the addams family in court

Rhys: Feyre’s at that very special age when a girl has only one thing on her mind.

Tamlin: Boys?

Feyre: Homicide.

Nessian - Short Convo #3

Nesta: Sometimes I feel like he just doesn’t listen to what I’m saying. 

Feyre: What do you mean?

Nesta: Watch this…Cassian!

Cassian: Yeah?!

Nesta: I’m parched. Can you grab me a glass of water?


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Cassian: I’m sorry, did you say “I’m hopeless in love with Cassian and need his constant affection?”


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  • Pugsley: Grandma!
  • Fester: She's still in jail.
  • Pugsley: I thought they were keeping her one night.
  • Fester: Yeah, but she keeps trying to escape. Like she thinks it's a game. Fourth time they've brought her back in.