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I'm probably the minority of one person but I actually really like the woman in Kiwi and find her extremely relatable. My main issue with the story is that I don't think it's Harry's to tell, not as the artist he is right now. 'Bit of intellect' mixed with implications of fakeness, for me, signals an unreliable storyteller. A pretentious scene boy who has no real interest in getting to know the person they're talking about(1)

Con’t: Sometimes I think, lyrically, mannerism is Harry’s saving grace as a raconteur. Intentional or not, it gives the story layers. Also, getting to the point of ‘having your baby, it’s none of your business’ doesn’t say great things about the relationship between the characters but manipulative only from the pretentious scene boy’s perspective. He may be into it, I’m over it. Great song, great world building, unrealized potential for storytelling.(2)//


What an interesting read on the lyrics! I love it!

I think the tone of the song, the hard-driven rhythmic quality of it, and the way Harry goes so hard when performing it, suggests not wistfulness or knowingness, but a furious, sardonic energy.

For me, the song pivots from rampant hormonal attraction (pretty neck, losing it, into it), to a severe penalty (I paid for it, I’m gonna pay for it).

And the hard, bitter turn of sentiments tells me it’s an accusatory song.

I can see your unreliable narrator and the superficial sheen of the narrated story (with the real story being the woman’s, as recounted through a chauvinistic male gaze). But I can’t reconcile it with the feel of the song. I’d also like to know why the title “Kiwi.” I think it’s an interesting read, definitely lends sophistication to the song, and I’m glad you messaged!

Imagine Jensen, your co-star and best friend, being jealous of how close you are with Jared Leto because he has feelings for you.

“So you know I was trying the other days to finish the symphony for this new song-” you stopped to chuckle as the crowd cheered, Jensen being he first one of them and you gave him a look “-and I was working with my computer for most part and by the end I was like ‘Wow, so that’s how hunters really feel’!”

“We can’t say we didn’t want you!” Jensen chuckled and you hit your best friend on the shoulder playfully.

“Yeah but really, I think I have never related most to Dean before in my life! Researching will never be my thing I am sure of that!” you laughed and so did Jared and Jensen.

“You have already started working on the next album?” Jared asked and you nodded your head.

You turned to the audience as people cheered “Yes yes I already have. And I am super excited to say that this dork here has not only helped me with some sons but also will feature.” that seemed to be the only thing left as the entire crowd started clapping.

Jensen chuckled, giving you that adorable smile of his that every time made your heart flutter. But you forced yourself to focus because other than the fact so many people were watching and taking a video of your every action you and Jensen were only friends, and you weren’t going to risk that for some stupid feelings- alright maybe not so stupid. You were in love with him but how could you ever tell him? There was no way he’d see you that way.

“First copy’s gonna be mine! And I am definitely asking for an autograph too!” Jensen pointed out and you chuckled, resting your head on his shoulder.

“Anytime.” you mumbled before turning to look at the rest of the crowd “I honestly feel so happy about this one, and proud too.”

“I mean since my last album so many things changed but everything has been so great. I got- I got into Supernatural, met such amazing people; Jensen… a-and Misha and Jared and you know Mark too and all these great people that we’ve become a family with!” you tried to cover your slip up, chuckling a little awkwardly.

“I am so happy I can now share this with my new family.” you said with a small smile and shrug, glancing at Jensen as he rubbed your back subconsciously.

It was a thing you too had, being as close as possible with each other. In a way that seemed weird to others, or at least those who knew you weren’t dating because the rest just assumed you were a couple. You smiled at him, your fingers playing with his shirt out of habit after endless night off having fallen asleep on him after a movie night or just a night off with each other. Yes the first few mornings you had blushed every shade of red but then it became a habit and you’d by now snuggle to each other, sharing each other’s trailer once or twice a week. You always played it off as nothing, as if you were just friends, but how you felt was far from friendly.

“Do you got any more news about it?” a voice was heard through the crowd.

You bit your lip in thought “Uhm well, other than I look like a mess when I am on the recording studio?” you chuckled.

“No let me think.” you paused for a second before bring the mic back up “Well there have been some pretty crazy situations since I started working on this.”


“I- I don’t think I can describe it that well. I mean I was with Jared about three nights ago, four? Well, anyway it was before we flew to this Con and we were trying to finish writing this song, I’m stuck with a few lyrics and he-”

“When was that? I don’t remember.” Jared frowned, looking at you.

“Oh oh no, no.” you chuckled “No you, I mean- I meant JL.” you explained and he nodded.

But he glanced at the crowd before look again at you “Oh wait- wait they don’t know who JL is.”

“Oh right, it’s like my and moose’s way of telling it apart cause we get really confused with all this.” you chuckled “It actually stands for-”

“-it stand for Jared Leto and he was-” you pursed your lips as soon as the audience started cheering, a small giggle leaving your lips at how excited they seemed. You smiled a tight and shy smile but it soon fell when you felt Jensen’s body stiffen next to you.

You frowned, looking at him only to see his jaw was clenched. When he noticed your eyes were on him he gave you a tight smile that you didn’t believe in the least bit. Why was he so bothered all of a sudden? There was something in his eyes that made you really start thinking about some things and almost doubting others but- The crowd was getting to loud and you knew if they realized what was going on at that moment with Jensen it wouldn’t be the best situation.

“Guys” you breathed out a chuckled, putting on your best smile “It was about the album-”

“I ship it!” somebody from the crowd shouted, making your cheeks heat up.

You dared sneak a glance at Jensen only to see him get from his chair to supposedly go drink some water. But you took notice of his clenched fists and set jaw.

“No guys-” you looked back at them “No we’re- we’re just friends… honestly.” you tried to brush it off with a smile and a chuckle.

But truth was you ha started to doubt this concept of friendship anymore. From every aspect and in every case.


There was Karaoke at Evil Con so Abaddon and Lucifer sang “I Just Can’t Wait to be (Queen)”

I am not a good singer, nor do I claim to be! This was just a fun thing I did at Evil Con with Isa as my Lucifer (taking the place of Zazu). I actually wrote a whole set of lyrics for Abaddon for this song, but Zazu’s part was meant to be Crowley so I had to re-write it to fit Lucifer. We had 0 prep time and this was totally on a whim. Hope you enjoy the silliness!

I AM SORRY MY VOICE IS REALLY BAD UGH! Also it’s very blurry whoops =/

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I know Troye wrote for him on his own, but I can so see him being really nervous about it and asking Alex to take a quick look at the lyrics before he recorded it for Con. Alex would've probably hid a smile and said sure, knowing what Connor means to Troye. Later, she would return the song to him and tell him that unfortunately, she was unable to think of any way to improve the song, because it was utterly perfect as is.

Troye actually didn’t write the song alone. He wrote for him. with Allie X and LeLand (and maybe a little with Alex but she isn’t officially credited). 

This is actually just as cute though because it means Troye had to be vulnerable when he shared with them the person who was the center  of the song. Troye has to explain that he wanted to address how lame he and Connor were but how it’s more than enough for him. He had to sing lines like “You don’t have to say I love you to say I love you” in front of his friends. And he couldn’t take how cutesy the song was because they would sing “shades of pwurple out of wed and bwue” in baby voices whilst writing. It’s actually more meaningful that Troye went all out and worked with his song writing partners JUST to gift Connor the perfect song.