the adventures of laura and phil

P: Ok, my life is now complete. He was absolutely stunning and perfect and no photograph could ever do his gorgeousness justice. I’m NOT exaggerating either : D

The play was beyond amazing; really funny in parts when it should have been serious but it worked so well! I wish I could have gone another night too but I’m just so glad I got to see it. Colin played his part incredibly well and it was by far the most difficult (I think), juggling his emotions and personality (him being bi-polar), seeing his internal struggles in every scene. Anyway! Enough Colin-loving (personally I think there’s not enough : D) but I shall pass this on to Laura so she can gush!

PS. I looked so scared! Ignore my face again, it’s hideous.

L: Agh, Phil said everything and now I don’t know what else to write! But the play was incredible, every single actor did more than their part and the whole thing was just spectacular. The black comedy aspect was great, you had Colin’s character Carlos having a nervous breakdown, wailing at the top of his lungs while his mum ignored the entire thing and turned up a salsa song on the radio to dance around the kitchen.

And of course Colin was beautiful, flawless, gorgeous; his acting was incredible and you really felt for him every time he twitched or his lip started quivering. And his eyes! Phil decided he must have special lighting, like the kind they used for Cate Blanchett’s Galadriel in Lord of the Rings; crystaline blue and they absolutely sparkled. Pictures do him an injustice, honestly; we were in the third row for the play and we could see them clearly, even under his very delicious shaggy fringe.

And afterwards we met him, it was great and he was beautiful and smiling and holyshitbiscuits I’M TOUCHING COLIN MORGAN was about all my brain could process at that point. And then Phil and I got on the Underground, arm-in-arm and grinning like mad because the play was amazing and Colin is even more beautiful in real life.

P.S. Phil is perfect and Colin was smiling the entire time, and she got two pictures. Deduction: Phil is lots prettier than she thinks and Colin thought so too. ;)

Hello, ladies and jellybeans!

It’s us again as promised, together and causing mass amounts of mayhem and mischief and YES, before you ask, we both have very short hair! 

(The haircut bit came long before we met again on Tuesday, but we realised we haven’t posted any pictures before so here’s us now, in all our shorn glory.)

This was on the bus ride home after seeing Iron Man 3 on Thursday (which was actually way better than expected!), and the lack of pictures so far has mostly been because we’re enjoying being lazy at home. But never fear! There will definitely be more nonsense heading your way in picture form in the next few days.

Hope you’re all having a lovely day… drop by our ask if you like!

Lots of Love,

Your Prat and Idiot ♥♥♥

Hello lovelies! ♥

I feel a little more than absurdly fortunate to be writing this for the third time in as many years, but miraculously, it’s happened again; the stars/planets/cosmos have aligned and Philippa and I are going to see each other in May! (I just flailed at the keyboard writing that. Keyboard not impressed.) 

Whenever we leave each other, we never really know when the next time will be, and this particular trip is especially exciting because of the amount of time we’ll be together (nearly a month), and also armed with the knowledge that this is probably the last time we’ll be together before Big Life Changes™ occur (aka, both of us ending up semi-permanently on the same side of the Atlantic).

Anyway, back on track: thanks to a multitude of life circumstances working out, we’re going to be spending the bulk of our time together in Spain, more specifically on the Costa del Sol, which will be amazing and fantastic and we’ll probably get sunburnt like lobsters. However, a side affect of this Spain business will be limited internet! There are cafés about, and I’m planning on being able to check tumblr by phone because we’ll keep a queue going, but not sure (yet) how available we’ll be on a daily basis. But in the time that we do manage to catch some wifi, we’re planning on making a video answering all and any questions you want to drop in our inbox, just for fun. 

You’ll be hearing lots about this in the future I imagine, but until then, we hope your spring (if you’re a northern hemisphere dweller like us) has opened with loads of sunshine and the prettiest flowers! 

Lots of Love,

Your Friendly Neighbourhood Prat & Idiot ♥

This fellow was on the Westminster Bridge playing the bagpipes, and he asked us where we were from: Phil told him she’s from Sheffield, and when I said I was from Florida he wanted to know if I rode to London on an alligator. I said yes, and he said no, I probably flew here, so we told him it was a flying alligator.

Should have asked if he was wearing pants beneath that kilt, but we forgot!

Mammals (and Hoopoe) of the Natural History Museum

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Phil insisted this one be posted. If I knew how to photoshop myself out, it would be done.

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Sabre-Toothed Cat, or Smilodon: took this one for you, Meg.