the adventures of babs

Name: Olive Pecora
Race: Human
Sex: Female
Height: 5'6"/167.6 cm
Weight: 130 lbs/59 kg
Birthplace: Palermo, Italy
Age: 20
Birth Date: June 7, 1980 (Gemini)
Current Residence: Naples, Italy
Family: Frica Pecora (Mother, deceased); Boston (dog).
Affiliation: Velocita
Job: Street Magician + Occasional Pickpocket
Namesake: The food (olive) and the Italian word for sheep (pecora)

Olive grew up in a financially strained household with only her mother to support them. At a young age, she started pickpocketing. And even when she was still old enough to find honest work, she continued to steal things. When she hit her teenage years, she grew interested in magic tricks, and she later became a street magicial. When she was older and her mother passed away, she moved to Naples and joined a band of pickpockets there called Velocita. They became her new family, and they worked to support and encourage each other.

Olive is friendly, charismatic, and attentive. She always takes a great interest in the people she meets, she’s amazing at small-talk, and she loves to be in places where people gather–not just to mingle, but also to steal. Her friendliness, most of the time, is a mere cover for ulterior motives. Olive is an excellent liar, and a keen woman with a very close attention to detail.

Her Stand, Iron Maiden, is bound to smoke. She can control the density of the smoke and use it to cloud vision, to grasp things, and to add flair to her magic tricks. The Stand is, of course, ineffective when used in windy areas.

She has a strange relationship with Leone Abbacchio. Their first meeting (when he was still a police officer) was awkward, given her pickpocketing habits. They met again after he joined Passione, working together to take down a mutual threat in a Stand battle. Their friendship is very weird and not without Olive being overly touchy-feely and Abbacchio brushing off her passes at him.

Olive owns a 3 year old Shiba Inu named Boston, who has a Stand of his own called Black Dog. She is trying to teach him how to say “Abbacchio,” but all he can presently say is, “A-bah-bah.”


Missing Adventure of the Week: the Doctor and Susan apparently managing to enjoy WWI. Also (thank you, InfoText) I will never not be amused that it was William Russell who actually had the Lurgy that week, despite Jacqueline Hill having to do all that any-excuse-for-a-cuddle background acting.

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