the adventures of esther

Summer Bucketlist (2016)

- Make a summerplaylist filled with new jams.
- Change my hair.
- Midnight Swimming.
- Build a fort of pillows, lights and blankets in my room (with someone).
- Have a movienight (with someone).
- Have a Disney movienight (with someone).
- Have a Keira Knightley Marathon.
- Get a summerjob (and finally save up money!!!).
- Roadtrip, no matter if you do it with a bike, bus, train or car.
- Stay up for 24 hours.
- Have a paint fight.
- Sit on a roof and watch the view carefully.
- Sleep under the stars.
- Watch clouds all day, maybe with a friend, and do nothing else.
- Be outside more than on social media.
- Actually hang out with people.
- Write letters and put them in stranger’s mailboxes.
- Play the piano more often.
- Make new friends.
- Have a water balloon fight.
- Have many picnics.
- Take a artsy photoshoot by going off to different locations.
- Compliment a complete stranger.
- Hold up a sign saying “free hugs”.
- Put a sticky note onto someone’s car saying something.
- Go somewhere new.
- Be a hippie for a day.
- Have a huge sleepover.
- Get to know someone.
- Watch a sunrise and sunset.
- Read for a day.
- Photobooth pictures.
- Surprise someone.
- Do something you normally wouldn’t do.
- Learn something new (a language or place or whatsoever).
- Go camping in my backyard.
- Make “paparazzi” pictures with @udabesthing (which we’ve been planning for years now, lol).
- Finish another book.
- Get my first book on
- Try to vlog big events or cool happenings throughout summerbreak.
- Go for many, many walks with Esther.
- Make a summer scrapbook/journal.

I present to you my JJBA OC Esther Tyler, who is named after Bonnie Tyler! She’s going to appear in parts 3-6 but I’ll just explain her SDC information in this drawing since it’s her SDC appearance. Her DiU reference will be done soon!

Esther is a member of the Speedwagon Foundation who was born to non-stand user parents. Since her stand, Sweet Dreams, was present at birth, her parents abandoned her not long after she was born out of fear. The Speedwagon Foundation soon heard rumors about this rather bizarre baby roaming the streets and took her in for research. She was essentially raised by the many doctors and workers at the foundation’s headquarters in Dallas, Texas, and while she was raised with love she was constantly surrounded by adults and sometimes doesn’t know how to act around people her own age. Nevertheless, she developed a fierce loyalty to the foundation. Joseph visits the foundation upon DIO’s return, where he meets a 13 year old Esther for the first time. She learns of how the foundation is honor bound to serve the Joestar family, and becomes Joseph’s ally. He returns 4 years later with Avdol, and asks her to go to Japan with them.

She takes her job at the Speedwagon Foundation very seriously, and is very mature and intelligent for her age due to growing up reading textbooks instead of bedtime stories. Because of her loyalty to the foundation, she’s very hard on herself whenever she makes a mistake while working. She’s also a bit naive because of her sheltered childhood. She has a soft spot for children, but will never be able to have her own due to her being unable to have any; she becomes very close to Anne because of this. She loves milkshakes, Japanese tea, and The Legend of Lobo; her hobbies include scuba diving and watching movies.

She participates in many of the fights in Stardust Crusaders, but the one that damaged her both physically and psychologically was her fight against Vanilla Ice. She lost her right hand and left foot to his stand, Cream, along with two of her friends. The effects of this fight are more visible in Diamond is Unbreakable, as she has frequent nightmares about how she couldn’t save her friends.

Hello, all! Recently I’ve been thinking it would be a great idea to collect as many studyblrs as I could find and link them to you in one clean masterpost. Note: The blogs listed here are listed because they made themselves known through this post. If you are a new studyspo/motivation blog, please message me and I’ll add you to this masterpost! 

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If I made a mistake and missed your blog please message me and I’ll add you to the list. Thank you to everyone, these blogs are all super great + motivational!


Serious Question

What exactly is supposed to make a game a game according to the people who want to exclude some games from that category? There’s a lot in common between, say, Myst and Dear Esther, but the former is an “adventure game”, and the latter is a “walking simulator.” Meanwhile, TWINE games aren’t games, but interactive fiction is, and there’s even less separating those.