling really crap. He had a really bad nightmare that night, the worst he has had in a while. He walked to the kitchen rubbing his face hoping to just get a coffee and then spend the day in the gym to let off some steam but that didn’t go as planned. “Hey Bucko. Wow you look like crap.” Sam said as Bucky entered the room, “Thanks. I hadn’t noticed.” He said, the sentence just dripping with sarcasm. “Can I just have a cup of coffee and wallow in my own sadness please?” Bucky wasn’t asking for permission he was asking Sam to leave him alone, “Can’t bud. We are all out of coffee but if you wait like 30 minutes a very grumpy and slightly hung-over Tony will stumble through the door with Starbucks.” He wasn’t in the mood to deal with waiting or socializing with anyone in the tower before any of them had their coffee, not after last time with Nat. He had elbowed her accidentally while she was pouring milk into her mug and before he could even blink he was on the floor in a choke hold.

Bucky decided he would just go to the gym on empty. When he walked in he saw a very tired Steve lazily swinging at the punching bags. “For fuck’s sake.” He said running his hands down his face in hopes of rubbing away the sleep, “Language.” Bucky said causing Steve to jump and turn to face him, “That’s not even funny. Did you have a bad night as well?” Steve always could tell when Bucky wasn’t feeling himself. “Yeah, you?” Bucky came and sat on the matt by Steve as he took a long chug of water. “You could say so. Tony isn’t known for being quiet when he comes home pissed out of his mind at 3am.” Steve said with a sigh. “Hey I have an idea to get out of the tower for a day.” Bucky could almost see the light bulb forming above his head before Steve could even open his mouth. “Get dressed; we are going on an adventure.” Honestly Steve was still a little kid but Bucky complied going to get dressed into a pair of jeans and a t shirt. It was too hot to bother covering up his arm.

When he reached the garage Steve had already got the bikes ready to go. “How do you feel about heading into Brooklyn today?” He said with a childish grin on his face. Bucky couldn’t help but chuckle at this as he got on his motorbike. It only took around 20 minutes to get back to their old town. It looked so different but it was still the same in their hearts. “Hey look, I got beat up in that alley.” Steve said pulling to a stop in front of it, “Steve you got beat up in every alley.” Bucky said laughing at the fact that it was true. He knew if anyone were take on Steve now they would be so screwed. “That’s not necessarily true Buck. Remember that one were we met Y/N? I never got beat up there.” Bucky smiled as he remembered that night “How about we change that?” Bucky said playfully elbowing Steve’s side “Wasn’t it down there?” He said poking Steve again. They both fell into fits of laughter, they were actually doubled over.

They walked past a rundown ice cream stand that they used to always see before heading towards that alley way. The apartment buildings that surrounded seemed to still be standing with only a few changes made. It was just like being back in that night. It was rather narrow so even leaning against opposite walls Bucky and Steve were still stood relatively close together. Once they had finished their ice creams Steve walked further into the alley, “So you going to try take away this final alley away from me?” He said in a mocking tone, “Oh Steve I’d happily kick your ass for once instead of save it.” Bucky said as they got into a sparring position. They both knew how the other fought so it was easy not hurt each other but Bucky knew he could take down Steve straight away but he wanted to play some more. Bucky went to throw a rather hard punch but Steve fell backwards grabbing a bin lid in the process. “Ah just like old times.” Bucky joked as he strutted towards Steve.

Before Bucky could reach him a shadowing figure came falling down from the roof above them landing perfectly in a superhero stereotypical landing. She effortlessly flipped her hair back as she stood up coming to eye level with Bucky. “Y/N?” He said gasping before she pinned him to the wall, “Who are you and why are you beating this man up in my alley way pal?” She said with a serious tone, “Whoa whoa whoa, calm down we were just messing around. I’m fine really.” Steve said finally standing up and you loosened your grasp. “Y/N it’s me, Steve and Bucky. Do you remember us?” He said slightly stepping in between Bucky and you. “Steve? Bucky? That can’t be possible, you went off to war and you went missing, both pronounced dead.” You said shaking your head, “It was in the papers like last week.” The two men looked confused before looking scared, “Y/N that was 70 years ago. It’s 2017 now.” Steve said and watched as you just looked terrified.

Bucky and Steve brought you back to the tower and sat you in the common room before anyone had noticed your presence. “What is the last thing you remember?” Bucky said and you had to really think about your answer, “I was in Howard’s office before the paper arrived stating that you were both dead.” And with that Tony walked in the room stopping dead in his track when he saw you. “Um, who the hell is this?” He said and Steve stood up two meet him, “This is Y/N, she is an old friend of ours.” And you gave a little wave. “By old do you mean another frozen, 90 year old ex hydra assassin because I can only just deal with Bucky alone.” Tony said trying to play this off as a joke but Steve wasn’t sure what to say. “Steve?” He said again this time with a bit more of a serious tone, “Not as far as we know okay. We just saw her and she has no knowledge of the past 70 years.” Bucky said this time causing Tony to sigh. “I’ll see what I can do for her but my tech can only do so much, I’m Tony stark not God.” And with this you jumped up with a gasp, “Stark?” you whispered not even blinking while staring at him, “I never knew Howard had a son.” You immediately regretted saying that because Tony walked over to you, getting uncomfortably close and whispering “Yeah well neither did I.” He said before storming out probably to find Bruce. “Don’t worry him and his dad never had the best relationship.” Steve said leading you to follow wherever Tony had gone off to, “I didn’t mean to upset him.”

Once in the lab Bruce was able to pull up some info about you included some of which you couldn’t even remember. “Went missing then presumed dead back in 42. Oh and a few sightings this week.” Bruce said when reading through, “You were a dead girl Miss Y/N.” He finished. “So what happened in between, how am I here now. I don’t remember anything.” You had so many questions but you weren’t getting answers you needed. You were a ghost for all you knew, more like a zombie but either way you were all confused.

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“Six” pt 9 You Just Have to See Her to Know That She'll Break You in Two

Steve finds out about your little adventure into the Hydra base. You and Bucky finally cross the line with your inability to get along. ***Photo/illustration credit liveandlovetrue

Spinoff of the Mayday Series (please read that first or this will make no sense!)

Captain America x Reader

I looked at Steve. He didn’t seem upset, per se, by my telling him that Bucky and I had decided to annihilate a Hydra base. Concerned, yes. Shocked, definitely not.

“So you and Bucky got along fine all evening… killing Hydra members and stealing weapons from them?” He looked at me questioningly. I really wasn’t sure how to respond. It was pretty obvious that the answer was yes.

“Yeah.” I nodded.

“That’s… concerning.” Steve looked perturbed.

“It’s concerning that we got along?” I wasn’t sure why that would be construed as a bad thing. Bucky and I weren’t the best of friends. We had a long history, most of which neither one of us could remember, but it made us cross with one another.

“No.” Steve closed his eyes in defeat. “It’s concerning that you only got along because you were destroying a Hydra warehouse.”

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So I got to meet Steve,Little Steve, and Matt
I had my sketch book out because I was getting people’s tumblrs when Matt came up to me and said “little Steve is gonna draw something” and called them over

So after little Steve finished his self portrait he said “How beautiful!” And then Steve moved the camera up so it was on me and said “And the picture is too!”
It was so cute

Also the fact that I could be on an episode of the adventures of little Steve is so awesome

So apparently you guys REALLY LIKE tiny superspy assassin Steve

That earlier bit of fanfic got a WAY BIGGER REACTION THAN I EXPECTED and also I’m kind of enamored of the idea. So here please enjoy some more fanfic in that general vein including some actual tiny assassin spywork (not much) some porn (briefly) and pre-serum Steve Rogers bruising like a ripe pear after both porn AND spywork. 

Content behind the cut rated R! 

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Had the most epic 90s kid vs Milennibaby Debate today

Had the most epic debate of my life today between me the 90s (December 31, 1990) kid and the new Millenababy (January 4, 2000). We kept countering each other. I pulled out Dexter’s Lab, and Powerpuff Girls 

He pulled out Kim Possible and Fosters Home


I pulled out Dragonball Z

he pulled out Attack on Titan 


Batman/Superman TAS vs Justice League,

Coloring vs Computer lab, the battle raged on for 94 minutes neither of us giving in. Steve vs Joe (Blues Clues)  and Especially once we reached the Pokemon of the 150 vs his 600+

. We were both running low But this was the tie breaker that stole it. He never once had a certain drink This nectar helped steal the competition!

90s Kids 7, Millenibabies 6 BOOYAH. he couldve had me too if he remembered he had Avatar 

, Adventure Time and MLP FiM  u

But too bad 

tygermama  asked:

Bucky getting involved in children's amputee charities and then writing down all those kids stories and getting Steve to draw the pictures and publishing a series of books under 'as told to JB Barnes' and donating all the money to kids who need prostheses.

To set the record straight, Steve was the one who came up with the character of Bucky Bear.

Bucky was the one who created the character of the “Little Punk.”

So it began as just ridiculous made up stories when they were kids, of being pirates and Musketeers in the court of the French king, of daring sword fights and deeds of derring-do.  Little Punk and Bucky Bear sailed the seven seas on their ship the White Fang.  They were Musketeers off to foil the plots of the wicked Cardinal and save the Queen.  They aided the Scarlet Pimpernel in escaping the Terror. 

And Steve drew all these, while Bucky wrote out the words, in their mutually owned sketchbook.

Inevitably, once they were older, they still did these things for fun and maybe Steve dreamed that he and Bucky could actually turn their old adventures into an actual book or comic that kids would love to read.

During the war, it became a sort of pet project of theirs - something that they worked on in between the interminable periods of “hurry up and wait” and Steve made Bucky laugh by telling him, “That’s it, that’s how we’re going to get on after the war.  You’ll be a famous writer and I’ll be your illustrator.”

“And maybe we’ll outsell those goddamn Captain America comics with me as your kid sidekick.”

Bucky had finished the first story of the Adventures of Little Punk and Bucky Bear, just before that fateful train mission.

It was Peggy, with some help from Howard, who realized how good the book was and had it published.

This was Little Tony Stark’s favorite bedtime story up until he was six years old. 

The book became one of those hidden, if well-loved gems for a great many children over the years, although few knew that this book had actually been a collaboration between Captain America and Bucky Barnes. 

It wasn’t until more than seventy-odd years later that the sequel to the Adventures of Little Punk and Bucky Bear, as told to JB Barnes and as drawn by SG Rogers, would be published.

It began as a story that Bucky himself would tell sick kids when he and Steve visited the hospital and Steve took along his sketch book to show the pictures.  And finally, Bucky wrote it all down, because a little girl named Wendy who had been in a terrible accident that had cost her own left arm, wanted to have the picture book to look at, even if “Cap n’ Bucky” weren’t there to read it to her. 

The second adventure of Little Punk and Bucky Bear - which, incidentally, featured their new friends - the Falcon, the Hawk, the Ballerina and the Good Witch - was a great success.  

A third book, to feature Little Punk and Bucky Bear’s encounter with the young wizard inventor and his friend the Green Giant who lived in a magical tower, was to follow. 


U-con photos 1

Oh-thewhorror as fluttershy

Cassietotallyjust as Lumpy Space Princess
Ryancage as Sebastian Michaelis
Ksrjah as Link
Queenofgaylions as Navi
Thelittlestbeta as Carlos
Pompous-jean as Cecil
Wildsherlock as Steve

Sam/Steve 25 (librarian/avid reader au) for nothingcomplete

OK, this took me forever to finish, and it doesn’t even begin to touch on all our respective library feels, but I hope it was worth the wait!

They call him ‘Captain America’, because he has the bearing of a soldier and he’s gradually reading everything they have from 973 to 979—and also because it’s slow at the circ desk during the evening shift and apparently Darcy doesn’t have anything better to do than come up with nicknames for the patron Sam’s currently crushing on.

The guy’s real name is Steve, Steve Rogers, library card #1918-199999-616. Sam should probably be embarrassed that he’s got the guy’s card number memorized, but he comes in a lot. Like, almost every other day a lot.

And if there’s one thing Sam finds sexy, it’s an avid reader. Dude checks out two or three books every time he comes in, only to come back for more a couple of days later, and Sam can’t help imagining what he must look like when he’s reading—curled up against the arm of a couch or stretched out on a lawn chair, a look of rapt attention on his face as he turns the pages. Sam’s seen that look on his face—spotted him in the stacks once, reading a back cover blurb with such intense focus it was all Sam could do to keep from pushing him back against the shelves right there. Sam would pay good money to have such a voracious gaze fixed on him.

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