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「 M E N A C I N G  」 

          ゴゴゴゴゴゴ …

You know, I’m really starting to hate wild boars? Buggers aren’t even that good to eat, Astérix et Obélix comics notwithstanding.

Yesterday we had a nice day out in Bordeaux with colleagues, with first a big meet-up with the whole department and then walk around the old city all afternoon and dinner on a barge. I’d left my car on the bank’s parking lot all day; it was around 2 and a half when I got back to it to get back home. And then ten minutes into the drive - dark out, plenty of fog - two of the things trot across to my car, one on the right, one on the left! I couldn’t avoid the one on the left, but fortunately both me and the car are OK. (It helped that I was going 50 km/h - around 30 m/h? - so all it left was a trail of dirt on my bumper. Take a bath sometime, man.)

So now I’m slightly less terrified than I was last night, and tomorrow we leave at 9h30 for 600/700 km to see my niece! <3 I’m beat, though. I swear when June is over I’ll have to make 10-hour nights to make up for everything.

Little Tsuna Makes Friends with Scary People AU

AU where Arco curse doesn’t happen and a year before the Cradle Affair Iemitsu loses Tsuna in Italy thus leading to Tsuna finding the Arcobaleno and Varia. He bonds with both groups and shenanigans ensue (Nono doesn’t know whether to despair or be happy that his son no longer hates him)

If there was no curse, the Arcobaleno would be pretty old. Plus, I don’t really know how you’d get them all together. Maybe it’s best to just stick with the Varia for this one? .-.

Just imagine little Tsuna’s adventures with the Varia, though…

Little Tsuna calling Bel ‘Hime-sama’, and Bel being super frustrated because on one hand, he’s a prince, but on the other, someone’s finally taking him seriously. Lussuria trying to convince the others to adopt little Tsuna. Little Tsuna comforting Levi about his status as a butt-monkey. Little Tsuna offering to braid Squalo’s hair, which Squalo turns out to adore, but no one’s offered to do it since his mother and older sisters passed away/were killed/something and he felt awkward about asking. Little Tsuna giving Xanxus a warm, friendly hug, because he felt he really needed one, and Xanxus just not computing and eventually maybe crying a little because no one should be deprived of hugs for a long time ok. Mammon watching from the sidelines, totally resigned. The Varia actually trying to adopt little Tsuna.

i have a lot of feelings about Varia-Tsuna interactions ok

i need a minute

-Admin Lazy

I hit a wild boar with my car on my way to work this morning. I’m okay (I screamed for all it was worth and my hands were still shaking an hour later, but physically I’m intact) and because I usually drive carefully and start to slow down a long time before town signs, the damage to the car wasn’t that bad. Insurance came through and I’m on a replacement car till my Titine’s fixed sometime next week?

Still. Y’know. Not an overly good day.

I saw Thor The Dark World today

But before I start I have to warn you

Ok so me and my sis went to the movies and were all set

I sat down and was instantly like

And the movie started

So I couldn’t stop smiling the whole time

And me and my sister crack up at the stuff Darcy says

And then it happens

Poor Frigga

And I cry

Then battles and fights happen

And then

It happens



And I cry

But then I get pissed

So I finally settle down and watch the rest of the movie

And then the ending happens

And ,while everyone is watching the credits, I’m in the back like

And walk out feeling fabulous

My final thoughts on the movie:

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