the adorable two


ok, let’s try this one more time lol

some of you might know this already, but for those who don’t: Adore is gonna do a birthday tour this year and i’d love to give her something special!

28 photos with 27 of you beautiful people (+me), to be exact. please write “happy birthday” on a piece of paper, your hand, your face, a wall, WHEREVER. get creative. take a picture and send it to me. (the submission box is open)

the important thing: please please please include a short message that i can write on the back of the picture. i want to do a sort of “28 things we love about Adore” type of present. (two or three sentences would be nice bc i’m bound to end up with 14x “your music”, 11x “your smile”, 3x “your assdrag” or whatever, so it would at least be nice if y'all include a reason why that thing makes you love Adore lol if someone will actually participate, i’ll start a list with reasons that were already send in so you guys know what’s up)

no one except Adore and my ugly self will see the pics, so don’t be shy. you’re beautiful just the way you are, so there’s no reason to hold back.

even if you don’t want to participate, please reblog this or tag people who might like to contribute something ❤❤❤

deadline: september 19th


🌸 Tattoo artists!Jikook for anon 🐉