the adventures of dallison

i haven’t breathed in four years
but thank the stars for pitying me
for all i am human

with their light, they blinded me
burned me to degrees no one else has survived
my carnage dripped from my bones
forcing the stars to gather me up with their loving hands
if that is what you could call them
and they handed me over to the mercy of their young
and i cannot help but be thankful

their children are shaped like dragons
built of stardust and fiery magma
veins shape them, scales and all
they are a thing of beauty in the depth of space

at least that is what they tell me
i have only their songs to go by
and their songs are as good as oxygen here

i believe them
their heat illuminates my world
for although my eyes cannot see
and my charred skin can barely feel
their ethereal bodies are sensed by my very soul
galaxies are defined it
worlds are born from it

four years and i still can’t breathe
despite the pity the stars feel for me
no matter how hard i try
i will never be one of them

—  adventures of a girl in space, a.d.