the adventure of the wax gamblers

prosperity crystal grid

A simple square shaped represent: ever-present order, balance, stability, the earth and four elements, nurturing, abundance, perfection, perform this spell when the moon is waxing too full.

8 clear quartz points
4 other stones any combination of pyrite ,adventure and tigers eye or you may also use all for the same stone if you wish part is a traditional stone for wealth and money, as well as optimism aventurine use for prosperity and is traditional Gamblers stone good luck it also helps relieve stress.

Depending on the size your stones you may need to form a larger or smaller square simply forms were with your stones on you desire surface allow this grid staying please place for an entire moon cycle or longer if desired or if using a Candle you can remove the grid after the candle has burned out if you’re adding this grade to a to a candle spell of your own spell first then build the grid around it.
Before you build the stone border visualize this words a symbol of your financial situation the score will be built to protect your assets to have been growing remain stable in the centers were either uses symbols to write your need you can use a green candle carved with the symbol $, you can
“Paid”on a bill on put that in the center or simply write “wealth” on the center of the square.

Next you will build about the borders of the square. begin with one of the other stones in the upper left corner. Clear quartz points will be placed in between the Centerstone to the point find the directions of movement ,and work your way around the square moving clockwise placing one of the other stones at each corner and then 2 quarts points. to this as you place the stone:

“Prosperity wealth to me”

well finished say this twice:

“Fire, water ,earth and air 

with my money do take care”

Via The book of Crystal spells 
by Ember Grant