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Here are the Kingdom Hearts World Logos of several cartoons that is made by PortadorX from Deviant Art. Enjoy

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Tag yourselves, GM edition. 

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Okay, so I guess the main reason why I was so excited over the whole Markiplier Valentine’s thing was because, not only was it interactive, but it had Dark and Warstache… (well… we didn’t really get that much on Wilford) but this isn’t really what I’m talking about, like, those are my fave characters and… I just want to get more theories of them, like, get what did he mean what he said and what was it with him creating that loop and stuff??!

I mean, I’m so excited and I hope they do more interactive stuff, like, I don’t know, maybe something with Halloween, like, Trick or Treat with Markiplier??!
I mean that’s if they have the time and energy to do another!!!

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If you or any other McElroy fans are looking for ways to celebrate the the Seeso show, check out Fandom Acts store on Etsy! We have a new McElroy activity book full of coloring pages, crosswords, cryptograms, etc. that are centered on the brothers, MBMBAM, Adventure Zone, Monster Factory, and more!

Hey guys, these seem pretty cool, go check them out! 

me, writing the big bang fic:

…huh. I wonder what google thinks is wrong with that-



I was doing a quick shop run at @regenerationwho for tonight and I saw…a pouch with my pattern?? I almost cried I was so, so excited. The shop runner and I had a great time talking Whouffaldi and things and it turns out I’ve drawn things she was thinking of and also she’s bought a print from me before. |D

Again I’m just like, frick. It takes balls to have the conviction to sell that stuff because fans are fickle creatures. She’s selling them and a lot more cute stuff on her shop at