the actual definition of perfect

I figured out Noct’s theme on my flute (with the help of sheet music lol) and I’m so happy because his theme is so beautiful and I can play it pretty well and I’m just really happy. I love playing his theme omg

“I think you’ll find I’m more perfect than you.”
“I don’t think so.”
“I have more sideboob than your actual cleavage.”
“You’re right. You are definitely more perfect.”

This photo has saved life at least 500 times day. Holy shit it’s perfect. Two of my favorite men. Alan and Randy. Alan played an amazing Emcee on Broadway and Randy is playing an equally amazing Emcee on the tour.

Plus their faces. Randy looks like an excited puppy. And Alan just looks so happy.


[2014 / 2016]

Do you guys remember what it was like to have your first audition together?


‘It’s a riddle,’ he whispered. ‘A cold riddle that gnaws at your mind, but you’ll feel better when it’s gone.’

That … makes as much sense as anything Cole says. | &&


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“Oh my god, I can’t believe he’s an actual, real human being.”

You could only nod your head in agreement as you stared at the television screen. You and one of your closest friends were watching Captain America: Civil War (for what had to be the hundredth time) and you had to admit, the visuals in this film were far more appealing than any of the previous films. Especially the scenes involving Captain America and the tight gray t-shirt.

“Honestly,” she continued as she stared at the screen (she’d paused it on the helicopter scene), “how is he real? He is actually the definition of perfection.”

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Hetalia Characters and Cuddling
  • Italy: Likes to cling to the other person, preferably face-to-face, but he'll be big spoon, or will just cling to the person in whatever position they're in.
  • Germany: Generally reluctant to cuddle. His version of cuddling is pretty much rolling over and wrapping one arm around the person. He doesn't mind being cuddled up to, he just likes lying on his back.
  • Japan: Not too fond of cuddling. He does make a pretty good little spoon if he's open to touching the person, but this is only when awake, since physical contact makes it difficult for him to sleep.
  • America: Actually pretty nice to cuddle, strong but still soft. Most of the time he wants to be the big spoon, because that's the cool thing to do but also because he likes holding on to people.
  • England: Will grump about it but will actually definitely cuddle up with no resistance. The perfect position is necessary though because he's really bony, making it hard to get comfortable.
  • France: Loves cuddles, always wants to cuddle. He likes to lazily run his fingers over the person's skin while they're cuddling, since he finds it soothing and hopes they will too.
  • China: Rarely comfortable enough with someone to cuddle, but does enjoy it, especially while watching movies or just having conversation. Tends to curl up so he's naturally the little spoon.
  • Russia: So cuddly, what a teddybear. He just likes the affection and will be happy to let the other person hold on to him or to hug them tight instead. Super warm and soft.
  • Canada: Actually a great big spoon, will hold on and not let the person go and whisper about how nice this is. He also really likes having someone lean on him while they're sitting and letting that slowly end up with them cuddling.

This. This. This is the actual definition of perfection right here.

Kiddies, here’s a secret to life success: if you ever have an art bock, complain about it online and it will go away. Either that, or have no free time. :V Anyway, have some cuties.

I have so much shit to do that I shouldn’t have spent as much time on the shading as I did, but I did it anyway because I miss actually making nice art. It’s definitely not perfect because I wanted to get finished before doing important stuff, but it’s a step back in the right direction.

Also GDI Sniper, why are you not consistent between drawings I swear you have like fifteen different faces that I draw you with.

the vast majority of pictures and gifs you see of fiyero on tumblr are aaron tveit who wasn’t even in the original broadway cast and i think that’s beautiful

I tried to play a pirate game because I thought it had avatar customisation but it didn’t. So I drew myself as a pirate anyway! Feat. super cool bone sword that I need to be part of my life

About David and Gillian (The Sequel)

The last few days have been such a wild ride. We’ve gotten new insights into our dynamic duo and how their relationship “looks” these days, post-Cutting Room, post-revival filming. I have been trying to absorb it all, read everyone’s posts, examine all the gifs. So here are my thoughts….


It really stood out to me that Kimmel used the word “camaraderie” to describe their relationship. That very same word was used recently in Entertainment Weekly as well. At first, I thought maybe this was the new Hollywood euphemism for “friends with benefits.” ;) But I think it actually really is the perfect word to describe them: Oxford Dictionary definition: Camaraderie: “Mutual trust and friendship among people who spend a lot of time together.” Trust and friendship – that is what casual viewers see in David and Gillian when they are not playing it up for fans. Not flirtiness. Not inappropriateness. Not handsiness. Trust and friendship….pretty awesome, no?

Playing to the Audience

One of the things we always seem to be debating is whether their interactions are genuine or merely for the benefit of the audience. IMO, the two work hand-in-hand to some degree. I think they have a certain way of playing off one another when they are on panels or being interviewed, and they do it really well. Just like you need one ‘straight’ character and one ‘comedian,’ they assume roles. Gillian’s role is to remember virtually nothing, say provocative things and laugh at everything David says. David’s role is tease Gillian, then comfort and ‘save’ her when necessary. I’m sure they are like this privately at times as well, but I sense they don’t spend all the conversations in their “close” relationship reminiscing and teasing each other. I get the impression they are both big thinkers and likely get into much weightier conversations (about life choices, like cutting an album at age 50+) when they are alone.

But I think there is also a part of them that wants to give people what they want. They perform…to a certain extent. They are ultra-aware that their chemistry exists and it affects others. I think David and Gillian kind of ship…David and Gillian. Fist bump, guys!

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