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High School Crush- Sebastian Stan

Heyyy! Sorry I took forever:( I’m working on the requests guys!!! Hope you like this one, I personally loved it!


Word count: 1.7K

Warnings: None (?)

Walking through the stage, you say your lines perfectly. It’s been three years since you finished your studies. You did the drama career, although your parents were unsure about your decision. You worked really hard and went to multiple auditions and castings. You got little roles on some TV shows and movies, but nothing important. Finally, after three years and a lot of sweat and effort, you got an important role. You were acting on a theater on New York and you were representing Romeo and Juliet.

Of course, you are Juliet. Your Romeo is non other than Sebastian Stan himself. When you found out about it, you almost turned down the role. He is your crush since you were about fifteen years old and you saw him in The Covenant. With twenty five years old, it’s not like you are obsessed with him or anything, but still it was embarrassing when the director told you that he was the other main character in the play.

Sebastian is the sweetest person you have ever had the pleasure to meet. And that just makes it harder for you to stay cool when he is next to you. When the rehearsals started, you were doing fine. It was exciting and funny, but then you started to talk to him and basically to know him better and you couldn’t help but fall in love with him.

You still remember your teenage years, when the walls in your room were full of Seb’s pictures and you had his name written all over your folders and agendas. Obviously, your high school crush evolved and now it was just a normal, adult crush. You though that acting next to him would be difficult, since you can’t stop thinking about him, but whenever you look at his blue irises it’s like he is silently encouraging you to do it and everything just flows.

Picking up your bag and all your things, you head out of your dressing room and into the stage. You go down to the main floor and look at the big stage in front of you. Tomorrow is the opening night and you can’t avoid but be nervous about it. What if you mess up? Or if the audience thinks you are not talented enough?

“What are you still doing here?” You turn around when you hear a voice and smile.

Your eyes meet Seb’s blue irises and you smile when you see his little smirk. He looks really good. His hair is not too short or too long, the perfect length for you to run your hands through it. He is wearing a navy blue sweatshirt, jeans and black boots.

“I was just about to leave.” You laugh nervously and look at the red seats that surround you.

“Are you nervous for tomorrow?”


“Don’t be, you’ll do it fine.”

“What if I don’t?” Sebastian approaches you and puts his hands on your shoulders. “What if I mess up a line?”

“I’ll fix it, I’m an amazing actor.”

“Seb I’m serious!” You try to keep a straight face but his giggle makes you smile.

“Stop worrying, you are an awesome actress and you worked really hard on this role, you are going to shine tomorrow.” Sebastian squeezes your shoulders and you smile at him. “What if we go grab some food and then I’ll drop you at your apartment?”

“Sounds good to me.”

Sebastian takes you to an Italian restaurant and you ask for a pizza. During the dinner, you don’t think about tomorrow at all. Sebastian has this power over you, when you are with him it’s like the whole world just disappears. You can only think about his beautiful blue eyes looking at you, about his nose scrunching whenever you make him laugh, about his lips moving while he talks to you, about his hand running through his perfect hair.

You stuff a slice of pizza on your mouth because you are about to drool right in front of him. Sebastian’s eyes are glowing while he talks about his life back in Romania. You smile widely at him loving how he looks when he talks so passionately and lovingly about something. When he finishes his pasta, he excuses himself to go to the bathroom. You sigh and close your eyes. If you could get up and go with him to that bathroom… You shook your head, trying to scare away this thoughts. You are ten years younger than him, he probably sees you like a little girl.

Sebastian comes back, his smile never leaving his face. You take a sip of your wine, your eyes never leaving his.

“So, someone special coming tomorrow to see you? Maybe your boyfriend?” You choke at his question, you didn’t expect him to bring in this topic.

“My parents and my sister are coming. I don’t have a boyfriend.”

“How is it possible that a beautiful girl like you doesn’t have a boyfriend?” You feel your cheeks becoming red at his words, but convince yourself that he is just fooling around.

“Didn’t find the right guy, yet. What about you? Who is coming to see you? Maybe your girlfriend?” You bit your lip wishing that he tells you that he is as single as you are.

“My mum and my stepfather are coming. I don’t have a girlfriend, though.”

“And how is it possible that a handsome man like you doesn’t have a girlfriend?” You have a big smirk on your face, a teasing look on your eyes. Sebastian lets out a little chuckle and looks at you.

“Didn’t find the right girl, yet.”

You smile and put your elbows on the table, your face resting on your left hand.

“So, you have not been lucky with love?”

“No, I had some serious relationships but it never worked out. I guess you haven’t been lucky, either?”

You have a small smile and you don’t know if the sudden confidence is because of the wine, but you don’t really care right now. Sebastian looks really sexy to you and you lick your bottom lip, dreaming about those big hands all over your body.

“I had just one serious relationship, but the dude turned out to be a dickhead.”

“No one special right now?”

“Well…” You look down and look back at him. “There’s this guy. He is really handsome. Like really handsome. And he is so sweet and funny and caring, almost perfect. I have had this massive crush on him since forever. But he is oldest than me and I think he sees me as a little girl, so I don’t think I have a single chance with him.”

“I’m oldest than you and let me tell you, you don’t look like a little girl. You look like a beautiful, powerful woman. If he doesn’t like you, then he is probably another dickhead.”

You look at Sebastian and you swear the whole world just stopped. Your breath is heavier than usual and you feel your mouth go dry. Sebastian runs his pink tongue over his bottom lip and you can’t avoid your eyes following every movement. A waiter puts the bill on your table and you come back to reality. After arguing with Sebastian about who’s going to pay, he wins and pays for the meal.

Sebastian drives you back to your apartment and he gets out of the car to walk you to the door. You play with the keys of your house, not knowing if you should confess your feelings. You know it’s not the right time, tomorrow is the play and you need to concentrate and to not mess things up, but the tension you feel around him makes you want to throw up. You turn around, almost bumping with him. The yellow color of the streetlights make his skin look darker and you lock eyes with him for the hundredth time during the night.

“Well, good night.” Seb smiles at you.

“Wait, uhm… You remember what I told you about the guy I like? He actually works with me.” Seb presses his lips together, as if trying to stop a smirk. “And he is a huge dork. I’m constantly dropping hints, but it’s like he doesn’t catch any. And I don’t know if he feels the same way about me, if he doesn’t or if he is just a clueless, stupid man.” You look down, but Seb’s fingers grab your chin, making you look up at him.

“I would say that he feels the same way about you.” Your eyes light up and you feel his face becoming closer to yours.

Finally, Seb closes the gap between the both of you. His lips taste much better than what you imagined. He is soft and caring, one of his hands cupping your cheek and the other on your waist, holding you close to him. Your hands are on his hair and you feel like you could stay like this forever. Sadly, you need air and you have to break the kiss, a big grin already on your face.

“I’ll see you tomorrow, my Juliet.” Seb pecks your lips one more time before walking to his car.

Before getting in, he looks at you one more time.

“That thing you said, about having a crush on me, was that true?”

“I saw you for the first time in The Covenant and I felt in love. But don’t get too cocky about it Stan, it was an awful movie anyway!”

Sebastian puts a hand on his chest, an offended look on his face. You laugh and run to him, jumping into his arms. He grabs your waist immediately and you wrap your legs around his waist, kissing his lips one more time.

“It’s really late to drive, you should stay at my place…” Sebastian laughs and pecks your lips.

“We need to sleep today, tomorrow is a big day.”

“We are going to sleep, but we can have some fun before doing that.” You raise your eyebrows and bit your lip, his eyes already getting darker at your proposal.

With your legs still wrapped around him, Sebastian walks to the door of your apartment. You put your feet on the floor and look for your keys.

“I like the way you think, darling.”

Finally, you open the door and before you can answer to him, his lips are already back on yours.

Lighting Mary 2 - TSOT and HLV

First: Huge thanks to constancecream for sending me her #setlock photos! It helped me answer some questions about how they lit the Leinster Gardens outdoor scene. I also got a kick out of hearing your whispered conversations in German–while on set in the UK–and then you send me the file in America–what a world we live in!

Also, I’ve just learned to make gifs, and I’ll update this post with them when I get my hands on some .avi files. In the meantime, reams of screencaps.

Sooooo much Mary mystery in TSOT and HLV. So much to look at.

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