the adventures of joey ramone
Camberwick Green - Windy Miller
From the complete Camberwick Green Collection Episode 02

Luxury Comedy Reference Guide - littleredchucks

If I’m going to be of any use in this fantastic project I think it’s going to be in regards to myself and Noel being similar in age and growing up in England watching and experiencing the same stuff.

So just continuing with The Adventures of Joey Ramone referencing. Obviously it’s a nod towards all the kids stop-motion animation TV of his childhood but the first time I saw Joey I got an immediate flashback to this show Camberwick Green.  xx

(I’ve tagged this luxcom ref guide - not sure if there’s a universal tag at the mo?) 


Ohh Joey Ramone… Ohh Aladdin Sane… Ohh David Bowie, reprising his role as Jareth the Goblin King in the film Labyrinth… Reunited at last for a jaunt around the town. And who is your rather attractive friend there? It’s not the infamous Nel, come to join you on your trip to the rrrrroller disco? You don’t look too happy about that, Joey…
(And it’s Goblin King, not Gobbling King - that’s a different film, isn’t it David?)


There is nothing in the world I love at the moment quite like I love Noel Fielding’s adventures of plasticene Joey Ramone from Luxury Comedy.

‘allo, Joeh!

Okay, and this GIF too…