the adventures of bethany

Dear friends with AD/HD (and others with Initiation/motivation problems),

I have struggles about putting stuff away, and also feeling guilty about it, since I feel like I should be able to do this stuff, especially considering I’m almost 21. The biggest tip that I have learned/absorbed this year is this: make it easy.

Sitting on your bed and making garbage? Put the garbage bin next to your bed. Folding laundry feels like a huge task? Don’t do it. You’re going to unfold it all anyway when you try and find a shirt you want to wear in your drawers. Have trouble ironing? Get your stuff out of the dryer right away, and then hang it up.

This has honestly made me so much better at cleaning up behind me, has stopped my room from being so messy, etc. and also has let me be realistic about my strengths. It’s helped my guilt levels, and let me put more of my focus and motivation towards other things, like things I want to do more.

Every time I have a task that I know I will typically avoid or have trouble doing, I think to myself “how can I make this easy?”

  • them: what's your dream Star Trek crew?
  • me: Captain - Janeway, first officer - Kira nerys, engineering - b'elanna Torres, medical - Beverly crusher, security - Tasha yar, science - jadzia Dax
  • them: that's all the women
  • me: ..... Your point?
Typical Venturian Tale video
  • Venturian: Hello fellow adventurers! My name is Venturian here with Homeless Goomba, Bethany Frye, and Immortal Kyod-
  • Immortal: *shoots him*
  • Venturian: what the heck?!?
  • Immortal: sorry!
  • Venturian: *sighs* and immortal Kyodai. And today we will be showing the Dragon NPC mod.
  • (Four minutes later)
  • HG(Toilet Toucher): *touching all the toilets*
  • BF(Gertrude): Uh Papa Acachalla why is there a dinosaur and a huge dragon outside
  • V(Papa): giant WHAT?
  • HG: *Inflating the NPC's head*
  • IK: *nukes everything*
  • V: (in the camera) *holding head in hands*

a whole mess of things but first. weird thing : an eighty year old man told me yesterday that he found fifty shades of grey romantic which… ew. and then i had to explain to him that it was fanfiction which we skated over the fact that there was stories written based on other stories, but yeah… that was weird.

SECONDLY THERE ARE FLIGHTS FOR REASONABLE PRICES FOR ME TO GO TO EUROPE IN LIKE MAY AND JUNE AND I FINISH EXAMS SO EARLY OMG MAYBE I COULD GO SEE @gonnaeno or @mugs-munny and by reasonable prices i mean they were advertising $90 CAD but it turns out to mostly be like… $210 each way (plus like… $80 for baggage but like still that’s like $300 for each flight and aghdkjsdkjfhsdlkajhd sfjh PLEASE SOMEONE

So I was watching TNG, and I get really excited abt O'Brien, whenever he’s on the show (which isn’t often, I know but) and i saw this cute little chuckle and I needed it as a gif

so i made my first gif. of O'Brien giggling

it’s going to be my reaction gif for everything :D

I’m doing a quiz which determines whether you’re left or right brained, and the question is which sounds more like you “I prefer routines and structure.” or “I enjoy freedom and flexibility." 

And like, what the hell am I supposed to answer - because I crave structure, but my ADD means the moment I have it I stop using it because

So, I’m just sitting here laughing