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idk if you're still doing soriel for the soul, but I just NEED to see a underfell!soriel and addams family crossover!! [maybe specifically the passionate kiss they share near the end of the movie? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ]

( I debated for a long time whenever to give Sans a mustache or not, but c’mon, it’s not Gomez without mustache)

I am indeed still working on Soriel for the Soul. In fact, I still have more than 20 requests in my inbox waiting for me to have some time to sit and draw them. This request however sounded extremelly important and urgent, and as a fellow shipper I recognize the symptoms of LSS (Lack of Soriel Syndrome) when I see them. I won’t let a shipper go hungry on my watch if I can help it! ( ò_ó)9

dA Link for HQ version

And a bonus panel under the readmore, because why not:

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I know that Gomez and Morticia Addams don’t kiss on the mouth on the show because it was the sixties but kissing the shoulders and arms and stuff seems way more sexual.

And I know the show is famous for being one of the first tv shows to imply an active sex life for it’s married couple, but sometimes I forget just how into each other Gomez and Morticia were. I love it.