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Bechloe Agents AU - Part 1 / 2: Beca and the girls are members of an elite team of agents, Code Name: BELLAS. Chloe and Beca have been secretly (or not so secretly) dating. Chloe gets sent on what should’ve been a simple recon mission and gets captured. After being ordered not to interfere, Beca feels helpless until Amy convinces her to forget the rules and go save her partner and girlfriend.    

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To all y’all who wanted V’s route to be him and Rika getting back together

Guess what? Make the right choices during his route, and you get your wish! :) And guess what else? :) 


So basically, if you’re enough of an asshole to both V and Rika towards the end of the route, you’ll be treated to a lovely bad ending on Day 10 where V ditches you to go back to Rika. And this bad ending perfectly encapsulates why V and Rika’s relationship is absolutely toxic, has always been toxic, and will always be toxic. 

As soon as V shows up at her door, Rika pretty much dissolves into desperate sobbing, telling V that she was wrong and begging him to stay with her. She asks for forgiveness, and promises that she won’t hurt him anymore. So that’s good, right? Everything is lovely and romantic and #relationshipgoals now, right?

In order to gain his forgiveness, Rika offers to let V hurt her now instead. 

Yup, that’s right. Now the oh so healthy cycle of domestic abuse is being reversed! Rika tells him that he can do anything that he wants to her, telling him that he can “mangle” her body and complete their “Reunion” photoshoot. 

And V agrees. He stays with her, and agrees to hurt her…so that he can protect her (???). Like great, good job guys, now they’re both crazy.

At this point, they both know their relationship isn’t based on love for one another. Rika is desperate to be wanted (by anyone) and V is desperate to find his meaning in providing someone else with “love.” Essentially, they’re just obsessed with the idea of love itself, and very much want to feel love, but are not and have never actually been in love with one another. 

I literally do not understand how people can still be romanticizing their relationship. I still see people who are upset that V’s route ended his and Rika’s troo wuv story, and I’m just??? So confused. Because listen. I like Rika. I like V. But their relationship together is actually the worst thing ever™. Unless you literally hate both characters, I don’t see how you could support this pairing. If they get back together, they will destroy each other. In order for either of them to even begin healing/moving towards happiness, this relationship has to end. And that’s why Cheritz gave us the great route that they did. 



Jafael as Jaladdin

taking care of you after getting jumped - sodapop curtis hcs

dedicated to @sodabae-trash !! thank you sm for requesting bb i really really hope you like it and i love you too <3333
S/N: i was gonna do an imagine but i’m literally so picky so i spent hours debating on if i should post it, and then when i decided i was going to i accidentally deleted it lmao :(((
- bob is your ex and you dumped him, so for several months they would always harass you bc well bob is an ass
- one day you’re out walking and instead of doing the daily catcalling they end up jumping you pretty badly and leaving you by the vacant lot :(
- soda is your bestfriend (but okay you guys obviously had crushes on each other) and when you weren’t at home got SUPER worried because you always keep in touch with him and he hadn’t heard from you that whole day
- so he ended up driving to places he’d think you’d be to search for you
- he ends up finding you and is freaking out
- he keeps on asking you if you’re alright and once you finally get it through him that you are he gets furious
- like you’ve never seen him that mad in your whole life
- he keeps on saying “i’m going to kill him, i promise i am” and some other vERY explicit things
- “you’re staying with me tonight you’re hurt pretty badly and there’s no way i’m leaving you alone like this”
- so he ends up taking you back to the curtis house
- he’s cleaning you up and trying his best to be gentle and apologizing everytime you wince or even so much as tense up
- he gives you one of his shirts to sleep in
- is making sure you have everything you need
- insists on carrying you everywhere
- he’s acting like you’re an icu patient, but you know it’s just because he cares about you so much so you don’t say anything
- “are you sure you’re okay”
- “sodapop curtis, i am fine for the last time”
- “promise?”
- he lays with you and you guys are just talking about stuff while he’s playing with your hair
- it gets quiet for a while and you start to doze off a little bit
- he notices and starts to get up and sleep on the floor
- “soda can you please stay up here with me”
- he’s all like “yeah that’s fine” but inside he’s just freaking out and beaming
- you’re just laying on his chest he’s tracing his finger up and down your back
- you’re about to go to sleep when soda whispers your name
- “yes soda”
- “i’m so sorry for letting that happen to you, i’m supposed to be looking out for you all of the time and i wasn’t today”
- then you have to insist him for several minutes it’s not his fault
- finally he gives in and you both just lay there on the verge of sleeping
- then he places his finger under your chin so you can look up at him
- and then he kisses you
- he pulls away after a few seconds and just smiles a little
- he mumbles “i’m sorry i let that happen to you y/n” and just rolls over
- you’re like ????oh but you enjoyed it a lot duh
- the next morning he’s lowkey really scared and is half hoping you forgot about the kiss
- “are you feeling any better”
- “yeah, you know when i really felt better though”
- “….um no when”
- “when you kissed me, idiot”
- he looks down and is super silent for a second and then he’s just saying “i’m so sorry i don’t know why i did that”
- you just laugh and say “it’s okay, i was waiting on you to do that for the longest time anyway”
- so he does it again


Truly dramatic