the adress hotel

You surprise visit him on tour 4/4 blurb


Calum has been on tour for five months, Calum would text me everyday or at least face chat, but it wasnt the same. I have been saving some money to book a flight to see him. I told the boys a head of time that I was coming and told them it’s a secret.

When I arrived at the airport, I told the taxi driver the adress of the hotel the boys were staying at, Ashton said that he took Calum to lunch and gave me his key to his hotel room. I wasnt going to surprise him until later when they are performing. I entered his room and hid my suitcase in the closet. The concert wasnt for a couple hours so I went out and tour the city.

The concert was about to start soon, I met Luke backstage, “Hey!” he hugged. “Hey Luke.” I smiled. “Okay, I got you front row seats on his side of the stage, he will definitely see you.” He said handing me the ticket. “Thanks.” I said hugging him and getting to my seat. The concert started, and Calum hasnt noticed me yet. After the third song they played Permanent Vacation that’s when he finally saw me. He looked surprised, like it was a dream. I smiled and waved at him. Calum literally stopped what he was doing, he gave his bass to Luke and ran down the stage to hug me. “I missed you so much y/n!” he said. “I missed you too Cal.” We both kissed each other as the crowd went wild. “I think you should finish the show.” I laughed.


Today is Ashton’s birthday and I decided to surprise him while he’s celebrating at a party. I already bought a plane ticket. I kept the secert to myself, I knew the boys didnt know how to keep there mouth shut. I texted Ashton a happy birthday.

Happy birthday Ash xx 

Thanks baby, if only you were here :(

I laughed at how he didnt know I was coming. I heard that my flight has arrived so I turned off my phone and got to my seat. I arrived at my destination three hours later. I called a cab to drive me to the party. When I arrived to club, I saw the boys sitting together drinking beer. Luke noticed me first. He looked at me and yelled my name “Y/N!” Ashton looked back, he looked confused. I came closer to him. “Happy birthday Ash.” I said kissing his cheek. “Best birthday ever.”


I got a Skype call from Luke when I was watching TV

“Hey Luke.” I cheered. “Hey babe.” he sounded sad. “Is everything okay.” I frowned. “I just miss you y/n a lot” my heart melt when he said that. “I miss you too.” I frowned. “I promise I will see you soon okay.”

It’s been a couple days since Luke and I talked. I have been working more shifts to see him on tour for a while. After a couple weeks later, I saved enough money to finally see Luke. I called Michael to let him know I was visiting. I wanted to see him after their show on the tour bus. 

I opened the door of the bus, it was empty of course they were preforming. I sat on the couch waiting for them to come back. I heard the door open, “Yea the fans were-” Luke paused. “Surprise.” I laughed. I stood up and hugged him. He lifted me off my feet and kissed me. “EWWW.” Michael yelled. 


I was on my lunch break at work when I got a call from Calum.

“Y/n!” he whined. “Yes Calum.” I laughed. “Michael hasnt left his room in two days, I think he misses you, he keeps saying your name and it’s sad-and annoying.” I felt bad for him, he told me I should go on tour with him, but I couldnt quit my job for him. We also kept in touch but I guess it wasnt enough for him. “Okay.” I sighed. “I will drive down there to see him.” “Y/n that’s a six hour drive.” “I know, send me the address and I will see you tomorrow.” I said. “Okay, and hurry!” he said before hanging up.

I have been on the road for five hours, I still had an hour and a half left. I picked up my phone and texted Calum.

I’ll be there in an hour so meet me at the lobby

As I drove into the entrance of the hotel, I saw Calum waiting outside. I turned off the engine and stepped outside. “Hey.” I sighed, I was exhausted but excited to see Michael. I opened the back door and grabbed my suitcase. “Michael is going to flip his shit.” Calum laughed. “I bet.” I chuckled. Calum showed me to his room, “Now make him back to normal.” he said before he left. I laughed and knocked at the door. “Leavee.” he whined. “You’re not going to open the door for your girlfriend.” I smirked. I didnt hear anything for a while, Michae opened the door, he looked miserable. His eyes were red and puffy and his hair was a mess. “Michael.” I whispered. He grabbed and kissed me. “I missed you too Mikey.”