the acting of those two in that movie tho

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What did you think of Alien Covenant ? (Personally I love it to death :3)

It was okay.

The atmosphere was quite breathtaking, everything looked mystical and foreboding and the first “birth scene” (crunchy spine breaking) was unnerving enough to surpass the forced abortion in Prometheus (my former favorite gore scene of the franchise).

The thing that dragged down the whole movie for me was the Crew. The unbelievably stupid Crew.

They put their chances on an completely unknown planet because it was closer to the one they’ve scouted out before, while dragging thousands of unsuspecting Colonists with them.

They touched stuff on an completely unknown planet without thinking.

They separate in the temple right after being saved by David from a bunch of hungry Predators that are probably still lurking around.

Trusting an Weyland Yutani Android that spend countless years alone on an monster infested planet to the point that you happily bend over an weirdly pulsing egg, because he wanted you to check it out.

These two guys who had shower sexy times with loud music after 80 % of their Crew got killed off.

I know that many horror movies depend on the denseness of it’s Protagonists to progress the plot, but we’ve learned from the very first ALIEN movie that people can act smart and still be screwed over by an vastly superior lifeform. 

I am also a little peeved that our heroine Daniels took a backseat in the story while those two Androids took music lessons together (two Fassbenders is one Fassbender too many in my eyes). I loved Daniels’ scene in the end tho, when they gently push the Xenomorph out of the ship.