the adventures of a cardboard box

Dark Knight

This is just a little idea that’s been nagging at me, about how Emma would react to finding out about a certain one of Killian’s adventures.  I’m going to rate this one T. 1040 words.


Emma hefted the cardboard box onto her kitchen table and started with the business of unpacking the items they had gathered from Regina’s vault.  She plucked out the sealed jars of dried stuff , the long thin bottles of potions that she probably shouldn’t spill, and the storybook.

Wait, make that two storybooks. Odd, she didn’t recall packing up more than one. These days the things seemed to pop up everywhere, no doubt due to Henry’s Author status.  She ran her finger over the embossed letters before flipping open the front cover.

The first page let her know this was the Enchanted Forest based on the clothes and the horses and wagons drawn there. The next page showed her parent standing together, watching as someone rode off on a horse, and that someone looked suspiciously like Killian in his long leather coat.  She didn’t realize that he knew how to ride, but of course he did. He’d been in that forest for … centuries?  Excitement started in her toes and jolted up her body as she realized she was holding a book about him. She scooped it up and hurried over to the couch, where she could better settle in and devour this story.

He was on a search for his ship. So this was that missing year, when she was in New York with Henry, and dating Walsh.  Walsh? What had she been thinking? The thought of the man left her with no feelings at all, and had she actually considered marrying him? Stupid, stupid Emma.

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Ford Safety Week Day 1: Young Ford and Stan

I wonder if it ever snows on Glass Shard Beach in the winter? Is that even possible to snow where it’s near the ocean? Anyway, Stan and Ford make their own imaginary sandy snowy adventure with their sled made of  an old large and sturdy cardboard box with a pair of old skis mended with metal and duct tape..lots of duct tape. It’s not going as fast as they thought it would, but that’s not stopping them.

Also do not tag ships.

So what’s interesting about this beside the fact that Diamond Dogs apparently releases “master certifications” in Cardboard Box, is the fact that we can actually see Kaz and Ocelot’s signatures:

Kaz signs as “K. Miller” which is really cute for some reason

….and Ocelot just actually signs as Ocelot. Like he doesn’t even have a name and surname. Ocelot. Just that.

What a nerd.


Behind the scenes time lapse video of me making a piece of Dead Meat’s miniature set.


The Dilophosaurus taxidermy mount is finally done! I’m so happy with the turn out even though the teeth are too long and the snout is to snubby.

Still it was a fun adventure in my first attempt at a faux taxidermy mount and using an old cardboard pizza box as the base.

My attempt at what I think a Dilophosaurus would look like. I used sea bird and diving bird colors and markings, as well as adding a throat pouch since dilo seems to be a fish eater. There is still a debate on whether Dilophosaurus was feathered or not, I would assume if it was it could be bare in some spots….we may never know.

Anyway, enjoy.

Mafumafu @ Animal Adventures (082815)

Mafumafu: “There was a pigeon that hurt its wing, but what should I do during these times? I’m here uncertain right now”

Last Note: “Let it have the wings on your back”

Mafumafu: “I’m sad”

Mafumafu: “I went back home for a while and brought back a cardboard box, but it was totally gone. Perhaps it was only seeking shelter from the rain? I mean, won’t you think that it was hurt if it didn’t seem like it was going to fly away even when you go over to the side of the vending machine?!?! Whatever the case, I’m relieved www”

Mafumafu: “I’m home. At the bottom of my apartment, I was attacked by a drone beetle. Exactly what did I do to desrve this…”

Yuikonnu: “Drone beetle: ‘F,for my father’s revenge!!! Teii!!!”

Mafu: “You’re the lad… from that time….. Hahah, you’ve become big huh”

Drone beetle: “Shut up! Because of you, because of you……… Papa, papa became………..”

Mafu: “What happened, during that time, exactly what happ… Hah!!”

Maximum word count”

Mafumafu: “Drone beetle: “I’m the drone beetle you saved at that time. I have come to repay you.”

Mafumafu: “!?”

<<The drone beetle glows, and transforms into a silky, black-haired beauty!!>>

Drone beetle: “From today onwards, I will become your younger sister! Please give me your regards!!”

Mafumafu: “I did it-!! I got myself a younger sister!!”

Yuikonnu: “That’s not happening”


The Adventures of a Cardboard Box

So awesome how much fun a kid can have. :)

PS taken on a Nokia N8!

External image

“The Adventures of a Cardboard Box”
Gran corto filmado integramente con un Nokia N8.
Rescato dos grandes detalles no menores de este corto:
1) El guión, si bien después del punto medio cae un poco el ritmo y se llega a lo reiterativo, es una gran historia con una linda enseñanza. Con tan poco podemos ser felices!!
2) Para tener en cuenta que esta filmado con un celular, para puntuar que con pocos requrimientos técnicos se pueden recrear grandes escenas muy bien logradas. 


quizás a tu vida le hace falta una caja de cartón


The Adventures of a Cardboard Box


Reblog if you remembered your childhood watching this.


A Kitten's Big Adventure (Open RP) (Can be SFW/NSFW)

It was routine nowadays. Scrounge for food, find a cardboard box that wasn’t wet, and try to survive the night. The kitten mewed pitifully as he looks through yet another overturned trashcan to find something edible. It was three months now since his own mother drove him away because some kid picked him up and held him, therefore his scent didn’t match hers.

He finally found something edible, half of a hotdog. He purrs weakly as he ate his first meal in weeks. It wasn’t much, but the little things helped him get through. But, he started to wonder where his next meal would come from, and he didn’t want to starve.

Finishing the hotdog, he saunters out of the alley and starts to make his way down the sidewalk.

today in work adventures someone brought a cardboard box decorated with a swastika to the movie theater and asked if he could leave it with the staff and then pick it back up after the movie like it was regular luggage and not a box with a swastika on it

Arwel setlock’s pics

Ok, today I have noticed this:

In this Arwel’s pic you could see how this ear is important. Also it seems to me that its shape is weird, it seems like it had been put there like photoshop or something like that. For that reason I remembered The Adventure of the Cardboard Box where Miss Susan Cushing of Croydon receives a parcel in the post that contains two severed human ears packed in coarse salt.

Also, this is another Arwel’s pic: a cardboard box.

Any idea related with the last setlock facts?

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