the actual worst thing ever


Truly dramatic

how to write a book

… get really passionate about it and write it
… then hate it
… then love it
… then hate it
… then realize its maybe not that bad
… kidding its actually horrible, the worst thing anyone has ever written
… let it sit for a bit
… and wow it magically became the work of a genius!
… yikes its definitely not
now rinse and repeat in revisions

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Unbelievable. Seb. Meme it. Who is this man, why do I love him so much?

Me, having been aggressively reminded of the Moustache after trying to live a life of ignorance to the Moustache: 


video by MrSecretDoor


Pink Guy’s Phone: A Guide

Searching For Frank vs After Frank’s Return 

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I had a dream the other night there was a new Kirby game and a new enemy called “Anti-Kirby” which just looked like Kirby but he was brown and had blue eyes but also had Carl Fredricksen’s face from Up and this is what he looked like 

i actually hate myself for what i’m about to post but like. the gcpd has caught edward or oswald for something and has brought the other one in and is like, interrogating them trying to get them to snitch on the other and they finally are like “fine okay i give in i’ll talk! i admit it he has stolen……………… heart” and then they sit back and smirk and jim bangs his head into a fucking wall

ok but consider this, a (really bad) over the garden wall AU where the kids/teens in the Unknown swap roles with the ones in Greg & Wirt’s world

Wirt offends a cardinal with his poems, Beatrice wants to ask Anna (the Woodsman’s daughter) out on Halloween, and Lorna was pretty happy just existing but Beatrice has zero chill

im sorry this is the second terrible thing ive contributed to this fandom but i don’t see many otgw AU’s so i had to resort to this