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What are your thoughts on the video? I thought visually it was the best in this era. I don't think people have talked about the stunning fashion in it enough yet. Not the best overall in this era, but still good quality.

I personally think this may have been her best video yet. I admit at first i wasn’t all that excited for the video. I felt we had all predicted the hell out of it and it’s content so nothing would surprise me…nothing would move me.

But this video did the exact opposite. The Wildest Dreams music video actually took what we all thought Wildest Dreams was about and turned it into something different. The story line is obvious: two actors work together, fall in love, eventually fall apart, and then it’s too late. When I first heard the song, I thought about losing someone because you knew you would lose them eventually. Yet, Taylor took this loss and turned it into something completely different. Not only did “Marjorie” lose her love….but he found someone else and she had to deal with the pain that came with knowing she was replaceable (I feeling we are all familiar with in some way).

This new type of lost adds even more depth to the lyrics “Say you’ll remember me..” because it’s not just keeping memories, it’s holding onto them as you create new ones. 

Visually the quality and editing are PHENOMENAL. The age of the video is a perfect balance between the old and the new. It’s filtering is vintage….very Taylor yet the vividness of the memories flashing about the view are so inviting and optically pleasing. I watched it on my phone AND my laptop and still felt like I was in the plains shooting a film with them. I appreciated this especially because a lot of times, artist depict these surroundings without quite inviting their viewers into the setting. They keep the screen between them by including these unbelievable and extravagant effects. They were obviously conscious about the amount of effects they included, not wanting to distract viewers from the actual plot. I applauded this.

This was a romance film….not a music video. If you watch any movie from this era, you can easily pinpoint the parallels between a lot of the traditional qualities of a movie of this kind. The kisses with fantastic landscapes as backgrounds, the gasp inducing moments of unexpected quarrels among lovers….there were even rain kisses and so on. Speaking of these moments, I especially enjoyed how the “sex scene” was treated….no giggles or nudges….it was mature, classy, telling yet unrevealing…exactly what you would expect from Taylor. There’s even the question of there actually sex involved considering they’re both fully clothed (besides shirtless Scott which I didn’t mind in the least). She left everything to the viewer. Was it a “sex scene” or a moment of lustful reaching for one another…just being in a moment with someone without having sex. Which brings us back to the central idea of the song: living in a romance, being with a person while everything is happening before it’s all gone.

I’m not sure if anyone noticed this but I found a striking relationship between the Blank Space character and Marjorie. I know there is the moment where she throws a tantrum but that’s minor. I mean generally. Marjorie is a star, surrounded by flashing lights and cameras. She’s a Hollywood princess during a time when Hollywood defined an era. Just like the character from Blank Space who was never named. I found a name for her though….her character’s name is “Lucky”….

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she doesn’t feel pretty, she just feels used. I thought a lot about Taylor having this “Tarantinoverse” situation going on with her music videos starting from the Red era but of course I’m an over thinker so I will just leave the connections right here. Lucky’s secrets always end up “splashed on the news front page” just as the Blank Space character has to deal with all of her lovers being told she’s “insane”…it comes with the fame that they live with because well…in my opinion…they’re the same character. I think Lucky eventually did “snap” and became the Blank Space character AKA Lucky, who lives in this palace alone with her fame and a conveyer belt of men flowing in and out of her life to cope with what the fame brought her down to.

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Now that that’s established, I also feel like Lucky is some type of relative to Marjorie. She inherits this toxic gift of fame from her mother (or we can simply relate this directly to Taylor and call Marjorie Lucky’s grandmother ). Lucky wanted to be just like her grandmother so she followed in her footsteps…but Marjorie had her own story.

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 She had the attention, the celebrity, the fame but in a different time. Marjorie carried the pain of losing Robert with her all through her life…no one knows what happened to her eventually….just like in Lucky’s story when eventually she “took the money and your dignity and got the hell out”. I think the ending to Lucky’s story was actually the ending to Marjorie’s story….and that’s when Lucky became the new name put up in lights.


The Wrath of Joseph Kahn

No one will be talking about it today, what with Kanye’s Video Vanguard speech, Miley and Nicki’s awkward on-air spat and Bieber’s tears, but Taylor Swift deserves credit (like she didn’t get enough last night) for letting director Joseph Kahn get on the mic after she won Best Female Video for “Blank Space." 

Like Kahn — who’s been doing this for more than 20 years, and made clips for everyone from Aaliyah and Britney to Shaq and U2 — said, there’s a reason why MTV doesn’t usually let directors get onstage during their biggest show of the year, and his speech probably had VMA producers slitting their wrists. 

However, it was great to see the folks who actually make music videos get some shine. From "Blank Space”’s producers and costume designers to the dude who rented him the cameras, Kahn thanked the men and women who, more often than not, do the thankless jobs. And while you can debate the medium’s relative worth in 2015, this show is still called the “Video Music Awards” for a reason.


Taken from RollingStone and it was something that my wife and I talked about it when it was happening last night, when was the last time if ever that a superstar allowed their music video Director have the mic.

Taylor Swift is special in so many ways and deserves none of the hate that she gets constantly.
Nicki Minaj Calls Out Miley Cyrus At The VMAs Onstage
Nicki Minaj’s acceptance speech was probably the most awkward moment at the VMAs. It was so awkward, her mic had to be cut off.

There was a lot of drama at this year’s MTV Video Music Awards. (More than usual, actually.)

As old rivalries were forgiven and forgotten, new ones were forged. Case in point: After their much-publicized spat on Twitter earlier this year, Taylor Swift and Nicki Minaj surprised everyone with a duet at the beginning of the show.

However, when Minaj came onstage to accept the Best Hip-Hop Video award for “Anaconda,” she shocked the audience by slamming the night’s host Miley Cyrus, “Back to this b***h that had a lot of say about me the other day in the press. Miley Cyrus, what’s good?”

Before Minaj could continue, her microphone was cut off.

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The singer was referring to a New York Times interview earlier in the week in which Cyrus accused Minaj of starting a “pop star war.”

“What I read sounded very Nicki Minaj, which, if you know Nicki Minaj, is not too kind,” Cyrus stated.

Following Minaj’s awkward sudden unscripted moment, Miley replied, “We’re all in this industry. We all do interviews. We all know how they manipulate —. Nicki, congratulations.”

Minaj left as she used the B-word for Cyrus again.

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Tyga is actual cringe in that music video so much for writing something classy about kylie lol she deserves better

The lyrics are so ugly

ppl making whiny tumblr posts about shinee loosing international fans and having not enough views on music videos… u do realise that shinee is actually an extremely successful and popular group right? just because exo has more mv views doesn’t suddenly mean that everyone has forgotten about shinee. just because their music doesn’t sell as well as big bang doesn’t mean it’s a flop

shinee is one of the most well known and well liked groups out there, so instead of running around on tumblr fearmongering sit your ass down, watch some mvs, listen to their albums and appreciate the boys and their hard work, because otherwise, you’re just making a fool of all of us.

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So actually Christina wanted Colin to be in a different music video but the schedules didn't work so then they figured out how to do the words together later, so as it was the second choice I don't think it was specifically written for CS but seeing as she was wearing hook's necklace in the bath scene I'd definitely say that the song has always been dedicated to them :)

Damn right!