the adventures of liszt and chopin

Chapter 35: Finale

“So you lost the fight… So what?” Liszt forced himself to continue his painful monologue.

“In the end, we all lose the fight. Every man who is born is bound to die. One day, I’ll lose the fight myself.”

Liszt sighed and sat down by Chopin’s tombstone. 

“Why am I talking to you about losing things? I’m the one who lost someone, aren’t I?”

Liszt faced the grave and placed one hand on Chopin’s tomb. Then, he turned around the other way, and with his fingers still touching the gravestone, he began to walk away.

“I don’t know when I’ll see you again, but I know that this goodbye now doesn’t mean farewell forever.”


Weimar. Rome. A tour around Europe.

Affairs with women. Life as an abbot.

Accidents. Pneumonia. Life. Death.

Franz Liszt.


Liszt once mentioned that music was his friend’s language, the “divine tongue through which he expressed a whole realm of sentiments that only the select few can appreciate.”  

Frederic Chopin.