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The Other Woman Part 2 [Requested]

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I wasn’t planning on making a part 2, but all of the people above asked for more, so here it is.

PAIRING: Dean Winchester x Reader

WARNINGS: Probably Cursing, Drinking, ANGST, Possible Adultery


REQUESTED BY: justmasblack

Part 1 is right here. 

Dean didn’t necessarily know what he was doing to his girlfriend; he thought they were as happy as ever, but as time passed, he noticed that she seemed… different.

After he came back from the life with Lisa and Ben, his lover had seemed to distance herself from him. The little things that she did had suddenly disappeared from his life as though it didn’t exist. The way she laughed at him when he sang off-key in the car, the small smirks and looks she sent him when Sam tripped or fell, and the way she would run her fingers through his hair when they watched old movies together all vanished.

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“It’s Papa Wilk.”

Request from anon: Can you do one where you meet Sammys parents but his dad doesn’t like you but he stands up for you and it’s all cute? Thanks:)

Sammy’s POV

“Babe, can you relax?! Why are you so worried about what you look like right now? We are about to be on the plane for 4 hours….” I say to Y/N, as she keeps fixing her outfit, and her hair, and freaking out about what she is wearing. “Sam, this is the first time I’m meeting your parents. I need to make a really good impression!” “You’ve met my parents before!” “I’ve met your mom, over FaceTime. We are about to meet in person. And this is the first time I’m meeting your dad! Totally different.” She started freaking out again, rubbing the top of her thighs. I grab her hand in mines, “They will love you, I promise.” I kiss her on the cheek before we lined up to get on the plane. 

Once we landed, Annie, Em, and Ben came to pick us up. We were in the car, “You ready to meet the fam Y/N?” Ben looks back at her through the rear view mirror. “Not really..” “She thinks they won’t like her.” “Mom and dad are the most laid back people in this world. And we already love you! So no doubt they will love you too.” Em said. I saw Y/N start doing her nervous antics. I held her hand all the way to the house. When we got there, I jumped out, pulling Y/N with me, getting her in the house as fast as possible so she can just meet them and stop being worried. “Yeah, sure, we’ll grab your guys’ bags!” Ben yells after us but we were already in the door. I took in a deep sniff of the house, smelling like home. “Mom?!” I yell and I hear metal dropping on the table and feet scrambling on the floor. My mom pops out from one of the doorways, “Sammy boy!” She says happy, walking to me, grabbing my face and kissing me multiple times. “Mom, mom. I have a guest.” I pull away from her, “Where’s dad?” Just then he comes in from behind, slapping my back, “Sammy boy!!” He says manly and hugs me. 

I go next to Y/N, “Mom, dad, this is Y/N. Y/N, you have already spoken to my mom before, Lori, but this is my dad, Dave.” My mom immediately smiles at her and grabs her into a hug. “Hi sweetie! It’s so nice to finally meet you in person! We have heard so many good things about you!” “Same to you too. Sam always talks about you guys so it’s great finally meeting you both.” She smiles, hugging my mom nervously. I smiled, watching them hug and I looked at my dad and he just had this face. And it looked like a face of, disapproval… When my mom finally let go, Y/N stuck out her hand so he could shake it, “Nice to meet you Mr. Wilkinson. Nice to meet Sam and Ben’s big role model in their lives!” He looks down at her hand for a minute, then shakes it without saying a word, walking away. “Oh okay..” Y/N says in a hushed voice. “Don’t mind him. It was lovely to meet you Y/N.” “It’s okay. And it was nice meeting you too, Mrs. Wilkinson.” “Mama Wilk.” She smiles, and walks towards where my dad left. 

“Your dad doesn’t like me.” Y/N leans in. “I don’t know why he was acting like that. Don’t worry. I’m sure he likes you. Something else has to be on his mind.” I kissed her head, rubbing her arm as reassurance. We settled in my room and she went to take a quick nap while I went downstairs to my siblings. “I don’t think dad likes Y/N…. He gave her strange looks, shook her hand without saying a word, and just walked away. He’s NEVER done that!” “What? Dad did that?” Annie said shocked. “Dad did what?” My dad repeated, coming out the kitchen with my mom, sitting down next to Ben. “Dad, why were you so rude to Y/N earlier?” Ben asked, crossing his arms. “I wasn’t rude.” “Then why were you giving her weird looks, didn’t say anything to her, and just walked away?” I asked. He just shrugged his shoulder. “D-” I stopped myself when I saw Y/N peep from up the stairs. I quickly got up when I saw her go back to my room leaning towards my dad, “Please like her. She’s really special to me. So be nice, please.” And I went upstairs to Y/N.

“He doesn’t like me Sammy. Admit it.” “No, he’s just.. indifferent.. about you.” “Just say he doesn’t like me.” “I don’t.. Know.. If he likes you or not.” “Ok.” She says, getting up, zipping up her suitcase and putting on her shoes. “What are you doing? Where are you going?” “I’m going to go book a hotel room.” She starts walking out my room but I pull her back in, “You are not staying at a hotel in Omaha.” “I’m not going to stay at your house where your father doesn’t like me!” “Just give him time and space!” “I can’t give him time and space if I am here in the house!” We got quick when my mom stuck her head in my room, knocking, “Sorry to interrupt. But we are going out to dinner soon. So get ready, both of you!” And she goes back downstairs. “Dinner with my family. It’ll be fine!” She just rolls her eyes, walking out my room into Emily’s. 

We went out to our favorite joint in town, it was a restaurant/bar. We sat in a circle table, and ordered the usual. Y/N didn’t talk much, but she laughed a lot with us. It came to my senses that dad was using every ounce in his body to ignore Y/N. It wasn’t bothering Y/N much, but it was bugging me, Ben, Emily, and Annie. While we were almost done with dinner, I finally exploded, “DAD, why won’t you just talk to Y/N?! I’m just trying to have a nice family dinner but you’re being difficult and not including Y/N as part of the family! Why is that dad?” “Sam, please, calm down.. It’s okay.. Please..” She puts her hand on my shoulder and arm to calm me down. “No Y/N, you mean so much to me and it’d be great if my DAD would just accept you!” “Sam,” My dad tried speaking up, “No dad! Why?! Can you please tell me why!?” “Sam stop!” Y/N speaks up. I look at her confused, “Sam, I love you with all my heart and you know that but you do not talk to your father like that. I know you are standing up for me, and I thank you for that, but you never go against family like that.” She wipes a tear from her face, “Thank you for dinner, but I think I am extending my stay somewhere I’m not welcome. I’ll just stay at a hotel tonight. Thank you again.” She turns to me, “I’ll talk to you tomorrow, I’m sorry.” She kisses my cheek and quickly gets up. “You see what you did?!” I looked at my dad, pissed. 


I got up from the table and went outside to the curb, waiting to catch a taxi or Uber or Lyft. I was standing out in the cold, shivering, “Need someone to warm you up pretty lady?” A creepy guy says behind me. “No thank you.” I start looking from side to side hoping to see a taxi. “Come on, you’re shivering. Let me give you something to warm you up.” I felt him come up to me and his arm wrapped around my waist, but I pushed him off, “I said no thank you.” “Come on baby,” He pulls me against me, “EW STOP DON’T TOUCH ME! NO, GET OFF!” I tried pushing him off but he was holding me with force. “HELP!” I yell once, then someone pulls him off of me to the ground. I was stunned to see who it was, Mr. Wilkinson. “SHE SAID DON’T TOUCH HER!” He starts yelling at the guy. 

“Who the fuck are you? Her sugar daddy?” “I am your worse nightmare!” Mr. Wilkinson yells, spreading his arms to protect me. “You will NOT touch this girl, or any girl! Get out of here before I call the cops on you!” “You don’t scare me.” Mr. Wilkinson stood straight up and walked right to his face showing that they were at least a foot difference, scaring the guy and having him scatter away. I stood there, shocked. Mr. Wilkinson turns around and looks at me with concerned eyes, “Are you okay? Are you hurt? Did he hurt you?” He grabs the side of my arms, looking around my body to see if something was wrong with me. “N-no. I-I’m okay. T-thank you Mr. Wilkinson.” He grabs me in a hug and holds me close, lying his head on my head, just like Sammy would do, to show that he’s there to protect me. We hugged for a good 4 minutes before we let go. 

“Y/N, I want to talk to you.” “No, Mr. Wilkinson, it’s okay. I understand if you don’t like me. It’s okay. And I’m sorry that Sam got so mad at you and yelled at you at the table. That was very rude of him, and I apologize. It didn’t bother me because it is your choice of how you perceive me. I hope one day I can be good enough for you to like me, but until then, I will keep my distance so you can all just have family time-” “Y/N, can you listen to me for a second?” I shut up to let him talk. “I never said I didn’t like you. I just didn’t talk to you because I was observing to see how you were and acted. I wanted to see how Sam feels about you. I didn’t mean to come off as rude, I just wanted to see if you were good enough for my Sam.” I just looked at him so he could finish.

“And you, my good lady, have been something. I can tell that Sammy loves you by the way he stood up for you to me. I could tell he really would do anything to make sure I like you. And the way you treat Sammy, I can tell that you love him too. Also, I love the way that you yelled at Sam because he yelled at me like that. Shows that you put family first and you respect people and their families. You were raised the right way, and I appreciate that about you. The way you just apologized for something Sammy did shows you have a kind heart. And the way you nicely said how you hope that one day I would like you but until then.. It shows you have a patient heart too.” He smiles big at me. “Soooooo, you like me now?” “I have always loved you.” He chuckles at me, opening up his arms for me to hug him and I just run into him. “You are good for my son, and my son is good for you.” He rubs my back. 

“Welcome to the family.” He says, kissing the top of my head. People start walking next to us and I turn a little to see the rest of the Wilkinsons standing there and we let go of each other. “You like her now?” Sam asks. “Love her son.” He pats his back and Sam comes put to me and kisses my forehead. Pulling me against his body. “Oh and Y/N?” His dad says, focusing my attention on him, “It’s Papa Wilk.” He smiles, hugging Mama Wilk on his left side while she lies her head on his shoulder. Making me realize, Sam and I are mirroring his parents position. 

Winchester Sister- Ben Braeden

Story in which the Dean and Sam allow the sister to go on a hunt alone and she runs into Ben Braeden, who is after the same monster. They finish the hunt and bond a little, the sister learning about how Ben became a hunter (Maybe his mom died, and he is starting to get his memory back?) And then the sister brings Ben back to the bunker and introduces him to Sam and Dean, and Ben recognizes his dad? Thank you, I love your stories!
Thank you so much!!!

After having got changed into your usual jeans, flannel shirt and jacket you made your way down the stairs and pulled out our laptop.
You plonked yourself at the end of the table and started researching for any cases worth checking out. It was weird being first up, it made a change from usual.

You heard two sets of footsteps jog down the stairs and saw you two brothers. You smiled a “hey”, Still concentrating on your screen. Nothing major was exactly screaming out at you, just the odd salt and burn. “Found anything?” Sam asked, sitting opposite you, his own laptop in hand.
“Nothing interesting…but I have found two salt and burns.” You say, turning your laptop round so he can see the screen. “Sounds good.” He nodded.

“Lemme guess, me and you on one and Dean on the other?” You roll your eyes, knowing they’d never let you hunt alone. Dean caught your eye roll and shot you a confused frown “Sammy ain’t that bad, Y/N.” He joked .
“That’s really not my point, Dean.” You sigh, switching you laptop off.
“So what is your point?” Dean pushed, really not understanding your situation.
“Just the fact that you never, and I mean never, let me go on a solo hunt.” You explain, avoiding Sam’s gaze- you could feel him looking at you.
“We’re just protecting you, sis,” Dean shrugged “Right, Sammy?”
“Well, she’s got a point.” Sam winced in preparation for Dean’s reaction.
“She really doesn’t.” Dean scoffed.

She is right here and thinks that you both go on solo hunts every now and then so why can’t she?” You go along with their acting like you weren’t there.
“It’s just a salt and burn, Dean.” Sam agreed and you were relieved to have someone on your side.
Dean glared at you and you did the same back, he wasn’t showing any signs of backing down and so neither were you.
You smirk victoriously.
“But if anything happens, you call us and we’re coming over to help, alright?” He raised his eyebrows and lowered his head.
“Yes, Sir.” You make the sarcasm more than obvious in ‘sir’.

**** **** **** ****

You’d finished the case as soon as you’d started it and decided to go grab a drink. You found a small cafe and seated yourself in the corner, with a view of the entire room. 

Finished, easy as pie :P- Y/N You texted Dean.

Love me some pie, get back home, me and Sam will be another days drive. Stay safe- Dean
His reply was instant.

You looked up from your phone, sensing another presence. A boy, no older than you, with dark hair and similar clothes to you and your brothers. 
“S-sorry,” He stuttered, looking taken back by your glare “I don’t mean to interrupt but, you see I’m a hunter too-”

You cut him off before he could get any further “How do you know that?” You frown, clutching hold of your pistol inside your jacket and eyeing the cafe for witnesses. “I saw you salt and burn the ghost, I was on the same case…” He trailed off, looking slightly embarrassed. You softened your gaze and let go of your gun, realising he didn’t mean any harm. “Sorry, I guess I stole your moment.” You smiled sheepishly.

“That’s okay, I’m still kinda slow…” He stopped talking as though he was originally going to say some more.

“You’re a new hunter aren’t you?” You nodded to the seat opposite you and he hesitantly took a seat.

“Yeah…I’m Ben, Ben Braeden.” He offered his hand and you shook it firmly.


“So I take it your family weren’t Hunters?” You question, becoming more and more curious.

“Not exactly…I don’t think so anyway.” He shrugged.

“You don’t think so?” You quoted.

“Yeah…I lost my memory, me and my Mum did. But she died…”

“I’m sorry…” You look down to your drink.

“…Me too. I think it was a demon. But seeing it do that to her…it brought back some memories.”

“Like what?” You lean forward, not wanting to let this go, you were hooked on his story. 

“Nothing contextual, just fragments. Like someone graffitied my brain and I’m washing it away but can’t quite get the job done. Or like when your pencil rubber smudges the line instead of erasing it.”

You nod, processing the information.

“So where are you staying, Ben?” 

“I don’t know.” He looked down.

“Come with me.” You smile.

“What? No, I can’t.” He shook his head.

“Sure you can, look, I have two brothers who hunt too. We live in an awesome underground Bunker. You don’t have to stay but you’re welcome to.” You tilt your head, waiting for his answer.

He smiled before thanking you: “Thank you, Y/N.”

**** **** **** ****

Ben stayed in one of the many spare rooms over night. You were up and early as usual, awaiting your brother’s arrival.

Ben came down the stairs looking presentable and as though he hadn’t even been to bed.

“Sleep well?” You ask, opening up your laptop.

“Yeah, thank you again.” He smiled and you held up a cup of tea, offering it to him. He took it gratefully and sat down next to you, peering over your shoulder at the screen.

Before you could question him any further the door unlocked and Samdeclared their return: “We’re back.”
You giggle lightly and get up from your seat, Ben followed you.

Dean’s face was full of relief from your safety but he spied the figure behind you and his face turned to shock.
“Oh, this is Ben. He’s new to hunting but he lost his memory ad then his Mum-” You stopped your ramble, noticing how neither of your brothers were listening.

“Dean?” Ben croaked, his face filled with recognition.

“Ben.” Dean replied, shocked to be saying his name again.

Ben and Dean stood inches apart, staring at each other in awe.
All hesitation seemed to flood away from Dean and you saw a tear fall from his glistening eyes.
Dean then embraced Ben like a father would his son.

Requested by anon


You stood in the doorway and watched on with Dean as Cas looked at Sam’s soul, your eyes looking between the sleeping, peaceful Sam, the slightly pissed Cas and then your eyes wandered back to the worried look of Dean, which only really came out when someone he cared about got hurt. He gave you that very look whenever you were hurt or crying over a past relationship that ended shitty. You looked again to see one of your best friends storming out, rolling his sleeve down as Dean asked the question we were all wondering, “Will he wake up?”  

“I’m not a human doctor Dean, I don’t know.” Cas snapped as you looked at him

“A simple yes or no would do, just tell me what you think?” 

“Probably not.” He snapped again

“Way too sugar coat it Cas.” I said as he looked from Dean to me

“Well I told him specifically to not put that soul back in him, if he wanted to kill him he should have just done it himself.” 

“Cas, no one wants Sam dead, Dean was just trying to save…”

“You know how his soul felt when I touched his soul, like he had been SKINNED ALIVE.” With that Cas disappeared leaving you and Dean alone in the basement just looking at each other. I pulled a chair over towards Sam’s sleeping body while Dean stormed upstairs, probably going to drink some of Bobby’s special medicine. As you sat there Cas reappeared and placed a hand on your shoulder

“Sorry for snapping earlier angel.” He said monotoned

“I get it Cas. I just wish he would wake up, so it could go back to the way it was before last year.”

“It will never be the same.” 

“At least Sam would have a soul, so it would seem normal, however I will defiantly miss the funny moments with Soulless Sam.”

“Are things still…”

“Cas, he told me he loved me, asked you to protect me while he and Sam went to do whatever they did, and then left for a year without a word. He went to have a normal life while I stayed here, with you and Bobby and tried to pick up the pieces. So yes Cas, things are still awkward.”

“Well I should go, I think he might be waking up.” As he vanished you looked down to see Sam slowly opening his eyes, you gasped loudly and wrapped your arms around him. He was surprised but quickly adjusted and wrapped you into a hug

“[Y/N] is it really you?” He whispered

“Yea Sammy boy. I’m real.” You could feel the tears building up in your eyes as he tightened his grip

“I thought you….”

“The boys are upstairs, I’m sure they would love to see you.” You pulled away, as he sat up on the cot. You followed him up the stairs and as he walked into the room`you leaned against the wall and listened to the reunion. 

You then walked out the door and to the garage, to grab a beer, before sitting on the hood of the baby until Dean and Bobby came out.

“Sam went back to sleep, what do you figure we should do.”

“Not scratch the wall, we don’t tell him a thing.” 

“And when he finds out?” Bobby asked

“We tell him we did it to protect him, that the things he doesn’t remember will kill him if he did.” Dean answered, looking at you as you sipped the beer in your hands.

“Ok, but…” Bobby started

“So are we going on this job or not?” you snapped

“Yea we are. Get your stuff we leave in an hour.” Dean hissed as he started to storm off, “And don’t leave your beer on her hood.”

“I refuse to play relationship counselor on this hunt.” 

“You don’t have to Bobby. It’s fine, I’m sure me and Dean can behave for one hunt.”

“You two haven’t been getting along since he got here.”

“And you know why Bobby, what am I suppose to do, act like I don’t feel hurt that the man I have had a crush on for three years didn’t tell me he loved me and then went running to Lisa, leaving me here alone. The hurt doesn’t just go away so yea I am going to act like a bitch to him.”

“He’s an idjit, what can I say?” you chuckled a little at his response as you downed to remainder of the beer and tossed the empty bottle in the trash can. 

“I would hate to get all chick flick on you so I guess I will go pack.” You slipped off the hood and started to storm towards the house, the very memory of that day playing over for the millionth time in your head.

“Dean I’m going with you two.”

“[Y/N] no.”

“Why not? I mean I think I proved myself as a pretty good hunter plenty of times.”

“You are right, you have. It’s just…gosh I can’t believe I am about to say this.”

“Say what Dean?”

“I love you [Y/N].”

“You what?!?” you replied, shock creeping onto my face as you looked into his emerald green eyes and knew he was telling you the truth. 

“I want you to be safe, I don’t know if I can protect you if something happens and losing you and Sammy are the losses that would destroy me. I can’t lose you both so Cas will protect you and I will be back in a jiff.”

“I love you too Dean.” you said, taking a step towards him before your lips collided. He pulled away and then next thing you knew, Cas had zapped the two of you to Rome. When he zapped you back to Bobby’s you raced towards the door, knocking quickly. Bobby opened it and wrapped you in a tight embrace, as you whispered your hellos. When he finally let you go you went excitedly to the den, expecting to see Sam and Dean standing there with a shot or beer like they always did. Instead the room was empty, you turned towards Bobby who could only whisper, “Sam’s gone.”

“And Dean?” You asked, you already knew the answer though.

“He went to live with Ben and Lisa, he’s happy.” Bobby whispered as the tear rolled down my face

“Well when do we start?”

“Start what?”

“Working. I’m sure there is still a world of supernatural creeps out there.” I pushed passed him and up to my guest room where the sobs all came out.

An hour later you were throwing your bag in the trunk with Dean’s, you turned to see Sam standing there, telling Dean and Bobby he was ready to go on the case, and Bobby walking away. You started to climb in the back when Sam went, “[Y/N] what are you doing?”

“Getting in the Impala so that we can go work the case.” I said, confused to why he was asking

“But you always sit shotty?”

“Well the seat is now all yours. Now are we leaving or what?” I then disappeared into the back and waited as the boys climbed in the front. 

“So what happened to you two after I went to hell? Did you two try to move on?” Sam asked about three hours later, I looked up from my book and met the emerald eyes looking at me through the rear view mirror.You waited a few seconds to see if Dean would answer but then answered my half of the story, “Well I started working cases after spending a month in Rome with Cas.” 

“So you both stayed in the life?” Sam now looked at Dean with his puppy dog eyes

“Uh no, I moved in with Lisa and Ben. We were normal for a while.”

“What happened?”

“Didn’t work out.” Dean almost whispered as his eyes went from the rear view to the road. Sam then feel silent again and the rest of the trip was exactly that, silent.

“So are we going to girl’s house?” you asked as I walked into the room, dressed in my FBI button down and pencil skirt, knee high boots and messy bun hair, the fake glasses resting on my nose. Dean’s eyes looked up from the table and he stared a bit, smiling before he looked away, Sam clearly noticed and answered the question when he saw the faint tint of red flood to Dean’s cheeks, “Yea, we were going to come get you in five, but since you are here just wait here.”

“Ok mind if I sit down?” You motioned towards the bed which was clearly Dean’s, since his bag rested on the bed by the pillow.

“Yea it’s fine.” Dean answered this time, I had already sat on the comforter and pulled out my phone, and read the text that lit up my screen.

Sammy Boy: You know he still loves you right?

[Y/N]: No he loves Lisa, hence why he went there instead of telling Cas to bring me back.

Sammy Boy: Ok whatever you think, I know my brother though and I know that look, he still likes you

[Y/N]: Well whatever I’m still pissed about it.

Sammy Boy: If you weren’t I would question your sanity

As I read the last text Dean and Sam walked to the door, “Are you coming?” Dean snapped as he opened the door.

You pushed yourself off the bed and marched out the door, making sure you swayed your hips extra as you pushed past Dean. You climbed in the back and sat there, looking anywhere but in the rear view mirror.

“I think it’s that they’re virgins.” Dean stated as he held a little black book, with a silver lock on it.

“What is that?” Sam pointed at the book

“Her diary.”

You stole her diary?”

“Do you even have to ask?”

“Gosh Dean this is a new low even for you.” I joked as I kept reading the computer, “Besides you have no evidence that she was even a…”

“I have decided to give Stan my most precious gift.” The creepy sentence left his mouth, your head shooting as he did, “Yup that has virgin written all over it.” 

“Well why would he want virgins?” Sam asked looking at you

“I don’t know. I like more experienced women myself.” Dean smiled as he looked at you, causing you to roll your eyes

“That explains a lot.” I said as I stood up and went outside, taking a seat on the impala hood. I pulled my phone out and saw that once again Sam had texted my phone, tears running out of my eyes as I read it.

Sammy Boy: Are you ok?

[Y/N]: Yea Sammy Boy I’m ok, just focus on the case. Text me if you get anything.

Sammy Boy: Where are you going?

[Y/N]: To pray.

I opened my motel room door and looked up towards the ceiling, “Cas, it’s me. I just need to ask you a quick question, that’s all. I know you can find me the answer, the answer kind of is important for me to find out.”

“What do you need?” His voice said, I opened my eyes to see him standing before me, I ran forward and embraced him, his arms wrapping around me and lightly squeezing me before he said again, “What do you need angel?”

“Does Dean still love me?”

“You want me to read his mind?”

“If you could.” I smiled at him as he shut his eyes, a few moments later he looked at me and went, “Yes.”

“Ok I need your help, and you can’t tell Sam or Dean I asked for this.” The smile disappearing even though the feeling of glee never left. All I could think was yes.

“Anything angel.” 

“So I need a bit of protection on this case, I don’t want to leave but I also don’t want to be a liability either.”

“Ok well why would you be a liability?”

“I’m a virgin.” I admitted


“The creature is targeting virgins, I don’t want to be targeted and throw the case, but I want to help. So if I stay I want to know that you can help protect me a bit more then usual.”

“Ok, anything for you angel.” He smiled before disappearing

I walked back in the boy’s room to hear the word, “Dragons.”

“No way! We are hunting a dragon!” I excited said as I shut the door

“Ummm yea we are. I just called Bobby to ask for information, he’s looking.” Dean whispered, avoiding my eyes. I walked a bit closer and whispered, “But wait, I thought the dragons went extent?” 

“Me too but I guess they are back.” Sam said

Just then the phone rang, Dean dug around in his pocket before producing the burner. He talked in a muttered whisper for several minutes, he shut the phone and looked at you, “Wanna babysit for me?”

“I guess I can help Sammy Boy. Just go, we need you, I’ll call Bobby.” I said as I turned my attention back to the article Sam was showing me.

“I know you will.” He smiled as he grabbed his coat, as he got to the door he whispered something under his breath, which he thought you didn’t hear. You did though so you piped up, “Actually can I go with you Dean?”

“Ahhh yea sure.” He said as I rushed to his side. We left the room and got in the car, he started the engine and I started the conversation.

“I heard what you said Dean.”

“I…you… what?” He stuttered

“Before you left. I heard what you whispered to yourself.” 

“Well I do, always have.”

“Why? Why did you leave after Sam went to Hell, why not just come to Rome with me?”

“Because you didn’t deserve to have to deal with me after I lost Sammy, I was a wreck, I didn’t even want Lisa to have to deal with me, but I promised Sammy I would try with Lisa.”

“Well do you at least see why it annoyed me?”

“Yea, and not a day went by where I didn’t almost press the call button just so I could hear you talk to me, or tell you I still love you but you need to move on.”

“Well what if I don’t want to move on? What if I still want you, and only you?”

“Then I’m all yours.” He placed his hand on my thigh, placing my own on his.

“Is this what you want?”


“I love you Dean Winchester.” I leaned over and kissed his cheek

“I love you too [Y/F/N] [Y/L/N]” He smiled as he pulled into the parking lot of one Dr. Visyak, who somehow knew Bobby. 

As you approached the front door Dean entwined his hand in yours, causing you to blush a bit. He knocked as you stood there, hands still together and the bushing color on your face.


“Hello Dr. Visyak, my name is Dean Winchester and this is my girlfriend [Y/f/n/] [y/l/n].”

“Office hours are Monday and Friday.” the voice of the Doctor echoed out of the speaker.

“Bobby Singer sent us here, we need your help with something.” I said into the camera

A few short moments later we stood in her office where she was telling us, “Actually, just kick him in the jewels, more poetic.”

“That bad?” I asked

“That’s his story to tell. Now what do you need?” She sipped her drink

“Dragons.” Dean answered as her eyes grew wide.

“Really?” She was now fully interested

“What no 12 sided dice joke?” Dean asked as he pulled me onto his lap, so much for seeming professional.

“No we can joke about them, just not when they are active.” She said sitting opposite of us.

“Well how do we kill them?

“A blade forged in Dragon’s blood.”

“Wait so to kill one you need to blade but to make the blade you need a dead dragon?” 

“Well they are pretty rare, only 5 or 6 left in the world, and luck for you two, I have one in my basement.”

“You do?” We asked in unison

“I do, do you want to see?”

“Ummm duh.” you hopped off of Dean’s lap and followed Dr. Visyak down to the basement, knowing that the sword was in a stone. 

As she opened the door I learned that my prediction was correct, Dean looked confused as he asked, “What’s with the rock?”

“Sweetie you have to pull it out, like in the stories.” you answered letting his hand go.

“What stories?”

“Simple. the childhood fairy tales were the brave knight in shining armor pulls the sword out of the rock and then goes to kill the beast. Too bad in our case, you are the knight in tin foil.” I smiled as I pushed him towards the rock.

“Ok I got it, prepared to be amazed.” He cockily said as he grabbed the handle

He pulled for a few minutes before he fell to the ground, a giggle escaping my lips as he laid on the floor baffled.

“Hey babe, we have some you know what in the Baby if you want to use that instead.” 

“Now you tell me.” He jumped up and raced out the door

“Where is he…” 

“I’d tell you but you won’t like it.” You answered looked at the doctor.

“So let me get this straight,” Sam started as he held the broken blade in his hand, “You decided to blow the rock up, and didn’t think that somehow the explosion would also damage the blade?”

“At least he got the blade.” You answered

“Yea, I mean this just means we have to get closer to these sons of bitches.”  Dean smiled as he took the blade from Sam and threw an arm over your shoulder.

“So I see you two are…” Sam started again

“Sam we have no time for this, we have a dragon to kill, now where is it?”

“Sewers.” He answered, “I found the location and everything.”

“Then lets go. I call Shotgun.” I raced out the door and into the seat as Sam and Dean chuckled and shook their heads

“Sam, we have been wandering around for hours.” Dean complained as he lead us through the sewer.

“Well what’s that?”you.pointed at the glittering pile of gold

“Well that is gold, and now it is mine.” Dean placed it all into his bag.

“Really Dean.” Sam groaned

“Just let him do it, make his day.” You whispered to Sam as Dean finished loading the gold.

“Ok let’s go.” Dean said, grabbing your hand and once again leading you through the sewer. 

You could hear the girls softly crying for help as you peered into the grates, Sam was stuffing a book into his bag, Dean was in front of you. Then you heard a voice say behind you, “Well my job just got easier.” 

I turned around just in time to see a man appear, “DEAN!” I reached behind me, to find the handle of the sword behind me and swung, hitting the man in the arm, causing a scream to leave his lips.

“Stupid Virgin!” He screamed as he lunged forward, I passed the blade off to Dean, just in time for him to make his own cut into the beast.

“What does he mean?” Dean asked quickly

“I’m a virgin ok? Watch Out!” The dragon hit the sword into an empty grate, which Dean ran to while me and Sam tried to distract him, until a much younger dragon appear, who quickly started a combat fight with Sam. Then Dean screamed to Sam to get the sword and he took his place in combat with the younger dragon while you continued to fight the older one. 

Sam quickly grabbed the sword and sliced the arm of the older dragon, along with stabbing the younger one, I turned quickly to make sure they were ok, which was the wrong decision, a scream left my mouth as the dragon wrapped his arms around me, Sam and Dean running at me but it was too late, the beast had already flown away, hissing as he did, “Looks like I got my virgin.”

~Dean’s POV~

“AHHHHHHHH!” was all I heard before the sound of wings, I turned and saw as the dragon flew away with [Y/N], I couldn’t save her, couldn’t stop it, I failed her. After we got the other girls and ourselves out of the sewer we drove to Bobby’s, tears filling my eyes as I pressed the pedal to the floor. It was finally going back to normal, we were back together, I was getting used to the fact that she was mine again. And now she was gone, just like that. As I sped into the drive way I hit the steering wheel, “Dean calm down!” Sam screamed

“I can’t, I finally got her back and just like that, she is gone again, and it’s all my fault.” 

“Well let’s see if there is a hint of her location in the book I found.” Sam pulled the book out, which much to our disadvantage was in all Latin. Only two people could translate Latin super fast, or at least kind of fast, Bobby and [Y/N].

About an hour later after discussing Soulless Sam with Normal Sam, I was nervously peeling the label of my beer, waiting for Bobby to figure out the book, every second that ticked by was one second longer she was with that creep.

“Boys! Come here.” Bobby yelled, causing me to sprint to the den, “So I can’t translate as fast as [Y/N] can but I have managed to notice one phase used over and over, Mother.”

“What does that mean?” I asked as Sam joined my side.

“I don’t know, a page of the Journal of Human flesh is missing. Chances are we can find the reason for kidnapping the virgins on that page.” Bobby sighed, sipping the Jack Daniels.

“Well did you get anything else?”

“Whoever this Mother is, she has something to do with Purgatory.”

Just then Cas appeared, a sad look on his face, “Dean I’m sorry.”

“What are you talking about Cas?”

“I’ve lost sight of where [Y/N] is, which can only mean one thing.”

The tears started to fall down my face again, I just pushed past them and went out the lot, taking the bat from the back porch and started smashing the abandoned cars.

~[Y/N] POV~ (Happening at the same time)

Your eyes fluttered open as you bumped along a dirt road.

“Good morning sunshine.” the dragon said as he grasped the steering wheel. 

“Where are you taking me you scaly douche?” 



“Shhhh you are first.” He cut the engine and moved to your side, grabbing your bond hands and dragged you toward the black van.

“Is this it?”

“We ran into some trouble, but don’t worry, this was one of the hunter’s that went after us, she fits the requirements.”

“Good, we’ll use her first.” With that they dragged you towards a cliff, “When my boyfriend and his brother find you…”

“Don’t worry sweetie, you’ll be long gone by then, now just relax.” One hissed into your ear before the older one started to cut his wrist open and saying,” Ego coniuro vos, insolubiliter ad mei potenciam aligati! Ad me…Sine prestolacione venire… Debeatis aperiat! “ then you saw the pit below you growing closer and closer, clearly they pushed you off the cliff and you heard the older dragon scream, “Huc sine mora debeas mater!”

You saw darkness but then felt something enter your body and then you were hovering, it felt like when Cas asked to use your body quickly as a vessel. When you reached the top of the cliff the older dragon said stunned, “Welcome.”

“You kept me waiting.” My voice answered, however it wasn’t my words, “We have thinks to do.”

Part Two

Part three

Part 4

“Tell me a secret.”

Request from anon: Can you do any imagine where you’re Emily’s best friend and you have a secret crush on Sammy? Please, I love your imagines. ❤❤ Of course my love! And thank you!


“EM??” I walk into her apartment with the key she gave me once she first moved here. I look at my phone, not knowing where I was going when I ran into something. “OHHFF, shit.” I look up and my heart starts beating fast, crap. “Hey Y/N.” He smiles down at me. “Heeey Sam. Sorry I didn’t see you there.” I blush, looking down at my phone. “No problem. Em is at the store picking up things for dinner. Heard it’s your turn to cook dinner tonight!” He walks past me into the kitchen. “It is my turn tonight.” “Better make a lot of food. This boy is starving!” He says, rubbing his already exposed stomach. “Yeah, why are you shirtless by the way?” “Cause I’m at home? Why does it make you uncomfortable?” He shimmys his shoulder, walking towards me. “No, gross bye.” I tried to act grossed out. 

“Come on, just one kiss.” He puckers his lips towards me. “Gross, you’re my best friend’s baby brother. No way.” I tried pushing his face away, “So what? We are the same age!” “You’re still her baby brother!” I walked away fast into Emily’s room, trying to calm my nerves. But all i could think about was Sam and him being shirtless. After a couple minutes, Emily opens up her room door. “Hey nerd, there you are. Sam said you were here.” I just awkwardly smile at her, “Oh my god, I thought you stopped liking him!” “I don’t!” “Then why are you hiding from him?” “I.. Am not… Hiding.” I say to her confidently. “So go outside and talk to him like a normal FRIEND!” “FINE I still like him.” She gets all giddy, “Why don’t you just tell him!” “Because that’s your brother!” “So! He’s my brother. You’re my best friend! How perfect is that?!” “Just let me be okay Em?” “Fine. Let’s go make dinner!” She links our arms together and pulls me out into the kitchen. 

This is a weekly thing. Everyone who owns a key to Sam and Emily’s apartment we have a dinner together and we take turns on who cooks dinner each time. It’s sort of a family thing. We’ve been doing this for a while now. I met Emily when she first moved to LA. She got lost and I showed her around. She introduced me to all her friends and siblings and happened to find one of her brothers attractive. And it’s been history since then. Haven’t told Sam about my feelings because it’s just too weird. Having a crush on your best friends siblings? What if we try to date and it doesn’t work out? Are me and him still friends? Are Emily and I? Do you see the complications? I’m not willing to risk my friendship with Emily because of a stupid little crush. 

While making dinner, everyone started arriving, Annie and Mac, Ben, Stass, the Jacks, Skate and Swazz. The crew is all back together again now that touring is over. i called out to them to eat dinner. We were all just sitting around, talking, laughing, watching videos, all that. Now that dinner was over, the boys brought over a couple drinks. Everyone was vibing and chilling, drinking whatever drink. I took a glass of wine, and sat out onto the patio. I was looking out into the apartment complex when someone comes to join me, “Hey.” I look at Sammy sitting next to me. “Hey. Thanks for dinner. It was good.” “You’re welcome.” We just sat there in silence. It didn’t feel weird at all. It felt, nice. I heard Sam huff out a sigh, so I turned to him, “What’s with the huffing?”

“Y/N, tell me a secret..” He looks at me with these eyes. “What’s up?” “Do you still have a crush on me?” My eyes went wide, “Y-you knew I had a crush on you?” “Yeah. Because I remember when we first met, and you were talking about how you act when you like someone, that’s exactly how you used to act around me.” “But you didn’t say anything?” “Didn’t want to embarrass you.” He smiles slickly. “Wow, okay, whatever.” I blush hard, rolling my eyes at him, pushing him a little. “So, do you?” I just raised an eye brow at his question. 

“Do you still like me.” I breathed in deeply, “Yeah.. I still do..” “Good.” He smiles and quickly leans in to kiss me. After he kisses me, I sat there, shocked, “I’ve been wanting to do that since the day I met you.” “You-” “I do.” “But you” “Didn’t want to embarrass myself.” He smiles big, teeth and all. “Let’s not tell Em about this.” I whisper to him, leaning my head on his shoulder. “I wouldn’t count on that.” “Huh?” Just then Emily comes out screaming of excitement, jumping on us, with Ben and Annie following her. “FINAAAAALLLLYYYY!!!”