the act of living is lethal

Arkham Has Fallen

Hugo Strange arrested amid asylum catastrophe

The inevitable has happened at Gotham’s own Arkham Asylum. After months of disparaging reports have hounded the organization, the abrasive head of operations, Professor Hugo Strange, has been arrested following a cataclysmic showdown with police last night.

Heavily funded and guided by Wayne Enterprises, Arkham has housed many of the city’s most infamous and lethal psychopaths. Rumors abound that Strange controlled an underground staff who focused on ulterior experiments with patients both living and dead.

The frantic and flustered professor was ushered into a waiting squad car as the building was raided on the order of acting police chief, Harvey Bullock. A full list of charges will be released soon.

[Vulpix and Ninetalesvariant reference for My and cashewdee’s Pokemon comic! The Variants listed are based off of the different places you can find Vulpix/ninetales in-game]

DO NOT REPOST OR REDISTRIBUTE. These are NOT for public use.

Standard(Kanto/johto): The ancestors to the other variants, native to Kanto and Johto. A common sight for trainers traveling through small forests and open plains. They have a very good balance of psychic and fire abilities and are a popular choice for both battle and contest challenges.

Furthermore, because they are so popular in the contest ring, they Standard Ninetales and Vulpix are imported to the Sinnoh region as well. (Ninetales/Vulpix are not native to Sinnoh)

Pyre(Hoenn):  Pyre Ninetales primarily focus more on keeping themselves alive than getting along with humans. Their coats are lighter to blend in with the mist for camouflage and their bodies much stockier and stronger to adapt to mountainous terrain. Due to the spirits and many psychic pokemon that live in the area that act as their main source of food, Pyres are more atuned to their psychic abilities and lethal curses. Since territory and resources are scarce, they can be quite aggressive and are not recommended for inexperienced trainers. However, some veterans like to take up the challenge.

Harvest(Unova): These Vulpix/Ninetales are native to the forests surrounding the Abundant Shrine in the Unova Region. Back in the day, the Harvests would help out the farmers by protecting their rice fields from pesky pokemon (thus saving the offerings to be made to Landorus). They have much smaller builds and often times the Vulpix are caught as prey to Noctowl and Honchkrow that live in the area. To protect themselves, their fur is covered in splotchy markings that help them camouflage in the forest. The Harvests are also incredibly friendly to people, since the farmers were always around and many people came to visit the shrine often. They also rely more on their fire power than their psychic abilities.

Ranch(Kalos): Since Vulpix and Ninetales are not native to Kalos, they import them through means similar to Sinnoh. However, unlike Sinnoh, Kalos invests mostly in Ranched Ninetales which are specifically bred to suit trainers’ needs. They are more likely to inherit the Drought ability which results in their vibrantly colored coats. Their coats are also longer and popular with contest coordinators. Unfortunately, because they are heavily domesticated, it is advised not to release them into the wild, as they will not survive for long. They have gentle temperaments and are extremely loyal to their trainers.