the acting the cinematography! everything was beautiful!

Outlander Moments of Impact: Rescue From the Depths of the Sea

(Spoiler: this moment of perfection is taken from the season 3 finale, so if you haven’t seen it yet, go watch it darling, and then come back to read this 😘)

Sometimes a television show or film creates a moment that is truly a masterpiece. A moment that is so beautiful, it transcends language to describe it and transcends the screen while viewing it. A moment that stirs something deep inside your very nature and reminds you what life is all about: LOVE.

The moment that encapsulates this mastery of story-telling is Jamie’s rescue of Claire in 3x13 “Eye of the Storm”

Oh precious people. This moment. I truly for once am at a loss for words.

This scene was pure poetry on screen.

I am going to be honest at the risk of sounding dramatic: this scene might be my favorite Outlander moment of all time. It is dripping in metaphorical brilliance. I have never wept during an Outlander episode before, but I crumbled at the beauty that I saw unfold before me.

All of the elements in this scene collided together in a moment of sheer resplendence: the music, the cinematography, the acting, the editing, the directing, the writing: EVERY single part was executed flawlessly.

Let’s break down this incandescence, shall we?

  • After boarding a ship to return home, Jamie and Claire are violently hit by a storm of unbelievable proportion. Despite doing everything in their power, the ship is quickly overtaken by the monstrous tempest.
  • They keep near one another as the ship’s fate of doom rapidly approaches. Suddenly a huge swell picks up. Just before it hits, Jamie and Claire lock eyes and then vanish beneath the waves.
  • As Jamie reappears, he frantically looks around the ship for his wife. She is gone. Panicked and devastated, he looks over the edge knowing that the love of his life has been tossed into the fathomless ocean.
  • Then, we cut to Claire. Entangled in sails and unconscious, she is drifting slowly deeper and deeper into the depths of the sea to be lost forever.
  • As she sinks, we hear a poignant monologue:

“I was dead. Everything around me was a blinding white. And there was a soft rushing sound like the wings of angels. I felt peaceful. And bodiless. Free of terror. Free of rage. Filled with a quiet happiness.”

  • Just like her daughter Faith was wrapped in a white cloth, so is her mother shrouded by a “blinding white”. Just like Claire saw wings as she lost her child, so the wings of Faith return on brink of death to comfort her. In this moment, Claire and her daughter Faith meet once again: their souls mingling in “quiet happiness”.
  • As we begin to think Claire is truly gone, out of the corner of our eye, we see something. Someone is swimming towards her.

As a light piercing through the darkness, so does this man come after his wife.

  • With all his power and might, Jamie swims to rescue his beloved calman geal. When he finally reaches her, with a look of ferocity, he quickly cuts away anything that entangles her.
  • He pulls his lost treasure into his arms and gives her a kiss of complete enchantment. As death seeks to overtake her, Jamie bestows on her the breath of life.
  • Securing her tightly in his embrace, he makes way towards the surface as all the wreckage falls away.

When I saw this scene, I was so overcome by the powerful depth of emotion that it evokes: I forgot for a mere moment that what I was watching was fantasy because the effect it had on me was very real.

I have watched this scene over and over and over and over and over and over again. Despite wanting to review the entire episode again, because it is a spectacular one, I keep returning to this moment.

Is this scene dramatic? Yes.

Is this scene over-the-top? Oh yes.

But narratively, have we not earned the right for “dramatic and over the top” at this point with how many times we have seen this couple be separated? I THINK WE HAVE. Despite its drama, it never lacks sincerity.

The metaphor that this scene reveals is unrivaled:

Claire has been slowly drowning for 20 years. She has been suffocating under the weight of being utterly alone in the world. She has been unknown and unseen. She has been unappreciated and unloved for her true self. No one dove into her ocean of brokenness to rescue her.

But just before she is overcome by the waters of dejection: the love of her entire lifetime comes after her. He does not leave her to drown in despair; he does not leave her alone to die.

He dives into the sea of darkness to fetch back his lost bride. He does not just call through the skies for the lost one: he goes and gets her.

HE GOES AFTER HER. NO MATTER WHAT HE WILL ALWAYS GO AFTER HER. No matter the storm. No matter the ocean. No matter the danger. No matter the cost. He will run, swim, do whatever it takes to save and keep the love of his life.

Even if that means he will lose his own life in the process, he will gladly sacrifice it all for the one who is his life.

He does not give up. He will never give up.

Jamie’s unspoken words in this moment are shattering: I am coming for you, Claire. Death itself will not stop my pursuit of you.

Long ago, Jamie told his beloved that they will always find a way back to each other. Do you want to know why? Because they FIGHT for it. Because they are willing to give it all. Because they do not passively wait for their beloved to come to them, no: they sacrifice it ALL for the one they love.

A lovely Shakespeare sonnet came to my mind for the reckless, extravagant love of Jamie and Claire in this moment:

“Let me not to the marriage of true minds admit impediments. Love is not love which alters when it alternation finds or bends with the remover to remover. Oh no. It is an ever fixed mark, that looks on tempests and is never shaken”

-Sonnet 116

Even from the depths of the sea, I will find you.

Artistic sidenote: I believe in giving credit where credit is due and Bear McCreary: YOU, my talented friend, MADE THIS SCENE. This piece of music is truly one of the loveliest musical scores I have ever heard. It starts peaceful, poignant. Then as Jamie swims towards his beloved, it picks up and grows with a firey intensity to match this man’s resolve to save his bride. Bear intertwined Faith’s theme with Jamie & Claire’s which added a breathtaking nuance to the scene; he also created a new theme that indicates new beginnings.

(Gifs: @section1rules)

so i didn’t sleep and i just binge-watched 13 reasons why, and this series is beautiful and well-written, the cinematography, the directing, the editing, the music, the acting, everything was so good

dylan minnette who plays the protagonist is especially captivating in how he played clay - from smart sarcastic dialogue to the little details of his anxiety to the scenes where he breaks down, for a show with a huge cast and storyline he was great in becoming this show’s foundation

this series is just so fucking good

anonymous asked:

Hi Erica, I'm wondering what other skills are required to be a storyboard artist in the animation industry like you. The level of draftsmanship required in that field seems so simple. Maybe TOO simple. I've been told by employed 2d animators in the gaming industry and several other artists that my figure drawings are very solid. Not meaning to toot my horn, I still need to improve. But is there something I'm missing? Is there like some kind of a catch? Are people with no degrees glossed over?

Hi! You’re asking if there’s more to storyboarding than good drawing skills. And the short answer is: YES!!

Long answer: Drawing skills are the bare minimum when it comes to boarding. It’s the base skill that every other skill grows off of. Most importantly: cinematography! A beautiful drawing is useless is if your cuts don’t make sense. Or if you’ve got bad staging. Or tangents. Or you’re crossing the 360 too often. Or your acting is off. Or your pacing is weird. The list goes on and on!

Yes, you need to know how to draw, you need to know basic perspective and anatomy, and then from that knowledge, you need to learn to do it in shorthand; loose, fast, and efficient while still communicating everything clearly. That is why storyboards look the way they do! Gorgeously detailed drawings are near pointless in storyboards, and to be plain, there is no time for it. I actually know a storyboard artist who was fired (yes, fired!) for being too detailed. He was falling behind.

Background artists are responsible for beautifying the environment with wonderful detail and crisp, clean lines, and colorists are responsible for beautifying those lines with amazing hues and shadows and lighting. Our job is to rough! Out! That! Story!

 Hope this helped you. Good luck on your journey to boarding!

10 Movies You Should Watch This Halloween 2017

October is here, and now is the time to get into the Halloween spirit! Instead of the traditional “best of” Halloween movie list (don’t need to mention yet again how much I love The Shining, the first two Halloween films, and The Exorcist), here are a list of 10 movies (in release date order) that may not be as well known or not usually listed among the upper echelon of scary movies but perfect for this 2017 Halloween season and worth a look.

Eraserhead (1977)

“In Heaven everything is fine…”

The spectacular new season of Twin Peaks just came to an end last month, so this Halloween would be the perfect time to take a look back at David Lynch’s brilliant feature film debut on its 40th anniversary.  The film create a sense of total dread and darkness in its beautiful black-and-white cinematography, eerie sound design, and well-acted performances. It is pure horror!  The film has inspired a significant number filmmakers over the years, including Stanley Kubrick while he worked on The Shining. It may be one of the most important movies ever made!

Phantasm (1979)


This cult-classic horror film was remastered in HD this past year (with the help of JJ Abrams) so this Halloween would be the first time to experience the film in its full visual glory.  I love the creepy music, eerie sets, and low-fi feel of the film; feels like being in a haunted house. Really high quality for such a low budget and some really good scares, especially Angus Scrimm as the menacing Tall Man. If you like movies such as Stranger Things, Super 8, and the Halloween series you will love Phantasm!

Vincent (1982)

“Vincent is nice when his aunt comes to see him, but imagines dipping her in wax for his wax museum.”

This early Tim Burton stop-motion short film is a masterpiece! Vincent Price provides the narration with great inflection.  The animation is top-notch and some of the best stop-motion work ever; love the dark visuals and music.  At some points it feels like we are getting a glimpse at Tim Burton’s childhood.  The short celebrates its 35th anniversary this year, and its influence shows in the many stop-motion films that have been released since (i.e. Nightmare Before Christmas, Corpse Bride, ParaNorman, Frankenweenie). It’s almost as if all stop-motion animated films have to be horror-themed and this one was the first.

Halloween III: Season of the Witch (1982)

“Happy, happy Halloween, Halloween, Halloween! Happy, happy Halloween, Silver Shamrock!”

Most overlook this film and pass on it as “the one without Michael Myers,” but Season of the Witch is actually a great horror film in its own respect. John Carpenter’s idea of having a different Halloween-themed story with each sequel while maintaining some of the same crew and cast (albeit in different roles) was way ahead of its time and now seems to be commonplace with American Horror Story changing its story and characters every year.  I love the cinematography, special effects, scary soundtrack, especially the dark “Silver Shamrock” commercial song.  The movie also celebrates its 35th anniversary this Halloween.  Definitely worth another look because it is actually a good horror movie, especially if one doesn’t think of it as a Halloween sequel.

Return to Oz (1985)

“There’s no place like home!”

Many see this movie as the weird Wizard of Oz sequel. However, it stands on its own as a truly unique fantasy adventure film. It is actually quite dark in parts; more in the likes of The Neverending Story or The Dark Crystal than the 1939 original.  This movie is great for Halloween with the fall setting, the Halloween visuals (i.e. Jack Pumpkinhead, the thousand-head wicked witch Mombi), and the spooky interpretation of Oz.

Stephen King’s It (1990)

“They ALL float down here. When you’re down here with us, you’ll float too!”

If you like the new IT adaptation (or if you don’t), definitely check out the 1990 original. The new film has more impressive special effects and is a better movie overall, but the 1990 miniseries holds a special nostalgic place in my heart and is much scarier thanks mostly to Tim Curry’s terrifying performance as Pennywise the Dancing Clown. This film also would make a great introduction to the horror genre to younger viewers because it scary without the excessive gore or gratuitous sex found in many horror films.

Halloweentown (1998)

“Being normal is vastly overrated.”

With the passing of star Debbie Reynolds this past December, this Halloween is the perfect time to pay tribute to the late actress by watching one of her best films.  My siblings and I watched this film and its sequels (the 2nd one is good too, 3rd and 4th are not so much) every Halloween at our grandparents’ house. Not really scary as much as it is a fun Halloween movie. I love the decorative set designs of the town (it’s a place I would love to visit if it were real) and the cool costumes used for all the monster characters who live in Halloweentown. It’s a movie all ages can enjoy!

The Sixth Sense (1999)

“I see dead people.”

With writer-director M. Night Shyamalan making a successful career comeback earlier this year with Split, this Halloween is the perfect time to take a look back at the film that made him a celebrity filmmaker. The atmosphere and performances are incredible!  I used to watch this film for the horror elements as a kid and in my teen year, but now as an adult, I see this more as a film about love and relationships.  There are some scenes that really hit me deeply on an emotional level, especially in the scene where Cole tells his mom how much her mother really loved her and the final scene with Malcolm and his wife.  One watching this movie can see why Shyamalan was at one point thought to be the next Spielberg.

Rob Zombie’s Halloween (2007)

“Behind these eyes one finds only blackness, the absence of light.  These are the eyes of a psychopath.”

This Halloween marks the 10th anniversary of Rob Zombie’s Halloween film (my dad and I saw it theaters on opening day when I was a high school freshman). It is quite possibly the best horror film of the past 15 years! Though not as much of classic or as scary as the 1978 original, the 2007 film stands above other horror remakes (i.e. Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the 13th, The Fog, Prom Night, Psycho, Amityville Horror) and succeeds by being its own thing and not trying to be a carbon copy of the original.  I especially like the performances including Malcolm McDowell as Dr. Loomis and Daeg Faerch as young Michael Myers.  Also some really great cinematography and use of colors and overall pacing that gives the story a grand scope.  Plus it has a killer soundtrack featuring awesome songs like “God of Thunder” by KISS, “Baby, I Love Your Way” by Peter Frampton, and “Love Hurts” by Nazareth.

Trick ‘r Treat (2007)

“Always check your candy.”

Good elements of dark comedy are sprinkled throughout this colorful horror anthology. I like how the film is several Halloween-themed shorts that are all tied together.  It’s the rare horror film that is both fun and scary!  Also check out writer-director Michael Dougherty’s short animated precursor “Season’s Greetings,” really retro and creative!

Happy Halloween!  By the way, as an added treat, here is a picture from my animated Halloween short in post-production called “Halloween Cat.”

I know there’s nothing official yet but this show is too good to be at risk!  I can not lose another amazing netflix series.  Please go watch Sense8 if you haven’t already.  You won’t be disappointed. Diverse cast, beautiful cinematography, incredible acting and an engaging story.  Everything you could ever hope for in a show and it’s so important.  Please don’t let this show fail.

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Every time I rewatch season 3 I’m like “wow this is gonna be great, I get to witness once again, one of the most beautiful stories on television!!” I’m all excited, laughing at all its little quirks, giddy through all of the iconic moments and music, in awe of the acting, writing, directing, cinematography, editing. I’m crying through everything but I’m managing then… episode 8 hits an I’m


And don’t even get me started on o helga natt


The Neon Demon (2016) - Nicolas Winding Refn

5 bullets on this film:

  • I was expecting a lot from this movie, but there was something that didn’t really convince me. The plot is nice, but the whole thing could have been much better. I checked my phone during some scenes and that’s something I never do. 
  • It’s really beautiful visually, and I absolutely love the cinematography, but some scenes were too long and boring. The photography is really the best part of the movie, it almost feels like reading a Vogue magazine. 
  • I don’t really love Elle Fanning, but I think she was a good pick for the protagonist. The acting seems a bit pretentious, but Jane Malone saved everything. 
  • The soundtrack is good, but it kind of made me anxious because the electronic music gave a chaotic vibe to the film, but I think that was the point. 
  • I think the whole point of the movie was to show how empty and crazy the fashion industry is, but at the same time I feel like I’m missing something here. Maybe it’s because I’m dumb and I don’t get the movie, but it was a little exaggerated. It’s a great theme for a film, but did they really have to include cannibalism, tigers, necrophilia, and everything you can think of? You don’t need all those things to make a good movie. 

This is today’s tweet from Nick Heckstall-Smith who is an AC (Assistant Director) of ‘Outlander’ S3 & S4. As I mentioned before, I am a cinematography geek and I love the BTS stuff. His note is about the scenes from Jamie and Hayes on the rigging to Mr. Willoughby/Yi Tien Cho threw papers when the wind came back in the episode 3x09 ‘The Doldrums’. Apparently, it seemed the camera crew planned how to shoot these scenes using the ship’s model. The scenes were exciting and beautiful. Again, this show provides a high quality of cinematography besides the strong actings, and I truly enjoy everything. (I attach gifs of these scenes from ‘GIPHY’ site. )


Skam Month: Week 1 Day 4 - Favourite Season 4 Clip,  Det beste fra Islam

“I stress through the days with 100 thoughts in my head and everything can be totally chaos, but when I start to pray, everything turns silent and clear. Because in spite of all this chaos, you remember what really matters. It’s fine because everything has a meaning. Did you for example know that in the brains of cockroaches, there are nine different types of antibiotics molecules that are stronger than any type of penicillin we have today?…every little part of the universe is so complex. Imagine! The brain of a cockroach has a bigger purpose on earth. It comes down to every single little detail and I just can’t believe all that is random”

just got back from seeing “Southside with You”

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It’s such a sweet, simple film, but will make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, like after reading a good “fluff” fic about your OTP

Only , it’s BETTER than that, because it’s TWO REAL PEOPLE (or I should say, about two real people)

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The casting is excellent; Parker Sawyers looks and even at times SOUNDS like Obama


This gorgeous woman’s portrayal of Michelle Obama (then, Robinson) is PHENOMENAL and so worthy of award recognition. While I know some artistic license was taken (perhaps more than “some”) even if the quips between her and Barack aren’t 100% accurate, she brings up so many ON POINT POINTS, about the struggles of being taken seriously in her job due to being both black and a woman.

There’s a scene that just caused my stomach to plummet when a work colleague sees her and Barack at the movies, and says “do everything you can to make him ‘happy’ so the firm doesn’t lose him”

Originally posted by enattendantleprincecharmant

Barack tries to comfort and reassure her after this incident, but she doesn’t let it slide; she drives the point home that THIS is what is talking about, and for him (and the audience), it’s really a big, eye-opening moment.

In addition to the acting and the writing, the soundtrack and cinematography is beautiful, and it is not only a valentine to the Obamas, but also a valentine to Chicago’s south side, which too often is portrayed negatively on the screen due to economic hardship and the fact that its population is majority non-white. Instead of the stereotypical images of gangs and street violence, we saw children playing and laughing, and working men and women who love their neighborhoods doing what they can to make them safer and provide hope as well as pride for the next generation

I loved it! And if you have a chance, I highly encourage you to see this film too!

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Importance, meaningfulness, and beauty of the "best of Islam" clip

The cinematography, lighting, cuts, acting, tenderness, dialogue, content, themes, messages, everything was absolutely stunning, not to mention the beauty and purity of Yousef and Sana’s relationship.

This one of the first times I’ve seen religion discussed on television where it wasn’t a big argument with different sides speaking over each other, being hateful, and being unwilling to listen to one another. This was two teenagers having a mature conversation about their differing perspectives and how religion impacts their lives. They didn’t try to dismiss and invalidate each other’s views, they shared and explained and respected each other. It showed how young people can make their own decisions and form their own beliefs. It showed that it’s okay to believe in only some parts of faith and it is okay not to follow a religion. It doesn’t mean you aren’t a good person, it doesn’t mean you don’t know how to be a good person. It also showed that religion is a beautiful thing–not the corrupt versions that people use as an excuse for hate. It’s okay to be part of a religion, it doesn’t make you hateful or unaccepting. It’s a way that people find focus on the universe and on being a good person. It is how they find meaning in life amongst all the chaos.
Being atheist doesn’t make you a bad person. Being religious doesn’t make you a bad person. You can choose to be what you want. Just be respectful and accepting that not everyone chooses the same and that’s okay. As long as they are trying to be a good person.

Apparently, this is quite an unpopular opinion.

I fucking loved the third season of Turn: Washington’s Spies. Looking at this show from a storytelling, cinematic standpoint, literally my only critique is the Sarah Livingston subplot, but that is another rant for another day. But, even then, Sarah herself was a fucking amazing character it is just a shame they gave her such a tired, cliché plot. I know a lot of people in this fandom are upset over the historical inaccuracies and most recently with the portrayal of John André’s death. I understand those frustrations, and I understand that if you are a purist fan of the historic John André, how this might be upsetting.

But hear me out, TURN is NOT a historic documentary. It is a drama. It is meant first and foremost to entertain. Which is why it is shown on the American Movie Channel, not the History Channel. I have stood many times on the purist side of the argument when discussing historic, and book adaptations. But we have to understand that when filmmakers are adapting a story into a Film or piece of Television, their goal is, like I said before, to entertain. Often times the way things happen historically or in the book is quite frankly boring and slow, or, would not read well on screen, therefore, filmmakers must take creative liberties with the story (which they legally acquired the right to do when they bought or optioned the story rights from the original creator) in order to make the story more watchable, or to draw out as much power and emotion from the picture as possible. Writing to elicit the most powerful emotional response as possible from your audience is screenwriting 101. Usually, when I stand with the purists, it is because I believe the original story events made for better, more powerful story development than the liberties taken by the filmmakers (and this happens a lot!)

Now to Turn. I am not trying to defend all of the liberties in which the writers have taken on this show, there are many things I dont like, which, if someone wants to message me privately i would absolutely fucking love to talk about (really, I live to talk about stories/films/TV with people, you won’t be judged). But, what makes me frustrated with the fandom’s arguments on how “shitty” the season was, is that people are overlooking what makes the show absolutely brilliant, and what keeps people coming back to it despite their issues with the story.

The writing is impeccable. Plot development aside, the writing is smart, and witty, and the characters are extremely well developed. Even the short lived supporting characters, and even the women. The writers of Turn do understand that “strong female character” does not equate to “female character who grew up with six older brothers and punches and shoots stuff.” Every character has their own motivations, demons, dynamic personalities, and thought processes, and every character has some sort of growth during the duration of their appearance. I know there are issues with the accents and the use of modern euphemisms, but in my opinion, they make the dialogue easier to follow for a modern audience. And, honestly, every drama that is set during this time period does the exact same thing for the exact same reason.

The acting, well, nobody really has a problem with the acting I just wanted to mention how fucking brilliant the cast is.

The cinematography is stunning. The lighting is realistic but uniquely stylized to create a specific and consistent tone and mood for the show. One of my favorite examples of this, is how the directors block and frame George Washington (honestly I have a whole case study of this from season three but that is for another day). The composition of every frame is beautiful, clear, meticulously planned, and shot with precision. Everything and everyone looks so fucking good. God, I could go shot by shot for the last 10 minutes of the finale and explain why it is perfect.

The editing. It’s flawless. It truly complements the story. The symmetry and the emotion we felt during the André/Abe hanging scene was not just elicited from the acting, but from the way the shots were stitched together, the sound mixing, and from the music, all under the control of the editing team. They are just as in control of creating emotional responses from the audience as the writers, and directors are.

In my opinion, the portrayal of John André’s death was not distasteful or disrespectful at all. The parallel between his and Abe’s hangings was beautifully executed, because of the afore mentioned reasons. It was beautifully written to elicit emotion, stunningly composed, lit, and shot, the acting was genius, and it was beautifully edited. It was just GOOD FUCKING STORYTELLING. And THAT is the point. It would have been distasteful if it was poorly done, or gory, or drawn out, or sexualized in any way. I have seen complaints that his death was lessened to nothing more than a love affair, but to be honest, his entire story arch was “lessened to a love affair” and nobody thought twice about it until he told Tallmadge that he “did it for a woman.”

TURN is not great because of the history it tells. It is great because it is extremely well done, and despite its historical inaccuracies, and unnecessary love affairs, it tell the stories of these true American hero’s that we honestly don’t know very much about, in a vibrant, smart, and brilliantly entertaining way. And that is why we love it and keep trying to give it more seasons. Not because “we need to make up for season 3,” but because there is something inherently great about each seasonthat we want to see more of. And its not how pretty Ben Tallmadge is.

Again, I would love to have further discussions about this with people. So if you have a disagreement, or just want to talk about the show. Please message me!

Arrival (2016) Review

Arrival is the newest project from director Denis Villeneuve, the amazing director who brought us some really good movies in recent time, like Sicario, Prisoners or Enemy. This time he dwells in the sci-fi genre, directing a movie about an alien invasion. The movie stars Amy Adams, Jeremy Renner and Forest Whitaker.

The story begins with twelve UFO’s landing on earth on different territories. US Colonel Weber (Forest Whitaker) recruits Louise Banks (Amy Adams), a linguistic proffesor, in trying to establish contact with the invaders. There she will meet Ian Donnelly (Jeremy Renner), a scientist, expert in physics, with whom she will work together.

I really loved the approach this movie had on the alien invasion genre. This is not an action movie, the first answer is not to bring out the weapons and blow them up. Instead, the script, written by Eric Heisserer, comes with a much more better, intelligent answer. Let’s try talking with the aliens, let’s learn about them and see why they came here. This was a really original approach that I loved. True, because of this, the movie has a more slow pace, but it’s a good slow, it’s not boring at all, but the characters and the plot keep your attention at all times.

As it Denis Villeneuve movies, this one looks really beautiful also. The cinematography is really well done, creating some beautiful shots. However, this time Denis did not use his usual collaborator, Roger Deakins, instead going for Bradford Young, who really did an excellent job. The movie truly looks stunning and is a feast for the eyes.

As far as acting goes, the three main actors do a really good job, especially Amy Adams. This is one of her best roles, but that’s not saying much, considering she’s quite good in everything she does. Jeremy Renner also is really good, and I was really happy to see him in a role like this. It seems like lately, he is busy with all the blockbuster franchises, like Mission Impossible and the Marvel movies, so it’s really nice seeing he uses his real acting chops also. He needs to make more movies like this. Forest Whitaker is also really good, bringing out his A game.

Arrival is one of the best movies of the year, a really clever sci-fi that does not focus on mindless CGI-filled action and features interesting characters and a plot that will keep you guessing until the end, and it truly deserves a 9 out of 10!

“The Scorpion and the Wolf” - So there was this show called “Penny Dreadful” which was beyond incredible. Great writing, brilliant acting, beautiful cinematography, amazing music and yet it kinda never picked up a big enough audience base. I have no idea why. It’s really on par with “Game of Thrones” and definitely leagues better than “The Walking Dead” but methinks it had to do with the niche subject matter (classic monster mythology in a Victorian London setting) and the more slower-paced story and character development.
Sadly it kinda sorta got cancelled in its third season though they did do their best to try and wrap everything up even though a lot of fans felt the ending was rushed and a bit ‘off’ when compared to how the first 2 ½ seasons were handled. Anyway I made this speed painting a while ago cause I was in love with the show and funny enough there was a scene in the finale very similar to it. I suppose now it’s sort of a farewell love letter for the cast and crew.

A note for S3 finale. [Hannibal 3x13 The Wrath of the Lamb]

After two days of feels and tears and rewatch of the end for 1701 times, I have decided that my favourite scene in 3x13 is the moment after Hannibal and Will slaying the dragon. Hannibal pulled Will up after their first hunt together (seeing them kill together was glorious omg) , Hannibal told WIll “This is all I ever wanted for you, Will.”, then there was /that/ moment when he looked away a bit, added “For both of us.”… and Will’s “It’s beautiful” was probably the last reaction Hannibal expected to hear because he was so emotional when he heard it, and he gave Will a tiny nod and looked at Will like he’s the most precious fragile thing in his life with so much love [kudos to mads and hugh, seriously how…] It breaks my heart into smaller and smaller pieces. Although I am quite sure them falling off the cliff was all according to plan, they both looked so content, like literally they would die happy together at the cliff edge (Hannibal looked at where to stand as they approached the cliff like he was prepared for the fall) …The last moment before their fall, Will nuzzled into Hannibal’s neck and Hannibal cling on to Will’s shirt like a child and nuzzled into Will’s hair, his expression was like he’s been given the best and most precious thing that he has ever wanted in the entire world. His expression was so tender and calm as he let Will slip his arm gently around his neck and pulled him off the cliff… It breaks my heart not into pieces but into freaking dust

Mirroring what they said in S1, Hannibal is as alone as Will, and they are both alone without each other in this world. They both has been longing for someone who can truly accept them for what they are and understand what they see and feel all their life without being judged and seen as a freak or a monster or with academic interest like they are zoo specimen (Will for his empathy disorder, as alana said in S1, and Hannibal …for obvious reasons), what they both crave, is true acceptance and understanding, as Jack said in 303, not tolerance and false pretence (I would think that it was rather cruel for Will to say he ‘tolerated’ Hannibal back then). Will has tried so hard to blend in all his life, while Hannibal struggled to fight for his top place in the food chain (No he is totally not the indominus rex XD). They have both been alone in this world the entire life. Looking back at the 6 years they’ve known each other (almost 6?? S1+S2+8 months+3 years??), Hannibal has changed Will and Will has changed Hannibal so much that they have blurred, and now they have become one. 

Honestly, I am just so grateful for this show’s existence, and for all the nakama fannibals’s existence. There is a tag out there saying ‘i didn’t know i needed this until now’, and it is exactly what I feel about Hannibal. I didn’t know I could love and get obsessed over the velvet smooth darkness of a TV show like this before Hannibal. Well, there has been no such bold and beautiful TV show before… It feels like …something just click and feels so right in the brain every time I watch the show. Everything on this show is like art jfc (AESTHETICS~) - I can’t believe how everything - the awesome acting, the cinematography, the lighting ,the music, the FOOD, the little details, the poetic and vaguely creepy dialogues and the terrible/ brilliant cannibal puns at the table, etc. - could all come together so perfectly as a masterpiece like this. 

The whole journey has been so beautiful, I am quite sure I will never experience this feeling of satisfaction for a show, for an ending like this ever again. (Unless we get a Season 4 ??? So please fight for it together ??!! I know this ending is perfect but this is NOT the end :DDDD I want more protective hannibal more murder husbands pleeeease…) 

To conclude, “I would always remember this time.” ;TwT; /sobs/

Nakama forever, guys!  /hugs + sobs more/

Hyde Jekyll Me: Oh The Confusion.

We had our hopes high. It’s a Wednesday-Thursday drama. It’s the time of the week when awesome dramas are aired. It has Han Ji Min and motherfreakin Hyun Bin - the secret to my garden dude. It has promising story idea for a romcom drama about a dual-personality man. It has great production with beautiful cinematography. 

But sorry it’s not workin’.   

From the first episode thru the fifth episode, this drama never fails to disappoint. Maybe it’s the cheesiness? Maybe it’s the plot or the characters? Maybe it’s the awkward acting? Honestly, everything seems a bit off, even the chemistry between the main leads is also off. How could they?! It’s a romantic comedy, the chemistry between the main leads should be priority. 

We also feel that some scenes are a bit forced. It’s like they’re trying so hard to be funny but it’s not funny at all. 

The transitions between scenes are also a bit random and jumpy, it makes us difficult to seep into the story. The only thing that makes us want to seep into this drama is Hyun Bin’s smile as Robin. 

Coz dayuummmmmn.

We also wish that they could work on the female lead character more like injecting more charms into her character. So she could do more awesome things instead of getting confused.

Anyway, so far it’s a drama that you can watch while doing something else like homeworks, cooking, ironing or whatever. You can watch it, but you just can’t pay much attention to it coz it’s rather boring. But who knows maybe the production can still fix this… 


Dil ki dhadkan sooni sooni
Saansein bhi adhoori
Aadha aadha mile to hove
Kamiyan saari poori

Into the Woods (2014)

There are some movies that hit every sweet spot in such a way that I cannot properly review them. Into the Woods is one of those movies. You can’t combine Stephen Sondheim, fantasy, the deconstructive nature of fairy tales, and Meryl Streep, James Cordon, Anna Kendrick and Emily Blunt, and not have me totally enraptured. 

It’s almost funny that this is a Disney movie because it is everything the traditional disney movie is not. It’s witty, dark, sarcastic, surprising, and very much itself. A baker and his wife are cursed by a witch and go into the woods so they can have a child; little red riding hood goes to her grandmother’s house through the woods; Cinderella visits her mother’s grave and goes to the Prince’s Festival; Jack goes to sell his cow for some magic beans. I bet you think you know how it ends, and it does end that way for a minute, but then act three happens. 

I can’t praise the acting (or the singing) enough. WHO KNEW EMILY BLUNT  HAD THAT VOICE!? Also, Anna Kendrick played a nuanced role very gracefully and intelligently. I have always loved and respected James Corden (Gavin and Stacey shout-out), and that respect has only grown with his portrayal of the baker. 

Johnny Depp’s interlude as the wolf deserves recognition on its own because it was dark and creepy in a way that it has no right being (and Depp is an acting chameleon), and was the most choreographed dance number in the movie— albeit a slightly trippy interlude, it brought this movie to adulthood.

The cinematography, locations, and costumes are beautiful. Even the princes are self-aware enough that they don’t weigh down the rest of the cast. I consider Sondheim a brilliant lyricist and the music holds up, so I like that most of the movie is comprised of people singing. 

Into the Woods is too much of everything I love about movies, narratives, and musicals for me to say anything, but you should watch it.