the adventures of drunk sebastian

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[Unsent text] Please can I

[Unsent text] Please will you let me

[Unsent text] Is there any way I could

[Unsent text] It won’t happen again, could you just

[Unsent text] Ple

[Unsent text] None of it meant an

[Unsent text] I really fucking mi

[Unsent text] Please can I come h

[Unsent text] This is terrifyi

[Unsent text] I can’t keep

[Unsent text] Please let me

[Unsent text] I won’t

[Unsent text] Please just let me


[Text] i;m sorry

[Text] I mena it IM so hfuckign srory

[Text] I jsut rlealy fucking miss and ic ant keep pelas can you jsut

[Text] jim

[Unsent text] hel

[Text] plseae

[Text] i’ll do anythign

[Text] im ena it anyhting jim nayhting yos want nme to just plsae le tme back

[Voicemail] Boss, it’s me and it’s two in the morning and you won’t pick up your fucking phone and it’s so cold out, Jim, I’m fucking freezing and I can’t… fuck… I followed her home. I waited outside that fucking theatre and I followed her home and I had the gun in my hand, Jim, I set it all up across the street, no one would have known except maybe her fucking bodyguard and I could’ve… I could take him out too, I could… but I couldn’t… Jim, I’m so sorry… I’m so fucking sorry I just… I know I’ve fucked up… I’ve fucked up so fucking badly I just… It’s so hard, Jim. It’s so fucking hard, you don’t… you can’t understand how… I just needed… But I could explain it, Jim, if you’d just let me I could try and explain it and then… fuck… I’m sorry. I’m really sorry, Jim. I’m so fucking sorry.