the adventures of a leijon

  • "I wanna read a story with well developed and deep characters"
  • u should read homestuck
  • "I wanna read a story with an unpredictable plot and with lots of plot twists"
  • homestuck got lots of shenanigans like those
  • "I wanna read a story where i can identify with the characters"
  • homestuck has over 30 different characters to choose from
  • "I wanna read a story w/ a bit of everything: romance, horror, sci-fi..."
  • homestuck is about a hella lot of stuff
  • "I wanna read an exciting and addictive story"
  • i read homestuck in six weeks (and is p long)
  • "I wanna read a story w/ queer characters"
  • guess what
  • "I wanna read a story with a big fandom so i can fangirl abt it"
  • read homestuck
  • "Wanna read a story with-"
  • homestuck
  • "but its too long"
  • read.
  • homestuck.

there’s only seven days left until the end of Homestuck. Homestuck is ending. let that sink in for a moment. not just the words, or the thought, but the meaning of it. Homestuck, the comic that brought so many of us together. Homestuck, the literary work that has surpassed popularity achieved by hailed and respected authors. Homestuck, the largest fanbase on the Internet for the longest time. Homestuck, the comic that brought laughter in my heart and tears in my eyes. Homestuck, the comic that helped me pull myself out of a very dark time in my life to the person who I am now. Homestuck, the comic that everyone remembers fondly but with the fanbase they sometimes don’t. Homestuck, which taught me and so many others life skills that we might never have learned besides. Homestuck, a legend. for the last seven days, I want it all back. the good parts, the bad parts, all of it. restore it to its former glory, I want to see it one last time. the cosplays. the roleplays. the voice acting. the shipping. the theories. the headcanons. the music videos. lyricstuck. AU’s. mambostuck. you can’t fight the Homestuck. octopimp. buckets. Faygo. meetups. the inside jokes, from hussielips to horses to apple juice to “FUCKASS” and to Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff.

not all of you love it now as you did then, but if anything, bring it back only for a moment. think to yourself about the best times. we only have seven days to say goodbye for good. goodbye to John Egbert, heir of breath with a fear of harlequins and a love for terrible movies. goodbye to Rose LaLonde, seer of light, with her loves of knitting, Lovecraft, and wizards. goodbye to Dave Strider, knight of time with a love of irony and the worst raps you’ve ever heard. goodbye to Jade Harley, witch of space and one of the most wholesome, lovable characters I have ever met, with her love of science and squiddles, but denies she is a furry. goodbye to everyone, whom I have loved and cherished for so long.

we only have seven days. make the most of it.

  • My friends: So what's Homestuck about?
  • Me: Well, it's about a 13-year-old prankster who plays a video game that literally destroys and re-creates the universe along with his best friends: a time-traveling DJ; a fantasy-writer-cum-knitting-fanatic; and a narcoleptic huntress. Eventually they team up with a group of aliens from another dimension to stop an immortal pool-ball demon from beyond time and space from wrecking both of their game sessions. They're a zombie frog-girl who communes with the dead; a crippled Peter Pan with self-esteem issues; a genius programmer who uses a computer made of bees; a role-playing-obsessed catgirl who lives in a cave; a fashionista vampire who wields a chainsaw; a blind lawyer who sees things by licking them; a homicidally competitive spider-girl with a robot arm; a masochistic strong-man with hyperactive sweat-glands; a laid-back juggalo who occasionally loses his mind and goes on killing sprees; a genocidal wizard with a weird scarf and an even weirder accent; an undersea empress destined to become Space Nicki Minaj; and their self-proclaimed leader, a bossy, short-tempered mutant with a deep-seated inferiority complex.
  • My friends:
  • Me: Oh, and then they have to "reset" both of their universes because they fail so badly. This makes them team up with their rebooted-universe counterparts: a brain-washed baker; an alcoholic...HEY WAIT! Where are you going! I haven't even told you about the fourth-wall demolishing author insert, the space gangster dog devils, or Rufio!
  • My friends: *Runs faster*
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