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10 Tips for Writing (Good) Smut

so. let’s do this.

About a year ago, I had to read a book for my school’s summer reading assignment called How to Read Literature Like a Professor by Thomas Foster. It’s not a bad book, pretty decent actually, but there was this one chapter about sex scenes in literature. And one of the first sentences was along the lines of “writing sex is boring.”

and I did a double-take. Bc in my experience, that is absolutely not the case, and if you do find yourself bored while writing smut, then you’re not doing it right. See, Thomas’s main argument was that there’s only so many ways you can write sex scenes, because there’s only so many sex acts you can choose from. (My boy Thomas is clearly a vanilla dude, but let’s not hold that against him.) 

But one of the most important things to keep in mind while writing smut is that it’s not necessarily just about the act itself. So while Thomas is right that there are limits as to how many ways ppl can have sex, he failed to realize that writing sex is about a LOT more than that. And I’m gonna prove it to you.

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30 THINGS TO LOVE ABOUT EXERCISE (None of Which Have Anything to Do with Your Weight, Your Size, or What You Look Like)

1. Working out is an immune-system booster, which is great since no one actually enjoys being a mobile snot fountain.

2. Exercise builds ferociously sturdy little old ladies (and men): it’s fantastic for your bones, reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s, and improves balance and coordination.

3. Exercise reduces symptoms of both depression and anxiety. Organic, legal DIY mellowness is a pretty sweet side effect.

4. Working out helps regulate your blood pressure, reducing the effects of things like traffic jams and not being allowed to strangle that one coworker who really, really needs it.

5. Exercising makes you smarter: research shows that exercise incorporating complex movement, especially, makes people learn better and faster.

6. Working out hath charms to soothe the savage metabolic system, encouraging insulin sensitivity and making diabetes management a little easier.

7. Regular exercise tends to generate major mojo. And by mojo, I mean increased sex drive and sexual responsivity. Yeah, baby.

8. If you suffer from insomnia, exercise helps, and not just because it tires you out; it also helps your body regulate its own rhythms.

9. Workouts boost levels of neurochemicals like dopamine and serotonin, which is like getting a biochemical massage in terms of counteracting stress.

10. You’ll be able to sing louder and dive deeper with your improved lung capacity.

11. Your joints get stronger and less prone to injuries and diseases, including tricky ones like repetitive stress injuries and arthritis.

12. It enables you to satisfy those urges to reenact dance numbers from Broadway musicals. So what if you’re in the grocery store?

13. Will you be able to snatch a speeding bullet out of the air? Maybe not, but working out does improve people’s reaction time.

14. Endorphins—mmmmm, sweet, sweet endorphins: the “runner’s high” isn’t just for runners, ya know.

15. Outrunning the zombies.

16. It makes you strong. You never know when you’ll need to be that person who can carry the suitcase full of gold bars through the airport without anyone being able to tell that it’s so heavy.

17. Your body and your brain get superbly and thoroughly oxygenated, which tends to make you feel peppy and full of mischief.

18. Most of us like to think we’re flexible people who can roll with the punches. Exercising makes it more likely that it’ll literally be true, not just figuratively.

19. If, God forbid, you should get sick, being a regular exerciser can help reduce the length and severity of your illness. It has even been shown to reduce cancer mortality for some kinds of cancer.

20. Exercise can help pregnancy and labor go a lot more smoothly. Afterward, it helps you keep up with the kid.

21. Probiotics and antacids have their place, but if you want to give your digestive system the best possible advantage, there’s nothing like fiber, water, and exercise.

22. Physical competence—just knowing you can count on your body to do stuff effectively and without trouble—is pretty damn nice.

23. It makes your heart happy and efficient to the point that your resting heart rate may get lower.

24. Four words: Exercise-induced mitochondrial biogenesis—exercising can increase the number of mitochondria in your muscle cells, which is just completely geeky cool.

25. Stamina: “Another ten rounds? Sure,” you say. “Bring it … if you can.”

26. You’re much less likely to fall and much more likely to be able to get right back up and brush yourself off if you do.

27. It’s kind of nice not to think twice about getting down on the floor to look for that thing that just rolled under the entertainment center or about how you’ll get up again.

28. It’s eco-friendly. No matter how much you sweat or how hard you breathe, you will not produce toxic waste or greenhouse gases.

29. It gives you a bulletproof excuse. “Sorry, Aunt Linda, of course I’d love to hear all about your colonoscopy, but I have to go or I’ll be late to Pilates.”

30. Juicy ideas and spicy epiphanies seem to be attracted to sweat and gym socks. Moving your body is a fantastic way to jump-start your brain.

—  The Unapologetic Fat Girl’s Guide to Exercise and Other Incendiary Acts
Rich Love Part 4; Tom Holland/Harrison Osterfield
  • pairing: reader x tom holland / reader x harrison osterfield (triangle)
  • warnings: shit idk 14+? theres language and a lil sum sum
  • words: 3100+ 
  • summary: being harrison’s best girl (friend) (?) has some perks, one of them being you get to spend a lot of time with Tom and you really want nothing more than to confess your attraction for Tom but something always gets in the way, most times that something ends up being his own best friend
  • a/n : this is a chaptered fic, part 4 to come soon
  • part (1) + (2) + (3) + (4)
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Honestly, you didn’t intend to spend the day in Tom’s house. 

He actually planned out an exciting day for the two of you.

After you sent him a private message over twitter, he sent you back his number because calling was a lot easier than texting. After a bit of back and forth, you found a day that worked best for the two of you.

You were thankful you took advantage of Tom’s suggestion sooner rather than later, especially because him and Harrison were leaving for Montreal in just over a week. 

So when he picked you up one afternoon, he told you all about what was in store. Starting off with getting coffee at one of his favorite café’s, spending some time walking down the roads of London, only to see the spectacular street art – his words, not yours, and then maybe dinner, depending on if you opted to spend more time with him or not.

The first part of the outing went great. Tom paid for your coffee, which you told him he didn’t have to but being the gentleman that he was, he insisted. The two of you were only there for just under an hour before you got back into his car.

“I just have to make a quick stop at home.” he told you as he pulled onto the street you were walking down only a fight nights ago, “Harrison’s stopping by later to pick up some stuff but I forgot to hide the spare key for him.”

“Oh that’s fine,” you said, but you noticed the way he hesitated before saying his friends name. 

“Have you talked to him?” he then asked, glancing at you from where he sat in the driver’s seat. You continued to stare out of the front window, “You know, since he tried kissing you?”

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Sherlock Holmes on Elementary is definitely a jerk. But he’s also a good person with a deep sense of empathy. Let’s explore how Elementary fits into the legacy of Holmes Adaptions, and how the character is depicted in these complex, contradictory ways.

Transcript below the cut

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30 Things to Love About Exercise (None of Which Have Anything to Do with Your Weight, Your Size, or What You Look Like)

I got this from the book called  “ The Unapologetic Fat Girl’s Guide to Exercise and Other Incendiary Acts” by Hanne Blank. I found it both enlightning and motivational, so I decidd to share :)

1. Working out is an immune-system booster, which is great since no one actually enjoys being a mobile snot fountain.

2. Exercise builds ferociously sturdy little old ladies (and men): it’s fantastic for your bones, reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s, and improves balance and coordination.

3. Exercise reduces symptoms of both depression and anxiety. Organic, legal DIY mellowness is a pretty sweet side effect.

4. Working out helps regulate your blood pressure, reducing the effects of things like traffic jams and not being allowed to strangle that one coworker who really, really needs it.

5. Exercising makes you smarter: research shows that exercise incorporating complex movement, especially, makes people learn better and faster.

6. Working out hath charms to soothe the savage metabolic system, encouraging insulin sensitivity and making diabetes management a little easier.

7. Regular exercise tends to generate major mojo. And by mojo, I mean increased sex drive and sexual responsivity. Yeah, baby.

8. If you suffer from insomnia, exercise helps, and not just because it tires you out; it also helps your body regulate its own rhythms.

9. Workouts boost levels of neurochemicals like dopamine and serotonin, which is like getting a biochemical massage in terms of counteracting stress.

10. You’ll be able to sing louder and dive deeper with your improved lung capacity.

11. Your joints get stronger and less prone to injuries and diseases, including tricky ones like repetitive stress injuries and arthritis.

12. It enables you to satisfy those urges to reenact dance numbers from Broadway musicals. So what if you’re in the grocery store?

13. Will you be able to snatch a speeding bullet out of the air? Maybe not, but working out does improve people’s reaction time.

14. Endorphins—mmmmm, sweet, sweet endorphins: the “runner’s high” isn’t just for runners, ya know.

15. Outrunning the zombies.

16. It makes you strong. You never know when you’ll need to be that person who can carry the suitcase full of gold bars through the airport without anyone being able to tell that it’s so heavy.

17. Your body and your brain get superbly and thoroughly oxygenated, which tends to make you feel peppy and full of mischief.

18. Most of us like to think we’re flexible people who can roll with the punches. Exercising makes it more likely that it’ll literally be true, not just figuratively.

19. If, God forbid, you should get sick, being a regular exerciser can help reduce the length and severity of your illness. It has even been shown to reduce cancer mortality for some kinds of cancer.

20. Exercise can help pregnancy and labor go a lot more smoothly. Afterward, it helps you keep up with the kid.

21. Probiotics and antacids have their place, but if you want to give your digestive system the best possible advantage, there’s nothing like fiber, water, and exercise.

22. Physical competence—just knowing you can count on your body to do stuff effectively and without trouble—is pretty damn nice.

23. It makes your heart happy and efficient to the point that your resting heart rate may get lower.

24. Four words: Exercise-induced mitochondrial biogenesis— exercising can increase the number of mitochondria in your muscle cells, which is just completely geeky cool.

25. Stamina: “Another ten rounds? Sure,” you say. “Bring it … if you can.”

26. You’re much less likely to fall and much more likely to be able to get right back up and brush yourself off if you do.

27. It’s kind of nice not to think twice about getting down on the floor to look for that thing that just rolled under the entertainment center or about how you’ll get up again.

28. It’s eco-friendly. No matter how much you sweat or howhard you breathe, you will not produce toxic waste or greenhouse gases.

29. It gives you a bulletproof excuse. “Sorry, Aunt Linda, of course I’d love to hear all about your colonoscopy, but I have to go or I’ll be late to Pilates.”

30. Juicy ideas and spicy epiphanies seem to be attracted to sweat and gym socks. Moving your body is a fantastic way to jump-start your brain.

Company - Part 12

Summary: You’re the new forensic scientist at CCPD and have to share the laboratory with Barry Allen for a while. The thought of that doesn’t please him too much, but that’s only until he meets you.

Pairings: Barry Allen x female reader

Word count: 1043

A/N: I AM ALIVE! Hey everyone, I am so sorry I haven’t posted in forever! But here is the next part to Company and I really hope you like it. Your opinions and suggestions are always welcome, so let me know what you think :*

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10 | Part 11


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Say-no-to-the-o asked...

Let’s see, a follower asked me (some time ago) to tell you guys about the advantages of denial.

I got into it by accident. It started when I found a blog dedicated to orgasm denial. I’m a virgin and I got no one to have sex with. Scrolling through that blog made me so wet. I started playing with myself a lot. Then I started to search for masturbation instructions, preferably ones that didn’t let you cum at the end. All though, I could never control myself and always slipped over. I went looking for a master, contacted many doms. When I found mine we talked about boundaries, fantasies and wishes.

Fantasies about punishments.
Fantasies about dripping through panties.
Fantasies about dressing more slutty.
Fantasies about being more provocative in an subtle way.
Fantasies about no touch periods.
Fantasies about begging for ruined orgasms.
Fantasies about never having an orgasm again.
Fantasies about being filled all day
Fantasies about being an anal only girl.
Fantasies about being shared,
and so much more

These fantasies got me pretty horny. Wet enough for my master to give me edging instructions. Just now when I slipped over I had to face the consequences.
I received lots of punishments. I learned from them. I got so much more obedient. I didn’t forget things anymore (like how I should always edge naked). I didn’t slip over anymore and I was becoming a good girl (advantage number 1)

When things were going better and learned how to control my body, I noticed me getting drippy a lot (advantage number 2). I noticed puddles in my panties. That’s when I didn’t need a “warm up” anymore before edging with my master. I was already leaking when he’d send me a message.

My master wanted to control how I dressed. Since I live in a cold country I didn’t have to wear dresses and shirt skirts all the time. But he trusted me to wear it every time I could, without underwear. This made me feel so sexy (advantage number 3). Like I was walking around with a little secret. I don’t know why but in that period guys started hitting on me a lot too. Not because I was acting slutty, but maybe because I was walking around with some kind of confidence and sexiness. People notice that about you.

The no touch periods were horrible, he wanted to test how desperate I could get, and trust me, I got very very desperate (advantage number 4). I started begging for all kinds of stuff. I was begging him for permission to grind against furniture. I was begging him for permission to push something inside me. I told him “I don’t even want to touch my clit, but please let me have something inside me”.
I was even begging for ruined orgasms.

Pretty soon after that he made me a promise. He brought it like this “I have a Christmas present for you little Doll”. And then he promised me that he’d never allow me to cum again. At first it made me laugh. I must’ve called him silly. But when I noticed he meant it.. it was waterfalls down there (advantage number 5).

Then master wanted me to know I’m owned at all times. I put some beads on a string and I’m supposed to wear that every day inside my pussy. It makes me feel owned (advantage number 6) because I can feel them move inside me with every step I take.

When you’re denied for so long, you start thinking about more extreme things. Because maybe if you do those, maybe you are allowed one orgasm. So we talked a lot about being an anal only girl. I started to train my ass (advantage number 7). It hurt in the beginning. But my master is the sweetest so he always told me to take baby steps.

Most of my fantasies already came true. Some of them even amaze me. I never thought I’d start fucking my ass. I never thought I’d ask someone for permission to touch my pussy. I never thought I’d never cum again.

But I have never been happier (advantage number 8)


The Mighty Thor: Loki’s Master Plan

When we Loki fans found out that the trickster of tricksters would play a role in Jason Aaron’s The Mighty Thor run, we were worried. A lot of Loki’s popularity in the comics came from a surprisingly well-crafted redemption arc, finally resolved in Al Ewing’s Agent of Asgard series. But Marvel canon is a notoriously fickle beast, and many of us were wondering how long it would last. Would Aaron acknowledge the story as canon, or disregard it in order to cast him as the villain once again?

With the first arc of the relaunched Thor wrapped up, our fears seem to have been proven right. After some initial confusion, he threw his lot in with Team Malekith by stabbing Freyja with a poisoned dagger, putting her at death’s door.

The latest issue cements this new alliance with a meeting between himself and Dario Agger (although the meeting hasn’t concluded yet, so we don’t know exactly what comes out of it). Naturally, all of this means that Loki fans are pretty angry with Jason Aaron right now.

But my question is: should they be? This is Loki we’re talking about, after all. Nothing is ever simple with Loki.

I think Aaron’s messing with our heads. The fanbase (not to mention Agent of Asgard itself) predicted this from the outset, which Aaron could have easily figured out by reading Ewing’s work and/or the mountains of hate mail he’s almost certainly received. Armed with that knowledge, he could easily be playing into our darkest expectations, feigning Loki’s relapse.

Why? Because Loki’s undercover, of course, and Loki doesn’t want anyone knowing about it - even all the observers behind the fourth wall. Aaron’s not throwing Loki’s delightfully meta character development to the wayside. He’s just taking it to the delightfully meta conclusion.

Let’s see the evidence.

The Story Acknowledges Loki’s Development

I don’t care what anyone tells me - Aaron’s proven that he understands what Gillen and Ewing have written, and recalls it in enough detail to sneak in subtle references whenever he thinks he can get away with it.

Take, for example, this page from the arc’s second issue:

“Loki writes his own story.” A bit on the nose, really, considering the theory I’m trying to bat for here (which basically implies that Loki himself is responsible for this plot twist). More than that, it showcases the character development he went through under Ewing’s pen. The old Loki was driven primarily by the actions and opinions of others. Screwing with Asgard because Asgard would never accept him for what he truly was. Attempting to prove himself as a hero to win over the good graces of his peers.

At the end of Ewing’s run, he learned to stop letting the opinions of others. He learned to accept himself for who and what he is: a Loki. We see that development here, with Laufey.

Also, in case you missed it, there’s this line: “And since you’ve been dead for so very long, father, I’ll forgive you for not knowing… but my story been rather fan-#@!&#&@-tastically good for quite a long damn while now.” Oh, Aaron, you sneaky little magpie, you.

In the third issue, the rabbit hole goes even deeper as we see all of Loki’s different incarnations. We get appearances from Teen Loki, King Loki, and even Kid Loki, who arguably has the best line in the entire arc.

This continues for many, many pages. And that’s not including all the other little details that get thrown (for instance, Loki still has the nifty staff he got at the end of Ewing’s run). Point is, there are enough winks and nods to the previous material to know that Jason Aaron is familiar with it on some level. Everything he’s writing, he’s writing with that stuff in the back of his mind.

But that only suggest that he’s read it, not that he’s adhering to it. So, in the interest of telling this story properly…

He’s Been Weirdly Helpful

Despite all appearances to the contrary, Loki’s already done quite a bit to strengthen Asgard. Beyond taking out a few of Laufey’s strongest warriors, most of his underhanded kindness came when he helped crash Freyja’s trial. Had it gone on unhindered, that trial would have been great for Malekith, further weakening Asgard while he made his power play. But alongside Thor, Loki provided the whimsical distraction that allowed Freyja to break free and start kicking the Thunder Guard’s collective asses.

Loki ended that battle prematurely by backstabbing Freyja, which, to be fair, seems pretty bad. But let’s consider the actual results of that…

1. Odin bugged out before he could kill Thor. That fight might have seemed like an even match-up the way Aaron presented it (a choice that angered a lot of old-guard fans), but Odin had a massive advantage in the form of the Odinforce. At full strength, he could wipe out entire armies. The only catch - at least according to recent lore - is that the Odinforce needs to be charged up, and that takes time. Loki’s backstab ended the fight prematurely, before the Odinforce was charged, effectively saving Jane’s life. If he hadn’t acted, Thor would no longer be around to stop Malekith.

2. Odin is now focused on bringing down Loki. And, through that grudge, anyone he happens to be associated with. Like Malekith. Bonus: Thor gets some breathing room.

3. This is the important bit: Freyja’s not dead. Let’s flashback to his little confrontation with Cul after the battle was over:

“Your blade was poisoned, they say, though the fact that she isn’t already dead tells me you’re either very bad at the art of poisoning or very, very good at it.” Loki’s obviously no slouch when it comes to poison. The implication, then, is that Loki was never trying to kill Freyja in the first place - only look like he was trying to kill her. She’s still out of commission, but that just means she can’t spark the civil war that Loki has so kindly averted.

4. Malekith now trusts him completely. Not two issues ago, the elf tried earning brownie points with Laufey by sending Loki to die. With this one action, Loki has completely changed Malekith’s mind about him… even though he didn’t advance Malekith’s cause at all.

Summing up the situation, Loki has… given Odin a target other than Thor, drawn Odin’s fire toward Malekith’s alliance, kept Asgard at peak strength, and put himself in the perfect position to undermine Malekith’s plans. He just had to sacrifice his mother’s short-term health and his own reputation to do it.

He’s Already Undermining Malekith

As I mentioned at the beginning, the latest issue is framed around a meeting between Loki and Roxxon CEO Dario Agger, Malekith’s pet human. He’s worried that Malekith is planning to betray him once Dario outlives his usefulness, and he’s looking for allies capable of helping him out. Enter Loki, who has a talent for granting godlike powers to idiot mortals.

Loki hasn’t been in this alliance for five minutes, and he’s already playing the different factions against each other. It bears an uncanny resemblance to his behavior in Dark Reign. He joined Norman Osborn’s Cabal, played them all like fiddles and threw them all under the bus at the right moment, ending up with exactly what he wanted. If that’s what he’s doing, he has precedent.

Malekith has destroyed at least two Roxxon bases already, and that’s not the foundation of a healthy, trusting relationship. By playing on Agger’s paranoia, he can set Roxxon up to turn on Malekith of its own accord, sewing chaos in the ranks. It shouldn’t be hard, considering what Agger is.

Controlling his temper can sometimes be a bit of a challenge.

He Has No Motivation

“I’m sorry, mother, but you never should have sent me to them.”

The last, most damning point I can think of. Look at Loki’s expression right before he stabs Freyja. Look at what he says after he does the deed. Stabbing Freyja was clearly something he didn’t want to do.

So… why, then? Why betray Asgard? Why poison one of the only two people in the Nine Realms that actually trusted him? Why cozy up to Laufey, a father he despises (and has been routinely trying to kill him)? Why sacrifice his reputation so callously after all the hard work his past two incarnations did to salvage it? Why try to conquer Asgard for Malekith, of all people?

This, more than anything, is why I don’t believe Loki’s betrayal is genuine. He always has a reason for stabbing someone in the back. Are those reasons often petty, spiteful and insane? Yes. But they are still reasons. And as far as we know, Loki has no reason to back Malekith in this fight.

Remember: Loki isn’t an enemy of Asgard anymore. Last we left off, he’d left those shenanigans behind completely. He was a neutral force, siding with neither the Asgardians or their enemies.

We still don’t quite know yet what the title “God of Stories” entails. We don’t know for sure what Loki’s agenda is. He could have some personal vendettas to resolve. He could be playing both sides for his own gain. He could just be trying to figure out where the hell his brother is.

But he’s not evil. He’s just messing with our heads.

Trust him. He knows what he’s doing.

The First Date: 10 Tips to Help You Master the Art of the Sugar Date



The first sugar date is crucial. He’ll size you up. You’ll size him up. And you’ll both come to a decision as to whether you want an arrangement with each other.

There’s a lot going on. But that’s no reason not to have fun.

In fact, your most important priority on a first sugar date is to have fun. After all – what’s the worst that’s going to happen? He’ll decide you’re not what he’s looking for? So what? – you get a chance to try out your sugar baby charm on him while being wined and dined.

Just concentrate on having fun – that is the best impression you can make. And if it doesn’t “work out” – hey, at least you had a fantastic time.


Conversation is crucial to a successful sugar relationship. Most sugar daddies tend to appreciate sugar babies they can have good conversations with.

Brush up on your potential sugar daddy’s interests before meeting. From your emails and chats, you’ll already know what they’re into – are they history buffs? Crazy about technology? Love traveling?

Use what you know about them to get to know more before the first date. You don’t have to be an expert in anything they’re interested in – just get a general understanding so you can be an interested and attentive listener as well as ask relevant questions to keep the conversation flowing.


The first sugar date should always be at a public place. If you can – make it a place of your choice, somewhere you feel comfortable.

This should be easy since a sugar daddy will most likely let you choose the restaurant or recommend a few for you to choose from. If he doesn’t, suggest it with a “I’ve been dying to go to ___. Want to meet there?”

If he offers to pick you up, politely decline and ask for cab fare. Actually, even if he doesn’t offer to pick you up, you should ask for cab fare.


Some sugar daddies love eye-catching arm candy. But most are low-key and prefer understated elegance or casual classy to outright flashy.

Choose your outfit according to the potential sugar daddy’s preferences, if you already know them.

If you don’t – for first sugar dates, we love understated, well-put-together outfits with a hint of fun. For ideas, check out some first date sugar baby looks we love.


You might be suffering a case of nerves over the first date, but guess what? You’re probably not the only one.

Quite a few sugar daddies are nervous the first time meeting. He might be feeling self-conscious about the fact that you’re much younger than he is (and appear obviously so) or he might be downright intimidated because of your looks.

Your job is to make him feel at ease. And the easiest way to help him feel at ease is to be at ease yourself. People play off each other’s energies and your body language speaks volumes so take the time to relax yourself before meeting your potential sugar daddy.


There is nothing more lethal to a first date – especially a first sugar date – than bland small talk.

Instead of pre-prepared questions, approach the potential sugar daddy as you would an old friend.

Greet him like you already know each other: “Hey! It’s awesome to see you! How was your day?”

And launch straight into normal conversation, just as you would with a friend: “So…tell me ’bout your day…anything exciting? I, for one, would love a glass of wine. Anything you recommend?”

Smile often. Laugh more often. Maintain eye contact. And keep the conversation flowing easily, naturally simply by expressing genuine interest in his day, his life, and his interests – just like you would with a friend.


A person’s appearance and demeanor speaks volumes about them. Take advantage of the first date to suss out whether this POT is sugar daddy material.

Observe not their wallet, their cufflinks, or their shoes, but their mannerisms, their eloquence, their overall conduct.

Many good sugar daddies may not look the part, but they will act it.

Does he ask you first what you want to eat? Is he interested in what you’re saying? Is he asking questions? How does he talk about his family, his employees, i.e. the people most important to him? Does he like taking care of them and knowing they’re happy? Is he nice to the waitstaff? How much is he tipping?

These little details matter. A lot. A sugar daddy who expresses interest in taking care of those important to him makes a great sugar daddy. A sugar daddy who cares that you’re happy with dinner is going to care that you’re happy in an arrangement.

Take note of the important details.


One of the best first sugar date tips we can give is: leave the allowance talk for later.

Find out why here.


There might be a lot of things running through your mind on your first sugar date. Am I dressed appropriately? Does he like me? How am I going to pay my tuition if he doesn’t? OMG…do I know those people at that table?

Whatever it is that’s on your mind, you can come back to it later. For the duration of the sugar date, the present is the only thing that matters.

The best way to guarantee a great first sugar date is to stay totally and completely in the moment. Show interest in your date. Appreciate the yummy foods you’re eating. Laugh about things happening around you. Relish how beautiful you feel.

Everything else can wait. Don’t bother yourself – or your potential sugar daddy – with pressing worries or concerns. Stay in the moment and share only what’s positive.


An hour or two is perfect for a first sugar date – even if it’s a leisurely dinner.

Even if you’ve had a fabulous time and the dynamic is amazing – avoid staying too long. He might want to keep you out longer, he might suggest all sorts of fun and inviting things to do.

But don’t be tempted – whatever he suggests, politely decline and leave him wanting more.

A good sugar baby knows her time is precious. Don’t be giving it away before the arrangement is finalized.

Mabel is ESFJ?


There’s been a lot of resistance to my typing of Mabel Pines from Gravity Falls as an ESFJ. Most arguments center around her as an ENFP, an Ne-dom, or simply that she’s not ‘serious’ enough to be an SJ. Let me lay out my arguments for ESFJ once and for all, just for clarity’s sake.

1. Mabel is not an Fi user.

Mabel’s feelings are focused outwards. When does she keep her feelings bottled on the inside, like Stan? When does she ignore what other people think of or say about her because of her own inner security? When does she adopt a ‘live and let live’ attitude to other peoples’ problems? Mabel is an Fe-user. She wears her heart on her sleeve. She interferes with other peoples’ problems on a daily basis. Fi users do not do this. They believe people are free to deal with their own issues. Mabel butts in. She takes it upon herself to fix the emotions of others, whether they ask for it or not. Her morality does not come from within - she’s convinced she can only be a good person in The Last Mabelcorn if she’s a good person in the eyes of the unicorn. She seeks validation from outside, not from within. She goes out of her way to change things about herself to impress the boys she likes, sacrificing her sense of identity to impress them. She tries to impose her own morals onto others, like in Boss Mabel when she’s convinced her ideas of how to run a business are right for Stan. In that same episode, she lets everyone take advantage of her because she’s afraid they’ll think badly of her. Mabel defies every important aspect of Fi: Inner emotion. Inner morality. Internal validation. She doesn’t use any of those. She communicates her feelings to everyone she comes across, whether a complete stranger or her brother. She gets her ideas of right and wrong from the outside, from others’ opinions, not from within. She seeks validation from other people and cares about how she’s perceived by them over how she perceives herself. She is not Fi.

2. Her Ti isn’t developed enough to be Auxiliary.

Let’s take the common argument that Mabel must be Ne-dominant, but also accept that she’s an Fe user. They would make ENTP the obvious type. But Mabel is not a Ti-auxiliary. She’s certainly capable of being logical, but it doesn’t come easily. Detaching from other people is hard for her. She doesn’t follow rational clues, like Dipper. She doesn’t listen to her head, she listens to her heart. Look at Not What He Seems. All the evidence, all the tangible evidence, is pointing to the conclusion that Stan is up to no good. The machine he’s created will end the world - confirmed by the government and the author. Rational facts. Stan’s been lying about stealing toxic waste - confirmed by the security tapes. Stan’s been lying about his identity - confirmed by the newspaper article and the fake IDs. Every piece of logical evidence supports the conclusion that Stan is up to no good. On the other side she has only her emotional attachment to Stan and trust in him. I’m a Ti dominant, and I wouldn’t have held up my hands like Mabel does. Mabel makes a choice based on emotion, past experience, and some indecision (Fe-Si-Ne), but not on logic. The logical choice here, and in many other places involving Mabel, is not the one she can make. An ENTP would at least be more conflicted between the two. Mabel doesn’t work like that. She doesn’t ask for logical proof from Stan in that climactic scene. She asks for emotional proof. “I wanna believe you”. Stan doesn’t give her any logical persuasion to do what she does. He appeals to her emotions. And that’s the way to win her over. Because although Mabel can be analytical at times, like any Ti inferior, she ultimately follows her heart and not her head.

3. She’s a sensor, not an intuitive

Mabel bases many decisions on how things have been in the past. She’s a doer, not a contemplator. Compare her to Dipper, who’s intuitive dominant. Dipper contemplates things. He sits back and analyzes stuff from every possible angle until he comes up with a conclusion. He can’t just go up and talk to Wendy. He has to think up a plan! Mabel doesn’t do this. Mabel just acts. She jumps in, face first. She’s so obviously a sensor. Her life is about doing things, getting involved, taking action. Mabel rarely sits around contemplating possibilities. Let me tell you, Ne aux-doms? We take a while to act. We think things out. We can spend a long time contemplating the various potential consequences of a situation before we actually do something about it. SJs don’t jump in as quickly as Ses, but they’re still sensors. They still need experiences. They prefer doing to contemplating. Also note Mabel’s habitual behavior. She’s always had Dipper around, she can’t possibly do without him! She and Dipper have always done Halloween together, they can’t break that tradition! Yes, she varies up her sweaters all the time, but she still wears cozy sweaters of the same variety every day. She compares things to what has come before. “Dipper and dancing? Did you know he used to dance around in a lamb costume?” She catalogues her memories in scrapbook form and brings them out to illustrate the things she talks about. Her memories of past events become so powerful that she even tries to erase them in Society of the Blind Eye, because for Si aux-doms, their memories are constantly pervading their current experience. Mabel’s Si is just too well-developed to be her inferior function, and she’s too much about action and sensation to be an intuitive.

4. She’s an Fe-dominant.

What is Mabel’s first reaction to things? An emotional one. She processes her environment through feelings, both her feelings and those of others. How can I have a great summer romance? I’m so determined to be liked by this guy (who I don’t know) that my test says ‘Do you like me? Yes, definitely, absolutely’. No possibility of rejection. She uses feelings as her main weapon: Play on the gnomes feelings, then use my past weapon (leaf blower) to defeat them. Can’t break up with Gideon, that’ll hurt his feelings! And other peoples’ feelings, all around me! Need advice from someone else, with experience in these matters (aka Wendy) to reach a conclusion. Stan’s feeling insecure? I’ll change everything about him, bolster him up until he can date Lazy Susan. Susan likes fixing things? Perfect, she can fix Stan! My friends feel like outcasts? I’ll win everyone’s approval in this big contest, then they’ll feel good. Oh no, I lost it for them, they must not want anything to do with me because the general approval went to someone else. Pacifica and the crowd disapproved of me! I thought I was being charming, but everyone sees me as a joke! Stan, lying is always wrong! No matter what the circumstance or individual need! I’ve lost my pig, my emotions take over me completely and I go insane, banging my head against a post for a month. Stan’s scared of heights, I must help him overcome his fear. Dipper’s always beating me at things, my feelings are hurt, ooh now I’m winning at being taller, yay! I can’t let Sev’ral times leave me, my feelings were hurt by the boys who left me! Stan, you put Waddles outside and lied to me? I’m never talking to you again. Dipper wants to tell Wendy he likes her, but he’s too scared. I’ll push him into a closet and not let him out until he does, he has to sort out his feelings! I want to get this boy’s attention, that’s more important than solving the mystery of the laptop. My feelings were hurt by these tragic summer romances, I’ll erase my mind to deal with that. Soos is feeling bad about losing his father? I’ll battle through untold horrors to help him through that. Robbie, a guy I can’t stand, is feeling bad? I can’t be satisfied until everyone is happy, so I’ll help him fall in love again. I must change myself and do good deeds so the unicorn will tell me I’m good. Dipper’s abandoning me forever? I must trap everyone in an endless summer, so we can be happy and not sad. Also, look at Mabel-land. A world that gives everyone everything they want the most. A world all about being happy, cooperating, and living in harmony. An Fe-dom’s dream. In short, Mabel demonstrates Fe first in everything she does.

Disagreement is part of what makes discussing MBTI typing online so important, in order to come to a better understanding. If you still disagree with this typing, that’s okay. Let me know why. Let others know why. It’s part of the puzzle. But I thought it best to get all my arguments out there, outside of the typing, for you to read. 

- mysterylover123

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I love reading your reread stuff for THG! I can't believe that there is so many little things that I never noticed at first! But the thing that really caught me off guard was the thing that Peeta might not have loved on Katniss in the first place in chapter 10. I'd love to see more of what you think about it being a bluff. Cause when I first saw that line, I thought that it was for Gale realizing it was a bluff that Katniss liked Peeta. Not the other way. Anyways, I'd love to see your thoughts!

As to the “bluff”…  A few other people have made comments either directly on this or touching it.  This includes @ghtlovesthg whose insights, like many’s, I love.  (She has two posts on the interview, I think.)  I personally believe that Peeta was in love with Katniss beforehand, and that the “bluff” statement was his way of trying to minimize the embarrassment of making the confession. (Especially since Katniss was so angry with him she committed what would be a felony level assault here in Alaska.)  

We know that he 1) took a beating for her when she was 11, 2) paid close attention to her and Prim at school, 3) had at least some minimal conversation with his father about her (because of the comments of his father bragging about her aim with the squirrels), 4) recalled her singing in school a very long time before that, 5) asked her to keep holding his hand in the chariot, 6) saved her the disgusting job of cleaning Haymitch’s vomit-covered body, 7) put her skills out there for Haymitch, etc. etc. etc.  It could not possibly have escaped his notice that Katniss was a woman who spent every waking moment trying to provide tender care for her sister (an almost defacto daughter), in stark contrast to his own mother’s harsh example of “motherly love.”  He had to admire that quality, coming from an abusive home himself.  And of course, during the same argument where she smashes him into the urn, he calls Gale her “boyfriend.” If that’s not a jealous response, under the circumstances, I don’t know what is. Finally, his response on page 372 when he’s told it had been an act is pretty hurt.

However, it does raise to me the legitimate question whether it might not have been ‘love’ at that point, but actually more along the lines of a crush. If so, it almost makes Peeta’s interview an even more masterful strike against the Capitol.  Because if he truly loves her at this point… Well love is patient, kind, doesn’t seek it’s own but another’s good… So making that confession and determining he’s going to spend his last evening outside of the Arena living his life for her, before going into the Arena and trying to find a way to die for her, is not unexpected or, frankly, singular in the grand scheme of ‘life, love and why.’ But, if it was only a crush and not devoted love, then he’s determining to both live and die for his fellow D12 tribute, truly, as an act of defiance to how the Capitol controls people, and as an act of his humanity.  I think Peeta capable of this.  He is almost Christ-like in his goodness through the entire series (except for when he’s brainwashed of course).  I don’t believe for a moment he had completely given up on the idea that he could make progress in the game.  He’s a smart, smart young man. Savy, intuitive, excellent at reading people, and not prone to having his actions subverted by any depression or anger he might feel. He got a good score. He’s strong. The odds do play a factor. And he said he would kill in the Arena like everyone else.  He might have been hurt by his mother’s slight, but Peeta is a fighter. We don’t get his First person POV like we do of Katniss saying that, but his poise, quiet confidence and everything he does shows he’s a fighter.  Just look at what he had to fight to survive and heal from after the 75th Arena.  His comments on page 89-91 never actually have him making the comment he doesn’t think he won’t have a shot at being an effective combatant in the games.  He might have been peevish and hurt about his mother’s comments, and not super confident, but he ends up working very hard in training and preparing prior to that interview, and from what we know about his personality, he could have been another Haymitch in the Arena, once the action started, and even had the advantage of being a great alliance maker, breaker, and manipulator.

But one thing might be beyond question:  Whether its the case he was just sweet on Katniss and trying to make his life count for some higher purpose, or because he was in love and decided to give everything to protect her, once those kisses started coming, he was a “goner.”

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What are your tips on writing good smut? I want to be able to capture details like sensory features and emotional aspects, but still maintain smut content?

There’s a huge element to all of this that is a matter of personal taste.  I keep thinking about this one smut fic that is very popular, highly praised (even by fic writers I admire), and people are constantly recommending it to me… but I’ve tried reading it and I hate it.  The plot is interesting and I want to like it, but I can’t because of the writing style – it hurts my brain.  The point is, I have my own writing style, other people have theirs, and readers will have differing opinions on what qualifies as good. So, the only thing I can do is share what I try to accomplish when writing smut and what I enjoy reading.

1.  The sex scenes in a story should be fully integrated into the rest of the plot, be appropriate for the characters, and make sense in the context of everything else that is going on.  Why are the characters having sex and why are they having sex in a particular way?  For example, sometimes I’ll see a story about virgins having sex for the first time and it will suddenly be super wild, graduate level sex.  Or people just start screaming out “Daddy!” in the middle of sex with no indication that this type of dom/sub relationship exists.  I’m not saying you can’t do those things in your writing – frankly, I think nothing is really off-limits – but I do think it requires context and you need to set up the sex acts in the rest of the writing.

2.  Build your characters out so the reader can understand who these people are.  A scene with two people having sex but no personalities ascribed to them, no relationship explained, no thoughts divulged… is boring. I want to know who is having sex, know something about them and their relationship to each other.  It doesn’t have to be a huge long character description or back-story all the time, sometimes you can divulge aspects of the relationship and their personalities during the sex scene itself.  But I definitely want to walk away from the story feeling like I know something about them.

3.  Sex uses all the senses, so make sure your sex scenes take advantage of that.  What does this look like, feel like, taste like, smell like and sound like?  

4.  Make sure that the sex is physically possible.  Pay attention to what position your characters are in and describe how they move from one act to another.  It’s tedious sometimes to keep track of all the body parts and where they are when you are writing, but it makes a world of difference in the end product.  You don’t want your readers taken out of the story because they are wondering how is it possible for her to suck his dick in that position?

5.  Make sure that the sex is physically possible, part 2.  Consider the space where your characters are having sex.  If they are in a car, public restroom stall, closet, passenger train, etc… then some things are probably just not possible.  Consider how they move around their space and whether or not it makes sense.

6.   Be clear about who is talking.  One of my biggest pet peeves is when writers have a conversation between characters, but they don’t clarify which character is speaking at a given moment.  It’s bad enough when it’s two characters, but when it’s 3 or more, it becomes very distracting trying to figure out who is speaking.  

7.  When possible, use actions and dialog instead of descriptive sentences.  This is a personal preference, but I think it’s more interesting that way.  For example, rather than describe all the details of what a messy room looks like, can you replace some of that with your character tripping over a pile of clothes on the floor or complaining aloud about the stench of stale sweat coming from the dirty laundry?  

8.  Don’t write anything that doesn’t add to the story.  I’ve used this example before, but writers will sometimes make a repeated point of describing something that serves no purpose to the story.  For example, they’ll describe Jimin with red hair. And throughout the story it’s “the redheaded man”, “his blush was as deep as his crimson hair”, “you ran your fingers through his firey locks”, etc.  But what’s the point?  If you are describing the hair color just because you like the red hair look on him but it doesn’t actually contribute to the character or the story, then leave it out.  Same is true of conversations between characters, descriptions of things, actions people take… it might actually be a key piece of information in a future plot point or truly help set a mood or describe a character, but if doesn’t serve a purpose, then it’s just extra words on a page.

9.  Use the words you want to use.  Seems obvious, right?  Except when writing smut, it’s easy to get embarrassed using a bunch of taboo words and sometimes writers will go out of their way to avoid writing things that are considered “dirty”.  Everyone who reads my stuff knows I have a penchant for absolutely filthy language, but even for me, it was hard to write those things when I first started, even though I knew that using “cunt” instead of “core” was the better choice for the story I wanted to write.  By the same token, don’t feel like you have to get filthy if that’s not going to benefit your story or characters.

10.  Write the story you want to read.  People may want you to include certain sex acts or want a particular setting or scenario, but none of it will work if you end up with a product that was solely written for someone else and not for yourself.  Write the story  you want to write, with all the details you want it to have, in a way that you find interesting or compelling or sexy or whatever…  Because if you like it, I guarantee someone else will end up liking it too.

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Here’s a gif of Yoongi dabbing as a reward for reading this far.  Thank you for your time.

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Hi i really want to work as a disney princess i was wondering if you could maybe help me with info

Hi, there! I’d be happy to help - anything to help dreams come true :)

So I’ll give you a full rundown of what happens and how to maximise your chances of reaching your dream!

First off, auditions are open to everyone and details of upcoming auditions can be found here. The details for time, place, and what they’re looking for is listed under each audition. For WDW you need to be sixteen to work, but at all other parks you must be 18, and - obviously - willing to move. If you don’t live in a city, or (even country!) where there is a park, there are housing opportunities. Not sure if you’re American or if you live elsewhere, but just a side note - in Disneyland Paris a common assumption people make is that you need to speak French - you need either French OR English, and the same goes for Hong Kong Disneyland – English speaking. And obviously English for everywhere else.

On the website above, it also lists the height range for each character. They’re usually a little flexible, especially if they think you look like that character, so your Disney height is usually 1 or 2 inches shorter than your normal height.

So, the audition process! Each audition has a few rounds, and after each round they call out the numbers of people who progress and the others are free to leave.

The rounds vary depending on the type of audition (you’ll know what sort of audition it is as it says so on the audition website). Some auditions are just for lookalikes, which are just the face characters, in which case they’ll look at your features and measure you first, take some photos, and then do some cuts and progress. Another type of audition also looks for parade performers, in which case you usually start with a dance, and later on some people are separated to learn more dances and go for a chance of being a parade performer or a face character that participates in parades.

Edit: Recently I’ve found that some of the rounds are in different orders depending on the audition and the park which you’re auditioning for. I recently auditioned for Disneyland Paris for the 2015 summer jobs (character and parade performers) and they started off with the animation round. But the rounds are still the same: animation and dance, and then through to reading lines and trying on outfits so that the casting directors have an idea what you’d look like in costume.

The dance you’re taught is apparently quite simple, for a couple of counts of eight, you can find videos on YouTube where people show you the dance, but I wouldn’t rely on that in case they decide to switch it up in the audition! As well, you need to prove you can learn something, because if you end up becoming a parade performer then you will be taught choreography. For the dance, smile and have lots of energy!

The next round consists of another dance (a little more difficult so maybe take a jazz class beforehand or look online for some basic dancing stuff if you’ve never danced before) for the parade performers or possible dancers (this will also depend on the audition and whether they see potential for parade performers) and some animation, where you do a bit of improvisation. The choreographer tells you to do a short routine where you try to be as creative as possible and act out the character trope they ask you to. Each part of the routine is for eight counts. Start by walking forward as a cowboy, around in a circle like a pirate, stand like a dwarf, walk like a villain, curtsey/bow like a princess/prince and exit the stage as yourself.

Later on there may be another improvisation round where you’re asked to act out a story (usually something like washing a dog, or planting a tree). The choreographer teachers you the dance, if you have any questions - ASK! They want to help you succeed. With your animation, try to keep it simple, but creative! You want the casting directors to know what you’re portraying, but also to remember you.

You perform in small groups - anywhere between 4-10 people depending on how busy it is - in front of the casting directors. Beyond that, a difficult stage to get to, and one a lot of people only get to after multiple auditions, you are given a script and try a wig and/or costume on to really envision you as a character. They may take a few more photos and then you’re free to go.

A few things happen beyond that; recently some people have been asked for a callback, where they send in an online audition reading lines for characters, some people are put into a character pool, which means they may not have positions open at the moment, but if a position opens up, they’ll call on you and you’re in! Or sometimes they get back to you soon and ask you to come onboard!

These are some of the best general tips I can give you:

1. Smile a LOT - look excited to be there! They want enthusiastic people to be a part of Disney.

2. But at the same time, be professional, you need to show that you’re taking this opportunity seriously and do want the job. They also want to know that you’ll be able to work well with them in training or just being part of the team!

3. Arrive early. Make sure you know where you are and you’re not panicking about getting there in time. And you do NOT want to arrive late; in some auditions they turn away people who are late. And it doesn’t look very good.

4. Following on from above, it’s often said to try and be in the first 50 people (you’re given a number at the beginning when you sign up and that’s how you’re referred to and how you’re called upon). This means that you’ll be some of the first to perform in front of the casting directors - especially if you’re in a big group; because you can imagine how tiresome it can be to sit through and watch 150-250 people do the same choreography. But it’s up to you; if you’d prefer to get it over and done with, try to go first, but if you’d prefer time to wait until you perform as the others perform before you, try to be in the earlier groups, but not up first. When you’re being taught the choreography it’s a really good idea to try and get close to the front so that it’s easier to see for YOU. That way you’re not relying on knowing the dance or animation from the people in front of you. You’re also going to be closer to the front for the casting directors to see you. And if you’re part of a big group, then you want to be some of the first people that the casting directors see, 

5. Clothes: try to stand out. Wear bright, but comfortable clothing - make sure it is comfortable so you can manoeuvre well! Also think about wearing something that flatters your silhouette, as they do ask you and take it into account. Try to wear comfortable shoes as well. It’s usually recommended to ensure your teeth are looking white, so you could look around online for different options for that - some people use a bit of lemon and baking soda solution and brush their teeth, or go to a dentist, or use whitening strips; it’s up to you - or your teeth may be beautifully white already :D

6. Don’t try to look like anyone or any character. Just don’t. Be you; wear your clothes, do your make-up naturally and keep your hair out of your face so it’s not in the way, but also because when/if they take photos of you (sometimes in the earlier rounds and then far later rounds so they have a reference of you) they ask you to have your hair out of your face.

7. Be friendly. At the audition you are always being watched - show that you have that friendly, loveable, Disney spirit! Talk to people, make friends, have fun!

8. Examine the Disney face characters. Watch videos of them, see how they interact with people; they always look engaged and pleasant. Big waves, big smiles, using your whole body to portray that character. If you have an idea of who you could be cast as (through height, facial features, size, etc.) then examine that character and their personality, the way they interact with people, their signature faces and moves, how they stand, even how they smile – just to give you a bit of an advantage if you get through to the final rounds.

9. Bring a snack and some water. You get thirsty with all that activity and you could be there for quite long time. Bring something easy to eat which will give you a good burst of energy; a muesli bar or banana or something.

10. Try, try, try again. If you don’t get through, don’t lose heart. Many of the Disney face characters took multiple auditions to get to where they are! As well, not many people know that over time, their brief for each character sometimes changes, so whilst you may not have been what they were looking for in one audition, a few months later you could have more of a chance of getting hired. Keep trying because you never know!

And, as I always say, in show biz it always looks good when you come back. You’ll get used to the process, lose the nerves, and if they remember you it only shows your dedication and love for Disney.


Here are a couple of my favourite sources for extra help or to get you into the spirit!

- wdwauditiontips - tips on the auditions and how to ace them. Great Instagram.

- Confessions of a Retired Disney Princess 1, 2, 3 - 2 retired face characters who reminisce and give advice for future princesses. Lovely, lovely girls, I love them a lot. Jennifer also has many other awesome videos on face characters on her YouTube and Rachel actually coaches young women for acting auditions! Her inspiring blog has a way to contact her if you’re interested :) They both try to reply to as many people as possible who contact them - Rachel once replied to me and I freaked out and was smiling all day because she’s so lovely.

- who do I look like? - I know a lot of people who want to know who they look like. I’m not very good at that, but a lot of other Disney or face character blogs do accept submissions and suggest who you may resemble if you’d really like to know. This blog here is very helpful and lovely and accept submissions. Just keep in mind, the casting directors know what they’re looking for, so don’t get something set in your head only to be let down or find yourself trying to look like that character and putting the casting directors off! And, as always, just be wary that if you submit a photo you are putting a photo of yourself out there on the internet, although this blog is lovely and I do trust them.

If you have any specific questions at all, let me know, I’d be happy to help. I just rambled on enough and I can’t tell you everything because you’d be reading all day! So if there’s something I didn’t answer here shoot me a message and I’ll do my absolute best to help you out :)

Sorry this took so so long to answer, lovely, but I want to give you the best chance and I’ve been away for the weekend!

I hope you’re feeling inspired and have a magical day :) <3

[Interview] Yezi “Unpretty Rapstar?” I’ll Play Well

Mnet’s “Unpretty Rapstar” created“Crazy Dog” Yezi (22). Offstage the overpowering gaze and attitude are completely dropped. She even dressed nicely and gave a 90 degree bow. Underneath the monster “God Yezi” is just a 22 year old girl. There were no awkard moments in the conversation and she left you hanging on to each word much like her rap. It seemed like we hit it off. But this girl is far from ordinary. She’s the real deal.

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KBTBB Bidders Caught Cheating Pt. 4 Ending 1

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This took forever, sorry. @obiwanmcprobie I know that you like this series, so I thought I’d tag you. Thank you and thank you @hifftn for your kind words while I was going through some horrible stuff. It really helped.


Pt. 1 Pt. 2 (Sor and Eisuke) Pt. 2 (Mamo and Baba) Pt. 3  Ending 1 Ending 2 (Eisuke)


Eisuke didn’t really think about what he was doing when he ran out of the hotel. The only thing on his mind was that he had to find you. She lives around Baba’s store. He was running up the street when he got a text message

From: ManWhore1
She lives at 447 Stonebridge Dr. Thought you might want to know ;p

“Fuck you, Baba.” Eisuke growled as he turned and ran the other direction.

I should have gotten the car. Eisuke thought bitterly as he felt himself grow tired, nearing your house. Skidding to a stop, a sudden thought occurred to him. Should I bring her something? Diamonds, maybe? No, Eisuke pushed the thought back with a smirk. I’ll be enough. He insisted upon thinking confident, lest his true feelings show.

Even though he appeared to be confident, Eisuke was a nervous wreck inside. Plagued with thoughts of “What if she doesn’t love me anymore?” and “What will I do without her?”

What do I say? ‘I’ll allow you to come back’? No. ‘I miss you’? No. There were no words that could accurately describe what he felt about you. No words that could possibly appeal to you to show just how sorry he was about what happened. He was still contemplating what he should say when he arrived at your house.


When you woke up that morning, you felt somewhat decent. It was a dreamless night–for once–and you were grateful. “What should I wear today…” You mumbled as you looked through your closet. “Maybe my new sundress?”


Confused, you headed towards the door. I didn’t think anyone would be visiting today..? You opened the door and froze. Eisuke.

Before you could shut the door or even say anything, Eisuke had dropped to his knees and began hugging you. “_____.”

Instead of responding, you straightened up and refused to touch him or speak to him. His forehead pressed against your thighs and you felt him shaking.

“______, I’m so sorry.” Any plan he had about what to say or how to act was gone. All he wanted was to hold you again.

“Why are you here.” You spoke harshly, tears gathering. The absolutely perfect Eisuke Ichinomiya was apologizing, and you knew that your absence from his life was killing him.

“_____,” All he could say was your name.

“Why are you here.” Speaking louder this time, you peeled his hands off of you.

“I need you, _____.” He stood and look you in the eye. Only then did you see just how different he looked. His clothes were baggier due to weight loss, his face was pale, his cheeks sunk in more, his eyes lost that spark, even his voice sounded…pathetic. “Come back.”

“No,” You whispered, looking down to avoid his gaze.


“No, Eisuke. I can’t come back to you.”

“I made a mistake-”

“You broke my heart.” Taking a deep breath, you continued. “It’s taken so long to be able to wake up and feel okay. To not have dreams about you in our bed with that other woman.” He buried his face in your shoulder. “Eisuke, you need to leave.”

“It was for you. I did it all so we could have a future together-”

“Stop it, Eisuke.” Tears were falling down your face now. You gently pushed him off of you looked at him. “Promise me you won’t come looking for me again.”


Promise me that you won’t come back.”

After a painfully long silence, he nodded and straightened up. “I promise.” His expression hardened again.

“I loved you, Eisuke. I still do. I might always love you. But I can never be with you again.” He nodded, but he didn’t understand. He would probably never understand. But that was Eisuke.

Eisuke was stubborn, pushy, flashy, and downright rude sometimes. But he could also be sweet and sensitive and just perfect. And you would miss him, but you both needed to move on. Maybe one day he’ll meet a girl who makes his heart race and he’ll be happy. Truly happy. And you’ll meet a man who makes your heart flutter and your eyes will meet your smile again.

Until that day, both of you would be surviving. Barely functioning in a world without each other.

Goodbye, Eisuke. A tear rolled down your cheek as he left, walking down the steps slowly disappearing from your view.


“You’re actually leaving.” Soryu spoke, the reality hitting him.

“I…I have to, Soryu.” You spoke, gripping the shirt you were folding.

“I understand.” He nodded solemnly. Why did I think she would come back? He thought.

“…you do?” You whispered, looking down so that maybe Soryu wouldn’t see your eyes watering.

After more awkward silence, Soryu spoke up again. “Do you need help packing? I know that Ryosuke and Samejima would be more than willing to help.”

“No, I’m almost done.” You cleared your throat and turned around again, facing the suitcase. “I’ll be out of your hair in a few minutes.” A few tears fell and you wiped your eyes immediately. The last thing this situation needed was tears.

“______–” Soryu was cut off by his own phone. Clearing his throat, he apologized and answered it. “What do you want, Baba.”

Oh, God. This is so awkward.

“What do you mean?”

I wanted to talk to him, but…not like this.

“Was it a coincidence? Is it in a place that this sort of thing happens?”

Even if this is only to say goodbye, I need to take advantage of this. We’re actually talking.

“Okay. Thank you. Goodbye.”

Soryu’s attention returned to you and you stiffened out of nerves.

“That was Baba.” He put his phone away and cleared his throat before he looked up and met your eyes again. “He told me that your house had been broken into.”

Angry at Baba, you tried to calm down, looking at your hands and taking a deep breath before replying. “I don’t see how that’s your business.”

“______, you don’t have to stay there-”

“I don’t understand why where I’m living is your concern anymore.” You said, volume rising.

Just then, the penthouse door opened and Eisuke stormed in. “When I said there was a meeting in 15 minutes, it meant that you should be here in 15 minutes.” He stopped in his tracks when he saw you. Crossing his arms and smirking, he spoke again. “Look who came crawling back here.”

I am tired of the way he speaks to me and everyone else in this god damned building! “Fuck you, Mr. Ichinomiya. I was just leaving.” You spat, zipping the suitcase with what little clothes you packed and walking past both men.

“______, wait!” Soryu called, but you walked out and into the stairwell, not willing to wait for the elevator.

Deja vu much? You thought spitefully. Running down the steps, you heard the door burst open again and hurried footsteps. “_____, please. We were talking, we need to talk!” He was much faster than you and caught up too quick for your liking. “_____, let’s just talk.”

“We were talking. And then you stuck your nose in business that wasn’t yours.” You continued down the stairs, praying that he would give up and let you go.

“I can’t help being worried about you! Is it really taboo for me to worry about the woman I love?”

“That’s not fair and you know it!” You yelled, turning around and facing him. “You really want to talk?!” Dropping the suitcase and pushing your sleeves up, you continued. “Okay, let’s talk. Let’s talk about when it stopped being okay that you invest yourself in my personal life.” Bad things are going to happen…. You knew this for sure, but continued anyway. It was too late to stop now. “Well, that stopped being okay when you fucked another woman!” One self-deprecating laugh later, you continued. “You want to talk, Soryu? Okay, let’s talk about that!”

Soryu’s face fell when you brought up The Incident. “_____, I just want to make sure that you’re safe where you are.”

“I’m safe. And I’ve been safe. Where was this ‘concern for my safety’ four weeks ago?!”

“______, I know I made a mistake. I know that there is nothing I can say that will make this better.”

“That wasn’t just a mistake.” Your voice shook and tears streamed down your face. “You threw us away! Our future together will never become a reality because you-” You cut yourself off with sobs and Soryu stepped closer. “Stop!”

“_____, I won’t force you to come back and I won’t force you to listen.”

“There’s nothing to listen to. Nothing that you say will justify what you did.” He nodded slowly. Looking away, you spoke in a quiet voice, barely above a whisper. “This will be the last time that I speak to you.”

He looked shocked, almost as if he was about to object before he stopped himself. “I just can’t torture myself like this anymore. I have to move on from you, Soryu.”

“I…I love you, _____. I’m sorry it’s ending like this. If there ever comes a day when you’re in trouble, you can always call me.” He turned to walk back upstairs and he choked out; “I hope you’re happy someday.”

Biting your lip, you watched the love of your life walk away. That was the last time you ever saw Soryu Oh.


The next morning, you woke up with a stuffy nose and a splitting headache. “Ugh…” You groaned, sitting up and holding your head. Maybe crying myself to sleep last night wasn’t the best idea. You thought, making your way towards the bathroom to take a shower. Luckily, it was your day off, so you didn’t have to worry about facing your coworkers after last night.

Letting the warm water wash over you, you though over the events of yesterday. Oh, God. That was so embarrassing. Why would she even ask me that? “Laura just needs to mind her own business…” you growled.

“Yes, I imagine she should.” Another voice responded outside of the bathroom and you gasped, turning the shower off immediately and wrapping a towel around your figure.

“Baba! What are you doing here?!” You yelled, yanking the door open.

“I need to talk to you.” He said seriously.

“And you couldn’t have called?! This is completely inappropriate–not to mention rude-”

“_______.” He interrupted your rant.

“What?” Emotions were overflowing. Anger that he showed up out of nowhere, happiness that he had shown up at all, sadness that you two were on such bad terms, but all of it just came out as tears.

“You need to leave this place.” He said, wiping your tears away.

It took everything you had not to lean into his touch. “Why? Why do I suddenly have to leave?”

“There are some dangerous men after me. They know that I-” He stopped himself. “They know where you live.”

“How do they know where I live? And why does it matter? It’s not like we’re together anymore.” A certain bitterness lined your words.

“They know about our relationship. They might try to use you to get to me.” He made no usual attempts at apologizing or flirting.

“Well, they obviously don’t know much. Because our relationship is over. It’s been over.” You turned around and walked towards your bedroom to get dressed.

“_______, I know that you’re still angry at me-”

“Angry at you? No, I’ve never been ‘angry’ with you, Baba. I was disappointed. And hurt. Don’t pretend that you understand anything because you don’t know what I felt when you decided that I wasn’t enough for you.” All of these words were pouring out of you and you couldn’t stop it, even if you wanted to. Everything that you wanted to say to him was coming out.

“You were more than enough for me!” He grabbed your shoulders and you saw that his eyes were glossed over. “You were my everything, ________. You still are,”

“If I mattered so much to you then how could you do that?!”

“I-” He stopped himself. He had no good reason. Even while it was happening, he didn’t know why he was doing it.

“You had no reason for doing what you did. Just pure sex. No thought for me or anyone else.”

“I know. Princess, I am so sorry.”

“I don’t want to hear your god damned apologies. You really think that after all this time, all I needed to hear was ‘I’m sorry’?”

He stayed silent now.

“it would take a fucking miracle to get me to forgive you now, Baba.” You were breathing heavily at this point. “Now get out.”

“Just promise me that you’ll leave. I would rather die than see you hurt because I couldn’t warn you in time, Pr-” He put on his fake smile and bowed, leaving your house.

You didn’t regret making him leave, but you found yourself thinking back to when you two were together. Reading that one sentence over and over until it killed you again.

You never told him, but you would always love the man named Mitsunari Baba.


“Mamoru! Get off of him!” You screamed, trying to pull him off of Jonathan.

“You’re a sick son of a bitch!” Jonathan yelled.

“Mamoru, don’t, please don’t–just ignore him–” You spoke fast, trying to dissuade him from causing another scene.

“This guy cheated on you and you’re still defending him!” Jonathan spit at Mamoru’s feet.

“Jonathan…” Sighing, you continued “Please. Just leave.”

“Fuck you, I was there for you.”

“My ass!” You yelled in retaliation. Out of the corner of your eye, you saw the bidders watching with interest.

“If you even look at her again, I’ll have your fucking head on a stick.”

“Shut the fuck up, Grandpa!”

“This is who you replaced me with, Kid?”

“While you were gone, she came to me!”

“You don’t know jack shit, ya lizard-lookin’ fuck.”

Mamoru and Jonathan went back and forth, arguing while you stood between them. Finally, you got fed up.

“Just shut up! Both of you! Neither of you are helping!” You were completely embarrassed, annoyed, and just about everything at this point. “Just leave me alone!”

“Wait, Kid!” Mamoru yelled as you ran toward your dorm.

I cannot believe they just did that. You thought as you ran, covering your mouth to muffle the sound of your crying.

Slamming your door behind you, you took a pillow off of the bed and squeezed it as hard as you could. A few seconds later, there was a soft knock at your door, followed by a soft voice. “_________…”

“Go away, Mamoru.” You tried to keep your voice firm, but it still trembled.

The door creaked open and Mamoru stepped inside. “I didn’t mean to cause ya trouble–”


You threw the pillow as hard as you could at his face. “Go away. You are the last person that I want to see right now.”

“He’s the one that put his hands on ya.”

“No, Mamoru!” You stood and stormed over to him. “No one hit me! I feel! And you would know that if you actually stuck around and listened for once!”

“I never took ya for a liar, Kid.” With those words, the mood darkened considerably

“I never took you for a cheater.”

“That-” He sighed before responding. “This’s different. That limp-dick lizard shit out there is puttin’ his hands on ya.”

Jesus, Mamo! I haven’t seen you for months and the first time I see you, you attack a guest in front of the entire hotel! My coworkers, the guests, and all of my superiors saw that! You humiliated me and you won’t even apologize!” You chuckled bitterly. “Then again, you wouldn’t even apologize after you slept with another woman, so why should this be any different?”

“Do ya really wanna talk about this now, Kid?!”

“Yes! I’ve wanted to talk about it forever! But you refused to speak even two words to me!”

“D’ya think I wanted to ignore ya?!”

“Well, with nothing else to go on, yes!”

He groaned. “You’ve got a long way to go, Kid.”

“What is that supposed to mean?”

“Nothin’, Sweetheart.”

“Do not call me ‘Sweetheart’.”

After silence and a few sighs, Mamoru spoke up. “There were things goin’ on that ya didn’t know about.”

“Don’t try to use that an excuse. If I didn’t know something, it’s because you didn’t tell me.”

“That’s cuz if I told ya, you’d’ve gone off and gotten involved!”

“Stop it!” You finally yelled. “You know that this is your fault. You stayed away because you felt guilty. I will not let you make this my fault. Let’s get this out in the open. It is your fault that our relationship failed. You kept secrets and you cheated. So don’t you fucking dare try to push this onto me.”

There was hurt in his eyes, but he made no argument. “You’re right.”

#4- Cooking

“Ok! I’m here! What do you want me to do?” You asked tiredly, coming through the door with bags and bags of groceries. “You can start on the cake, he’ll be here in 2 hours and the roast needs to be seasoned. Malia! Please stop eating the fruit!” Lydia whined. “Calm down honey, why don’t you just go take a nap?” Melissa suggested. “I can’t! Scott has done so much for me and I want it to be perfect!” Lydia yelled. “Ok and it will be, just go lie down for a bit.” Melissa smiled. Lydia nodded and headed towards the living room. You started cracking eggs and pouring oil into the mixing bowl. A red velvet cake, chocolate cupcakes, and yellow cupcakes. You poured the red velvet cake mix into a pan and popped it in the oven. Then you started making the mix for the cupcakes and putting the cupcake cups in the tins. “It smells great!” Scott exclaimed as he waltzed through the door. A screech from Lydia was heard and the timer for the cake. “Hi! You’re early!” Malia exclaimed, blocking the doorway to the kitchen. “What do we do? Do we hide it?” You asked Melissa. “He was probably spying on us the whole time sweetie. Don’t worry I’ll just have him wait out in the back or living room.” Melissa chuckled. Scott smiled as he came into the kitchen, “My 2 favorite ladies! What are you guys making?” “Food!” Melissa yelled, at first you thought it was her answer but the vegetables on the stovetop said otherwise. “I’m making cake and cupcakes.” You smiled sweetly. “I love sweets from my sweetie.” Scott said placing a peck on your cheek. “Disgusting. Absolutely disgusting.” Stiles mumbled, “But other than that the cakes and cupcakes smell absolutely delicious!” “What kind of frosting do you want?” You asked. “Eh having everybody here is good enough, and thank you all. I want chocolate, and cream cheese frosting.” Scott announced. “Happy birthday wolf boy. This is probably the only time I’ll cook.” You whispered to him.

“Alright Stiles, just open the turkey and shove it in.” Sheriff instructed. “I’m not putting my hand in there!” Stiles scoffed. “(Y/N) and I can’t do everything. I got the day off so we could have a nice thanksgiving dinner with all our closest friends and maybe some family that decides to show up.” Sheriff sighed. “Ok the ham is cooking! Is the turkey ready?” You asked coming into the dining room where all the other food was. “Stiles won’t stuff the turkey.” Sheriff shook his head. “C'mon! That needs to cook for 2 and a half hours and we have 3 hours till the pack and everyone gets here.” You explained. Stiles warily took a handful of stuffing and put it in the turkey. He gagged and slowly finished the turkey. You rolled your eyes and carried the turkey to the oven. “Please boil the potatoes while I go plug my straightener in.” You said pulling the apron off and going upstairs. “Alright! Well the cookies and cheesecakes are done. The sweet potatoes have a few minutes left. Lydia and her mother are bringing salads and drinks. Parrish is in charge of alcoholic drinks. Melissa and Scott are bringing mixed veggies and the rolls. Ok I think we’re good, I’m going to take a shower.” Sheriff listed off. Stiles nodded and peeled the potatoes before plopping them in the water. “Ok I’m back! The ham should be done in like 2 hours. Stiles I’ll watch the potatoes can you set the table?” You asked as you rushed around the kitchen to check on everything and cover what was done. After all the food was done both you and Stiles rushed up the stairs to finish getting ready for the dinner. The doorbell rang and you ran over, your heels clacking as you did so. “Lydia come in! Hello Ms. Martin. Melissa, Scott nice to see you.” You greeted, ushering everyone inside. After everyone had a chance to socialize and get comfortable, you and Stiles began bringing the food out. You all began eating and making conversation. “This food is really good. You guys did an amazing job.” Parrish smiled. “Well (Y/N) and I did most of it but Stiles was there for moral support.” Sheriff chuckled.

Liam and you were in charge of making dinner for the pack, as part of getting into the inner inner circle. “Where’s the sauce?” Liam panicked. “Right next to the stove where the pasta is cooking. Did you get the pepperoni?” You asked, stirring the pasta for a second then going to knead the pizza dough. “Why do we have to make all this food?” Liam groaned. “Because Stiles said if we didn’t make an array of Italian food, we can forget about getting any help from them. What will happen when we need them?” You asked. “I would be there. Mason would be there.” Liam sighed. “Yeah I know, but what happens if you can’t control yourself one time? I’m not using it to my advantage, but they’re seniors and they can help with studying and school. They’ve been here for you since the beginning, even if it didn’t start up that great, I don’t think it would be fair for them to leave you.” You explained. “Ok I get it. Take a deep breath and let’s just finish this.” Liam encouraged. After nearly burning the lasagna and nearly over-cooking the meatballs, the food was done. “Ok the chicken Alfredo is out, the lasagna is sliced and cooked, the spaghetti is out, the meatballs are laid out, the garlic bread and pizza are in the oven. I think everything is good. Can you set the cups and plates out? I’m going to set the drinks out.” You smiled. Everything was coming along well and the pack would be here in 10 minutes. You rushed upstairs to change because jeans and a shirt surely wouldn’t be acceptable for a semi formal dinner with Lydia around. “You look great and your lipstick is smudged.” Liam smiled wiping some lipstick from around your lips. “Thank you!” You praised, leaning over to straighten his shirt and place a kiss on his cheek before getting the pizza and bread out of the oven. The pack showed up at the door and smiled, walking to the dining room and taking their seats. “This is great! You didn’t have to make this much though.” Scott exclaimed. “Stiles told us we had to make a buffet or Italian food…” Liam trailed off. “What?! I wanted pasta and pizza!” Stiles exclaimed. “We cooked for 4 hours!” You screeched. “Well you forgot dessert.” Stiles said under his breath. You leaped from your seat but got help back by both Liam and Kira. “Well then Stiles, you can wash the dishes, pack everyone’s leftovers, and pay for all of our gelato.” Lydia smirked.

“Ok now we put the chicken in the egg and then in the flour.” Cora read from her phone. “Well then what? I have floury, eggy chicken in my hands, doesn’t feel that great.” You asked. “Then you put it in the oil, obviously.” Peter rolled his eyes from his chair on the other side of the kitchen. “Would you shut up? You’re not doing anything.” You scoffed. “I’m like the owner of the restaurant. I don’t have to do anything, all I do is make sure everything is right and going well.” He explained. “Well maybe you should start on the rice or something. Actually no. You wash the salad and put it in a bowl, shouldn’t be too hard for you.” Cora sighed. Peter rolled his eyes and stalked over to wash the vegetables. “Why are we making this food anyways?” Peter asked angrily. “When’s the last time an actual home cooked meal?” You asked. “That’s unimportant.” Peter stated. You and Cora shot each other a look and stifled your laughter. “This is fun. We should make it like a tradition. Every Sunday for dinner.” Cora added. “That sounds fun. Oh I think the chicken is done. How’s the rice coming along?” You replied. “A few more minutes. I’ll get the plates.” Cora smiled. You then took the area from Cora and set the table. The salad at the center, the chicken on one side of it, and the rice would soon be on the opposite side. “This is awful! Why do I have to do this?” Peter complained. “Then you don’t have to come.” A voice said from the entrance of the loft. “Hi Derek! Dinner is almost ready.” You called. “It’s been a while since I’ve had a home cooked meal.” He muttered. “We know.” Cora chuckled. “Cora why don’t you go sit down? Maybe pour some drinks? I’ll help (Y/N) finish up the food.” Derek smiled. Cora nodded and left the kitchen, leaving you and Derek to finish the rice. “Thank you for this.” Derek whispered, placing a kiss on your forehead. “You’re welcome. How did it go?” You asked. “A little gory but Scott and I were able to get it done.” He shrugged. “Don’t try to act all cool. I see right through you, baby.” You shook your head. “Well the rice is done, I’ll tell you all the story while we’re eating.” Derek laughed placing a kiss on your lips. “Not near the rice!” Peter yelled. “Leave them alone.” Cora said taking a seat next to you. Ah yes, a new tradition, Sunday Hale family dinners, filled with death threats and gory stories.

“This movie is getting boring!” Theo groaned. “Well what do you want to do instead?” You asked. “I want something sweet.” He winked. “Cookies!” You exclaimed. “That sounds good, I’ll ask my mom if we have the stuff.” Theo replied getting up and going to his parents’ room. “We should have most of it.” Theo smiled, leading you to the kitchen. “We’ll need flour, baking powder, vanilla extract, salt, sugar, chocolate chips, eggs, and butter.” You listed. Theo reached to the top shelf and grabbed the ingredients from there as you got the refrigerated ingredients. “Your shirt is too small. Your waist was showing.” You tsked playfully. “You know you love my body.” Theo joked, pulling his shirt up to reveal his abs. “Nope! Nope! Nope! Nope! Put those glorious babies away, we’re gonna make cookies.” You exclaimed. You poured the dry ingredients in first, then let Theo pour in the wet ingredients. You then started the mixture and slowly poured in the chocolate chips. “Would you stop eating them? They’re not going to be chocolate chip cookies if they each only have like 1 chocolate chip!” You exclaimed. “Calm down, we have another bag.” Theo chuckled. You rolled your eyes and slapped Theo’s hand away once more, before finally putting the mix on the cookie sheet. “It smells good,” You mumbled from your seat on the counter in front of the oven. “You smell good.” Theo retaliated. “Whatever you cheese ball!” You laughed shoving Theo playfully. “I think they’re done.” Theo said looking at the timer on his phone. He pulled the cookies out and took a bite of a cookie. “It’s hot!” Theo yelled, blowing and fanning at his mouth. “Good thing you’re hot, you don’t exactly use your brain.” You said shaking your head. You took a spatula and removed the cookies from the tray and placed them on a plate. “Now we have to let them cool.” You stated as you washed all the appliances. Theo joined you and after the dishes and appliances were washed and put away you both took the cookies to the living room to binge eat and watch TV. “I want something salty and crispy.” Theo mumbled from underneath you as you both cuddled. “Not again. I’m getting tired and I don’t want to cook.” You whisper yelled. “Fine. Just throw my dreams away why don’t you.” Theo exaggerated. You rolled your eyes and focused on the TV all while hearing Theo complain about wanting fries or chips.

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7 minutes (5/?)

“we’ve been nothing but friends for our whole lives but then we played seven minutes in heaven on a dare and now i think i might actually be in love with you”

Ch 1, Ch 2, Ch. 3, Ch

A/N - Time for Taco Tuesday and the salsa isn’t the only thing spicy in this chapter…

He really should be napping. With only an hour to get some shut-eye between shifts, he knows he will regret not taking advantage of the rest if he doesn’t. Alas, his mind is too busy trying to make sense of how he’s supposed to handle the altered version of his relationship with Emma. She didn’t run. If she had run, as he had expected, he’d know his next move without question. Give her space. This non-running version of Emma, however, has provided him with a quandary. He has no idea how to proceed.

Are they dating? Friends with feelings? Is he allowed to kiss her, hold her hand? Does he have to wait for her to make a move?

Pressing his fingers to his temple, he tries to massage away the headache that is forming in the jumbled mess that is his brain, and his heart. He takes a deep breath and tries to relax and let himself be happy with this new reality, one where he knows that he’s not alone in feeling the way that he does, that Emma cares for him as more than just a best friend. He groans at the sudden vibration in his pocket. An hour gone already?

The smile that curves his lips when he sees the alert is a text from Emma and not his alarm can only be described as goofy, making him glad he’s alone in the break room.

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NDA in Layman’s Terms

Diggingandfluff posted a copy of a British NDA tonight here. I know everyone is quite capable of understanding what it says just by reading, but if you’re interested in how a lawyer would translate this into layman’s terms, this post will try to do so. I don’t want to copy and paste the verbiage from Fluff’s images, so please look at that to follow along. Some of the paragraphs are more self-explanatory than others, so my explanations may be pretty short. After the cut if you’re interested:

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Wren Reveals a Secret, Lucas Has a New Personality, and Why Charles Isn`t the Body Thief -  3x02-3x03 Analysis

There wasn`t that much going on in 3x02, clue wise, so I decided to double up and analyze 2 episodes - 3x02 titled “Blood is the New Black” also known as the episode where –A gives Emily a necklace made of Bethany`s? teeth (-A wasn’t kidding about playing with body parts, huh?) and 3x03 titled “Kingdom of the Blind”.


What Does Garrett Know?

Spencer visits Garrett in jail, and he tells her that someone close to her has her fooled, and that people lie but medical records don`t. Spencer doesn`t know it yet, but he is talking about the fact that Melissa lost the baby way before she said she did, and essentially lied about being pregnant for a long time. She didn`t want to deal with having to tell people about the miscarriage. Still, I can`t help but think that Garrett knows more…About the NAT club, about Ali`s disappearance…About Spencer. 

This is Why I`m Still Suspicious of Wren

While In Radley, Hanna gets frustrated with Mona and knocks over a chair. When she steps outside she has a very interesting conversation with Wren. First of all Wren says this.

Hanna replies that this isn`t about punishing Mona. “It`s not why I came here. I just lost it,” she says. Wren replies with – “I`ve done worse. I once threw a bowl of soup across the room when visiting my dad. In a place much like this, worse.” Hanna asks if his dad was in a nut house. Wren has this to say:

This is the first time we learn about Wren`s father having serious mental issues. This opens up whole lot of different possibilities. Is Dr. Palmer, who we meet in season 4, Wren`s dad? He is British, a former doctor, and he shows signs of mental decline, dementia maybe, when Toby visits him. Or could Bethany, who was locked up in Radley for her own mental issues, be Wren`s sister? 

Wren also introduces Hanna to the concept of “ambiguous loss”. He says that this is what Hanna has, as far as Mona is concerned. When Hanna asks what “ambiguous loss” is Wren explains that it`s essentially when you lose somebody, mentally, but physically they`re still here.  

“They`re gone, but yet still here.”

Wren talks about this as if he`s experienced it himself, which again makes me think of Dr. Palmer possibly being his dad. Or maybe Wren is referring to himself. What if he is Charles?  Physically, Wren is here, but for some reason people in Rosewood have forgotten who he really is. Would you be okay with Wren being Charles? I`m kind of into the idea :)  

Ali Fooled Aria

The girls have all put something in Ali`s Bethany`s casket before she was buried. Now that the body has been dug up, the trinkets reappear. Aria finds one of the earrings she put in the casket and we get a flashback of Ali and Aria going into Byron`s office and Ali finding the earring inside of a sofa. 

Alison calls Meredith a ‘bunny boiler’ and says that the earring belongs to her. Aria is in such a rage that she doesn’t question it much. Later in the season, when Aria shows the earring to Meredith she says that it`s not hers. Which means that Ali planted the earring on purpose, to get Aria all riled up. But why? Did -A/Mona make her do it? Was this a part of Ali`s plan, so she could get more money from Byron (she was blackmailing him because she needed money for something…)…

Another thing to point about it is that Ali wears a shirt with bunnies/rabbits on it. I think it`s supposed to be a cue that SHE plays the role the vindictive, home-wrecker in this scene, whether -A forced her to do it or she thought of it herself. 

Jenna, Her Snacks, And ‘Bitch Can See”

In this episode Jenna is eating pistachios which is an interesting parallel to the episode where Tippy is shown to be alive (in season 5) and a black hoodie gives her a nut. Some people say it`s an almond, some that it`s a pistachio. Nonetheless, the bag of pistachios in this scene was important enough for the camera man to focus on, so it must means something. 

Also, when Aria walks away Jenna pulls down her glasses and stares at her. Yes, AT HER, because guys, ‘Bitch Can See!”

Pig Clues

For someone who is tormented by -A just like the other girls, Aria has a lot of weird clues associated with her. The black swan dress, the limes, the “Wait up, Big A” and…pigs. Marlene King mentioned that Pigtunia, Aria`s beloved stuffed animal would make a return in season 6, so I`ve been keeping an eye out for any pig references in these older episodes. In 3x02 we see a piggy bank in her bedroom, and - 

she`s shown writing “You Pig” on a wall in her dad`s office (in the flashback).

3x03 “Kingdom of the Blind”

Here is what we learn in this episode - 

Lucas, Who Are You Anymore?

Lucas has a total change in attitude. He gets in trouble with the principle and burns a letter he`s supposed to bring to his parents. He burns it while he is at school! 

Then, when Caleb confront him and tells him that he knows all about Mona being -A, Lucas tells him that Mona isn`t the only one they should be worried about.

Is he telling Caleb that Mona isn`t in charge anymore and is simply one of -A`s minions? Or that Lucas himself is someone Caleb should be afraid of?

Later Hanna sees Lucas visit Mona. He was forced to do stuff for her because Mona had something on Lucas (he stole test answers and -A/Mona knew that). I think that at this point Mona had stopped taking her medication. Perhaps she stored her pills in a pillowcase just like Spencer did during her stay at Radley, and then when Lucas would come over she`d  give the pills to him, so he could dispose of them and the nurses wouldn`t suspect anything. At the same time, I think that Lucas is more involved with -A than he lets on.

This is what Lucas tells Hanna and Caleb when they bust him for visiting Mona. Sure, he could`ve said it trying to get Caleb and Hanna to leave him alone. The thing is, even though later Lucas confesses to Hanna what -A has on him and seems to distance himself from Mona and her games, in season 5 we learn that Lucas is sketchier than ever, holding secret meeting with Mona and Mona`s army, fooling police officers, and looking super guilty while standing in the crowd in front of Mona`s house after it`s announced that she was supposedly killed. Yes, the adorable nerdy Lucas from season 1 is gone, and I don`t trust this new version of him at all!  

Mona Stops Taking Her Medication

Mona is finally talking and Caleb visits her to basically let her know that if she messes with Hanna she`ll pay for it. When Mona gets tired of listening to him she uses her ’crazy’ against him. One moment she acts normal, and then next she gets up and starts screaming. This is proof that even though Mona is locked up in a mental institution, her mind is clear and she knows how to use her supposed mental issues to her advantage.  

At some point in 3x03 she also tells Hanna that you can`t trust anybody, not even family. What is she referring to? Who can`t Hanna trust? Her mother? Does she know something about Big A being related to Hanna?  I still think that Spencer is the one related to Charles somehow, but anything is possible at this point…

Speaking Of Hanna…

This is exactly why I was so confused by Hanna getting into all of these hard to get into colleges in season 5 when the other girls were struggling. Emily takes a make-up test and does poorly, but gets a high grade and thinks that -A has something to do with it. Hanna says that she wishes she could pull 90s. So she doesn`t? Or is she simply playing dumb and she has been as smart as everyone else this whole time?  

Why the Gun?

The girls find out that Jenna can see. She asks them to keep it a secret because it`s not safe for her. Someone is after her. Which is probably why she was seen going into a gun store.

But has it been revealed who Jenna was actually scared of? In season 4 Melissa says that all of them were scared of Wilden. But Jenna said that Wilden was a long time friend. My theory is that Jenna, as creepy and sneaky as she is, was targeted by Big -A just like the liars and she bought the gun just in case she was attacked. 

The Queen of Hearts

Oh, how I love these dark, creepy, Radley scenes. Mona sings a song and holds a card in her hand.

The Queen of Hearts. The choice of card makes sense when you get through entire season 3. Wilden and Melissa were both dressed as the Queen of Hearts on the Halloween train. In season 4 Melissa tells Spencer that Wilden wasn`t smart enough to come up with this plan. Someone told him what to do. Which means that he was one of -A`s puppets, just like Mona.

I`m pretty sure the point of the plan was to get rid of Garrett. Still not sure why Aria ended up in that box with his dead body though… So as far as I can tell, this scene is meant to tell us that -A does clue Mona in on his plans and that the “Queen of Hearts” will be important in the future, which it is. 

Why I`m Confused About Charles  

This right here is messing with my theory. I think that Charles is related to Bethany, so why would he take his sister`s body apart and make a necklace out of her teeth? In the ending scene of 3x03 we see a black hoodie working on the necklace that Emily finds in 3x02. Two questions come to mind - why do we see this happen at the end of 3x03 when Emily gets the teeth necklace in the beginning of 3x02? Also, take a look at the drink on the table. 

There is a piece of lime in it. What does it mean? At times Ezra might not have any food in his house, but there`s always a furry lime in his fridge. Just saying…

And then we see black hoodie put a vodka bottle in a large cooler which also holds a body bag with Bethany`s body. First of all, gross. Second of all, not saying that teenagers don`t drink vodka, but I`m getting an older person vibe from this scene. 

Going back to why this scene is confusing to me as far as Charles and Bethany go. If my theory about Bethany being Charles` relative is correct, he wouldn’t disrespect her remains like that. Sure, he probably is crazy, but even a crazy person has to have some limits. Especially if Bethany`s death could possibly be one of the reasons why he holds a grudge against Alison/the liars/other people he`s torturing. So either Charles isn`t the one who dug up Bethany`s body and ended up putting it on the Halloween train OR he doesn`t know that it`s Bethany and truly thinks that it`s Ali. 

nicocoer  asked:

Have you heard about the tumblr using bots to perma ban people who uploaded music, and because it's bots even stuff under fair use is likely to be flagged for perma bans?

fyeahcopyright has heard reports about this and seen the FAQ about what may be going on, the script so people can find what they need to delete if they’re concerned about this, and a how-someone-got-her-account-restored FAQ but we are still looking into (a) whether this is still happening, (b) whether this was a glitch that staff is working to fix, and © whether vids and other transformative works that are clearly Fair Use that people have uploaded here on tumblr could also be caught up in all this. 

We’ll have a broader post later today once we’ve learned answers to these questions. 

We also wanted to address the issue of DMCA takedown notices in general. The DMCA, or Digital Millennium Copyright Act, has been part of US law for almost 20 years, and means that a service provider like tumblr is not responsible for copyright infringement if they remove infringing works - and yes, uploading a song that you don’t hold a license to or the copyright in can be infringing but if it’s a Fair Use then under US law it isn’t infringing because Fair Use is a lawful use of a copyrighted work

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