the actors did such a good job with them

Why are filmmakers and fans more concerned with plot twists over quality stories?

This is gonna be a long post, so get ready.

Let’s look at Star Wars. Personally, I really enjoyed The Force Awakens and Rogue One. I thought they were some great, fun movies with a lot of action, humor, drama, etc. in them. I thought the actors & actresses were great. The musical score was amazing. Rogue One also did a fantastic job at tying the prequels and originals together, bringing in Darth Vader, Princess Leia, Bail Organa, Grand Moff Tarkin, Mon Mothma and, although he was a Clone Wars character, Saw Gerrera. 

I thought both stories were well done and even though it seemed odd regarding the Skywalker/Solo family (Luke running away, Han & Leia separating and Kylo Ren turning to the dark side & idolizing his grandfather Darth Vader), I thought there was potential to expand upon it in Episode VIII and IX and give a realistic-enough explanation as to how these characters ended up where they were as well as find a way to include Rey in there, potentially as the secret daughter of either Luke or Han & Leia.

However, I am not a fan of The Last Jedi. I didn’t like it. And before you go off and say “Well that’s only because your favorite fan theories didn’t come true” or whatever bulls–t is said to TLJ haters, no, that’s not the case. There’s a lot of different reasons to dislike the film. All these different plot twists and surprises, most of which are completely unnecessary and they even destroy the characters we love from the original trilogy and The Force Awakens.

For example, they had Luke Skywalker - a Jedi Master who was the only one to believe there was still good in his Sith Lord father despite everything that’s happened in the original trilogy - try to murder his nephew because he could sense darkness in him but he wasn’t even fully dark yet. Luke could have tried to save him somehow. Maybe kill Snoke instead? After all, he was the one seducing Kylo to the dark side. Maybe bring Han & Leia over to spend more time with Kylo (since it’s been said Kylo feel neglected by his parents)? Maybe try to get in contact with Anakin’s Force Ghost so he can talk with Kylo (after all, Kylo idolizes his grandfather)? 

But what they did was absolutely stupid and an absolute disgrace to Luke’s character. Not to mention what a horrible plot twist it was. Why are filmmakers and fans so much more interested in plot twists and surprises than good, quality stories? Why? Why? WHY?!!!

Star Wars fans are usually like “Well I don’t want Rey to be a Skywalker because it’s so boring and predictable! I want her to be related to this character because it’d be so surprising!, “I don’t want Snoke to be revealed as some other character because it’d be so dumb! He should be his own character!”, etc. But why are these fans - and the filmmakers as well (e.g. Rian Johnson) - so interested in plot twists and big surprises? Why can’t we focus on good stories?

If you ask me, had Rey been revealed as a Skywalker or a Solo instead, I think that would have made a terrific story and a great way to push forward the story of the sequel trilogy. It would mean she is the granddaughter of Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader. She now knows why she is so powerful. She was destined to learn the ways of the Force. Not only that, but if she was Rey Skywalker (daughter of Luke), it would create an interesting, emotional, heartwarming story-arc for Luke & Rey as father and daughter would reunite. The same would also apply for Rey Solo, the daughter of Han & Leia. Rey’s grief over Han’s death would increase, knowing he was in fact her father, and we also would have gotten to see a heartwarming mother/daughter reunion between her and Leia.

It would also create an interesting story-arc for Kylo Ren as Rey would be his cousin or sister and as a matter of fact, her being left on Jakku may somehow be connected to how he turned to the dark side. Maybe he felt guilty for what happened to her (thinking she was dead) and blamed Luke, Leia, Han and himself. Snoke used this pain within Kylo to manipulate him and turn him to the dark side. And when watching The Force Awakens, it definitely seems that Kylo has a familial connection with Rey. He Force-chokes a First Order officer when he brings up how a girl helped Finn and BB-8 escape Jakku (”What girl?!”), he took his helmet off for both Rey & Han and he noticed how strong she is with the Force, as strong as he is if not stronger. In The Force Awakens novelization, when Rey picked up the Skywalker lightsaber from the snow, Kylo looked at her and said “It is you”, so it seems he had come to the realization that this girl in front of him was in fact his long-lost cousin or sister. He even offers to teach her the ways of the Force during their duel. He wants the other grandchild of Darth Vader by his side to rule the galaxy. Just like how Vader wanted Luke (and later on, Leia in ROTJ) by his side to rule the galaxy.

And there was also potential to create a story-arc for Snoke that would connect him to the Skywalkers somehow. My personal favorite theory is (or rather was) that he is Darth Plagueis and the creator/”father” of Anakin. There’s already some pre-sequel trilogy information about him in that scene in Revenge of the Sith where Palpatine and Anakin are talking about him. It’s said that he was able to use the Force to create life and it’s even hinted that Anakin’s miraculous birth could have been caused by Plagueis. Maybe Plagueis used the Force and impregnated Anakin’s mother in an attempt to create the Chosen One himself. Then when the time came, the Chosen One would be found and Plagueis could seduce him to the dark side, making him a very powerful and very worthy Sith apprentice. It’s possible he may have even wanted to treat Anakin as his own son since he technically did create him.

But of course Palpatine had different plans and decided to seduce Anakin himself. So he killed Plagueis. Or did he? Perhaps Plagueis successfully faked his death and watched over Anakin/Vader, watching the rise and fall of the Empire and then once Anakin redeemed himself to save Luke and died, Plagueis saw it as an opportunity to come out of hiding and recreate the Empire as the First Order. If Plagueis wanted to treat Anakin as his son as much as he wanted him as his apprentice, then it makes sense: Plagueis/Snoke did it all for Vader. He did it for his creation/“son”. The Imperial officers, Stormtroopers, etc. He even seduced Vader’s grandson to the dark side and made him his apprentice. He created the First Order in Vader’s memory to finish what he started and rule the galaxy.

Then it would have all came full circle: Anakin Skywalker’s family (Luke, Rey, Kylo & Leia) had to face off against his creator/”father” and finally bring balance to the Force. You might not agree, but I think that would have made a terrific story. A great way to tie together the originals, prequels and sequels and a great way to end the Skywalker Saga so that Disney and Lucasfilm can make new stories about new characters. Three trilogies about the Skywalker family. A beginning, a middle and an end. Then it’s over. Time for new characters and new adventures in the galaxy to explore.

But unfortunately, that never happened. Instead, we got what The Last Jedi gave us. A bunch of unnecessary plot twists and surprises (some of which ruin the characters of both the original and new trilogies), the Skywalker bloodline is pretty much dead; the only survivor of the bloodline being Kylo Ren who turned to the dark side for pretty much no reason other than disliking everyone in his family besides his grandfather. Oh, and because Luke suddenly decided to kill him even though he didn’t do anything wrong yet and there were in fact ways to save him.

The characters were ruined, the Skywalker legacy has been destroyed, Snoke died without us finding out his backstory, Rey’s parents are nobodies (and we don’t even get a good enough explanation about them; it wasn’t something like “Your parents were students of Luke’s Jedi academy. The First Order attacked them and they left you on Jakku to keep you safe. They were going to come back for you, but they were killed in the fight before they could”. Instead, it was “Your parents were junk dealers who sold you for drinking money.”) And the new characters didn’t even stay there too long. DJ turned out to be a traitor and we’ll probably never see him again. Admiral Holdo (who was completely unlike-able during the entire film) sacrificed herself, so we’ll most likely never see her again. And Rose, well… if you’re gonna get rid of 2 of the 3 new characters, you might as well get rid of the other one.

And that last scene with the little boy playing with a broom and looking at the stars. WTF?! What is the point of that scene? Is that little boy going to be in Rian Johnson’s new trilogy? Is he supposed to represent the younger Star Wars fans who use toys, brooms, etc. and pretend they’re lightsabers? Is he supposed to represent that whole message people are passing along saying “Anyone can use the Force, anyone can become a Jedi or a Sith” (even though half of the people in the galaxy are actually NOT Force-sensitive and therefore they cannot become Jedis or Siths if they wanted to).

And besides that, if you really want a Force-sensitive hero who isn’t a Skywalker, there’s always Finn. Yes, it’s been hinted in The Force Awakens that Finn is in fact Force-sensitive and if he & Rey got together, they would not only make such an amazing couple but also a very powerful couple. Plus, if Rey was a Skywalker or a Solo, Finn could have married Rey and adopted one of the two surnames. Finn & Rey Skywalker or Finn & Rey Solo. So there you have it.

All these stupid plot twists and everything, all this unnecessary filler, etc. I’m sorry, I just really needed to get it all out of the way. They had a lot of potential with this movie and this whole trilogy. But they threw it all away. The Last Jedi was not worth the two years of fans arguing with each other over Rey’s parentage, Snoke’s identity, etc. It really wasn’t. It’s the worst Star Wars movie ever in my opinion. And it’s also sad that people don’t even care about good, quality stories anymore. They don’t wanna go into the movies and watch a heartwarming parent/child reunion or a well-written explanation as to why a specific character is on a specific side of the fight. They just want plot twists, surprises, etc. To them, it doesn’t matter if it changes the entire story for the worse. As long as their jaw drops, that’s all that matters to them.

It has been a long week for me already and it’s time to vent a little again.

Over several years, I’ve followed (not physically, mind you) many bands and actors. Not as a casual fan, but as a dedicated one. One thing I noticed with all of them was that their partners were rarely with them when they went to other cities or countries, nor did they go with them every single time they went out with friends. Those musicians or actors could do things on their own and spent time with their friends - and never posted about their partners and rarely mentioned them in every interview or in random conversations. None of them. All those people had their own jobs and were busy with those. They had other things to do than follow their partners around to every event or show or filming location. I mean, do you follow your s.o. everywhere all the time? I highly doubt it. Especially considering that it’s hardly good for any relationship to do that, but that’s something I don’t have the time or patience to get into now.

So, how come people still think it’s such a normal thing to do that she follows D everywhere and every day? That she is so “devoted” that she is everywhere he is about 99.9% of the time? Shouldn’t there be other things to do? Traveling all over the place and partying until she drops isn’t exactly work. But that’s totally normal, right? Nothing unusual about this at all.

I know many people still claim it’s normal and has nothing to do with the sexuality topic, but think about it. Certain people want her to be seen with him as much as possible to prove something. According to them, a real s.o. has to be everywhere to look believable and to stop the rumors that are everywhere, too. Newsflash, people, this doesn’t work - never has, never will. In fact, it makes this charade less believable with every passing day and appearance. This doesn’t give the illusion of someone being supportive. It does something completely different. And we all know how desperate for attention a certain someone is and that this is why they post all these things to show where she is. It’s never about D in the end. He is just the usual prop. And they are going to stay on this lane for the next few days at least. They won’t let him have a break. We all know this. They don’t care about others.

I’m not saying that there are no other reasons. Of course they are trying to give her somewhat of a chance to make business connections, but does she truly want that? With what we’re seeing all the time, I have to say that it doesn’t look like she really cares about that in the end. They can try, but she has other plans. Working for real? Her? Doubtful. With all these events she had been to this year alone, she must have spoken to enough people and yet nothing has changed. Says a lot about it, doesn’t it?

Ok so as we all know by now

Thomas is incredibly talented and loves disney. We have seen him talk a bit in spanish as roman and sing a bit of be our guest in french in a short video once. But what im really curious about is can he sing a disney song in hebrew? I speak it daily and knew most disney songs in hebrew befire i knew them in english,and tho i mock my own language quite a lot,i actually think translators and voice actors did a damn good job with the disney classic. (My dad goes as far to say that,for example,hebrew ariel sings better than original ariel,but i keep telling him he’s crazy). And thomas has like such a great voice and im dying to know what he’d sound like. My ideal disney song for him to sing in hebrew would be “go the distance” even if just for all the ח sounds. @iamatrashcan666 @illmamnim ya’ll know what i mean. That damn ח sound.

Listen all im saying is that it would be hillarious or awsome and either way it’ll be really fun to watch him do it. Hebrew isnt as apealing and pleasent to the ear as spanish or french but it has some good qualities when its not weirdly pronouncing its R’s or making that dreaded ח sound.

Thats all i have to say about that.

I didn’t get to talk about the “Confession” dub yesterday but let me rectify that because holy shit it was really good.

All of the actors did a spectacular job–especially Mona Marshall as Izzy, Johnny Yong Bosch as T.K. and Jeff Nimoy as Tentomon. Hell, Nimoy was apparently sick when he was dubbing for this but he still handled it pretty well. Silent moments were kept silent, especially when they were important. They actually kept freaking Butter-Fly as an insert song (which is what I was most worried about). While there were a couple of jokes, most of them weren’t bad and places where I was worried they’d kill the mood with jokes, they didn’t. There was no sign of that godawful English Digimon song anywhere, not even as the menu theme. The only other issues were a couple of mistakes like referring to Mega level as Ultimate level towards the end (probably an overlooked translation/localization error). They treated this dub with so much respect and by God, was I impressed.

This is how dubs like this should be treated. And it was so, so nice to see that here.

30 Days of Call The Midwife Day 19: Least favorite male

My least favorite male. It’s a tie between Percy (the older man who died in CS 2017) and Mickey’s dad, I believe he was called Lester (from series 6). They’re both very aggressive and abused their wives. I know they’re fictional characters but there was a time when this was a ‘normal’ thing to do and just the thought of that makes me sick. Heidi and the actors did a very good job at portraying their characters like this so people actually start to hate them.

Mystic Messenger Doctor AU

So I’m binge watching Grey’s Anatomy again for like the 4th time and this gem popped into my head lol


  • Jumin is a cardiothoracic surgeon which is odd because everyone says he has no heart
  • His dad owns the hospital (and used to be a world-renowned surgeon)
  • Everyone is jealous of him and thinks that he only got through medical school/residency because of who his dad is
  • A L W A Y S tries to bring Elizabeth 3rd with him to the hospital
  • He likes when she’s watching him through the glass of the operating theater (a viewing room for students/spectators) during surgery especially the long and difficult ones-it makes him feel calm
  • All the women fawn over him but he always turns them down so everyone thinks he’s gay but it’s mostly because his dad has nailed half the hospital


  • Zen is the somewhat narcissistic and way too good looking plastic surgeon (did you expect anything different though?)
  • He wanted to become a musical actor but his parents basically pushed bullied him into becoming a doctor
  • Always so over-dramatic and sings during surgery because of his failed dream
  • Gets pissed when people Jumin say his job is all about nose, boob, and butt jobs
  • Does not like Jumin because he thinks Dr. Trust Fund Kid is a prime result of nepotism
  • Low key kinda sleeps around
  • Everyone likes pulling on his ponytail rat tail when he’s not looking to annoy him
  • Dr. Flirt


  • Jaehee is the stern but caring neurosurgeon
  • Tries and fails to keep Jumin in line as per his father’s requests
  • No Dr. Han, you CANNOT bring Elizabeth 3rd to the hospital! Why? Because it’s unsanitary! C-fur will fly around everywhere!
  • Low key has a crush on Zen and greatly admires his work but denies it when people point out her crush
  • Do NOT talk to her before she has had her coffee especially if it’s anything concerning Jumin and/or his cat
  • Overworks herself at the hospital (what do you mean I’ve worked my 60 hours this week!? I still have surgeries to do!)
  • Likes doing the complicated and risky surgeries
  • Black belt in judo, one time a male resident tried to grab her ass and she flipped him over her should and pinned him to the ground one of the few times she was unprofessional


  • Yoosung is the pediatric surgeon whom every kid and parent loves
  • Will definitely play video games with the kids when he’s not super busy
  • Literally gets no sleep because of work and LOLOL and everyone wonders how he’s still alive
  • All the single moms will flirt with him but he’s oblivious and just thinks they’re being nice
  • His lab coat is filled with button pins and those iron on patches of animals and cartoon characters to make him seem more likable to the children
  • He’s already well liked because he’s basically a huge child himself


  • Dr. Seven Zero Seven, Defender of Bones is here to save your life as your one and only orthopedic surgeon
  • Literally everyone’s first impression of him is how the hell is this guy a doctor and he’s supposed to save my life?
  • When he tells patients their bones are brittle because they don’t eat right everyone looks at him like Seven pls you can’t judge when Dr. Pepper and Honey Buddha chips are the only food/drink you live off of  
  • His signature is in binary code
  • Likes to draw spaceships on patient’s casts if they’ll let him
  • Always announces that Saeran is his twin brother when people come into the emergency room much to Saeran’s embarrassment
  • Saeyoung, these people are injured. They don’t give two fucks if we’re twins
  • Also will fix the hospitals machines and computers in his down time
  • His scrub cap is literally galaxy print with little spaceships stitched onto it  how freaking adorable is that


  • V is an ophthalmologist bet you didn’t see that one coming
  • Has slowly been cutting back on doing eye surgeries because he’s going blind due to an accident with his fiancée  how eyeronic lol I hate myself please  ignore me
  • Has been Jumin’s best friend since childhood and knows that Jumin worked really hard to prove to everyone that he was more than just his father’s son and that he could be a great doctor on his own
  • Likes to hand out licorice to his patients
  • Every patient loves him because he will sit down to talk and won’t leave until all their questions and concerns are answered before surgery.
  • Shows a lot of diagrams and pictures to help the patients understand
  • Does photography in his free time


  • Saeran is a trauma surgeon so he’s in the ER a lot
  • Most of the time finds his twin annoying and wonders how they share the same DNA
  • Especially hates when he finds himself caught up in one of Seven’s many pranks
  • His nickname is Doctor Scary Bad-Ass but he literally has a scrub cap that has ice cream cones all over it
  • When a patient dies on him, he will literally break down about it later in private and kick himself for not trying harder
  • Has a weird almost “magical” way of calming hysteric patients and families down, no one knows how he does it
  • Since he has gone through many severe traumas in his life, he likes helping people come out of theirs
  • Attaches himself to patients with no/shitty family or unknown John/Jane Doe patients because he deeply believes everyone needs a person in their life to help them get through hard times
  • He was suspended once for punching a guy when he found out that he physically abused his daughter. It gave him flashbacks of his own childhood and Seven had to come and calm him down ouch critical hit on my heart
You know what we need? We need more Paul Blofis headcanons.

So I am here to supply. He must be appreciated more. 

  • His parents are immigrants. His mother is from County Sligo in Ireland, and his father is from Liverpool.
  • He was also raised in a household where religion didn’t really matter, so he’s not overly religious. Like he doesn’t know if there’s a God, but like isn’t an atheist either. He’s in a kind of weird gray zone. (Which I think is why he came to terms pretty easily about there being Greek Gods)  
  • That’s where his love for Shakespearean theatre comes from because his parents always loved it and he grew up with it. 
  • He also has this love for the Beatles, courtesy of his father (who is also a musician on the side) 
  • Paul can play the piano and guitar really well, but he can’t sing
  • He has this look of like a “Golden Age Hollywood” actor, or kind of like George Clooney 
  • He’s not that tall either, he’s 5′8″ 
  • (When Percy grows taller than him, it takes some time for Paul to get used to looking up at his step-son)  
  • He grew up in the Bronx and had to work hard to get into a good college
  • He is also the oldest of four kids. He has two brothers and a sister.
  • Because of that, he is very competitive over really stupid things and he’s a master of hiding his things from people

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This actress here, who is on screen doing an absolutely brilliant job, she was a local actress that I hired, I believe she lives in Dallas, her name is Melissa McBride and she did such a great job in this scene playing this to everyone who’s watching - I mean look at the crowd she’s playing to. In between takes I had my most experienced actors coming up to me and whispering in my ear saying, ‘wow, this woman is awesome where did you find her?’ Well, it was really just luck because she was on the tape auditions given to us by the local casting director, one of many, and she had come in to read for a one or two line little part, but I thought she was so good I asked them to have her back to read for this part to see how she would do, and she really nailed it, the audition was thrilling, but what she did on set was even more thrilling. Everyone was just so captivated by her work that when she was done, when we were done with this part of the scene and I called a cut, everybody, the whole store burst into applause. The cast, the crew, extras… sustained applause. Melissa was very moved… It was a great moment because it was just an outpouring of approval and affection for someone who had done such a good job and it was a very spontaneous gesture as well.
—  Frank Darabont - Commentary on ‘The Mist’ about Melissa McBride.

(an idea by my friend Erika Petrini) <3

Sweeney Todd (2007) - Tim Burton

5 bullets on this film:

  • The plot is amazing, all the details are important and the ending makes you stare to the screen for a while, in silence, thinking about your life choices.
  • The actors are super good, obviously Helena Bonham Carter and Johnny Depp did an amazing job as the psycho protagonists, but Alan Rickman is the best antagonist ever.
  • Tim Burton’s directing style is perfect, the way he made London sad, dark and mysterious makes you scream TIM BURTON I KNOW YOU DIRECTED THIS MOVIE. 
  • It’s a musical, and if you think musicals are boring you are a little shit. The songs are awesome, you can’t stop singing them for weeks.
  • The contrast between the colors of the character’s peaceful past and the tormentous present is beautiful. 

anonymous asked:

do you have an opinion on the show “the good doctor?” (the new one i mean) as an autistic person, i was happy to see some representation, and i thought they did a nice job for the first half of the first season. i want to know how other autistic people feel about it though.

i gotta be honest, i…hate it.

i’d be pissed off just on principle of them casting norman bates. yes, i understand he’s an actor, but let’s not pretend this isn’t an obvious and painfully callous example of typecasting. he’s got the “look”, the weird kid skinny white socially awkward “look”, the “seems normal but might be capable of killing his mother and then stuffing her and locking her in his basement” kind of look—the “only plays weird kids” kind of look (he’s also from spiderwick chronicles, and i think charlie and the chocolate factory). it’s not necessarily him as an actor but the poor dude is typecast as a freak and thus i’m like totally side eyeing any casting director who looks like him and went “that’s what we need from this autistic character. THAT’S the look.”

he’s also like….white male socially awkward savant…which everyone already thinks about autism anyway so in terms of the “representation matters” i’m not really sure what this brings to the table. he’s like sheldon cooper reincarnated in a hospital drama: we’ll learn nothing about why everyone hates existing portrayals of autism, keep the same stereotypical behaviors, but this time we won’t make them so OUTLANDISH for laughs. he’s the only white doctor in the cast too which just screams tokenism to me, like just checking off diversity boxes; yeah we know he’s white and a man and the lead BUT HE’S AUTISTIC! we’re progressive.

i’m also not a believer whatsoever in autism being a legitimate like, axis of unification among autistic people? my experiences are almost completely incomparable to him. it’s really only white men who can behave like he does without facing serious social consequences, i don’t wanna get into all the different was ableism impacts white women vs moc vs woc and how all of those things are influenced by being lgbt, but needless to say: there is absolutely no way i would get hired if i behaved like he does lmao. it’s just totally inaccessible to me, i can’t even fathom asking one of my coworkers to explain sarcasm to me.

there’s also the fact that he’s a perpetual child: in the only episode i saw, which was probably only one scene or so, there were flashbacks to him and his brother in the midst of him asking his coworker to explain sarcasm. absolutely no growth whatsoever from childhood to being twenty-something. we’re just expected to believe he’s legitimately lived his life without knowing the concept of sarcasm, despite SEEING this kid brother in his life who explains stuff like that to him. we’re expected to believe he’s never had to ask for clarification before the age of twenty-whatever and has no reference information. sure, it happens to me sometimes where i’ll misinterpret sarcasm totally, despite all the practice, and when that happens, i don’t go “please explain why you didn’t say what you mean” i go, internally, “oh whoops, there’s sarcasm again.” we learn. he’s obviously capable of learning, he’s very smart and totally independently functioning.

anyway, i know this is a rant but i don’t mean to convert you to hating it or make you feel bad that you like it. again, i haven’t watched it, and i’m sure there’s aspects of it that may be super appreciated, or maybe it’s just generally a feel good show, and that’s fine! i’m glad you appreciate it and can connect to it. i simply…can’t, and i’ll never be able to lol.

Finally got to go see Wonder today!

It was good for sure, and all of the actors did an amazing job, but there are definitely some things I wish they had done differently.

The main thing I’m most annoyed about is the portrayal of Summer. I don’t understand why they reduced her from a major character to a minor character. She was such an, if not the most, important character in the book.

Instead they took a lot of her qualities and shoved them into Jack Will, which kind of messed him up as a character too.

They took away the spotlight of Summer’s guenuine kindness, which I feel really detracts from the message of the story. In the book, her kindness is instant and continuous. It never fails, even when she is tempted with the promise of something (supposedly) better. We didn’t get to see that in the movie, which is a huge negative for me.

And because they crammed Summer’s good qualities into Jack, we didn’t get the fleshed out character for him either. In the book, he often doesn’t make the right choices. He often doesn’t choose kindness. He often acts out of selfishness. And that’s okay because he’s a kid who initially didn’t realize the impact of his actions, which is incredibly realistic.

His redemption arc lacked in the movie because he only made one bad choice, and it almost made August come across as mean for being so harsh. AND I absolutely hated that they made August be the one who reached out to Jack (perhaps to counter the apparent harshness?), and then everything was just fine.

Kids need to see examples of people (like Jack) who take responsibility for their actions and take their own steps to correct them. Kids need to see examples of people (like Summer) who are purposefully and intentionally kind because it’s the right thing to do. These characters were so perfect in the book. Perfect examples of what to and not to do, and how both of those things can end up in the right place, and the movie really lacked in those areas.

I know movies have to crunch everything in, but I don’t understand why Miranda got a main part in the movie instead of Summer. Miranda could’ve easily been a minor character (like Justin) and opened up the space for Summer, and in-turn Jack, to be the important characters they were meant to be.

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Where did you go to hire your voice actors? !

VERY good site to get voice actors of all kinds (I even use it myself for voice acting jobs) ! You can offer up for hobby but I definitely paid my voice actors– also I knew a few voice actors previously and asked them to be in the game as well 8P


Fairy Tail Episode 258 (S2 83)  

Iron Fist of the Fire Dragon

I loved today’s episode!

The first 2 minutes of the episode made me wanna cry, because it started with a flashback of Natsu’s past. Igneel had just disappeared and Natsu was looking for him. It’s hard for me to see one of my favorite characters being sad and heartbroken (I know, I know, it sounds cheesy), but I’m also really happy about the reunion between the dragon and his son. I’ve been looking forward to it for a long time now. ^_^

And in all honesty, the anime did a wonderful job portraying the relationship between Igneel and Natsu. Igneel’s voice actor is good. He makes the dragon sound wise, proud and strong, but also protective. Even though they hadn’t seen each other for many years, the interactions between them seemed natural. Their scenes together made me see them not only as father and son, but also as teammates and friends. That being said, I loved the parallels between Igneel attacking Acnologia and Natsu attacking Mard Geer, because they just added to the feeling that the dragon slayer and his father were in sync.

The anime also managed to hype Acnologia’s strength quite a lot. There was this certain scene where Igneel used a really powerful attack against the other dragon and everybody stared in astonishment at the giant fireball which could have easily destroyed a whole town, but Acnologia emerged from the smoke unharmed. The battle between the two dragons was and in the next episodes will continue to be quite the exciting spectacle.

There were a few scenes which were meant to warm the shippers’ hearts. Gajeel leaning on Levy and then protecting her from the heat from Igneel’s attack was really sweet. But as a hardcore NaLu shipper, I can’t help but notice little things in their interactions, gestures and words. Once again Lucy showed concern for Natsu’s well-being. You could see how worried she was just by looking at her eyes - the animators used that as means to reinforce the feeling that Lucy was really anxious about what was happening with Natsu.

The episode ended with Kyoka creating a living link between her and the main lacrima that was supposed to activate all the Faces. The way Mard Geer ordered her to do that made me feel uneasy even though I don’t like Kyoka at all. By creating that living link, Kyoka transformed into her real Etherious form.

Next week’s episode, called Tartaros Arc: 00:00, will focus on the battle between Erza and Kyoka, but what I’m really looking forward to is the Igneel vs Acnologia fight. Can’t wait for it! So far, the animation studio has not disappointed me. (:


Gary Lockwood described playing James T. Kirk’s best friend and eventual antagonist in “Where No Man Has Gone Before” to Starlog’s Edward Cross in issue 124 of the magazine:

“To tell you the truth, it was a little bizarre. It was embarrassing, and I hoped it would work because everyone was excited about it. I did like science fiction and I still do, so that side of me was hoping the Star Trek pilot would come out OK. It was a very hard job. 1 couldn’t see the other actors because of the silver contact lenses. They didn’t blind me initially, but after a few days, my eyes swelled up and got sore. Afterwards, to have them on for just two or three minutes was agonizing.

“Another thing about the Star Trek pilot is that people always thought I was egotistical, so when I got to play that part, many people laughed and said, ‘He has finally found his niche.” That has been a joke among my friends.

“Gary Mitchell was a tough character to reach, because there’s no prototype character to look at. So, you create a mental image and try to fill that slot. All I tried to do was downplay the mechanics and not be too dramatic. It’s the same thing I did in 2001—try to play the part very quietly and very realistically, and later on, people don’t think you’re pushing. That’s the way to sustain it. That must be thought out.

“One thing that I can say about American actors I don’t like, and who don’t like me, is that you have to apply a certain amount of intelligence to your role first and then you can apply the emotions. Too many young actors are trying to figure how to make the line comfortable. In Europe, they’re trying to bend to the line. Here, they try to bend the line to them. It’s a different approach. With Gary Mitchell, the idea was to go to the character, and not make the character comfortable to me. I’m not Gary Mitchell.”

He later added:

“You have to commend William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy because they pulled it off. The greater part of the time they were telling you the story. There wasn’t the money on TV to go out there and spend lots on special effects, so I commend both of those actors for being skilled enough to make people buy what was happening. They did a good job and deserve any wealth they’ve obtained.

“I guess the pilot is effective because it sold the series. You have to keep in mind that the Star Trek pilot was made in those days on a very, very tight budget. This was the second pilot, so there was a great deal of pressure from the network on Gene Roddenberry. They came up with this idea of two characters getting ESP, it seemed, to make up for not having many special effects by just creating interesting characters. It was a good creative decision on Roddenberry’s part.”

Well this is perfect for me because I love people, I’m crazy about movies, and I prefer people who love my movies!

It’s kind of like, well let me put it this way: my missus and I, we have a boy and we have a newborn at home, and my two-year-old boy said to my wife today, he said, ‘Mama, I’m gonna eat you all up, and you’re never going anywhere, ever.’

And, speaking of families, that’s kind of how I feel – that I have this real sense of, I love going to movies, and I always think, 'What would an audience want to see?’ when I’m picking the roles that I do when I’m performing… and I love doing all kinds of movies. I like doing comedies, or dramas like The Judge, or action movies – I enjoy playing a superhero here and there as well.

There’s a thing, there’s a showbiz term, it’s called a 'cinema score,’ and the cinema score has nothing to do with how much money the movie makes, or what critic said it was good or wasn’t so good. All that matters is when people are walking out of the theater, they stop them and said, 'What did you think?’

And so I feel like this award show is kind of like some version of that, so I’m actually very grateful – I guess I’ll keep my day job. And I’ll just end up saying this 'cause I wanna keep in your good favor: I wanna eat you up, and you’re never going anywhere. Thank you very kindly.
—  Robert Downey Jr’s speech after winning Favorite Movie Actor & Favorite Dramatic Movie Actor at the 2015 People’s Choice Awards [x]
You Ain’t.

Two years ago, you’d have had a difficult time offending me.

I read every YouTube comment, I went through all the Facebook messages. I openly talked and tweeted and saw the things that people didn’t want to say about me publicly, but said in a public place where I could find it.
Even at my worst, I was proud of how little it affected me.

I’ll wear a more flattering dress next time.

I know that societal attractiveness is a lot of smoke and mirrors and photoshop. But I wasn’t set out to be attractive. I mean, I’d get gussied up to show a public face (and oftentimes I still do) but that was, to me, like putting the coffee in a fancy cup.
Look at the first Summoner Showcase videos, starting from Episode 19. See that chick? Tee shirt and a little eyeliner. Yeah. That’s me, alright.
I learned to do makeup from YouTube tutorials and trial-and-error. (There were MANY errors on the Showcase by the way, it was always an adventure in Getting Fancy Lookin’.)

So what, I’m kinda cute. But I have something that a lot of the internet doesn’t have: I grew up close to LA. I was trained and taught by ex-actors who told us stories that became life lessons that I hope more people understood. That sometimes, your audition was incredible but you don’t get that callback. That you think you bombed it and yet, that phone rings.
Most importantly, that you’re never quite sure what the person with the script wants.

In a way, I started to view my failures beyond my own scope. I did a GREAT job auditioning for that part, but someone else walked in there as the LIVING MANIFESTATION OF THAT CHARACTER and whether they were better than me or not, they got the role. Sometimes, I would be the understudy.
I understudied nearly an entire play in junior year of high school. If Carlos went missing that day, motherfucker I could be Carla. The entertainment world is fickle. You CAN be anything, or you CAN be the best at one thing, and NOTHING guarantees that you will get to be it.

I started to hate the perfection that acting imposed on me. Head shots, fit bodies, commercials. I just didn’t care. I’d already met actors who I loved that never “made it.” I was eighteen years old and already knew I didn’t want to be an actor. I loved it, but when you live in the greater LA area, love means nothing compared to what someone will do for an IMDB credit. I just wasn’t ready to fight for acting roles. I wanted to be a teacher.

I found that rock music, specifically the bands I loved, focused more on ability than looks. I met one of my role models in person and her nose was kind of big and her teeth weren’t perfect and it was the first time I saw something REAL be sexy. Because everyone loved her. And I started to think… wait. I don’t have to be perfect.
I just have to be real.

Soon after I realized I was a skilled writer, and then after I found “community management.” This shouldn’t have been a career that focused on looks but after many years in the industry, and when I got started in online video, it did.

The morning meeting went as thus:
A card was placed on my chalk board that said “Summoner Showcase: THE MOVIE!”
I gritted my teeth.
It made sense. A project I loved wasn’t taking off as an article. I was a decently cute person who had theatre experience. I was marketable. And better yet, I OWNED the project. I really gave a damn about fans, and art, and cool things people made, and the game they made it for. I could vlog.
I also knew that I had to put on a lot of armor, because as soon as this became a video, my appearance would be a prime talking point. I was an internet veteran, I could troll with the best of ‘em. And I knew what was heading my way. So yeah, let’s make a video. It was, legitimately, a brilliant idea (thanks Andrew) and it became the Showcase.

“Why don’t you get someone hotter?”
Riot Games is centered in Los Angeles, CA. If they wanted a hot chick, they could FIND ONE. Maybe that’s not why I’m doing this job?
“You’re fat.”
You don’t know what a woman looks like.
“She’s a bad actor.”
….Okay that actually worked. Because I cared about how I looked, but that always came second to the content. I did not spend two weeks slaving over my outfits. I spent them worrying about the script that I had written, about getting all the vernacular correct, about paying attention to every single sentence I say to ENCOURAGE and INSPIRE instead of insult. To be told I’m not a good actor… should have been flattering. Because I wasn’t acting. I was being myself.
“She’s annoying, too enthusiastic.”
Motherfucker, watch a different show. This is WHO I AM.
They will be wrong, but I don’t have the time to tell them.

Let’s talk.

You are not your dick size.
You are not your bra size.

You are NOT your unibrow
Your neckbeard
Your wardrobe
Your waist measurement
Your hair color.

You are not your weight
Your teeth
Your twitter following
Your gender.

Your kindness.
Your patience.
Your hope.

And it means so much to us all.
Your hard times
Your good times
And mix them up like sherbet
We are not one thing, we are not one color or flavor.
We are everything we’ve experienced.

Go on. Be unattractive.
Challenge what we consider “beauty.”
Most of all, be yourself.
People aren’t lovely unless you love them.
We all wake up with crazy hair, noxious breath, weird sweat.

You know the real way to “make it big”?
Love yourself.
Always be who you are. Or, if you’re an actor, understand what you’re being.
Authenticity echoes in all our hearts.
Be you. Ugly, sad, angry, yearning, hungry, trying.
Try to care for everyone, but most of all, try to love you.

anonymous asked:

Hi Darach, I want to ask you about the theory that Malia is a red herring? There were three new "good guys" inducted into secondairy main positions in season four (all introduced in minor roles beforehand) Malia, Breaden, and Parrish, of them, Malia and Breaden were both watch closely all season to see when they "go bad", but Parrish has always been assumed to be purely good, so if Malia and Breaden are red herrings.. could they be distracting us from Parrish actually being a bad guy? (1)

When you think about it Parrish actually merits just as much- if not more- suspicion as the girls, we have no CLUE what he is, but he was on the deadpool, he has some .. odd… knowledge on war and weapons as well as several other random things, he seems to pop up only and always when he’s needed, he’s moving towards Lydia- another of the Core Four (Malia -> Stiles, Breaden -> Derek) potentially, he seems innocent too.. some people say he’s Issac’s brother, I love Parrish, but .. thoughts? (2/2)


I absolutely think we shouldn’t automatically assume that Parrish is a good guy. Assumtions are rarely a good thing in this show… 

He came into the series like a bonafide hero, disarming bombs, saving stiles and lydia in the nick of time, helping the sheriff fend off onis, rescued Chris from certain death and traveled to Mexico to help get Scott and Kira back. The sheriff trusts him, Stiles wants to keep him and Lydia is intrigued. 

Jennifer started off as a sweet thing as well, but we saw through her facade quickly. A lot of people were hostile from the start, much because she went after Derek. But we also need to remember that the script for 3a wasn’t the tightest so the clues were much less subtle than previous seasons. this much thanks to a handful of actors leaving and making them rewrite half the story.

i think we need to acknowledge that the girls like Malia, Braeden and Jennifer to a large extent have been viewed with suspicious eyes since many perceived their only purpose to be just a love interest and nothing else. This has turned out to not be the case, but this fandom has a tendency to judge quickly and scream loudly before they know the whole story. The latest casting being a case in point.  

I know I’ve been suspicious of them myself, but primarily because the narrative did a good job of painting them that way. In retrospect i think this was deliberate on Jeff Davis’ part. Perhaps they were part of the smoke and mirrors of season 4 much like the benefactor arc was, and has directed our attention away from Parrish. Maybe he’s a Trojan horse ready to erupt at any time?

we knew from season 3b he was something supernatural, because he was drawn to town after the nemeton got power back with the ice bath sacrifices. Deaton painted this as something not good, and perhaps it isn’t. 

I see three possible directions for Parrish

  • Parrish is nothing but sunshine, puppies, pretty eyes and with a side of supernatural all ready to help our struggling heroes
  • Parrish is the world’s greatest actor and have them all fooled while he plots world domination
  • Parrish is a good guy but with a beast brewing inside that he might not be able to control when his supernatural state is revealed.

Personally i’d like option 3 because i think that would be the most interesting story. I do hope there’s more to him than just pretty eyes and mild snark. Don’t get me wrong, i like that but some additional layers would be all kinds of awesome. 

As for his background, the Camden Lahey theory is a popular one. I know Jeff hoped to do more with Isaac’s family but with Daniel out of the show that storyline might have been dropped. 

There’s something about him and i’ll be sure to pay extra attention when i get to his scenes in my rewatch. The curious attention brought to his young looks and age are definitely interesting - he’s the same age as Camden Lahey and the other kids on the swim team that Matt went after. They were all 24 when Matt sent the Kanima after them and this brings me back to the 2006 yearbook with the Stiles photo that has been haunting me since season 2.

He shouldn’t be in a high school yearbook in 2006 when he’s 16 in 2011. But curiously his lacrosse number is 24… oh my i keep spinning back to this clone theory that might not mean anything at all. 

My favorite crack theory about Parrish tho is that he’s a time travelling sheriff Stilinski. If so no wonder Stiles automatically wants to keep him :)