the actors did such a good job with them

I feel sorry for the actors. For Ben, for Martin who were just AMAZING and I want them to win all the awards. I feel sorry for Rupert, for Loo, for Amanda, actually for everyone. They did such a good, amazing job, it’s not their fault the script was bad. My heart is breaking because they’ll see how mad and disappointed we are :’( They’ll think they did bad :’( I wish they knew how much we love their work. I can speak for myself only, but I LOVED the acting. The best of the best. So many emotions. *standing ovation* We love you, guys. We just didn’t like the script

This actress here, who is on screen doing an absolutely brilliant job, she was a local actress that I hired, I believe she lives in Dallas, her name is Melissa McBride and she did such a great job in this scene playing this to everyone who’s watching - I mean look at the crowd she’s playing to. In between takes I had my most experienced actors coming up to me and whispering in my ear saying, ‘wow, this woman is awesome where did you find her?’ Well, it was really just luck because she was on the tape auditions given to us by the local casting director, one of many, and she had come in to read for a one or two line little part, but I thought she was so good I asked them to have her back to read for this part to see how she would do, and she really nailed it, the audition was thrilling, but what she did on set was even more thrilling. Everyone was just so captivated by her work that when she was done, when we were done with this part of the scene and I called a cut, everybody, the whole store burst into applause. The cast, the crew, extras… sustained applause. Melissa was very moved… It was a great moment because it was just an outpouring of approval and affection for someone who had done such a good job and it was a very spontaneous gesture as well.
—  Frank Darabont - Commentary on ‘The Mist’ about Melissa McBride.
Goblin Episode 15 and 16 (FINALE)

I didn’t realize how invested I was into this show until today. Sure, I enjoyed every minute of it -some more than others- and I was rooting for the characters to have a happy ending. But you just know you are all in when you bawl your eyes out crying, not once or twice but three times.

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First, I want to say this has been an amazing show with an incredibly cast. And I’m not talking about the main characters but all the actors involved in this project, from the souls Reaper collected to the miscellaneous people Kim Shin helped through his life, Grandpa, Secretary Kim, the Reapers, all of them were part of what made this show so good. All of them played, in the bigger picture, a part unique to them that made the story.

Second, as a photographer this show was cinematography porn. I don’t know who the photographer for this kdrama was but she or he did an amazing job. And the way it collaborated with the view and storytelling from the PD was perfection. I also enjoyed how the Writer chose to tell the story too. She said this is her first time working the fantasy genre, but I think she has proven that when you write stories rooted on real life situations and feelings, with compelling characters, a little bit of magic just makes the show even more fantastic.

So, let’s move on to what happened:

I should have kwon that a show title “Lonely and Great God” would give a sort of happy ending. Kim Shin did get his happiness by meeting Eun-tak and learning how to live. Death is part of the universal human experience and that’s something Shin had to learn how to deal with, because he is a God but one more connected to humanity. He saw his people’s death as a curse when he should have seen that the time they shared was a precious gift. In the end, all the characters passed… but that’s not the end of their story and he knew this better than anybody. I think at the end he learned how to forgive others and himself, to let go of his pain and move on in order to be happy, even if it meant waiting for a little while to meet again those he loves.

Eun-tak had always been living on borrowed time. So, it wasn’t all that shocking that her fate was to have a short first life… doesn’t mean it didn’t hurt like a b**ch watching her voluntarily parking the car in the middle of the street in order to save others. That’s who she was at her core and I’m glad that if she had to go it was on her own terms and not because the Gods were looming over her fate. She choose, out of free will, what to do with her life to her very last breath.

At the end, we all knew Shin and Eun-tak would meet again. I choose to believe they will meet through her four lives. Maybe by that time, the Gods will let Shin go with her. Perhaps he will choose to stay with the big family they created together. Perhaps, she’s mistaken and we have more than four lives. Maybe they will meet over and over, and over again.

Grim Reaper’s life went on with a broken heart. I kinda forget this is a character who is doing a penance and just because he’s freaking adorable and met the love of his life once again, doesn’t mean they will be together. So, Reaper spent his life learning to appreciate and yearn for life, his and others, by watching death everyday for 300 years. By holding on through the pain of being apart from the woman he loved, like he should have when he was Wang Yeo.

Sunny also finally made the choice to let go of Reaper. Even if they wanted to, they couldn’t be together in this life either, the purpose of their meeting -in my opinion- was so that they could make amends and forgive each other. In this life, Sunny chose herself for the first time over everyone else and she went to find her happiness. And I’m sure she lived a full life.

The last scene between Sunny and Reaper broke me. They are my favorite couple from the show and when they met once again to move on to another life, finally together, I started bawling. It was a bittersweet happiness, because I could feel the longing they went through and how much love there was between them after so many lives of missing each other. These two will always be together through all the lives they will get.

But this scene also broke me because Shin was once again saying goodbye to them. Reaper and Sunny moving on meant for Shin to have to wait to meet them again. One of the most developed relationships in the show is definitely the one between Shin and Reaper, their bickering and friendship was one of the main pillars of the show, and I love how they started and ended. They too are meant to be.

On a funny note: I love that Sunny and Reaper met again at the film location of a drama. Probably one that Reaper would watch religiously. And that they didn’t wait at all to become a couple, the Gods listened to Sunny and made Shin’s wish come true: their waiting was short and the meeting long.

My only complain is that I wish I could have seen more of them as a HAPPY couple, because they were always together but full of sorrow and longing… the hotel scene, tough, was incredibly hilarious.

I also want to send all my love to Duk-hwa and Secretary Kim who were always there to cheer everyone, the characters and us, through the sad moments. Even thought I would have loved to see a grown Duk-hwa, in the end, I’m glad I didn’t. He will always be the smart, kind and happy chaebol who goes with the flow and brought many laughters. I just can’t imagine anybody but Yook Sun-jae in the role and I don’t want to. Also, Secretary Kim, he remained loyal to the very end and had a happy and full life as a father figure and friend for Duk-hwa. A guardian angel? The man sure got things done.

As for the Gods, through the 16 episodes of the show, they have proven to be fickle and have bleeding hearts. But I thank them for bringing these people together so we could enjoy this amazing kdrama.

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as an asian, i think rogue one did a much better job than the force awakens in terms of treating characters played by asian actors. chirrut and baze are an ass-kicking dynamic duo whereas the kanjiklub is just… a waste of a good cast. i know kanjiklub’s role is minor but i don’t get why lucasfilm hired yayan ruhian, iko uwais, and cecep arif rahman aka some of the best indonesian martial artists just to do a very short scene that doesn’t showcase their talents. if you’re hiring a good cast for such little screen time, do them justice.


(an idea by my friend Erika Petrini) <3

Sweeney Todd (2007) - Tim Burton

5 bullets on this film:

  • The plot is amazing, all the details are important and the ending makes you stare to the screen for a while, in silence, thinking about your life choices.
  • The actors are super good, obviously Helena Bonham Carter and Johnny Depp did an amazing job as the psycho protagonists, but Alan Rickman is the best antagonist ever.
  • Tim Burton’s directing style is perfect, the way he made London sad, dark and mysterious makes you scream TIM BURTON I KNOW YOU DIRECTED THIS MOVIE. 
  • It’s a musical, and if you think musicals are boring you are a little shit. The songs are awesome, you can’t stop singing them for weeks.
  • The contrast between the colors of the character’s peaceful past and the tormentous present is beautiful. 

I understand that everyone has their own opinion, but from everything I’ve read and heard in interviews from the cast and crew. They gave their all to make this film not only great for the fans, but a great tribute to Paul Walker and his family. So for him to rip it apart the way he did and is currently still doing on Facebook is just plain rude. James Wan did an amazing job. So what if it got cheesy. That’s how all of them are. That’s what makes it so good! The goodbye had to be the most personal part of the movie it wasn’t just the characters anymore it was the actors saying goodbye. If someone thinks that is bad acting you’re being a asshole.


Retired Massachusetts State Police Detective Bob Long spent more than a decade trying to bring Whitey Bulger to justice, and having put in hundreds of hours watching and listening to Bulger from hidden surveillance posts, he has an unusually detailed knowledge of both Bulger and John Connolly.

Long attended the film’s premiere in Boston earlier this week, and said it was like “stepping back in time.”

“I spent years on Bulger, so I know all his mannerisms and his habits,” said Long. “I swear to God, I don’t think anybody in the world except for Bulger himself could have done a better job than Johnny Depp did. He is one talented actor.“

Long had similar praise for Joel, "He was so freaking good, he should get an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor.  He really portrayed Connolly how he was. So both of them deserve Oscars.”


Fairy Tail Episode 258 (S2 83)  

Iron Fist of the Fire Dragon

I loved today’s episode!

The first 2 minutes of the episode made me wanna cry, because it started with a flashback of Natsu’s past. Igneel had just disappeared and Natsu was looking for him. It’s hard for me to see one of my favorite characters being sad and heartbroken (I know, I know, it sounds cheesy), but I’m also really happy about the reunion between the dragon and his son. I’ve been looking forward to it for a long time now. ^_^

And in all honesty, the anime did a wonderful job portraying the relationship between Igneel and Natsu. Igneel’s voice actor is good. He makes the dragon sound wise, proud and strong, but also protective. Even though they hadn’t seen each other for many years, the interactions between them seemed natural. Their scenes together made me see them not only as father and son, but also as teammates and friends. That being said, I loved the parallels between Igneel attacking Acnologia and Natsu attacking Mard Geer, because they just added to the feeling that the dragon slayer and his father were in sync.

The anime also managed to hype Acnologia’s strength quite a lot. There was this certain scene where Igneel used a really powerful attack against the other dragon and everybody stared in astonishment at the giant fireball which could have easily destroyed a whole town, but Acnologia emerged from the smoke unharmed. The battle between the two dragons was and in the next episodes will continue to be quite the exciting spectacle.

There were a few scenes which were meant to warm the shippers’ hearts. Gajeel leaning on Levy and then protecting her from the heat from Igneel’s attack was really sweet. But as a hardcore NaLu shipper, I can’t help but notice little things in their interactions, gestures and words. Once again Lucy showed concern for Natsu’s well-being. You could see how worried she was just by looking at her eyes - the animators used that as means to reinforce the feeling that Lucy was really anxious about what was happening with Natsu.

The episode ended with Kyoka creating a living link between her and the main lacrima that was supposed to activate all the Faces. The way Mard Geer ordered her to do that made me feel uneasy even though I don’t like Kyoka at all. By creating that living link, Kyoka transformed into her real Etherious form.

Next week’s episode, called Tartaros Arc: 00:00, will focus on the battle between Erza and Kyoka, but what I’m really looking forward to is the Igneel vs Acnologia fight. Can’t wait for it! So far, the animation studio has not disappointed me. (: