the actual definition of perfect

it ain't me // dylan o'brien

Summary: Dylan doesn’t realize how much he loves Y/N until it’s too late

Requested: no, based off of this song

Pairing: Dylan & Y/N

Warning: yes, mature language, themes and smut


The envelope had remained untouched on the counter for nearly a week.

Every time he looked at the stupid piece of white paper an immense pain clouded over him like he lived in Seattle and there was no chance of him ever seeing the sun again.

The only thing she had left behind was the letter and a cardboard box with his name scribbled across the front in her messy handwriting.

The two objects had been taunting him for the past week, surely collecting dust by now.

As he took another sip from the bottle clutched tightly in his hand, the cool amber liquid provided him with a small amount of relief he was craving.

Extending his legs onto the coffee table, he squinted his eyes as he flipped through the channels, the only source of light in his dark apartment being that of the muted television he had been staring at for the past 3 days.

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Does anyone else find it a little strange the way Lars describes his idea of Tiger in last night’s su episode? “Tiger’s, like, seven feet tall and ripped,” is fairly close to the quote if I remember correctly. Now who do we know who is:
-approximately seven feet tall
-tiger-like in appearance
I swear to heck, if this is some kind of foreshadowing…

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the gifs of Natalie Portman at the Golden Globes where she looks ready to kill a man is basically what I imagine to be her near constant expression in Anabasis

That’s pretty accurate tbh.

Also definitely the way Anakin imagines her looking when she blasted Palpatine’s face off, even though that’s probably not historically accurate (she was in a state of horrified shock at the time). He, alas, didn’t witness the moment himself, since he was kind of busy dying at the time, and he deeply regrets missing it.

Guys Like That- Part 2

Summary-Bucky x plus sized!Reader. You are an inhuman with intuitive intelligence who tony and Bruce hired to work with in the lab. You have a crush on Bucky and Bucky has a crush on you. But you mistake his flirting for him being friendly.

Message- Hey everyone!! Here is part 2!! I think I might have some back round Steve x Natasha but I’m not 100% sure yet!! I hope you guys enjoy this! Sorry if this sucks!!! 

Warning: Reader has low self-esteem.

Word Count- 1160

Part 1

“Hey, Honey Bee, will you take a look at my arm it’s been acting up again.” You and Bucky had become close in the few months you had worked at the Avengers Compound. It had started about a day after you had moved in. Bucky’s arm had been acting up. Tony and Bruce couldn’t figure it out so they called you over. You had it back up and running in 3 minutes. The look of aw on his face made you blush. After that he went straight to you whenever he needed his arm fixed.  He also started to hang out in your lab even when he didn’t need help. The two of you had basically become inseparable. You ate all of your meals together and often spent you’re off hours together. You used those hours to help Bucky catch up on everything he had missed. You watched a lot of movies and TV and you read a lot of books together. You would tell him what it was like growing up in this century and he would tell you what it was like growing up back in his day. The only problem with spending all of your time with Bucky was you were falling in love with him. It was so easy and so natural that you didn’t even realize it was happening until it was too late. You knew your feeling would never be reciprocated after all guy like that never fell for girls like you. He was an example of human perfection and he deserved to be with someone just as perfect. So you bottled your feelings up. You digested the butterflies that you felt every time you saw him.

“Of course, Boo Bear, hop up onto the table, while I grab my tools.” You respond with the ridiculous nickname you had given him. He called you Honey Bee because you were as busy as a bee. You didn’t really have any specific reason for calling him Boo Bear. It just kind of fell out of your mouth one day. You had instantly regretted saying it until you saw his face. His smile was wide and his eyes had lite up in a way you had never seen before. You looked at his arm using your abilities to figure out the problem with his arm was. You found it and then grabbed one of your tools and started to work on his arm.

“So, Honey Bee, we’re going to Tony’s party tonight right?” Bucky said while using his other arm to play with a lock of hair that had come loose from you bun.

“Obviously, Boo Bear, I think Tony would kill us if we didn’t.” You said to him while finishing up with his arm. “I’m done, you can hop down.” But before he hops down he grabs your arm to keep you still as he kisses your cheek. Your eyes flutter closed for a second as he does this. You can feel the electricity pulse in between you. You try your hardest to not imagine what it would feel like if those lips where just a little to the left.

“I’ll pick you up at your room at 8:30. Okay?” Bucky asks.

“Yeah, see you then, Boo Bear.” You say back.

You get back to work on building a new Iron Man suit for Tony as Bucky leaves the lab. A couple hours later you tell Tony that you need to go get ready for the party. You get back to your room and take a quick shower. A little while later you start your doing your hair and makeup. You try to make it as perfect as possible. Then you go to your closet and get dressed. You put on a black bodycon dress that has long sleeves and mesh cut outs. After you get your dress on you grab a pair of black pumps from your shoe rack. Then you go to your bed and put them on. As soon as you but your shoes on you here a knock at your door.

“Come on in Boo Bear.” You say as loudly as you can. “I just need to put my earing’s on and then we can leave. Okay?” you say as you stand up and walk back into your bathroom

“Of course, Honey Bee. You look gorgeous by the way.” Bucky says while standing in your doorway.

“Thanks. You don’t look so bad yourself.” You say as you wrap your arms around him, giving him a hug. He kisses the top of your head before you release him. He’s wearing black slacks and a black button down shirt.

“Let’s go.” He says as he reaches for your hand. The two of you walk down the hallway to the elevator. There you see Steve and Natasha talking.

“Hey guys, ready to party?” You ask.

“Hell yeah, rumor has is that Thor has some of his Asgardian mead, so you get to see Bucky get drunk tonight just like the rest of us mortals.” Natasha says as she steps into the elevator.

“Really?! That’s great!! I’ve always wanted to see Bucky get drunk!!” you say while laughing.

“Well don’t get your hopes up, Honey Bee. I don’t have any plans of getting drunk tonight.” Bucky says with a wicked gleam in his eyes. The elevator doors close and the three of you continue to make small talk. Bucky lets go of your hand and wraps his arm around your shoulder. You rest your head on his shoulder for the rest of the elevator ride. When the elevator door opens you can see that the party is in full swing.

“Y/N, let’s go get some drinks.” Natasha says as she pulls you away. “You and Bucky look like you’re getting pretty serious.” She says as you wait in line at the bar.

“What are you talking about? Me and Bucky are friends.” You say shocked at her statement.

“No, you’re not.” She says with a bewildered expression on her face.

“Nat, I would know if I was in a relationship.” You say a little harshly. What was she thinking you and Bucky? “Anyways, guys like that don’t date girls like me.”

“What the hell does that mean, Y/N? You’re gorgeous.”

“Yeah, I know that.” You say with a roll of your eyes. “But Bucky is the actual definition of perfect. He could have any person he wanted. Why would he choose me?”

“Because, he’s in love with you, Y/N/N.” Natasha says.

“Shut up, Nat. You don’t know what you’re talking about!” you spat out “You know what, I don’t feel like partying after all. Will you tell everyone I wasn’t feeling good? Thanks.” You said as you started to flee towards the elevators.

Why did she have to say those things?  You thought as you flopped onto your bed. You had been perfectly happy keeping the emotions you felt towards Bucky bottled up. Eventually you fell asleep.  

The Definition of Perfect

Pairing: Chuck x Reader

Warnings: Swearing, angst, mild self-hate (sorta), mentions of depression, fluffy goodness

Word Count: 1,363

Prompt: Chuck’s been gone for years, but now that he’s back, and revealing his true self, Y/N, Sam and Dean are hesitant to trust him. Y/N has a heart to heart with Chuck, where he reveals that she too is something special.

A/N: wow I’ve never written Chuck before but after my encounter with Rob Benedict at Phoenix con, my love for him and Chuck has grown. Feedback is much appreciated and I’d love to write more Chuck fics in the future if y’all like ‘em.

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Your back was against the opposite wall, not wanting to really face him, any of them really, but you couldn’t stay away. You wanted to know what was going on, what they were talking about, how they were handling the news. You heard the tail end of Chuck saying “I didn’t do that.” Didn’t do what, you weren’t sure of. But you heard Dean give a hesitant “Okay” before he continued.

“People- People pray to you. People build churches for you and fight wars in your name, and you did nothing.”

You closed your eyes, tears running down your cheeks at what he had just said. He was right, all Chuck did was hide in the shadows, ignore it for god’s sake(or his sake.) He paid no mind to anything happening around him.

You heard nothing else after that, your brain buzzing with questions of why he really did leave, why he ignored it all, why he didn’t help when everyone needed him the most, and the one that you really didn’t want to think about, the one that you pushed into the back of your mind and tried to stow it there and ignore it. The burning question of why did God make you the way you are?

“I don’t assume Y/N wants to talk to me?” Chuck asked once it was all said and done.

Dean scoffed out a laugh. “Yeah. You’ll be lucky if she ever wants to face you again.”

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do you ship dramione

This photo has saved life at least 500 times day. Holy shit it’s perfect. Two of my favorite men. Alan and Randy. Alan played an amazing Emcee on Broadway and Randy is playing an equally amazing Emcee on the tour.

Plus their faces. Randy looks like an excited puppy. And Alan just looks so happy.

thoughts on thor: ragnarok

where do you think all this gold came from?

i feel like the superhero movie format of this movie prevented it from following through on its conclusions as strongly as it could have, but — this was never about preventing ragnarok — the people who said this was a postcolonial movie are absolutely right.

it worked better as a comedy and as a serious action movie than anything marvel’s done since ghost rider 2. (though i fully expect black panther to outshine it on that second half.) i laughed so much! marvel movies are generally Not Funny, and their comedies even less, but literally every joke landed! and the fight scenes worked a lot better for me than marvel ones usually do. taika waititi has saved disney film properties for me???

—you know, i’m not sure that thor had a characterization before this movie? but i love him! all of his wonderful comedic moments have already been talked to death by everybody else, but they are all so good. and they give the dramatic bits more weight. i’ve seen some newspaper reviewer or other talk about how this movie had problems with tone; actually i think it gets the tone exactly right. a mix of drama and comedy is well-suited for comic book characters based off of gods.

structurally, the dramatic end is the culmination of the opening comedic scene. (which itself to me recalls somewhat loki and the snake’s venom but with loki switched out for thor. from the beginning ragnarok is already in motion.)

the soundtrack was, comparatively speaking, great — immigrant song was such a, a star trek beyond song choice, with that same visceral feeling. it’s a very asgard song, so its appearance in the opening fight song and then at the beginning half only of the climactic fight scene was very appropriate. the rest of the soundtrack was better than marvel’s usual — marvel soundtracks are generally completely forgettable, but this one was not bad! the gay techno saved it.

valkyrie!! thor fell in love with her in two seconds and so did i.

heimdall taking the sword; heimdall smiling over his shoulder in the woods; heimdall leading people to safety, thor included; heimdall calmly facing down fenrir. he’s an epic hero in the real sense. if this was a serious drama of a movie it would have been about him; it kind of was anyway. (a family can be two loser princes, a drunk valkyrie, and a grizzled hero played by idris elba, &c &c.)

visually— those byzantine icons of asgard’s history, with the moving gold and the way hela and odin loom up at you. hela’s antlers uncurling like a spider’s legs. thor, eyes glowing blue and lightning crackling off him in such a way you really could connect him with the old norse god in your head. are you thor, god of hammers? odin was very believable as an old man who had seen the error of his ways. i don’t know how i feel about thor losing his eye in parallel — the trade for wisdom, yes, the metaphorical step into odin’s role otherwise, no. the cuts between scenes were very good: you could see heimdall before you saw him.

the grandmaster and his #aesthetic were such a good choice as a side villain.

this is definitely a movie made by people who have siblings. one of the things i never liked about the thor movies or avengers is that thor and loki weren’t siblings in any way recognizable to me, when making them siblings is the most interesting thing marvel comics has ever done with them. but here you have loki being the most younger brother of all younger brothers, just also with knives, and thor is such a longsuffering elder sibling. the get help scene! the snake thing! thor poking the business card like it’s going to turn into loki, go “bleargh it’s me!” and stab him! and most of all, of course, loki’s decision to actually try and change as a person after seeing that his brother has grown and matured away from him. (still a melodramatic asshole of course. but that’s the thing: in a comedy that’s fine. you don’t have to take him seriously.) 

in light of norse mythology, i do like that ragnarok is inevitable. and more than inevitable; the only conscionable choice. the halls of asgard lined with stolen gold, the vault of treasures, the glittering rainbow bridge, the assyrian-style records of conquest, the hidden basement tomb — all must be destroyed.

go see this movie with your brother, if you have one; i did.

The Place

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<Part two


To say you thought about the place you and Shawn were to get married at often, was a complete understatement. It absolutely consumed you as the place you were going to become Y/N Mendes had to be perfect.

No - you hadn’t become a bridezilla, yet.

But with you and Shawn getting engaged a little over a month ago, you knew December would approach fast as you tried to perfect every little detail.

Shawn would tell you to relax a little, saying you both had time, but you couldn’t relax. Because even if you thought that December was a long ways away, there as so much to be done is such a short period of time.

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Hello! I think the Danganronpa 1 guys need some love too... So... How would the guys from the fist game (including Fujisaki) would react if their s/o was waiting for them, on their bed, wearing sexy lingerie? BTW, I love your imagines! Thank you! (P.S.: If you want to forget Yamada, it's fine by me, since I don't like him, but if you want to include him, it's fine too!)

Awwww you’re so kind thank you!! This sounds like a fun one~ I’ve presumed the s/o is female in this one! If anyone wants the same for a male s/o don’t be afraid to ask!

DR1 Boys & s/o in sexy lingerie

Makoto Naegi

  • He got in rather late, and was intending to creep into bed beside you without disturbing you in case you’re asleep
  • So he’s all on tip toes avoiding making any noise
  • But then he sees the bedroom light on?
  • He stops being so cautious and peaks around the door
  • Instant nosebleed
  • “I-I-I… Y/N you-you look…”
  • You smile at his reaction and get up from the bed and walk over to him
  • “This is my gift to you~”
  • Your hand ghosts down his arm
  • He’s blushing like mad
  • Literally can’t move
  • “You look so good” he manages
  • Finally snaps out of it and pulls you onto the bed with him

Byakuya Togami

  • He’s stressed after working with under qualified people
  • Gets a glass of wine to drink and a book to read before he heads towards the bedroom
  • Just ready to relax and forget the stress if the day
  • Is looking down at the book when he enters the room so he doesn’t notice at first
  • “You’re still awake Y/N?”
  • Then he looks up
  • Oh
  • He smirks
  • “This for me?”
  • He sits on the bed and places the book and wine down
  • His hand is tracing over the lingerie as you move to sit beside him
  • Is literally stroking over the lingerie
  • “I must say red is most flattering on you…” He gently pulls some of the elastic back and lets it snap back on your thigh
  • Literally sits admiring you all evening
  • “Much as I love this, I’m dying to take it off you…”
  • After that evening you go lingerie shopping together at least once a week

Mondo Owada

  • He had just gotten back from the gym and was planning on going for a shower before sleeping
  • He stripped down to just underwear before heading to the shower
  • Only to find no towel        
  • “Y/N where are the clean towels?”
  • “There’s some in here~” You respond
  • So he heads into the bedroom and there you are sprawled on the bed
  • Wearing very little
  • But what you are wearing he likes a lot
  • Though you also raise an eyebrow at his lack of clothing
  • You stand up and walk over to him, resting a hand on his shoulder and meeting his gaze
  • He kabedons you instantly
  • “I was going to take a shower but now you’ve given me other ideas”

Kiyotaka Ishimaru

  • You’d told Ishimaru you were going to bed early
  • So he finished watching the programme you’d been watching before heading after you
  • When he walked in on you adjusting the lingerie in the mirror he went red
  • “W-W-What are you wearing! This is inappropriate!”
  • “Oh, really? But I bought it just for you~”
  • Can he get any more red? Well he just did
  • “But in a school environ-”
  • “This is our bedroom though Taka~”
  • He stutters a bit before running out of reasoning
  • You looked hot and he liked it even if it when against his morals
  • “If it’s such a problem I’ll just take it off completely then~” You wink
  • He’s stood in front of you instantly and examining the garment
  • “W-well if no one else can see then I guess it isn’t a problem…”

Chihiro Fujisaki

  • You two are getting ready for bed and getting into usual sleep wear
  • Only he’s focussing on himself and doesn’t notice what you’re wearing
  • But when he does he loves it
  • Literally adores it
  • “It fits you so perfectly!”
  • Is also so flattered that you’d wear something like that for him
  • And it’s so lacy and feminine
  • Would be so hesitant to take it off for fear of damaging it
  • Instead literally just sits admiring you and how perfect you are
  • Is actually beaming
  • Would definitely want you to show him more
  • And maybe find something sexy for him too?

Leon Kuwata

  • Oh boy is he going to third base with you tonight
  • Happens to walk in on you when you’re changing into the lingerie and you can’t do one of the hooks
  • There’s just that pause when you realise he’s there
  • And you’re bent over trying to fix one of the thigh straps
  • With your back to him
  • So he’s force to look at your ass being accentuated by this garment
  • Instant boner
  • Literally no words are exchanged
  • This is not an opportunity he’s going to give up
  • Doesn’t matter that you couldn’t get that last hook sorted because it’s all coming off now anyway

Hifumi Yamada

  • Not into the 3D? Pfft we’re gunna change that
  • Operation arouse Hifumi with real girl is go go go
  • He was too busy reading fanfiction to notice you go to bed earlier than usual
  • But once he’d finished reading he headed to your room
  • What
  • Literally stuttering mentally
  • Has only ever seen these sort of outfits on 2D girls
  • They actually exist?
  • Nosebleed central
  • But doesn’t actually know what to do now because when it’s on 2D girls he can’t actually interact so…
  • “Don’t you agree the 3D is just as good as 2D now?”
  • All he can do is stand there and nod

Yasuhiro Hagakure

  • Never in his many resits of high school had he actually seen anything so hot
  • Sure he’s an airhead but he did pay attention to the people around him
  • When he sees you just lying on the bed for him knows how the situation should play out
  • And he wants to be sexy and seductive for you
  • But he just kind of dorks out
  • And can’t get over how good you look
  • Just starts complimenting you like crazy
  • His plan to talk dirty turned into babbling
  • He’s just admiring you and how good you look
  • Kisses you multiple times between compliments
  • Until you break it to him you want this to go further
  • And then his attitude changes (even though he still can’t quite get over the fact you dress like this for him)
Klaus & Hayley

Klayley is actually the definition of pure perfection. They are adorable together. She makes him a better person without changing who he is, a Mikaelson. They share a beautiful daughter who loves them both. They fight like an old married couple but as soon as the other is put in danger they protect and defend each other without hesitation. They care for one another so much it makes us want to cry. They just want each other to be happy. I’m sorry but they are just perfect.

Who will face Eishi

This whole arc is basically a clash between two ideologies

1) there is only one way to do things right, so you must follow the best ones and learn from them

2)there isn’t just one right answer, freedom is what allows people to grow

If the author wants to show “which is better” between the Azami way and the Yukihira way, he could go either Soma vs Eishi (…if he defeats Saito) or Isshiki vs Eishi

But if he wants to show that these two ideas CAN coexist, that if you want to become a better chef, creativity and innovation are actually needed, the best choice is definitely Erina.

she represents the conflict between perfection and freedom

so thinking about it, while isshiki is the most logical choice (he is supposed to be the strongest among the remaining rebels)  erina vs tsukasa IMO it’s the best option from a narrative point


- it’s her arc and she is the leader,so in this case Soma is not the MC

- stealing Soma’s rematch against Eishi suits her character :3

Bound By Chance (part 4)

pairing: Harald x OFC

fandom: vikings

warning: smut

part1 part2 part3

@nekodemon73 @kumpmk @un-education @bookswillfindyouaway

Just a month ago he had laughed at the way she held her sword and tried not to drop it whenever he hit her. The worst sword wielder he had ever faced.  
Now she was actually passable. Not perfect yet but definitely good enough to face him and stand her ground.  
“I heard a rumour.” She holds her sword up in a defensive position, stumbling back a little when Harald hits her full force, “About some female warriors living up north. They’re supposed to be really strong.”
“Yes…” What impressed him the most wasn’t how quickly she had learned or how good she had gotten in such a short time but rather the way she wouldn’t let herself be brought down or get discouraged by little set backs.  
“It’s not that far from here, right?”
“Yeah…” He knew his wife well enough by now. Bringing this up served a purpose, one that he most likely would not like.
“I thought of going there sometime.” His face had gotten stern, a clear sign that he didn’t agree with her but she had expected that. He always was so worried about her, even now that she knew perfectly well how to defend herself.
“Very well.” She always got her way so he didn’t even try to argue. He never did. It was easier to let her do what she wanted and just keep an close eye on her while she did it.
“Great, I’m leaving tomorrow!”
He couldn’t have been more surprised if she had slapped him in the face. Still, he kept his cool as he spoke, “My brother will go with you.”

He had really tried to stop her but it was hard to argue with your wife in front of you on her knees, lips wrapped around your cock.
“My brother's…oh fuck.…he’s going to be here soon we should really keep this part for later.” It was a half hearted argument, they both knew. He definitely did not want her to stop.
Looking up at him, she pulls back, his cock leaving her mouth with a popping sound. Her tongue licks up the underside of his entire length before she starts speaking, her lips replaced with her hands that pump him in a slow, tortures rhythm.
“No. I’ll be missing my husband while I’m gone and I intend to make the most of our time.”

Groaning as her soft hands move to work on him, he leans back on the bed and enjoys her treatment.
She kisses the tip of his cock, her tongue making circling movements while her hands squeeze just a little more.
“Slower or I…” His protest came too late.  
Her face plastered with white streaks of his seed and cum dripping out of the corners of her mouth, they both looked back in shock as the door suddenly opened.

Halfdan needed a moment to take the situation in, “I’ll come back later.”
“No need for that.” Reyn grins, turning her body a little around to face him, “We finished just now…unless you want to join in.”
The two brothers shared a few looks before a smirk appeared on Haralds face and he just shrugs, “You heard my wife, would be rude to reject her offer.”


[2014 / 2016]

Do you guys remember what it was like to have your first audition together?