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So i played a little bit of overwatch comp (cuz im a glutton for punishment and an idiot who doesn’t take her own advice on what relaxation is) and I met the SWEETEST 15-year-old kid. I join chat and the first thing he says is “Hi guys, unless you’re not all guys I apologize, we’re gonna do great and have fun!” He kept complimenting people when whenever he saw a multi kill in the kill feed. I was playing mercy and he kept saying “This mercy is amazing!” Which of course makes me smile like an idiot. And anytime I couldn’t get to him and he’d die (he was genji of course), I’d apologize like I normally do. But this is the first time playing in comp anyone replied, “It’s not your fault mercy. I know you’re healing the tanks (I was solo healing)” We ultimately lost, but we put up a fight at KotH Lijiang tower with a score: 2 to 3. He before he left he said, “I had a fun time. I hope you guys win all ur next games” in the type chat. His username was Goobisoft, such a sweet boy. 

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I don't even know what happened like I watched mbav when I was younger and then I watched it again this year and I was like "Ethan and Benny are so gay ????" I was infected by the gay

They’re gay, folks

really though, there’s no heterosexual explanation for ford building a host that looks and acts and sounds exactly like arnold


people who would fight the sun: bakugou

(based off of this tweet)

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I’m glad that Lamar and Rebecca apologized n all, but a) that doesn’t mean that black fans/crits were wrong for disliking it; b) no one is obligated to accept any and all apologies; c) apologizing doesn’t mean it’s excusable and people can still dislike it; d) it does more harm than good to hold content creators to a deity-like status where “they did no wrong” and “we should be thanking them instead of criticizing them”


Isak + laughing through the years

If you heard anyone yell this morning it was me right after finding out dgm’s on this month’s SQ Crown holy f uck