the acting the cinematography! everything was beautiful!

“The Scorpion and the Wolf” - So there was this show called “Penny Dreadful” which was beyond incredible. Great writing, brilliant acting, beautiful cinematography, amazing music and yet it kinda never picked up a big enough audience base. I have no idea why. It’s really on par with “Game of Thrones” and definitely leagues better than “The Walking Dead” but methinks it had to do with the niche subject matter (classic monster mythology in a Victorian London setting) and the more slower-paced story and character development.
Sadly it kinda sorta got cancelled in its third season though they did do their best to try and wrap everything up even though a lot of fans felt the ending was rushed and a bit ‘off’ when compared to how the first 2 ½ seasons were handled. Anyway I made this speed painting a while ago cause I was in love with the show and funny enough there was a scene in the finale very similar to it. I suppose now it’s sort of a farewell love letter for the cast and crew.