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“Do you remember what I said to you when you told me you were a lesbian?”
“’Thank god you finally said it’?”
“After that.”
“…’You better find a girl who deserves you’.”
“Yes! That! And this might be so shocking to you, but a murderous vampire isn’t what I had in mind!!”

Carmilla + Favorite Familial Relationship: Laura Hollis+Dad (requested by @bi-dominusrex)

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“I’ve come here with a view to asking you… to marriage me. I know I seems an insane person because I hardly knows you but sometimes things are so transparency, they don’t need evidential proof. And I will inhabit here, or you can inhabit with me in England. 

Of course I don’t expecting you to be as foolish as me, and of course I prediction you say no… but It’s Christmas and I just wanted to… check.”


every westallen scene ever (120/?)


(That last gif demanded this. But on the note, have to wonder if Hakuba’s ever been to one of Kaito’s ‘heists’ where he really doesn’t do anything. Green Dream is especially coming to mind as Kid accomplishing something, just not exactly what everyone expected. Or, you know. Ryoma or that baseball incident. I’d love to know Hakuba’s thoughts on ones like those, even if he gets that Kaito isn’t a bad thief.)

Morocco Scene: The Six Thatchers

Ok I’m seeing a lot of comments about how Mary dove for cover while Sherlock protected John in the morocco scene. Um yeah NO. This scene actually was one of the best scenes of the Mary and Sherlock dynamic at its best. Mary pushed John down, then Sherlock quickly put the table down to shield him, Mary didn’t just duck for cover, she was covering sherlocks back so he could protect john. She had her gun out, taking shots at AJ. Then while the standoff shoot off was happening, as john was there on the ground, Mary handed the gun to Sherlock so he could shoot out the light and he had the better shot at close range. THEN during the distraction of the lights, Sherlock quickly handed the gun back to Mary and the face to face with Mary and AJ with guns pointed at each other. Of course during all that John was able to reach for the gun to help cover Mary. But yeah he knew he didn’t have To take a shot, not because he didn’t care to “shoot to save her” the way he did for Sherlock during ASIP, because um yeah she’s a fucking skilled super agent so she could most definitely handle that face to face with AJ. That scene was brilliant because it showed us how well Mary and Sherlock worked as a team. They worked as a team to not just protect themselves but to protect John. But of course to certain people they only saw their hero protecting the his damsel in distress. UGH.

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10 Favorite Panels [4/??]

Roronoa Zoro

└ When we learn that oji-chan’s scene-stealing devious plans antics weren’t limited to DYGI PV set. 😂😂😂😂😂 

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Why not write a SasuNaru movie?

It just occurred to me there’s no reason that when I move to LA, I can’t write what is essentially a Naruto/Sasuke story as a movie. I was reading this comment about someone wanting a Sasuke solo movie, which intrigued me. If you can make the characters say what you wish they would’ve in canon on a Drama CD… why not move to LA and write a thinly-veiled screenplay for a Sasuke/Naruto movie?? You could even MAKE them ninja… or do anything. I love that robot Sasuke art that was going around… or I still want to turn Convergence into a book as soon as I make BF an ebook, which will happen when I finish writing what has turned into a three-chapter update of Church.

Then, if I (or anyone else who does this) goes to the Oscars and wins for their Brokeback Ninja movie, you can be like “So, actually this is about Sasuke and Naruto, and how I always wanted them to bang in canon and realize that their super intense and slightly abnormal bro feelings for each other were romantic.”


A study in eyecontact: asking wife vs. asking best friend man