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Summer Bucketlist (2016)

- Make a summerplaylist filled with new jams.
- Change my hair.
- Midnight Swimming.
- Build a fort of pillows, lights and blankets in my room (with someone).
- Have a movienight (with someone).
- Have a Disney movienight (with someone).
- Have a Keira Knightley Marathon.
- Get a summerjob (and finally save up money!!!).
- Roadtrip, no matter if you do it with a bike, bus, train or car.
- Stay up for 24 hours.
- Have a paint fight.
- Sit on a roof and watch the view carefully.
- Sleep under the stars.
- Watch clouds all day, maybe with a friend, and do nothing else.
- Be outside more than on social media.
- Actually hang out with people.
- Write letters and put them in stranger’s mailboxes.
- Play the piano more often.
- Make new friends.
- Have a water balloon fight.
- Have many picnics.
- Take a artsy photoshoot by going off to different locations.
- Compliment a complete stranger.
- Hold up a sign saying “free hugs”.
- Put a sticky note onto someone’s car saying something.
- Go somewhere new.
- Be a hippie for a day.
- Have a huge sleepover.
- Get to know someone.
- Watch a sunrise and sunset.
- Read for a day.
- Photobooth pictures.
- Surprise someone.
- Do something you normally wouldn’t do.
- Learn something new (a language or place or whatsoever).
- Go camping in my backyard.
- Make “paparazzi” pictures with @udabesthing (which we’ve been planning for years now, lol).
- Finish another book.
- Get my first book on
- Try to vlog big events or cool happenings throughout summerbreak.
- Go for many, many walks with Esther.
- Make a summer scrapbook/journal.


selected backgrounds from Everything’s Jake

art director - Nick Jennings

BG designers - Derek HunterSantino Lascano & Joy Ang

BG paint supervisor - Sandra Calleros

BG painters - Ron Russell, Teri Shikasho, Tim Brock, Esther Kim, and Martin Ansolabehere

Hello, all! Recently I’ve been thinking it would be a great idea to collect as many studyblrs as I could find and link them to you in one clean masterpost. Note: The blogs listed here are listed because they made themselves known through this post. If you are a new studyspo/motivation blog, please message me and I’ll add you to this masterpost! 

1. A-C

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5. T-Z

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If I made a mistake and missed your blog please message me and I’ll add you to the list. Thank you to everyone, these blogs are all super great + motivational!


Serious Question

What exactly is supposed to make a game a game according to the people who want to exclude some games from that category? There’s a lot in common between, say, Myst and Dear Esther, but the former is an “adventure game”, and the latter is a “walking simulator.” Meanwhile, TWINE games aren’t games, but interactive fiction is, and there’s even less separating those.