the adventure of pete & pete


When you head to the polls today, remember the real issues affecting the American taxpayer in these divisive times.

Pete says he’s responsible, but last year he broke the hall vase. Pete says he loves his parents, but he didn’t buy their anniversary card – he just signed it. And for the algebra final, Pete had to borrow notes.

  1. Broke the vase.
  2. Signed the card.
  3. Borrowed notes.

You need someone you can trust with your bowling ball. Give it to Pete, He Deserves It 🇺🇸.

  • Snow: 8 inches? 9?
  • Temperature: 19 degrees and falling
  • Baby: Staying put for a few more weeks. Currently snoring into my armpit with avocado squished in her neck fat creases. Oops.
  • Grace: Feisty. We might have paid Pete to take her outside in the snow. Our adventure duo.
  • Smash: Refused offers of playing in the snow. Put on his slippers and disappeared into his bed-tent to binge watch Mythbusters.
  • Pete: Up at 5:45. Lied about it, claiming he thought it was 7. Yeah, ok. In the snow by 8. Back out with Grace at 10. Good kid. Sometimes.
  • Wife: Won Yahtzee. Again. Always.
  • Me: Napping with the baby. Gotta create bad habits before she leaves, right? Sigh.
  • Also me: Pretending grad school doesn't exist. What's a thesis?
  • Young dog: Spending the day whining about cold toes, eating chunks of snow off kid snow gear, and taking extra naps.
  • Old dog: Loves snow more than life itself. Sore from attempting romps. Staring longingly out the window while also positioning self over heat vent.
  • Cats: Cold. Pissed.
  • Chickens: Cold. Pissed.