the adventure time comics are so good


My three favorite couples, Korrasami, Amerikate and Bubbline.

I has been pretty uncomfortable with my art the last days, struggling with the comic pages, and that sucks. So, i decided give me a break, and back to my “happy zone”, and drawing my favorite things, to get back my confidence.

I must say, the excercise works pretty good.

If you like girl love, you can give a chance to “The order of Belfry” @belfryknights my webcomic proyect.

Thanks for all the support and hi to all the new followers!!

happy holigays!! ! ! spreading some christmas queer!!! am i right!!!

this is an old comic idea and its rushed but im ok w this! i hope you all are also! marceline is garbage at dealing with crushes but thats ok so am i!! 

have a good holiday, buds!!! 

(dialogue under the cut!)

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A friend said I should try going digital so I did and made it a bit harder for myself by making gifs haha please appreciate my efforts, tumblr :*

link to idea source

Aww man, there’s just so much potential for funny/adorable situations with Krupp and Captain Underpants knowing about each other!

Like early on Captain starts leaving a bunch of cheerful knick-knacks all over the house like stuffed animals and such and it just pisses Krupp off till he cant stand it anymore and cleans the house of all of Captain underpants things and throws it all into a spare room he never uses and he thinks that’s that, but then later he see’s one of Captain’s sticky notes on the door and it just says something like,
“Capital idea chum!”
and Krupp opens the door and See’s that Captain Underpants thought he must had been given his own space in the house and has turned it into like his own personal bedroom/superhero lair and it’s so colorful and gaudy and it has so much underwear in it and it’s great and it just gets Krupp even more steamed.

Or Captain underpants getting caught in the rain so they cant switch back and forth and Krupp having to make his way all the way back home in his underwear without trying to raise too much suspicion.
and i imagine him pulling the cape around his shoulders to wear it more like a gaudy poncho to try and hide how he’s only in his underwear. And him having to take the bus home like this and being absolutely livid the whole way, and then, right as he’s within view of his street and the sun is coming out and his mood is starting to change at the thought of finally getting his clothes back on and just relaxing at his house somebody shouts something ridiculous like
“Help! those squirrels stole my baby!”
and he’s just all like “oh god no” and he’s just so upset and done with today and after some indecisiveness and a few “why me?’s” he just buries his scowling face in one hand very reluctantly snaps his fingers.
And then he regains consciousness and he’s way back on the other side of town again DX

Or Krupp is out shopping and he see’s George and Harold coming at him and he just drops everything and nopes super hard out of letting them try and change him into captain Underpants, like closing his eye’s, covering his ears, and going “LA LA LA LA LA..“  really loud, all that jazz, cus he’s got things to do today dangit! but they keep pestering him and he just explodes at them, and they actually gotta try and convince Krupp to let Captain Underpants fight the monster of the week for once.

and then there’s the little things like setting up a hook by the door for Captain Underpants to hang his cape.

Krupp watching the news and seeing Captain Underpants on it and smiling a bit.

Krupp having to step up and take more responsibility crime fighting cus the boys went to summer camp or something so now he’s the only one who can summon Captain Underpants if things go bad and he finally starts valuing Captain Underpants’s company instead of begrudgingly seeing him as at best a necessary annoyance.

captain underpants learning to bring along some clothes for Krupp so he doesn’t have to keep doing the naked old bald guy walk of shame home, but it takes awhile for him to actually figure out to bring along proper clothes for Krupp instead of just clothing flourishes like his toupee and tie.
And it’s like… he at first thinks of Krupp as like a duplicate of himself, just wearing a wig? and him having to build his understanding of Krupp from such an absurd first assumption.

or what if Captain Underpants tried to pick out “Better” clothes for Krupp so its all..
/sarcasm/“Thank you waistband warrior, a skintight spandex catsuit with florescent underwear on the outside and a different color cape is absolutely the better option than a t-shirt and pants. Totally inconspicuous, How could I have been so blind?”/sarcasm/

Krupp accidentally referring to George and Harold as side kicks,

Him secretively revisiting their old comic books to try and learn more about Captain Underpants, before he eventually just sucks it up and goes and asks George and Harold about CU, and you get a really sweet scene of them re-telling their adventures, with him occasionally getting upset and yelling at them for the junk they did to him, but you can see he just gets more and more invested in their story and you can see how he had secretly been invested in the Captain Underpants story the whole time,even before he was hypnotized.

And eventually Krupp ends up asking them to do the same thing, only with telling Captain Underpants about him, and he had done something super cute, like tried to make a really poorly made comic book of his own to show Captain Underpants, since he knows CU is pretty thick headed and probably couldn’t read something if there weren’t pictures(or at least thats what he tells the boys).
but he’s too embarrassed to try and give it too Captain Underpants himself, so he just gives it to Geroge and Harold to give it to CU next time they see him.
An the boys end up doing a really kind gesture by not just giving Captain Underpants Krupps comic, but actually expanding on it a whole bunch first, weaving together their newer Captain Underpants comics that chronicled his real life adventures, only this time more properly including Krupp in them, with Krupp’s comic, and then you just have this equally saccharine scene of the boys retelling the story of Krupp to captain America through comic’s and you can see that the final product is much more similar to the format of the actual Captain Underpants books cus they made sure to put in more effort to include the stuff Captain Underpants wasn’t there for, and CU ends up learning more about not only his alter ego Krupp, but his sidekicks as well, both for good and the bad.
and man, there’s so many ways it could go with Captain Underpants learning more about Krupp and his sidekicks. like it would probably get at least a little bit angsty with Captain Undepants learning that he basically shares a body with his sidekicks arch nemesis.

Man, there’s just too many fun ideas with Krupp and Captain Underpants knowing about each other. it’s like the more i write down the more things i think of.


AS A WHOLE: each has a clear silhouette, easy to remember and readable color schemes, and are very easy to tell the differences in class A+ AS A GROUP!!!

what a good taako!! the colors are nicely balanced, the poses and expressions are A+, and the faint sea foam skin does a good job of making it clear visually that taako is Weird and ver unique that his voice usually portrays in the podcast!! and purple is very his color! will the umbra staff be in his color scheme or will his color scheme alter over time?? WHO KNOWS IM FUCKIN HYPED A+ WHAT A SOFT BOY

the tiniest magnus

anyway look at this wonderful magnus! so muscley and lean, he really represents just a wonderful fighter in his earth tones. i especially like how not Super Big he is? because super big magnus is Super Super Good, but in a sequential art story like this, it’s more important to get across how magnus isn’t just a heavy hitter, he’s also a thinker and a brilliant tactician. (see the dire bear grounding trick for evidence.) however, i’m not used to a magnus having a moustache so minus points until i get used to it. A MINUS FOR THE ROWDY BOY!!!

AAAAAH LOOK AT HOW SMALL HE IS anyway, what a handsome merle?? guys?? am i right?? i am right. look at how good this merle is! he’s got a cleric-y robe, some tough and rumble shoulder pads, and a huge wack bonk hammer. he looks equal parts serious and hilarious, which is a great look for merle!! i usually prefer my merle’s with huge dork glasses but ive decided not to give merle any minuses for lacking them because LOOK AT HOW CUTE HE IS A+ GIVE PAN MY REGARDS

final notes

designs as a whole get A++, barry and the gerblins look super good to, and i cannot WAIT TO GET THIS HECKING COMIC IT’S COMING OUT FROM FIRST SECOND BOOKS THEY DO GREAT WORK!!! I AM FUCKIN THERE!!!

Burrito Reviews: Regular Show Season 8 (final season)

Regular Show is done. After seven years of surrealistic stories, the crew decided to serialize the final season into a big space adventure with Pops as the main character. It went with a bang, closing almost all stories. But something is pretty sure: we won’t forget one of the best animated series of this decade for sure and part of the Pantheon of 2010 Cartoons.

Serializing Regular Show was a big change that went well in order to tell the final story properly. There were lots of fourth wall breaks and demolitions, meta moments, emotion, fun, references/parodies and licensed songs. New characters, like Rawls or even one-hit-wonders like Roxy, were nice additions.

The introduction of the first half had many good episodes, mostly funny ones (Lost and Found, Can You Hear Me Now?) but also deep and emotional ones (Stuck in an Elevator, The Dream Warrior, Welcome to Space), and don’t forget the action ones (The Space Race, The Brain of Evil, Cool Bro Bots).

On the second part the serialization was notorious with the quest of the key to the Universe, in which emotional and action moments took the lead on the arc while Pops found out the purpose of his existance and why his sibling was hunting him.

The finale left us with our jabs on the floor. Killing off a main character is a huge and polemic move. But it was the final episode, anything could happen and believe me that everything happened on those three part episode. Obviously it hit right on everyone’s feels not only with those scenes, but also with the future moments after the Park musicalized with David Bowie’s Heroes.

At least 80% of the main and secondary characters got their stories closed. There was some controversy on how it was handled (I’m watching at Pops, Benson, Mordecai, CJ, Thomas’ endings eh), but in general they were okay. There was also time of self-criticism/fans point of view on Meet The Seer, or some epic meta moments on No Train No Gain and Christmas in Space.


This final season had heavy stories. But @bentonconnor/ @yeaboiiiii duet did the best episodes (without counting the finale, that isn’t rated). First, Space Escape had all kinds of emotions in 11 minutes giving us the heaviest moment to end the first part of the season. And second, Meet The Seer broke the fourth wall like never in the show (it was broken after that episode, but The Seer analysis was incredible). Special mentions to @oweeeeendennis /Sean Glaze for the amazing The Space Race, and @madelinequeripel /Alex Cline for the beatiful, emotional Welcome To Space.

Voice acting was great as usual, and Robert Englund (aka Freddie Krueger) joined the party as Anti Pops/Malum Kranus that was pretty well done.


Storyboarder Madeleine Queripel did a series of comics with Margaret Smith as the main character called “Dear Eileen”. They were letters written to Eileen about things that happened in Earth while she was on Earth. According to her creator, those were non-canon, but I think they were nice aditions to the main story in space.

On the finale, we could see the return of Andrés Salaff as a storyboarder after three years (he went to work on Adventure Time and voice Princess on Harvey Beaks). And do you remember that smooth animatic of Anti Pops rising? It was animated by the one and only Jaaaaaaames Baxter. The day of the finale, Regular Show was trending topic on every social media: Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook… Even on Google+ (?).

The last season of Regular Show was the end of not only a seven-year series, but also of a process that began on late Season 6 which was the strong development of many characters:

  • Rigby finally matured, dated Eileen and got his GED. He became more serious, although he still did some dumb things, and made better decisions. And his dad was finally proud of him!
  • Mordecai recognised he was depressed and began a road to overcome it. It took him many years, but he could do it and he finally found a life partner (Steff the bat)
  • Pops had to leave his comfort zone to save not only the fate of the universe, he had to save his friends. So he chose sacrificing himself
  • Benson knew Dumptown wasn’t the end of the road and he had to do stuff to leave the depression zone. Also make other know he was the boss and he had to make others to show respect to him, no matter if they were from the Park or out of it
  • Muscle Man and Fives strengthened their friendship like never before, no matter if there was a fight or a lightning strucked them. They couldn’t be away from each other
  • Margaret used all her skills to become a very important reporter and then an anchorwoman
  • Eileen finished her college studies but also found a new, big challenge on space that tested her skills (and she succeeded)
  • Maellard understood that sacrifices must be done, despite he wasn’t prepared yet to send his son he loved so much to his probably death

Seven years, +250 episodes, a movie, many shorts, comics, loooooots of merch, countless OOOOOOOOOOOOOOHS, threats of fireing, my mom jokes, angry rants, fanciness, awkwardness and punchies. Regular Show left us with an unforgettable bang, like many of the animated shows born on this decade (besides, it left the stick very high for other shows like Adventure Time, that ends next year). I would like to thank all the people who worked on this jolly good show, that was anything but regular, that made me believe again on cartoons after many years. And I wish them good fortune on the projects they’re going to work on.

I have many fond memories of reading Tintin in my library. Out of all the superheroes in the industry, Tintin was the first one I saw growing up. What helps the books become so enjoyable that it does have a good sense of humor and its not all in jokes with current speak, its actual gags that would fit in that time period. The series has the right amount of camp and peril any child would dream of.

I talked to tom kenny at comic con today! he said that he just finished up recording a “standalone episode” with the adventure time crew? judging by the fact that recording on the actual show ended months ago I think that means we could be getting something adventure time related even after its over

When I was 18 I read my first full comic series: Young Avengers V.2 and something changed inside me. I don’t know how to explain it. In interviews, @kierongillen used to describe the story’s theme as a metaphor to growing up, to that time in your life when you’re entering college and your life changes in a way that is not often explored in fiction. This is exactly what it was for me.

First of all, entering a communications environment meant constantly coming into contact with people who’d read more books and watched more movies than me, people who prided themselves on their knowledge of obscure films and independent “”“deeper”“” creators. I felt so lost. I have always loved creating fiction, especially fantasy and science fiction, all things that had no place within an elitist artistic community. And yet, here was this book that wasn’t afraid of being colorful and fun and pop, without being any less meaningful. It was a breath of fresh air. It was a beacon of hope.

Not only that, but every single theme in it resonated deeply within me. Adults not understanding you no matter how hard they or you try. Friends leaving and friends coming together. Searching yourself across multiple possible futures. Wishing you were better. Having to accept you are yourself and that is good enough. Wanting to change and grow, and having no choice but to do that because you’re suddenly thrown into an adult world when five minutes earlier you were being treated like a child. Suddenly, you realize your whole future is in your hands and it’s terrifying and exciting.

Most of all, America Chavez resonated with me. Here was a Latina where I was not expecting to find her. A strong woman self assured in her identity, strong and caring. She had taken a leap of faith in the search for her identity and she has fought to make it work. She was everything I aspired to be and since then I have followed her journey through Marvel while I follow my own.

This is my last semester of college and I’m about to go abroad to get a Master’s degree. I’ll be on my own for the very first time. I’ll be starting classes in a new college, in a new city, in a new country where my identity as a Latina will be a new thing for the first time (as opposed to living in a Latin America country). I am excited and terrified of this new journey of self discovery I will be jumping into.

This year, too, thanks to Gabby Rivera, America Chavez will go to college. She will, like me, start new classes, a new life, new experiences and a new search for her identity. The timing couldn’t have been better. I can’t believe I will get the chance to have her as my companion through the next adventure in my life. I am so grateful.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, representation matters. Comics matter. Stories matter. To me, at least, they have meant everything. I don’t know if I could have gotten through life this past four years without them. Maybe, but the ride wouldn’t have been this good. So thank you.

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Hi mugges! Thank you for the cute comics based on my ask, I really like it! But there was a little misunderstanding: I see that as Solomon having a nightmare where David is the kind of parent who 's good and sticky who make you feel ashamed every time you're with friend. So when Solomon wake up and see his bad dad David as usual, he's so reliefed that he hug him.


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okay so their podcast “My Brother, My Brother, and Me” involves all three Mcelboys, and has hundreds of episodes, most of which are amazing (they say some dodgy shit in the beginning but they’ve learned) and listening to a couple dozen episodes of that will help you differentiate between their voices (can be difficult for some people at first, myself included) and figure out how they balance each other comically. 

THEN I’d get into The Adventure Zone, just because it’s SO FUCKING GOOD JESUS FUCK I’VE CRIED THREE TIMES TODAY BECAUSE OF THAT FUCKING PODCAST. You might’ve seen a shitton of spoilers already bc of this blue hellsite, but if you blacklist the tags and blast through the episodes you can get through all of them within a month (there will be around 70 episodes total).

Justin and Griffin have some great videos on YouTube under Polygon, most notably Monster Factory (a series where they make the most, um, interesting avatars they can and try to break the games they play), and (also under Polygon) Griffin has a bunch of videos with a guy named Nick (like Touch the Skyrim and Car Boys {which I finished yesterday and 100% recommend}). These videos are less plot-driven than The Adventure Zone, and can be sprinkled in between TAZ episodes for when you need a little break from crying or whatever. they’re all here: 

When you’ve consumed all THAT media, each of the brothers has another podcast they do with their wives; so far I’ve only really gotten into Sawbones, which is a comedy/informative podcast Justin does with his amazing wife Sydnee about medical history and how we’ve fucked up over the centuries. Griffin has a podcast with his wife Rachel called Rose Buddies (they talk about the Bachelor and the Bachelorette and other dating shows, I think? I’ve heard it’s adorable as fuck) and Travis has a podcast with his wife Teresa called Shmanners (they talk about old traditions/customs/games/manners??? maybe???). All the podcasts I’ve mentioned can be found here: 

Feel free to add on your favorite Mcelroy content I’ve missed, bc i need everything involving these sweet sweet mcelboys

DOUJINSHI SALE, caejose, jjba, zosan

EDIT: All the jjba/zosan ones are sold! If you want to check out my second sale, click here!

Hi Guys! I’m selling a bunch of doujinshi! I’m graduating soon and I need to make money!! All of these books are basically brand new because I take super super good care of them. A lot of them even have their original wrappers!

Top left to right A1-A4, next row A5-A8, last row A9-A12.


C1-C3, C4-C5

How to buy: I will update the post as time goes on but all the above will be available until they are sold. Please email me at the ones you’d like to order including the number, name, and price (you can just copy paste).  

Payment & Shipping: I’ll be using paypal and I will be shipping them as soon as I can. Total cost will include shipping through UPS. As for international orders… I guess we can try to figure it out together ><!

If you have any questions just email me or message me here on tumblr!

I put all the prices and descriptions in this EASY TO READ google doc but if you’re lazy like me you can just click the read more. The order goes from top row left to right, next row left to right, etc.

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Hey guys, little question

Remember the shitshow “Operation Canada” that I abandoned because I was too busy actually going on adventures to be actually drawing them? Well.. now that I’m back in France and actually have time, would y’all be interested in comics, weekly, about memories of my time there (small comics  this time because tf was I thinking before?? it was so fucking long??) ?
Funny, very gay stuff that actually happened, quiet moments, sad moments, whatever I remember and feel like it’d make a good comic basically. A fun nostalgic little recollection of memories. (but really my life is super gay so it’ll be super gay for sure).

Not only would it make more exclusive (as in, not fanart) content for you guys, but it might also be a way for me to cope with the fact that I’m not there anymore. I don’t promise regularity, because every time I try it it stresses me out too much, but here and there from time to time? It’d be posted on the Operation Canada blog, but I’d reblog each comics here too

It’s just a very very young idea I’m entertaining, so nothing is set in stone yet, but I’d love your input, as always

Tell me if you’re interested, ignore this if you aren’t :) ♥

RIP Club Penguin

Okay, so since it is the day Club Penguin is shutting down, I figured I would share a few stories from there that I remember the most. We all remember the arrival of the dojo and cardjitsu, the blowing up of the original hq, the arrival of Herbert, the changes in art style, the new puffles and everything. But these stories came from my youth and mostly real life, so they are very close to my heart.

So, I first joined when I was 6 or so under the user name of Pinkiannah(I think that is how I spelled it) and I was obsessed. My bro and I would play it everyday after school or on the weekend. We actually fought over whose turn it was to play.
I remember keeping my penguin pink constantly to fit my username and I remember my favorite puffle being a pink one that I creatively named “Pufflannah” I adored her and had her walk with me everywhere. But, one day, Pufflannah ran away. I was devastated to say the least, I screamed and cried about how she was gone. So, to make me feel better, my brother helped me collect enough coins to adopt a new one who I named in honor of her. I then went on to get fricken 10 puffles over the next few years as more and more came out. I remember getting another pink one named icing to go with sprinkles (a blue one), an orange one I named Jake (when I was obsessed with AT), a brown one I named Brownie Brain(I still love that little guy, the brown ones are my favorites next to the yellow ones), and a rainbow one named Skittles.

Another story involves my older brother( @all-stargamer99 ) who also had his own account (I have another story involving him after this), he bought the Club Penguin merchandise like the original puffle plushes and even a cardjitsu deck, but his favorites by far were the plushes. He named them after his original puffles on his account and made little scrapbooks out of pictures he took (I may scan them just because they are actually super adorable).
But one day, being the silly 8 year old he was at the time, decided that his blue puffle was in need of a hair cut. So he cut the puffles hair and started crying once he realized his mistake. To make him feel better, I gave my pink puffle plush a hair cut too, so that his wouldn’t feel alone. Tbh, I think we still have those plushes, I will have to find them when I wake up.

My second to last story once again surrounds my brother and his obsession with Club Penguin. At this time I was slowly out of it and went on to Pixie Hollow(which is now closed and that sucks, the games on there were awesome!) and other online games. But, my brother also was obsessed with this Playstation 1 Spiderman game. So, at the age of 10 (likely a little older, I vaguely remember) he decided to make a Club Penguin super hero named “Puffle Man” who basically could shapeshift into any kind of puffle and use their abilities to stop these super villains he based off of marvel bad guys! He made a fun little comic series about the guy based around the plot of that Spiderman game I was talking about! The character was actually… really well made for a kid his age! I loved reading the comic since he involved these symbiote/bear things into his story to make a black suit arc as well! I think at one point we tried to make a spin-off into the future to follow the guy’s kid? But we only made one and a half issues.

Tying that last story into my final one, I was inspired to make a comic of my own! It was called Bat-puffle(a puffle that was basically Batman but he could turn into a bat) fighting this evil Penguin villain I creatively called “The Penguin” it was only a page or two long and it was crappy. However, my brother loved it! Around this time, we had been shown the wacky adventures of Baman Piderman and decided to make our own version with Puffleman and Bat-puffle! We made a thick book of comics based out the cartoons that were out at the time, and we planned to follow through with the rest, but after a while we just stopped due to interest in other things.

I have so many fun memories with my older brother because of this game, and I honestly hope that the Club Penguin Island app that Disney is making fares well and is a good way to continue from where its predecessor had ended its run. RIP Club Penguin, thanks for so many years of fun and amazement.

possible chapter cover for phase shift! (i’ll probably edit the text, it was an afterthought) if u haven’t been following me long or just aren’t really following what i’m up to, phase shift is my in-progress comic that should be launching this fall! it’s a 1950s-era (mainly!) horror/adventure story about two ghost hunters in the american mid- and southwest learning the hard way that the universe really doesn’t make any sense, and our ties to reality are a lot looser than we think.

characters pictured include jack quezada, owner of the moonflower diner, which shows up anywhere in the country if you need to find it, and a fuckin huge saguaro cactus that jack spends a good percent of their time yelling at. both of them are probably more than they seem

Good news, everyone! October solicitations are out, so I guess I can FINALLY announce that I wrote & drew a short for Adventure Time Comics!! (Yeah, just take ONE WILD GUESS at which story is mine, lol). This’ll be my first published comic, and I couldn’t be more excited about it! It’ll be out in October, and I can’t wait for you all to see it!

Magnifigal reviews a movie: Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets (2017)

This was one of the few summer-blockbuster movies I was actually hyping the most for.

Yup. That’s right. Not Guardians of the Galaxy, not Wonderwoman, not Spiderman- to be fair, I’ve grown tired of the fact that we’re getting yet another Spiderman movie- but Valerian… allow me to elaborate:

(more underneath the cut)

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