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Request: So i saw that requests are open so I was wondering if you could do a Newt one with prompts 18,24,25,26, & 89 And if you could, let the reader be Minho’s little sister and also Gally’s best-friend and Newt being in-love with her Also, maybe if the reader is a runner and all that, same as Minho. Thank youu❣️


  • 18. “I shouldn’t be in love with you.” 
  • 24. “Are you really going to leave without asking me the question you’ve been dying to ask me?”
  • 25. “When you love someone, you don’t just stop. Ever. Even when people roll their eyes or call you crazy… even then. Especially then!”
  • 26. “I think I’ve been holding myself from falling in love with you all over again.”
  • 89. “You’re the best part of me.” 

Warnings: none

You jumped on Gally’s back, messing around in the early morning. You had just eaten breakfast with the Gladers, and were supposed to be packing a backpack for today’s run through the Maze. 

“Y/N, get off me!” Gally laughed as you giggled.

You pretended to think.”Nah, I’m good. Maybe you can run for me and I can just be look out.”

Gally rolled his eyes playfully before unhooking his arms from underneath your legs. You landed on your feet, sending him a playful glare. You two continued to tease one another while you returned to packing your bag.

Standing afar was Newt, however. He watched, leaning against a post. “I shouldn’t be in love with you,” he sighed to himself, gazing at you.

“You really need to stop being a creep by staring at my sister.” Minho nudged Newt playfully. “But seriously, shank, go for it. You know I gave you my blessing long ago. Make a move.”

Newt sighed, running a hand through his hair. “I don’t know, Min. She makes me nervous.”

“Ah, young love. Gotta hate it.” Minho dramatically sighed.

Newt couldn’t help but grin at his sarcastic remark. But he quickly thought it over, and today would be the day he confessed to you.

“Seriously, Newt, go up to her before we head out in the Maze.”

Newt nodded. Gally had finally left her side, so this was the perfect moment. He began walking over to you, going over what he wanted to say. Though as he got closer and closer to you, he forgot more and more.

“Hey, Newt,” you grinned at him. 

“Uh, hey, Y/N.”

“What’s up?”

Newt paused, but then just spoke his mind. “I love you. And I think I’ve been holding myself from falling in love with you all over again.

Your eyes went wide. He spoke so quickly. His accent didn’t help either, but you understood exactly what he said. You dropped your backpack, too.

“What… I… When did you… Again?” You couldn’t formulate words, they were all jumbled. 

“Uh, when I first met you and Minho, I knew I was in love… It sounds stupid, but ti’s true. Though I made myself stop because you were Minho’s younger sister, he would never let some slinthead like myself be with you… But I’ve been holding myself back for so long, that I grew to love you even more without realizing it. You’re the best part of me, Y/N.”

Newt stopped for a moment. He looked at you, but your mouth was hanging open. That made him more nervous. His hands were already sweating, and now they were sweating even more along with his armpits. But he continued.

“I’ve learned that when you love someone, you don’t just stop. Ever. Even when people roll their eyes or call you crazy… even then. Especially then! And I have admired you for so long, Y/N. You make everything better for me. You make the bad go away.”

Newt was done speaking. You were shocked beyond belief, and didn’t know what to say just yet. But Newt couldn’t handle the silence at all. It was killing him. So he began to walk away.

“I’ll, uh, see you around.” He turned around, but now you stopped him. A smirk rested on your lips.

Are you really going to leave without asking me the question you’ve been dying to ask me?” You bit your lip.

Newt flipped around, confused.

“Because just maybe… possibly… I love you, too.”

Newt’s face lit up. It illuminated with happiness. He couldn’t believe it. He was so happy that he ran closer to you and picked you up. Once setting you down, he crushed his lips to yours.

“Want to make us official? Boyfriend and girlfriend?”

You bit your lip and nodded. You two kissed again, both happy as ever.

“I’ll see you once I’m back. I’ve got to go. I love you, Newt.”

“Be safe. See you around dinner time. I love you.”

With that, you hugged and kissed one more time before picking up your pack and going into the Maze with your brother. As soon as you were gone, all the Gladers started teasing Newt, which only made him blush.

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Thrawn in the original novels was brilliant, analytical, and patient, but he had flaws, he could be outsmarted, and he ultimately lost. There's a reason Rebels got Timothy Zahn's approval in their depiction of him, they're not showing him as some sort of Sherlock-esque superbrain but as he was. And to the fans somehow insisting he win or be so much better than our rebels (particularly those who dismiss Hera as "some girl") I can't wait for General Syndulla to get her promotion by defeating him.


Thrawn was a great character, even though (for me) a bit OP.

The SWR Team’s handling of Thrawn was very respectful of the character.

I’m quite sure that Thrawn in SWR has many differences from Thrawn in Legends, which was why the SWR Team invited Zahn to review their treatment/version of Thrawn.

And Zahn liked what he saw.

So, anything that “fans-that-cannot-move-on” say about SWR’s Thrawn are no longer relevant. This is the Brave New Canon, and unlike Legends, are very well-planed to integrate with the Movies.

Part 3 of Operation: Galactic Gambit - The Spoils of War (on AO3)

Submission for the @averyimperialvalentines event organised by @badsadspacedads and @saltandlimes. It’s too early for the event, but we already had this in the making, so why not.

Writer: @white-rainbowff

Artist: @festeringsilence

Tags: Thrawn x Veers (primary), Tarkin x Krennic (secondary), distorted timeline (Empire wins), gossip, praise kink, hand jobs, grinding, plenty of alcohol, relationship progression, 2 drunk emotionally stunted people talk about feelings, nsfw.

With the Imperial Gala underway, Grand Admiral Thrawn is surrounded by his esteemed colleagues and doting subordinates. It is, however, difficult to concentrate on the revelries when a rambunctious crew of imperial army men are raising a ruckus across the ballroom. In the center of the chaos is Thrawn’s new beau, General Maximilian Veers. By the evening’s end, Thrawn will have the general to himself and perhaps teach him a thing or two about discretion.

im so unbelievably thankful for steve both because louis deserves to have someone like that in his life and they seem to genuinely have a great friendship going on where they care for each other and love working together and admire each other and it’s so good to see louis being able to do something like this with someone like steve who is an amazing person and i love him more with each new information and also for us because i don’t remember any artist outside of 1d ever treating us this way, he must’ve been blown away by our support and he isn’t afraid to jump in to defend us or to stress how much we do and to appreciate our work and emphasise it and talk about how amazing we are when we are used to being treated like shit by people who assume it’s a Good joke and Cool to be ugly abt a group of loyal people because they assume we are all just girls and can’t be taken seriously and he just isn’t there for that and i love him

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What if everyone at marine headquarters watches luffy and laws relationship? There are factions for and against, there's betting pools on when they'll get married, when garp comes around they have to take down newspapers talking about lawlu

holy fucking shit sengoku and garp firmly lead the “against” squad and everyone shits themselves when they walk in and the marines are casually writing fanfic and drawing crude scenarios of law and luffy, 

garp and sengoku can’t help smiling when they overhear the excited conversations of the lower-downs who are all firmly in the “for” squad (especially Coby and Helmeppo), cooing and cheering every time they hear reports of their escapades, etc  and even they sometimes, sometimes don’t suppose it’s quite as bad as they initially thought

(but then they start blaming one another yet again and they have to restrain themselves from destroying the entire HQ because of the fear of inciting the rage of sakazuki, borsalino, etc etc

there’s a similar thing going on at the revolutionary base but literally everybody there supports it so they have like lawlu memorabilia decorating their main operations room

dragon puts up the posters and the flags and the newspaper clippings and koala finds it slightly unnerving but sabo just looks at all the pics of his brother being super duper happy and smiles

they also all have a savings jar set up to put towards the marriage fund lmao

SWR Preference: They Ask You To Marry Them

Requested by Anon.

Hera: She’s quieter then usual, and in deep discussion with both Kanan and her father when he has a rare visit to the Ghost. You wonder if there’s a mission you weren’t told about, one of those need to know types. But nothing comes from it in the days that follow. Hera stays up late, gets up early. Spends time alone more then usual. It worries you, but you try to brush it aside. Maybe Hera really is working on something for the Rebellion.

A few days later, your sitting alone in your room, causally flipping through one of Hera’s piloting magazines when she comes back in from a meeting. You look up with a smile, wondering briefly why her hands are behind her back.

“You’re done early.” You comment, rising up so you can kiss her. “Here I thought you’d forgotten about me.”

“Never.” Hera confidently replies back. “I think about you all the time.” She smiles slightly at your blush, stepping towards you with an intensity in her eyes you didn’t know she had. “I have something to ask you.”

“What is it?”

Hera pulls out a necklace, faded green cloth that’s a little loose. It has the same design as on her Lekku on it. “In our culture.” Hera begins, a little shaky. “We give these necklaces with our Lekku design to someone, a person who we really love, and who we…” Hera takes a deep breath and steps closer to you, heart beating fast in her chest. “…who we want to spend the rest of our lives with.


“I want to spend the rest of the my life with you.” Hera finishes with a loving grin.

You don’t answer for a few seconds, before you throw yourself at Hera; nearly knocking her over as you kiss her passionately. She laughs when she breaks away from the kiss for a moment before kissing out again as you sink to the floor with her. 

“That’s a yes?” Hera teases, brushing a hand over your cheek.

“A thousand times yes.” You reply breathlessly as you tangle your hands behind her back. 

Hera smiles and gently wraps the necklace around your neck. When she looks back at you, she knows she’s never seen anyone more beautiful/handsome then you at that very moment.

Ahsoka: Doesn’t waste any time is asking to marry you. She’s quick to the point, wanting to know if despite everything that seems to be going on around you with the Rebellion, if you would like to become her husband/wife. When you say yes, Ahsoka kisses you and lifts you up, as much as she can. You laugh when she spins the both of you around, kissing you as much as she can until your dizzy from love and the spinning. 

Older!Sabine: Marriage in Mandalorian culture is different, usually depending the the circumstances. Most marry for love, some marry because they were betrothed at a young age. Sabine knew that marriage, starting a family was important. And when she was younger, she hated the idea that she might have to tie herself down and commit to a relationship.

Now though, she felt differently. At least, after getting to know you.

She figures it was your love of life and everything in it that started to change he opinion, made her more open to different ways of life. How you eventually develop into a relationship that makes your hearts sing and pulse beat as fast as a drum. So when she corners you one evening after dinner; she makes sure no one is around before dropping to one knee and holding out a carefully crafted ring in one hand.

“Will you marry me?” Sabine blurts out, cheeks red and heart beating much too fast in her chest. 

“Will I what?” You stammer out, blushing hard. “Marriage?” You fall to the floor in a sitting position as you stare at Sabine in shock. “Marry you?” 

“I’ve broken you.” Sabine deadpans. “I’ve-”

“Sabine.” You look amused, rising up on your knees so your face to face with Sabine, a small grin tugging at your lips as you wrap your head around the idea of being married to Sabine Wren, your everything. “You just gave me a shock.” You reach out to put a piece of hair behind her ears. “I will. Marry you I mean. I want to.”

Sabine jumps up, letting out a yelp of cheer as she grins blissfully down at you. “I love you.”

“I love you too.” You rise up and Sabine pulls you into her arms, holding you close as your hearts beat together as one.

Kanan: It’s an in the moment type of proposal with him. You had been running from the stormtroopers, and while you had managed to find cover, you knew it wouldn’t be long before they found you again. 

Kanan looked down at you like he was seeing you for the first time, breathing heavily and smiling that charming smile of his. “Hey I have an idea.” He tells you, voice full of laughter.

“What?” You huff, trying to hear if any of the stormtroopers are coming.

“Let’s get married.”

“Were a little busy at the moment.” You reply, feeling irritated.

“Not now, later; after.” Kanan shakes his head, looking amused. “What do you expect the stormtroopers to stop shooting at us if we say ‘Getting married, please wait?’ “

“Maybe if we asked nicely.” You joked, feeling elated. “So, escape now; marriage later?”

“Works for me.”

Older!Ezra: He always wanted a family, and when he asks you to marry him, you don’t say anything for a few minutes. He looks worried after a few minutes, but you quickly ask him if he’s sure. Sure that he wants marriage, and a family; eventually.

“Of course I’m sure. I’ve never been more sure about anything in my life.”

You smile softly at him. “Then I guess we have a wedding to plan.” 

Ezra kisses you.

Zeb: On Lasan, marriage was normally crafted very carefully as their elders wanted people to marry those with whom they both loved and were able to relate to, in both work and every day lives. 

Zeb is sure that’s not how things are done on your planet, but he does know you share that same interests and that he loves you. When he asks you to marry him, you couldn’t exactly believe it. 

I mean, was Zeb the settle down and marry type of Lasat? He didn’t seem that way before, but you admit to yourself that you do love him, and that’s all that really matters right? 

After thinking it over for a week, you tell him yes. And honestly, you’ve never seen Zeb look as happy as he did in that moment, right there with you.

Old!Rex:He goes to Ahsoka for advice first. I mean, Clones weren’t supposed to have families or get married. But the rules changed when the Empire took over and he was force into retirement. Ahsoka encourages him to ask you, and he briefly thinks of Cut and how he had his own family, realising that he had been right about choosing the life you want to live.

He waits until your laying in bed together, all snuggled in and ready for sleep before he asks you to marry him. Rex is nervous; and shy and really really hoping you’ll say yes.

“Well, I figured we were married already. But I guess we should make it official?” You tease softly, giving him a small half grin. 

He laughs and returns your smile.

“Yeah, we may as well. You’d look pretty good walking down the aisle.”

“Oh you think so?” You tease with a laugh. “It’s a good thing I have a handsome clone to walk to then.” Before he can answer you give him a quick kiss, and sit up; smiling down at him. “You know I love you right?”

“I figured that out a long time ago babe.”

“Good. I don’t want you to ever forget it…babe.”

Grand Admiral Thrawn: He invites you to dinner one evening in his quarters. This isn’t unusual, you both take at least one day out of the week to sit and relax together, so you don’t think much of it. He’s always the gentleman, courteous and full of good humour. 

But he had a sly looking smile of his face when he handed you his latest present. A small statue of late republic design meant to represent a former species long forgotten. On the stone it was standing on stood a delicately carved ring.

“Thrawn?” You took the ring in your hands, carefully holding it as you look over at him. He’s watching you carefully; a small; handsome smile on his features.

“Will you be my wife/husband?” Thrawn asked smoothly. “I can’t imagine life without you.”

“Yes.” You blurt out in a hurry, amazed and flushed. “I’d love you, I mean I would love too.” You reach over and placed the ring back in his hand, holding out your own as he places it on your finger.

You were his; always.

Fenn Rau: You hadn’t seen Fenn for the better part of two weeks. He had been away with Sabine and a few of the other Mandalorians that had been picked up in the last few months on a training/intel gathering mission. You missed him, but had other things on base to keep you occupied, like fixing the A-Wings and helping Captain Syndulla plan more missions to gather supplies. 

“You know, you look pretty good like that.”

You turned around in surprise, nearly dropping one of your tools as Fenn grinned at you from a few feet away, arms open and welcoming as you dropped your tool and ran into his arms. 

“Fenn.” You kissed him, holding onto his shoulders as he kissed you back just as eagerly. “Your back early. I was-” You blushed as Fenn shushed you with another kiss, running his hands along your back.

“I’ve been looking forward to seeing you again for weeks.” Fenn smirked at you, holding your face in his hands. “I wanted to ask you something.”

“Mhmm.” You smiled blissfully at him. “What is it?”

“Will you be my wife/husband, now and always?”

“Now and always?” You repeated, feeling pleasurably warm all over. “I’d love too.” You lean up to kiss him. “I’d love to-” You mutter in between kisses, feeling absolutely over the moon.

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I'm a larrie but I'm one of those mysterious quiet ones who like neve talks about any opinions and is never involved in drama ahahahahah but I mean who needs drama when Harry gifs and Louis gifs are a thing am i righhhht

I wish I could be a pure person like you who stays out of drama and just enjoy Larry but I’m a petty hoe who lives for drama and pissing antis off lmao 

Under my thumb is my real name, which is hidden for privacy purposes. But, anyways, I found this in my backpack?? And I think I might have dropped this in there without reading it?? So it’s either from the one class I’m taking right now where I haven’t talked to or told my name to anybody except through a sign in sheet or it’s from something else??

I wonder if Thrawn’s presence changes his crew’s perception of aliens. Like if there’s suddenly this one faction in the Imperial Army that thinks certain aliens are on their level, or no longer below them.

I’m sure they had thoughts about Thrawn, but they got to know him, and started to question just exactly why they hated aliens so much, or why they thought aliens were below them when Thrawn is a genius.

Like I wonder if certain officers get visibly uncomfortable when other go on tangents about how much they hate different species, or how dumb they can be.

I wonder if Pryce bans all xenophobic comments or racist comments in her sector, and penalizes her underlings for using them.

I wonder if she even realizes she’s doing it.

Same for the rest (haven’t watched the show or read the novels, don’t know many people)

Also I wonder if Thrawn’s men have fought others for him.  Have been quick to dismiss any negativity coming his way from others.

I wonder how they all felt when they found themselves comfortable with the idea of him being their leader.

Like it’s an experience. These people went from disliking other species to being totally fine and okay with an alien in power.